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Tout à fait d'accord avec vous, cher @VictorSinclair3 . Nouvel exemple de ce deux poids deux mesures de la justice de masse en France (tribunaux correctionnels): le SDF "français" (de parents d'Afrique, ou venant d'être naturalisé ... on finira bien par le savoir ..)
qui a agressé une grand-mère de 73 ans et sa petite fille hier Lundi 19 juin 2023 en plein centre de Bordeaux,
Ce SDF migrant ou "français" (on finira bien par le savoir) a fait l'objet de plus de 20 interpellations pour des faits similaires (agressions violentes) laissées sans suite par la justice ...
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#Pizzagate Archives 👀💊💊🍕🌭📢📢 Image
1. Great Blog for RedPilling - #PIZZAGATE…
2. Image
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1/ The Podesta Email’s went public on October 7, 2016 and were devastating to the Clinton campaign for other reasons at least initially.

@johnpodesta is not only the ultimate democrat powerbroker, beltway insider and political fixer he is long and deep in the U.S Government.
1/2 [@johnpodesta] was was @BillClinton’s chief of staff back in the 1990’s @BarackObama’s counselor to the president, and chairman of @HillaryClinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.
1/3 There is tangible proof the the emails are legitimate as DKIM was used on the servers and the public keys are valid.

Wikileaks has published 10 million emails without a single fake. And no one has contested the validity of the leaked emails.
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I offer this piece as a service to to them that it might help raise awareness and someday put an end to the reign of satanism and pedophilia on earth.

1. The owner of comet ping pong [James Alefantis] on faux news portraying the victim after an angry actor showed up with an AR-15 and fired a few rounds. The gunman said he had seen the Wikileaks material and screen grabs on instagram and said “he had to do something” ImageImage
2/ The man could have gone in bought a slice of pizza and had a look around. This was another red flag that he was apart of the incident to support the fake news narrative so people wouldn’t want to look at the actual evidence for the fear of being labeled a conspiracy theorist. Image
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PEDOPHILES RULE OUR WORLD: Elites who rule us also control most of the Pedophile rings in the world with CIA assistance. Presidents, Senators, Congressmen, Royal Bloodlines, Actors, Elites are all involved in child sex trafficking of 2 million children.

OVER 8 MILLION CHILDREN MISSING: Former UN Executive and Former President of the Club of Rome for Europe confirms that the Oligarchs who rule our world are Pedophiles who control the systems of global child sex trafficking also control the UN and WEF.

#PizzaGate is not a conspiracy theory. The elite politicians, bureaucrats, Hollywood celebrities are involved in child sex trafficking and pedophilia.

Even though it’s 15 years jail time for convicted pedophiles, most politicians got out easily.

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We really are at the end of this crappy 25 years of "dancing with the dead" which has seen our screens filled with the darkest crap to attract, honeypot, or distract people who harbor darkness.

I have always side-eyed this HARD, ever since Profit and Masquerade came out in 1996. Image
In 1996, the Buffalo NY FOX station slogan was "Safe at home with FOX", and their ratings hit was COPS.

But in 1996 they put out a show with a sexy sociopath and another show with sexy vampires called Kindred: The Embraced.

WTF?! Image
Profit, played by the very intense actor Adrian Pasdar, is a boy who was raised in a box watching daytime TV through a hole. He then becomes a corporate asshole in the same style as Patrick Bateman in American Psycho.

Profit and American Psycho are
Dracula: The Next Generation ImageImage
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Pizzagate não é uma teoria da conspiração...
Se você está se atualizando, muitas de suas amadas celebridades logo serão reveladas por seus crimes desprezíveis.🤢…
Que motivo haveria para fazer isso com uma criança e depois tirar uma foto dela? Não é uma pergunta para nós, isso é para qualquer novo olhar.

#Pizzagate é real.… Image
As celebridades estão doentes ...…
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The evil Podesta file thread Image
John and his prother Tony Podesta ImageImage
Podesta's Birthday Party Washington, D.C.
Adrenochrome, Moloch, Satanists, and the Red Shoe Club
Red shoes signify catabolism ImageImageImageImage
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1/10) I remember how I felt when I first learned about Child Sex Trafficking. I couldn’t sleep for days, weeks… I had nightmares and still do at times. I had a tough time believing that this kind of Evil exist, It’s absolutely unimaginable.

Over 1 Million Children vanish each……
2/10) Here is a documentary of the monsters behind child trafficking that will tear your heart to pieces😢💔🤬
3/10) This is indeed a Spiritual War! It’s Good Vs Evil! This has been going on from the beginning of time.
From Satanic Child Sacrifice Rituals to Abortions that has evolved to making billions by selling body parts. There is NO other reason for Democrats to want Abortion up til……
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1. Thread on Legend and Teigen - chrissy teigen, john legend... #johnlegend #chrissyteigen #luna Image
2. This is not a deep dive, it will mainly be a series of tweets from Teigen of a pedophilic nature that Chrissy Teigen was allowed to get away with in Twitter 1.0 #chrissyteigen #pedophiletweets Image
3. Chrissy Teigen likes seeing little girls do the splits half naked, knows its wrong but still tweets about it and was allowed to get away with it.... #chrissyteigen Image
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Tucker Carlson a VIP regular at Comet Pizza ~ Washington Post 2007 ImageImageImage
Tucker as a VIP could listen to the band's like Amanda Kleinman's Heavy Breathing Image
Tucker Carlson also likely enjoyed Sex Stains who played at Comet Pizza.

Interesting triangle in a triangle
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This will be in Honor of 🎖
Watch the 🎞📽🎬
Like and Retweet ❤🔃
Robert David Steele was blowing the whistle on the global crimes commited by Elites and Wallstreet to fund Global Human Trafficking Networks. We can see from this video here where he states:
- "We have it All"
- "Make the deal MFer or your going to DIE"…
Robert David Steele was a Judge in the ITNJ, International Tribunal for Natural Justice. He passed away in 2021 and was issued a memorium statement by the ITNJ. ImageImageImage
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COINCIDENCES 🤔 ImageImageImage
#Epstein ImageImageImageImage
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Q Drop 1144
Twitter Down.
Injection good.

5 Year Delta Q Confirmation.
Loud & Clear Comms.

@Twitter Currently Not Allowing Tweets From Desktop Twitter @downdetector:

🔍Q Anon Starter Guide
💊 Image
The Q Clock

Updated 2023 Version
High Quality Download Available In Full Article

🔍Q Anon Starter Guide & Deep State Connection Maps
💊 Image
Dec 3, 2022 retired Australian SAS Lt. Col. @realRicBosiLTC had an interview where he confirmed Q (active 60+ yrs). He said by mid-2023 military tribunals will kick off, as many have already been arrested, charged and executed.

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Dear QAnon believers:
This is the person who wrote the first Q drops.

His name is James Brower and he worked for Mike Flynn at MAGA3X which ran psyops in 2016 to “destroy the reputation of Hillary Clinton.” #Pizzagate

I’m sorry to bring you this news.
MAGA3X co-founder @JackPosobiec is friends with James Brower and “Microchip” — currently a federal informant — who cooperated to create “Q.”

Brower wrote “Q drops” for six days until he signed off on Twitter.

“I hope you’ve enjoyed the 4chan posts.”
11/4/17, James Brower
Among the very first mentions of “QAnon” on Twitter were Flynn employees: James Brower from MAGA3X, Tracy “Beanz” Diaz,” and 1st Amendment Praetorians (1AP) propagandist Brian Cates.

Tracy Diaz took over “Q” from James Brower and Microchip after the first week and expanded it.
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Não fique chocado, embora seja difícil não ficar, prepare-se. Quando for lançado o vídeo do que eles fizeram, nem os estômagos mais fortes vão aguentar o que é mostrado... Trump prometeu que a justiça seria feita. E será 🏆🙏🏻
O vídeo é de Hillary e uma garotinha. Eles estão aterrorizando a criança enquanto ela estava viva. Eles estavam felizes fazendo com q o corpo da criança liberasse Adrenochrome para q pudessem beber o sangue quando fizesse seu sacrifício satânico. Dizem q o vídeo esta com o FBI😨
Mesma razão pela qual Hunter ainda está livre... E porque todos os clientes de Epsteins ainda estão livres? Como é que Epstein e Maxwell foram presos pela maior rede de tráfico sexual de menores de idade, mas nenhum cliente foi preso? Hmmm! Como isso é possível!?🤔
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1. Small thread on ritual abuse.
For those that do not believe in ritual abuse, the ritual abuse deniers, why did the Prime Minister of Australia apologise for ritual abuse?… #sra #rsa #csa #ritualabuse
2. Spidercat blog Conviction List: Ritual Abuse Cases #USA & Worldwide archive… #ritualabuse #sra #rsa #csa
3. The Australian Prime Ministers National Apology (Full Speech) 22 October 2018 Australia… #sra #ritualabuse #australia #csa #apology
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1. Teddy Bear Thread - A mural in Sydney Australia went up for World Pride festival featuring BDSM and a Teddy Bear... #Pride #BDSM #Gay #Sydney #Australia Image
2. Why you might ask? Perhaps Pride should be questioned on that. #Pride #BDSM #Gay #Sydney #Australia Image
3. Overnight the mural was added to, and "Leave Our Kids Alone" written over the improvements. #Pride #BDSM #Gay #Sydney #Australia Image
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Who or what is Snow White? The code word referenced by former JP Morgan executive, Jes Staley, in the latest unsealed court documents related to Jeffrey Epstein. #Pizzagate

First let m point out that Staley claimed in 2021 he didn’t use code words in e-mail exchanges with Jeffrey Epstein. So are we supposed to believe when they referenced Disney Princesses in their e-mails, they also discuss Beauty & the Beast, that they were actually talking about……
Moving along, we know that pedophiles & sex traffickers — including elite pedophiles — use code words. We learned this from the Podesta E-mails which were littered with the pedophile code word “pizza” in a context that doesn’t apply to food.……
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Is anyone ever going to ask Elon Musk about his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell?

How many Edge dot org events did @elonmusk attend?
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Non puoi fare questa merda sapendo che gli Anons sanno perfettamente che messaggio vuoi trasmettere
Vi ricordate la performance di Smith ai Grammy? Date una occhiata alla copertina del album, confrontatele con le immagine di #Podesta art e quelle del #CometPingPong #Pizzagate
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"As director of MAPS, Rick Doblin has given comment on the publicised allegations of sexual assault by MAPS-employed therapists engaging in a clinical trial trialling psychedelic MDMA as therapy for survivors of sexual assault."……

The cameras are trained on a single bed in what looks to be a basement. There's a clock, a box of tissues and armchairs on either side of the bed.

WARNING: This story contains content that may disturb some readers.
"To this day, the woman at the centre, participant Meaghan Buisson, still hasn't watched the videos.

When the police handed them over to her, she says the investigating officer advised her to never watch them, for her own wellbeing..
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The level of confusion out there about QAnon and Q is 100% intentional. I have spent two and a half years shoveling through the disinformation.

It’s actually very simple. Mike Flynn is Q — and the worst traitor in American history.

Let’s review the record.🧵
#ArrestMikeFlynn Image
In 2012, after his tour in Afghanistan and Iraq, Flynn commissioned a study to collect all of the research he could find about building insurgencies to topple nation-states through radicalization and psyops.

This is the blueprint.…
Mike Flynn was fired by Obama in 2014 after a year and a half as Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, but Flynn’s story that he was fired because he disagreed about ISIS is bullshit.

He was fired for being a traitor to the United States.…
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