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Here is a thread with my interactions and some new findings on Washington DC 49th most powerful man.
I found this in late December well looking into Nilay lawson. #prechromephobe jimmeycomet comments
At this point I realized the crazy things I was still not ready for were more than likely true. Ive always hated #HillaryClinton , #pizzagate @ReturnoftheGedi @willsommer nice family place. You go for the art? Or music?
Here is the 2nd time he showed up on my page, I got a follow at that point. Nothing major but he's still trolling around. Time #3 he's not so happy. I'm sure it was #carisjames that got the look. He follows that tag on instagram. See his Jimmy and Tony mention? Podesta
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You're not ready for this thread.

People laughed at #Pizzagate. They aren’t laughing anymore.

#Humantrafficking is real.

Elite #pedophilia is real. #Organharvesting is real.

It’s not a new phenomenon. It’s not something that just started. It’s been going on for YEARS.
It’s not something that is just going on in the US. It’s happening all over the world.

It involves #Hollywood. It involves #politicians on both sides. It involves the rich. People you look up to are involved.
And I get it. It’s hard to wrap your head around what’s going on. It’s hard to imagine something so dark and disgusting going on right under your nose.

It’s hard to imagine something so evil is happening to our children.

It’s easy to laugh it off as some #conspiracytheory.
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With #Pizzagate trending, I thought I would create a thread of insightful documentaries and videos for people heading down the rabbit hole.

#SatanicElite #TheGreatAwakening (0/11)
1. Out of Shadows

A documentary exploring allegations of child abuse within the #HollywoodElite and links to #Satanism.

2. Hidden Shadows

Documentary inspired by Out of Shadows focusing on the UK elite and allegations of child abuse, coverups, and potential of a VIP paedophile ring. Incredible sources, all from @shaunattwood

#HiddenShadows #UK (2/11)
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I apologize for being so damn repetitive for well over 3 years: #WWG1WGA #Q #QArmy #QAnon #DarkToLight #SpiritCooking #SatanicRitualAbuse #ChildTrafficking #PizzaGate ain’t goin’ away!
From June 2018: #MSM Mainstream Media is complicit in crimes against children. Mainstream Media protects #SpiritCooking pedophiles:
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''They would call you out of the basement, and you'd get a bath and you'd get a dress, and if your dress was yellow you were probably going to #Disneyland.'' She said they used color coding to make transactions safer for the traffickers and the clients.''…
#JamesAlefantis took picture of little girl in yellow dress
#qanon #pizzagate #disneygate
New York Times admitted in 2004 little girls wearing yellow dresses at Disney Land/World indicate they are being trafficked… #pizzagate #qanon
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1) The following talking points are intentionally separate and therefore should not be construed as being connected.

There is certainly no suggestion of impropriety by anyone mentioned. It may get lengthy but please bear with me.
2) 16 lactating pigs can completely consume one 70kg human in one meal. Small children require as little as a few sows.

@realDonaldTrump @GregRubini @StormIsUponUs
3) Keating is a bloodline name according to Fritz Springmeier.

@realDonaldTrump @StormIsUponUs @GregRubini
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@LizCrokin 1/ Exactly. I made this exact link using Google Trends back on 11/22/16. I predicted they would use "fake news" as a weapon to #cen$or #PizzaGate + ANYTHING else they wanted to block. I predicted they would execute this #cen$orship on all major online platforms: G, T, FB, YT...
@LizCrokin 2/ I also forecast they might even try to shut down the actual platform on which I was writing these predictions of #cen$sorship, a subreddit community w/in Reddit. The pizzagate sub was growing ~5K subscribers per day...already w/a huge repository of info...
@LizCrokin 3/ When I posted my essay about possible use of "fake news" as a tool to filter and #cen$or the discussion of #PizzaGate or other corruption among the elite (politicians, business leaders, etc.), I started receiving messages from people saying they could click on my link, but...
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