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» The Coding Bootcamp Handbook: How Do Bootcamps Work and Are They Right for You?…
live tweeting highlights as i read this handbook...
"If graduates from the school aren't able to get jobs in their field of study, that's a red flag. The school may lose its accreditation."

school means university/college. #til tho. so... shitty IPTS in M'sia can be penalized if their employment stats are bad
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#TIL the organic molecule Geosmin is responsible for the strong earthy/muddy smell of petrichor (the smell of rain on dry earth) and our noses are so sensitive to it that we can detect 5 parts per trillion! It is produced by soil bacteria
A fun fact: when these soil bacteria die in large numbers, their geosmin gets into the ground water, making it taste really muddy. We love its smell in the air and dislike its taste in our water.
And geosmin's presence in freshwater fish (and snails) give them that distinct earthy flavour. And since acids break down geosmin, squeezing lime on freshwater fish is quite common.
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While I agree that Malaysia can and should do things to improve the strength of our national language, people need to understand that Indonesia and Malaysia have different usages of English.

Here's a short thread from an English linguistics student!
Although English is a widely used language around the world, different countries hold English on different levels, thus creating terms such as ESL (English as a Second Language) and EFL (English as a Foreign Language) and establishing what is called "World Englishes".
Then comes the creation of Kachru's Three Circle of English which includes the Inner Circle, Outer Circle, and Expanding Circle.

Note how Malaysia is in the Outer Circle whereas Indonesia is in the Expanding Circle.
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And we are fashionably late here in Israel. #zman #bnei #akiva #AWSSummit
Here we start - #snark #on #AWSSummit
Only 10000+ customers using #sagemaker - I would have expected a minimum of 10,001+ #AWSSummit
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One #TIL that continues to astonish me is the story of how the letter þ (pronounced th) disappeared from English because of Gutenberg. German has no "th" sound (which is why, as this Berlitz ad memorably reminded us, they say "sinking" for "thinking")
And since Gutenberg was German, the craftsmen sculpting the letters were not familiar with þ and thus decided to reuse y when þ needed to printed because it looked familiar. This is why we have things like "Ye old Tavern", because the y was used for the th sound by printers
And more eye-openingly, this is also why we have the word "you" in modern english because a bunch of German printers in the 15th century decided to replace the th sound in thou from þou to you
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#TIL : The word for "tea" in your language depends on how it reached your country from China- by water or by road.

The words that sound like “cha” spread across land, along the Silk Road. The “tea”-like words spread over water, by Dutchs bringing the tea leaves to Europe.
The term cha (茶) is “Sinitic,” meaning it is common to many varieties of Chinese. It began in China and made its way through central Asia, eventually becoming “chay” (چای) in Persian, chay in Urdu, shay in Arabic, and chay in Russian through trade routes of the Silk Road.
However, in the Min Nan variety of Chinese, spoken in the coastal province of Fujian, the same term is pronounced as 'te'.  The te form spread to Europe via the Dutch ships, who traded tea between Europe and Asia in the 17 century giving us French thé, German Tee & English tea.
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Supplementary List of Business in Lok Sabha is out.

Two bills listed for introduction, including the Constitutional Amendment Bill for 10% Quota. What's more, it is also listed for consideration and passing TODAY!
They seem to be in the mood to bulldoze this bill through. It's a super important Constitutional Amendment, mind you.

No time will be given to MPs for filing amendments. The Bill was circulated TODAY! Parliamentary practice is being thrown out the window.
In his interview to @smitaprakash, PM Modi had said that there should be deep discussions in Parliament on every aspect. But when his Government introduces and pushes through bills at such short notice, what they heck is he even talking about?

Whattay farce.
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Hari ni baca artikel pasal kuih muih di Malaysia. Jumpa gambar ni @malaymail (2016)

Very informative.
Lepas ni tak payah nak tanya, "Ni kuih apa?" sebab dah check 👌🏻
Malaysian kuih: A marriage of flavours and cultures…
Bila makan something, aku suka check pasal asal usul makanan, resepi dan tempat yang paling famous dengan makanan tu.

Tapi nak cari pasal kuih ni macam susah sikit. Orang kita tak rajin research & update; walaupun wikipedia.
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Translation Director-General Rytis Martikonis kicks off #TEF2018 here in Brussels. You can follow along on YouTube and @Slidoapp; just use our hashtag.
I‘ll be representing @EUInterpreters, talking about how interpreters use data & technology. (Come say hi!) Hoping to add to the momentum of the upcoming launch of the Knowledge Center. @CathyPe1971 @jhsaseta #1nt #scickci
Our moderator is @AnaGuerberof - kudos and good luck trying to tame hundreds of curious translators over two days! 😉 #xl8
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A Tactical approach to a tactical communication strategy..!!

Wait I guess, this can be applied to a general human communication too.

Because if communication is screwed,
1. Whatever skill he or she has
2. Whoever he/she is

The full potential is NOT utilized.

Dear @ashleymayer
Title to your article seem like clickbait because the not having a communication strategy is NOT okay, right ?
I may be wrong, though but anyway

Another Point to be considered is :

Science was a part of Philosophy in ancient times. Not anymore, people don't much about the connection.…

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De retour du Portugais :). J'ai un peu moins d'une heure avant mon cours pur vous parler de mon post-doc. C'est tipar !
En fait, j'ai toujours été militant, et une de mes préoccupations, c'est la défense du droit à la vie privée. Et puis un jour pendant ma thèse, je suis tombé sur le site de l'équipe @PrivaticsInria… Du coup j'avais vachement envie de bosser avec elleux !
De l'extérieur, ça semble vraiment être une équipe de gens qui se soucient de la #privacy, je veux dire que c'est pas juste un application de leur sujet technique de recherche, c'est vraiment ce qui les motives, socialement. (Spoiler : de l'intérieur aussi !).
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