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#America is engaged in a new kind of #CivilWar. Though it's not so civil, we find very little common ground. Like most modern wars, ours is unconventional. Battle lines drawn along political ideology. Weapons of mass disinformation foment chaos & division.
Our guidons are of #memetic design.Trending #hashtags have become our battle cries. Daily skirmishes swell from #anonymous avatars, sock puppets, bots, & trolls. We've taken #humanity out of the fight—leaving only the worst of us to face-off.
Abstract as they may seem, these plans are strategically devised & implemented by internal & external entities. Opposing enemies stealthily infiltrate our groups to role play & subtly nudge the less informed in any desirable direction. Exploiting our fracture points.
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Me acusan de daño informático(2-5 años + multa) y revelación de secretos(2-6 años + multa) por haber realizado acciones des de #Anonymous y la #OpCatalonia contra webs e servicios gubernamentales y empresas españolas desde el 1-O de 2017 hasta el 27-F de 2018..
llevo esperando juicio desde que salí del calabozo de la guardia civil, la incertidumbre de lo que me va a pasar es cada día peor.. solo soy un revolucionario mas que a sido derrotado por el régimen..
pero lo que me da mas asco es me puedan caer mas años que al maltratador o violador de turno.. hasta 11 años por luchar por las libertades de todos en la red.
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Robert H. Goddard (1882-1945). American professor, aerospace engineer, physicist, inventor, best known for having developed the world's first liquid fueled rocket. He met Jimmy Doolittle while in Roswell, NM (1930).

Hold that thought.
Vincent J. Schaefer, while working with G.E. (1946) made the first man made storm by dumping 3lbs of CO2 into a cloud. By 1947 Project Cirrus was born, under the direction of Captain H.T. Orville whom aimed to control hurricanes using silver iodide.
A little about H.T. Orville. Meteorologist, Deputy Chief of Naval Operations (1943). He is known for charting weather in Operation Torch and the Doolittle Raid in WW2. He wrote for Collier's Magazine about weather manipulation in 1954.…
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About a week or so ago I called #Anonymous bluff to destroy anyone using the #Qanon hashtag. They are hacktivists, we never forgive we never forget, Expect us blah blah blah. You know what happened? Not jack shit. You know why? Because it is a CIA creation. In other words...
It is no more real than Snope or Komy2012 or the Soros protesters. Loser paid by the deeps state to create stories. Some are not even paid they are just fools who fell for it pretending they are someone from their mother's basement.
An Outlaw: a person who refuses to be governed by the established rules or practices of any group; rebel; nonconformist.

Outlaw Jennie: Daughter of Waylon Jennings, originator of the outlaw movement. The first person ever to call out #Anonymous & expose them as a fraud.
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1 to 20. Assange a true HERO. The Siege & Injustice with Julian Assange 🤨👇🏼…
21. Assange a true HERO. The Siege & Injustice with Julian Assange 🤨👇🏼…
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The left can hem and haw all they like about Tulsi Gabbard!

Gabbard correctly pointed out then-Attorney General Kamala Harris made sure minorities in California were more likely to live in prison, than at home.

Fact: The Sacramento Bee 🐝 Fact-checked both Joe Biden’s claims and Tulsi Gabbard’s claims that Kamala Harris was a political HACK as the California AG....

Results: Biden and Gabbard were correct!
Kamala Harris was in charge of ensuring JUSTICE was delivered FAIRLY and without favor.

Kamala Harris failed in nearly every aspect of her job!

One person was almost EXECUTED due to Harris being coy with her office.
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Our #OfficialSecrets Q&A began with a huge standing ovation for Katharine Gunn, and her act of courage to release the Iraq memo. Cheers of "Bravo" from the crowd as she took her place with @democracynow Amy Goodman and @HuffPost @lpolgreen #51Fest
@democracynow @HuffPost @lpolgreen “I was so angered by the email. War seemed imminent. This had to get out. I didn’t think for a moment what would happen to myself or my husband” - Katharine Gunn on the decision to copy the memo #51Fest
@democracynow @HuffPost @lpolgreen “The worst part was realising I couldn’t remain #anonymous” Katharine never intended to go public but felt it was her duty to speak out. #51Fest
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1 to 20. Assange a true HERO. The Siege & Injustice with Julian Assange
21. Assange a true HERO. The Siege & Injustice with Julian Assange 🤨👇🏼…
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Pizzagate was created to discredit #OpDeathEaters, QAnon was created to discredit #Anonymous. Both were creations of prominent Trump supporters / state-backed, familiar with us and our operations. That's how we know that what we are telling you is credible.
The goal for #PizzaGate and QAnon, was to destroy the credibility of #OpDeathEaters and those involved in the investigations it is focused on, especially the #Esptien case that was buried under a sea of conspiracy theories and generic youtube videos pushed by suspicious accounts.
.@Wikileaks was also very familiar with #OpDeathEaters and Heather Marsh, and yes before they declared @YourAnonCentral 'should not be trusted', we dm'd & tweeted concerning amplification regarding Epstein + more in 2014 which they chose to deliberately & openly ignore for years.
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What is #OpDeathEaters?
How you can help #OpDeathEaters. This is our road map to success

The first #OpDeathEaters investigation begun with @OpGabon in 2013. It explored a web of Gabonese politicians trafficking children for ritual killings that involved organ theft and prominent French protection. #opgabon
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Realizing a hive mind could be leveraged for activism against Islamic hegemony in the #Maldives and promoting political change is a game changer for #SecularMaldives.

#NormalizingDissent #FikuryInqilab #Anonymous
A lot of us have unique and specialized skills. And these skills needed to be combined through collaboration and support of each other on issues and values we find ourselves aligned on. Such issues are UDHR implementation, democracy, health care, education, quality of life etc.
The individual skills of planning, organizing, debating, content creation, coordination, fact-checking, scanning for opportunities and relevancy and much more needed for effective activism don't exist for a single individual to master.
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“For whatever reason,this cursed wellspring of psychological slavery has now DRIED-UP entirely..machine doesn’t work the way it had flawlessly 4 ages & there exists a power vacuum in crumbling cultural hierarchy.They’re terrified.They don’t understand how or when they lost power”
“They don’t understand why you disorganized lot of disaffected randos consistently outperform their expectations while they struggle to deliver even the most basic iterations of previously mastered cultural archetypes.”

“You hold all the cards...You are free...WIN!” #Anonymous
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2. Here the complete list of #CDU & #CSU-MEP in the #EU

Of course both @AxelVossMdEP & @ManfredWeber can be contacted here on #Twitter - I trust they will be delighted about your input!

#Wikipedia #Article13 #Artikel13 #Uploadfilter…
3. #PETITION: "Stoppt die Zensurmaschine – Rettet das Internet! #Uploadfilter #Artikel13" - Bis jetzt über 5 Millionen Unterschriften!

I trust they will think twice to vote @CDU in the #EuropeanElection!

#Wikipedia #Article13…
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2016: Andrés Sepúlveda rigged elections throughout L Am for almost a decade.

His boss: Juan José Rendón, a Miami-based pol consult’t aka the Karl Rove of Latin Am.

2015: Colombian media reported that Rendón worked for Trump’s prez campaign—both denied.🤔…
Sepúlveda wrote a software program, called Social Media Predator, to manage & direct a virtual army of fake Twitter accts.

The software let him quickly change names, profile pictures, & bios to fit any need.…
📌Sepúlveda found he could manipulate the public debate as easily as moving pieces on a chessboard.

cc @WizardEightThem interesting 2016 article.…
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EXCLUSIVO: Mais de 270GB (dados e emails) vazados de empresas privadas que pertence ao grupo (Holding Jeaholding, Assert) que comercializam dados pessoais de brasileiros (financeiras e do INSS) por @RobinHo47279030 #Anonymous
@RobinHo47279030 Todos os emails trocados entre as empresas referente a venda de dados privados, uso ilegal das informações do INSS e muito mais pode ser baixado no link acima. #Anonymous
@RobinHo47279030 Empresas:
Fontes Seguros / @fontespromotora / DeuCrédito / PassePag / Saladices Assert Tecnologia / Stormtech / MedeirosMann /

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🌐🌐Anon Notable🌐🌐



BO appears to confirm Anons' understanding

Energy on the board is electric

#Qanon #WWG1WGA #anon #Anonymous #MAGA #MEGA #KAG #TheGreatAwakening @realDonaldTrump @DonaldJTrumpJr #ThinkForYourself #DoItQ #QArmy
"We did 1 statutorily, we did 2 statutorily, now we go to phase 3"
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Roberto 'Roy'
& Michelle 'Mia'
As if i would use my real name Thats a bit amateurish.

They think im acting as @4h3H1v3
😂😂😂 'BLACKHAT' more like 'DunceHat' Hey boggle eyes..

....Why not start again? Ur showing yourself up! You both are. Your LYFE is spent TROLLING & that is sad!

Can you pls explain this exhibit to me & my followers. You see I have no knowledge of 'bit coin' its a subject I have no interest in, so whos email is that? @metpoliceuk
I am tagging @metpoliceuk and @TerrorismPolice due to abnormal activities with a number of other twitter members one of which has closed his account and has run!

@j0k3rage7 => Error: Not Found

@securityconcern is trying to distance himself aren't you Nigel Oldfield?

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Still happening in Streets 50 years later #JFK died #MLK died because of prejudices. That #FakeNews pushes on weak minded fools. #Democrats pull same crap like @SenWarren pushes upon. #Welfare
@BarackObama created #BLM help of Jesse J. & otr hateful 🤡s
we all bleed red 🇺🇸🇺🇸🚨
Watch Video
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10 days, have almost gone by.
Can you hear it? The ticking of the clock?
Tick tock,
Tick tock.
Q means restoration of faith in humanity. 1 because we were shown who evil really is (and it's not we the people), and 2; the sophistication of a plan in which military intel patriots can predict seemingly arbitrary events over a year in advance. You guys are PHENOMENAL geniuses!
She's not lying. Having her own backdoor server to sell top secret SAPs is very convenient indeed. In the old days, she had to leave envelopes under park benches - now she just emails the password over to her Chinese Deep State buddies and that's job done.…
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