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Ik heb hier een tijdje op lopen kauwen. Even los van de huidige epidemiologische situatie en wanneer het slim is om te versoepelen.

Ik vind het outsourcen van volksgezondheid (ja, ziektepreventie is volksgezondheid) naar de markt best wel een ding.…
Het is niet "als je dan zonodig naar een festival wilt moet je je gewoon even laten testen". Als ik straks met mijn kinderen naar een museum wil moet ik 45,- extra aftikken. Of op een terras een ijsje wil eten. Of uit eten wil.

Dat zijn normale, dagelijkse dingen.
En iedereen in #NL heeft het recht om aan het maatschappelijk verkeer deel te nemen. Ouderen en kwetsbaren, maar ook mensen die een dergelijke "boete" op deelname aan sociaal verkeer helemaal niet kunnen betalen. Of willen betalen trouwens.
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What do you know about #Shafaqna news agency?

The director of Shafaqna, #Abolfazl_Fateh, Iranian reformist who currently resides in #England, was the head of MirHossein Musavi's propaganda campaign in the 2009 sedition against Islamic Republic of Iran!

Fateh went to #Oxford for his PhD with Iranian Government funding money, but he illegally never returned and stayed in #UK! He was the person who announced the color of green for the rebel seditionists against Islamic Republic of Iran.
He organized a press session for Musavi before counting the votes, before announcing the result, in which, Musavi announced his winning as the self-proclaimed president instead of president Ahmadinejad who was the real winner elected by the majority of people.
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Here are 16 of our many open positions @NordicTweets especially suited for junior and entry level applicants (we have R&D offices in many countries, see…).
DM me if you have any question! A group of people huddled around a screen. Title: "Work
Graduate Software Developer: Design, implement and test simulations written in C++ and SystemC in South West Hertfordshire, #UK 🇬🇧…
Summber #job 2021: #Poland 🇵🇱
Work with a variety of tasks, such as design, implementation and software testing for embedded systems. You have the knowledge of the tools to support development of embedded software as well as C and good skills in English.…
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McDonnell Douglas KC-10A Extender

RCH895 85-0027

6 sorties since February, likely on it's way to Romania or middle east

14.4.2021 00:01…

Lockheed Martin KC-130J Super Hercules

RAIDR22 165736

More than 20 sorties since February 2021…
landing at Mildenhall

RAIDR22 165736…
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Los hospitales y las UCIs se están llenando con pacientes más jóvenes con #COVID19 en comparación con las olas previas y esto es un fenómeno observado en Costa Rica y en el mundo en general. Esto tiene que ver con cambios en el comportamiento del virus o atiende a otros factores?
Se había planteado que la variante B.1.1.7, la cual se identificó por primera vez en #UK, la cual es la predominantemente en este momento en #EEUU fuese no solo más transmisible si no además que generará enfermedad más severa y en personas más jóvenes.
Un estudio publicado ayer en The Lancet Infectious Diseases (…), no encontró evidencia en una muestra de pacientes hospitalizados de que la variante B.1.1.7 esté asociada con la variable de #severidad.
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A #Tory billionaire bankrolled ‘herd immunity’ #scientist who advised PM against lockdown
Exclusive: Johnson ruled out lockdown 24 hours after meeting with Sunetra #Gupta – resulting in ‘1.3m extra #COVID infections’
#Johnson effectively side-lined his official medical and scientific advisers to rule out a lockdown
A #scientist who advised Boris Johnson against introducing a lockdown last autumn was bankrolled by a billionaire Tory donor, openDemocracy can reveal today.
#Johnson’s apparent U-turn decision to not impose #lockdown, which experts say may have resulted in an estimated 1.3 million extra #COVID infections, came just 24 hours after meeting with Oxford epidemiologist Sunetra #Gupta. Last Year
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Replying to @mojos55

Again and again, he found, this money, though it might originate in #Russia, #Africa or the Middle #East, travels through #London. The murders and kidnappings don’t happen here, of course: our bankers have clean cuffs and manicured nails.
The National Crime Agency estimates that money laundering costs the #UK £100bn a year. But it makes the rich much more. With the money come people fleeing the consequences of their crimes, welcomed into this country through the govt’s “golden visa” scheme: a red carpet laid out
for the very rich.
None of this features in the official definitions of corruption. #Corruption is what little people do. But #kleptocrats in other countries are merely clients of the bigger thieves in #London.
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Soll das ein Witz sein? Das momentan vorgesehene "Infektionsschutzgesetzänderungsgesetz" ist das Papier nicht wert, auf dem es gedruckt wurde. 100er Inzidenz als Zielgröße bedeutet für den Rest des Jahres Dauer JoJo. Restaurants, Sport und Kulturszene im Dauer-Lockdown.
Eine Notbremse ist keine Stragegie, sondern Ausdruck eines Kontrollverlustes. Die Zielsetzung kann nur heißen, Inzidenzen runter drücken, so schnell wir möglich, so wie es in #UK, #Irland und #Portugal gelungen ist. Alles andere ist Durchseuchungskurs und Wirtschaftsschädigung.
Dieser gesetzliche Rahmen würde den Eiertanz verlängern, den wir seit einem Jahr haben. Wer das nicht verstanden hat, der sollte einfach aufhören zu behaupten, dieses Land noch regieren zu wollen. Auch in der Pandemie tragen Politiker Verantwortung für ihre (Nicht-)Entscheidungen
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Evening Standard
New blood condition linked to AstraZeneca jab as J&J vaccine is investigated over blood clots
Another potentially fatal blood condition has been linked to the AstraZeneca vaccine, the EU’s medical regulator has announced.
The (#EMA) said five people who had the jab developed capillary leak syndrome on the continent.
The rare condition results in blood leaking from tiny vessels into muscles which can cause a sudden drop in blood pressure. If left untreated this can cause organ failure.
The AstraZeneca vaccine has been restricted to the over 30s in the UK after being linked to serious blood clots that can cause brain haemorrhages.
Nineteen people have died from rare blood clotting in the #UK after taking the jab.
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It’s 2 am in #Bahrain:

JUST CAME! They took my dad, my dads blood is still on the stairs! They hit my dad so much! They beat him and he cudnt breath
they broke the doors, all wearing masks. They took my father and husband and brother in law.
they beat up my other brother in law mohammed almaskati, and then threw him in a room and told him not to come out
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1/12: Will the UK #integratedreview of security & #foreignpolicy really make a difference? It was billed as a radical reset after #Brexit & does contain important innovations. But there are many areas of continuity. A thread, now we’ve had time to digest..
2/12: #GlobalBritain hyperbole was inevitable. A “science superpower”, a “#softpower superpower”, “an independent country free to tread our own path”. But to be fair, beneath the froth lies serious thought to frame international & domestic priorities.
3/12: The #geopolitical analysis is sober. A tougher, more competitive world where China looms large & old certainties no longer apply. Yet the core prescription is familiar. British foreign policy with global reach, defending liberal democratic values, rule of law & trade.
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While #Lebanon's politicians jockey for power & money, Hezbollah launches a supermarket chain with subsidised food staples to help the Lebanese people overcome the US' "starvation sanctions." Just one more reason why Hezbollah wins elections and America wants them crushed.
This US product now costs over $50 at the official bank rate, and yet it is still on #Lebanon's market shelves. Food products from Syria, Iran, Jordan are a fraction of that price, but the US threatens sanctions if goods pass through Syria, Lebanon's only viable land border.
The Americans are ruthless about forcing their products & prices on #Lebanon. When the last Lebanese govt was forming, a senior US emissary rushed here to prevent a Hezbollah candidate from becoming Minister of Health. Why, you ask? US pharmaceuticals:
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5th April 2021 - late start…

Airbus KC2 Voyager (A330-243MRTT)

RRR2737 ZZ343

More than 20 logs since February

Troops and kit transport, busroutes style @ £25,000 an hour……

Nairobi shuttle

Airbus KC2 Voyager (A330-243MRTT)

RRR2711 ZZ332

hugely expensive transport between £22-25,000 per hour flying costs (not the cost of the plane, crew or depreciation, just flying costs)……

Airbus KC2 Voyager (A330-243MRTT)

RRR2750 ZZ337

more than 20 logs since February; expensive transport. 2 US trips and Nairobi, Africa this week - around £1,000,000 a week in full service……
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I will engulf myself in PTSD triggers to bring you this thread. I hope you care enough to bother scrolling through.

Women in #Iran, #Afghanistan, #Pakistan attacked w acid because of ‘improper’ hijab.

Look at their faces.…
A sixteen year old girl in #Canada is strangled to death by her father and her brother because she didn’t want to wear hijab.

Look at her sweet face. Sixteen years old. Killed by her father and brother. Over hijab. Hear that. Feel that.
Fifteen girls were left to burn to death in their school in #SaudiArabia because they weren’t wearing proper hijab.
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1)#Iran’s Foreign Ministry reporting that Raab spoke with Zarif ahead of this week’s #JCPOA talks in Vienna

Iran’s MFA reports Raab told Zarif “London will do its best to help negotiations bear fruit”.But #UK’s changing posture toward Iran should noted

Reflections on UK-JCPOA👇 Image
2) Two weeks ago, the #UK published its Integrated Review (IR) – the biggest review of UK defence, security & foreign policy since cold war - where it outlined overarching international policy objectives until 2030.

Rising concerns about #Iran’s regime featured throughout 👇
3)The most noteworthy change in relation to #Iran policy was the absence of any reference to JCPOA.

Since 2015, the #UK has explicitly defined its Iran policy through the #JCPOA & its commitment to upholding it. So the absence of any mention of the JCPOA in the IR is important
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History to List #Yemeni Victor against US-Saudi Aggression,The Miracle
#Yemen is characterized by a strategic location linking the East to the West,through the #BabalMandab Strait It is one of the most important waterways in terms of international maritime trade in the world.
This is what made it the focus of the ambitions of neighboring countries and the region and their interventions and the point of conflict of international and colonial powers, with the aim of protecting their vital and strategic interests. Who controls #Yemen has the
most important strategic influence points in the region of the most sensitive water crossings in the world.

Against the backdrop of this geostrategic importance of #Yemen, the war to control it began on March 25, 2015, by #Saudi as it claimed that the aim of the
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3rd April 2021…

BAe 146-200

RRR1615 ZE708

Troop transport, high wing quad-jet

Very active (daily) since February…

@Simonhartmp @BorisJohnson

When were @BorisJohnson @Keir_Starmer @fmwales @NicolaSturgeon going to get round to letting us know ?

They have known for AT LEAST past three months that the intention of war under #phoney pretexts was on the cards

#Crimea #Russia #NATO #war… Image…

Airbus KC2 Voyager (A330-243MRTT)

RRR2300 ZZ343

logged by me on most days thru' February and March

Just entering Romania from Hungary… ImageImageImage
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It has to be reminded that it did NOT work on #HongKong, where the main driver was treaty expiration, NOT Chinese pressure. Even there, economic, political and military considerations made it unpalatable.(/)
Yet treaty duly expired, since there was no way for the UK to act otherwise. If anything, what should worry #Taiwan is NOT #China. It's #Germany, which is turning into a sort of Neutral player whose goal is to displease no one.(/)
However, Since Germany is #Europe's bank it has a disproportionate influence on policy, hence the soft touch with Russia, China, Turkey, Iran, you name it. Any country where bosses have an Iron hand on trade issues get treated well.(/)
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Boeing KC-135T Stratotanker


20+ logs March other names QID34 QID23 QID11 QID858 QID858 QID858 QID861…


Boeing C-17A Globemaster III

RCH544 04-4130 from #Trenton @ 00:38 UTC

more than 20 logs over UK this year……

Beech Shadow R. MK 1


4 logs this month
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Wellicht beetje azijnpissen, maar dit is niet waar. In het artikel staat dat we in februari één dag 67k mensen hebben geprikt (en die hebben we geteld, niet geschat). Misschien moet de koppenmaker het artikel de volgende keer ook ff lezen.
Het is helaas ook waar dat het nog steeds niet direct een indrukwekkend record is.
Het #UK dagrecord ligt met 844k/67mln mensen aanmerkelijk hoger dan onze 65k/17mln (resp. 1.298 en 382 vaccinaties per 100k inwoners op 1 dag)
Voor de duidelijkheid, zouden we wel in de buurt komen van het gewenste priktempo (500k / week, 72k / dag = 424 per 100k inw) zal dat record er wel aan moeten. En dan is het nog steeds bescheiden als je het afzet tot de ambities die geformuleerd zijn in de #vaccinatiestrategie.
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USA's supported coalition is using terrorists elements in its war in #Yemen such as #AlQaeda and #ISIS.. These terrorists groups contain foreign fighters from other countries also .. The same coalition has brought these foreign into Yemen to fight its war of controlling
/ invading #Yemen oil rich areas .. They are being armed / financed and controlled by #USA's supported coalition .
In Yemen. Some of these have been captured by Sana'a forces in the #Mareb battles ..

In the UN's brokered deal for prisoners of war exchange deal with the
coalition forces , Sana'a government was shocked to see that some of these nutritious terrorists were included in the lists of POW submitted by the coalition. The UN's special envoy to #Yemen did not object to this neither did the #USA? Even though of the names are in the
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Russian military equipment on the Crimean Bridge. 2S19 Msta-S self-propelled howitzers, various trucks, BMP-3 IFVs. Wonder what's going on!!!
Go time?

Lots of Russian movements lately. Biden called Putin the Killer days ago! Russia said it will respond aptly.
Russian airborne division moving quite a lot of Arsenals to #Crimea
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NEW -- Donors at #SyriaConf2021 have pledged a total of $6.4bn.

That's an enormous $3.6bn short of what the @UN needs to meet the increasing humanitarian needs in #Syria.
@UN A few more pledges for #Syria:

#EU: $657m
#Saudi: $560m
#Sweden: $97m
#Italy: $52m
#UAE: $30m

And a note on the $6.4bn total -- that's multi-year pledges. For 2021 alone, the figure is $4.2bn, less than half of what's needed.
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