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Tired after a long 2 weeks, 20 hours wearing a mask on-and-off in GP, 60 hours in-and-out of PPE in a hub, teaching in @RCSI_Irl . Kitchen is a state. Dog under-walked. Maybe that partly explains my frustration, but the COVID19 commentary is off-focus & opinion-laden.

1. Therapies are repeatedly hyped. Apart from anti-virals for chronic illnesses like HIV and hepatitis, there are few effective anti-virals for acute illnesses. It is unlikely that a drug will aid the COVID19 crisis globally, never mind in some selected rich-nation-ICUs. It would
be great if a magic cure comes along, but very very very unlikely. One Chinese study published in the Lancet several days ago (Wang et al) randomised 158 patients to #remdesivir and 79 to placebo. The patents were very unwell.The drug did not have a benefit and there were harms.
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RTÉ need an extra €55m taxpayer funding to plug the hole in its finances in part caused by extravagant salaries for the *talent*.
But are there informed, articulate & edgy Irish born presenters broadcasting on other platforms who could do the job instead? 10 part thread..1/
In our #ThoughtExperiment all top 7 in RTE *talent* pool would be replaced using only #RyanTubridy´s salary to cover new wages.
If the newbies agree to @70k/yr salary that would mean total savings of 2.5m/yr.
If you agree with a nomination hit❤️or tell us who you would pick..2/
RYAN TUBRIDY - 495k/yr
A canny agenda-pusher but the bottom line is licence payers cant afford Tub´s leftist propaganda anymore.
Experienced YT commentator Dave Cullen of #ComputingForever (420k subscribers) would be a capable pair of hands to take the reins at #LateLateShow..3/
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Thread: In advance of tomorrow night’s @rtelatelateshow with Peter Casey, I'm chonrologocially reporting some other appearances on Irish media of other international purveyors of lies and cruelty
let's start in four years ago. Katie Hopkins was on #LateLateShow on January 31, 2014
note how it starts - light entertainment tone, children, parenting - but controversial
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Gabriel Byrne on Liam Neeson's comments that #MeToo movement is a "witchhunt" that has gone too far: "I love Liam, I've been a friend of his for many, many years... but I would say the movement hasn't gone far enough." #LateLateShow
Gabriel Byrne: "And I think the pendulum has been so far in the opposite direction for so long, where you've had centuries and centuries of women silenced, discriminated...
"When they say 'witchhunt', I don't like that word, because witchhunt was about women being burned alive, because they were in some way rumoured to be going against the system."
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