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I concur with @limkitsiang except delete PN from the equation😀
BN and/or Borneo politicians have the most to gain from a coalition with PH
You would #SaveMalaysia from:
#KerajaanGagal PN
✅Toxic combo of racism & religious extremism…
Lack of socio-economic prosperity in the Green Belt is testimony of the failures of religious extremism devoid of sustainable socio-economic programs!
✅Highest poor families
✅Highest poverty rates
✅High social ills
✅Lack job opportunities
✅Lack basic essentials eg clean H2O!
Ally with a stellar PM figure who inspires:
✅International recognition
✅Boost investor confidence
✅Enhance mutual respect in multi-cultural-ethnic-religious🇲🇾
BN & Borneo politicians must not be fooled by the
small, parochial, ego-centric mindsets of #KerajaanGagal in PN-TMSY
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If Borneo not agreeable to coalition with PH, this triggers Plan B:
PH+BN plus/minus Warisan
82+30 =112 (+3)

Tak Cukup lah 😀
Better deal for BN😀
✅only deal with PH
✅no irritation from 3 parties ie PN or GPS or GRS
✅can even get DPM post ma😀
✅can enjoy more minister posts
✅no need to share posts with GPS or GRS
✅allows BN time to heal their GE wounds
✅Wow! BN jadi kingmaker ma!
An opportunity to stabilize🇲🇾and prevent:
✅🇲🇾suffering again with a failed PM-TSMY
✅🇲🇾from repeating a #KerajaanGagal
✅🇲🇾from slipping into religious extremism with PAS politics

▶️1st opportunity for BN to redeem itself!
▶️Ink a 2nd moratorium to power 🇲🇾politico-economy
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Covid, 36,387 total of deaths - Malaysia, after Sheraton move (pengkhianatan demi kuasa)
A thread
Jan 24 2020, MOH telah mengenal pasti 8 close contacts dari Johor Bahru linked to first covid case detected in Singapore dan mereka telah dikuarantin
Jan 25 2020, Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad telah mengesahkan 3 dari mereka positif dan dihantar ke Sungai Buloh untuk di kuarantin.
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36,574 rakyat🇲🇾mati covid.
Mungkin ibu-bapa-adik-abang-kakak-tok-wan-dll anda!
Takziah kami ucapkan.
Jom! Kita lihat #KerajaanGagal PN-BN-TSMY-IS secara objektif.
#KerajaanGagal PN-BN-TSMY-IS
✅Satu kes bunuh diri setiap hari sejak covid
✅Darurat TSMY ditolak Majlis Raja2
✅Bekalan vaksin lambat giler
✅Darurat 1.8.2021 mempurak peranda ekonomi & demokrasi 🇲🇾
#KerajaanGagal PN-BN
TSMY & @tzafrul_aziz ambil RM5 Billion dari Kumpulan Wang Amanah Negara (KWAN)
Simpanan masa depan anak & cucu kita disalah guna!
#Undi18 diKuala Selangor hukum this guy yang pokaikan simpanan masa depan anda.
TSMY dah pun 🇲🇾 hentikan!
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The ppl Muhyiddin and Ismail freed through their AG's action:
1) Musa Aman
2) Riza Aziz
3) Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor (by withdrawing appeal)
4) Azeez Rahim and his brother.
5) Hafarizam Harun
6) Ahmad Maslan
7) Tajuddin Abdul Rahman
8) Nasharuddin Mat Isa
9) Hasanah Abdul Hamid
10) Serba Dinamik Executives
11) Addy Kana
12) Nick Liow and his hardcore gang.
13) Alvin Goh
14) Mohammadin Ketapi
15) G. Gnanaraja
16) Culprits in MARA Australian Purchase
17) Two Sarawak tycoons in RM800 million fraud case
18) All the police officers arrested for Macau scam
There is nothing good you can expect from Muhyiddin and his #KerajaanGagal. There was a reason why he was hated so much in July / August 2021, which prohibited even PH to offer an olive branch to him.
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Gentlemen. This Jaya Sudhir Jayaram repeatedly appeared in various scandals linked to Tingkat 4 of Badawi fame.
He first appeared in our radar when he was outed for corruption that linked him n Badawi family to the Iraq's oil for food programme. At that time, Raja Petra went even to suggest that Gani Patail threatened him to charge for corruption unless he resigned.
This expose was written by Dr M's former lawyer Matthias Chang in RPK's blog. Look out for Jaya Sudhir Jayaram…
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Ini adalah thread #RakyatIngat Image
#RakyatIngat GE14: PH Menang ImageImageImageImage
#RakyatIngat kasut hitam ImageImageImage
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KJ has screwed up repeatedly, an Oxford graduate who refused to abandon a blatant thief until they lost the Government, then joined the Pengkhianat and became #KerajaanGagal, committed plain corruption in MySejahtera matter and yet, ppl from both side of the aisle romanticise him
I can't believe their naivety in still having the trust in him.
It is one thing to be an ignorant idiot like Ahmad Maslan. KJ is simply devious and cunning.
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Korang ingat lagi tak apa isu paling besar dalam dunia sejak 2020? Yes.. Covid-19

Umno Pas Bersatu + Azmin dan Pengkhianat buat apa?
Langkah Sheraton: 25Feb 2020.
Berapakah kes Covid? 22
Selama seminggu Malaysia takda kerajaan. Yg ada hanya Mahathir jadi Interim PM. Sampailah Mahiaddin mengangkat sumpah pada 1 Mac 2020.

Berapa kes Covid? 26
Bermulalah era Lockdown/PKP terpanjang di dunia.

Mael Sabri masa tu Menteri Kanan umum PKP 1.0 bermula 18 Mac 2020. Takde Terawih. Takde Raya. Abah pula berjenaka, jgn kesana, jgn kesini. Duduk saja di rumah.

Kita pon terpaksa tengok muka dia kat TV jam 5, setiap hari.
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Terima panggilan kecemasan dari Emak di kampung.

🚔 Pegawai Special Branch datang ke rumah untuk soal siasat adik aku yang kibar 🏴



Ada macai pergi buat report ke Balai Polis Tronoh. Pegawai datang tapi NFA.

Macai tak puas hati, report ke IPD Batu Gajah. Terus SB datang melawat ke rumah pula.


Rupanya adik aku kibar panji Rasulullah kat rumah.

Tapi sebab kaler hitam/putih, terus ada macai PN menggelupur.

Nasib baik polis Tronoh dan SB Batu Gajah YG datang tu kawan dia. Kes settle, dinasihat untuk turunkan bendera supaya macai PN puas hati.

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#LAWAN (thread)

That quote from Edmund Burke in ‘Thoughts on the Cause of Present Discontents’ has, in general use, come to be delivered as, 

The current government did not have mandate of the people through General Election

Current government went AGAINST the rakyat's CONSTITUTION with regards in revoking Emergency Ordinance

Current governmt went AGAINST YDPA in undermining his role within the rakyat's CONSTITUTION
Current government misuse & abuse Emergency Ordinance to run the country as dictator
> Covid pandemics patients and deaths out of control and reach higher and higher
> Many families lose almost everyone
> Many children becoming orphans as parents died of covid
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1. PMO’s statement doesn’t do this government any good. The fact remains there is no revocation signed by the YDPA and no gazette of the same as required by law. Takiyuddin’s statement that ordinances were revoked is therefore false and misleading #parlimenmalaysia #KerajaanGagal
2. PMO’s statement in fact confirms that the PM, Takiyuddin, and the Cabinet knew on 26 July that there was in fact no revocation signed by the YDPA.
3. By 27 July, when the PM met the YDPA to advise on the revocation of the ordinances, the PM had no power to do so anymore because Parliament is sitting. Under Art 150(3), once Parliament sits, government cannot revoke ordinances anymore, it can only be annulled by Parliament.
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Sempoerna memulakan pagi pertama di #DewanRakyat dengan mempersoalkan ordinan darurat!
Bukit Gelugor sambung.

“The rule which regulates the house cannot supersede the Constitution”

He asked Art Harun: “Are you a government lapdog? Are you a government lapdog?”

Government MPs responded calling him kurang ajar.
Langkawi @chedetofficial stood up and call this parliament assembly as improper and against the wishes of Yang diPertuan Agong.
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Even since the Daruat!
Our COVID positive rates has increased by 4times~

Malaysian need to stop obsessing with Number of Cases, as it can be manipulated by the number of test done~

RT this and share this to more Malaysian

Because gov is not showing us this
Look at the latest Kuih Lapis Chat and the new cases category chat!!

Is the chart useful?
Does it makes in easy to understand?

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9180 cases today.

As a young professional wanting to start a family, Malaysia doesn't seem like an ideal place to settle in anymore.

Because let's be honest, what's waiting for my kids in the next 20 years to come?
An increasingly radical education system that makes them feel excluded and alienated for not being a part of the majority?
Close to 0 opportunities offered to nurture their talents? Them having to work their butts off for a token seat at the table while having their peers who have less than half the merit lead?
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By telling us that daily cases are coming down without adjusting such figures for testing numbers and positive rate, is meaningless and in a way giving a sense of false security over the real situation in our country. You cannot try to “game the system” by testing less.
Based on statistics, the number of tests done over the past few days has shown a significant drop, where we were testing 105,293 on 4/6/2021, 103,862 on 5/6/2021 and then drop to 89,998 on 6/6/2021 and 81,708 on 6/6/2021.
What is concerning is that, even though we are currently under a purported “lockdown” and the emphasis should have been on increasing testing at all costs, the government instead have gone the opposite direction against expert advice to somehow test less during this period.

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Lembu Kewangan kata "kalau ekonomi semua tutup habislah takde duit"

Lembu Perdagangan Antarabangsa dan Industri kata "mana boleh tutup kilang, habislah tokey tokey kaya nanti"

Lembu Belia dan Sukan kata "kami akan perhalusi cadangan pengusaha padang bola sepak sosial"
Lembu Pertahanan kata "kita tambah roadblock"

Lembu Dalam Negeri kata "tangkap semua yang kata kita lembu"

Lembu Wanita dan Keluarga kata "cepat sikit meeting, saya ada photoshoot lepas ni"
Lembu Agama kata "berdoalah kita masih aman tak macam Palestine"

Lembu Pendidikan kata "buka semua sekolah, kalau kena COVID-19, kita tutup balik"

Lembu Pengajian Tinggi kata "nanti saya meeting dengan MPP"
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"Dah ramai dah positif, tapi semua kerja je macam biasa. Department adik dua orang dah positif, so adik kena buat swab test je. Kerja kena masuk."

My youngest brother, an engineer at a well-known local production plant, in our family WhatsApp group just now. Ramai lagi macam ni.
Ramai lagi yang macam ni. Tak payah nak "self lockdown je lah kenapa nak cakap #KerajaanGagal" sangatlah. Image
Ramai lagi yang macam ni. Image
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Ramai minta full lockdown.

Tapi kebanyakan kita mungkin ada kelebihan. Lockdown kerja dari rumah tapi gaji masih jalan.

Mungkin juga tak ada tanggungan.

Cuma bukan semua ada kelebihan sama.

Ada peniaga kecil akan gulung tikar, ada pekerja yang akan hilang kerja.
Hampir 35,000 perniagaan kecil telah ditutup. Hampir 1 juta hilang pekerjaan.

Ia tak semudah kita sangka.

Ya jalan terbaik sekarang adalah lakukan full lockdown. Kita setuju.

Tapi ia mesti dilaksana bersama jaminan keselamatan sosial.
Kerana itu kita kena tuntut supaya moratorium automatik dilanjutkan, dan kerajaan mesti perkenal skim jaminan kerja.

Jangan lupa, MCO 1.0, kita juga ada bantuan tunai.

Tanpa ini semua, kita hanya menjerut leher rakyat bila dilaksana full lockdown nanti.
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So, @foodpanda_my should explain. Do they endorse @RinaMohdHarun's Raya video? If so, is there any payment involved? How much? If not, what do they get in return?

If they don't, does @KPWKM ask for permission to feature their rider's uniform in the video? Is there any payment?
Jadi, @foodpanda_my perlu jelaskan. Adakah mereka taja video raya @RinaMohdHarun. Jika ya, berapa bayarannya? Jika tanpa bayaran, apa mereka dapat sebagai pulangan?

Jika tak taja, adakah @KPWKM minta izin untuk paparkan pakaian penghantar dalam video? Adakah syarikat dibayar?
I don't want to support a company seemingly working together with the government without transparency.

Answer us, @foodpanda_my. You don't want us to think you're a part of #KerajaanGagal. Promo codes won't cut it. Plus, we have @GrabMY. Our switching costs are almost zero.
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In a period of overall global deterioration of press freedom, the fact Malaysia dropped 18 spots is a big deal... #KerajaanGagal

Malaysia records worst decline out of 180 countries in press freedom index
The page for Malaysia on RSF’s site may be viewed here:

The next few tweets in this thread replicates what you’ll find on that page
(1) *Back to harassment, intimidation and censorship*

When Malaysia experienced its first-ever transfer of power through elections in May 2018, the environment for journalists became much more favourable and the country rose dramatically in RSF’s Press Freedom Index. (cont.)
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