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152.01/ Week one-hundred and fifty-two, June 10-16, 2023, thread begins here.

Week 151 below.
152.02/ We're off to a wedding (yay!) as a whole family (yay!) and when we ask, globally, if everyone is ready, I think about this scene:
152.03/ Alert: "Kung Fu Hustle" is free for streaming on Amazon Prime. This is not a drill.…
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151.01/ Week one-hundred and fifty-one, June 3-9, 2023, thread begins here.

Week 150 below.
151.02/ This is the way…
151.03/ Now playing thematic songs: "Ain't No Sunshine" by Bill Withers, "Blood of the Sun" by Mountain, "Sunshine Superman" by Donavon, "Here Comes the Sun" by Ritchie Havens and "The Sun is a Mass of Incandescent Gas" by TMBG
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150.01/ Week one-hundred and fifty, May 27-June 2, 2023 thread begins here.

Week 149 (ish) below.
150.02/ I'm finally back into Twitter on my laptop. It's been weeks, but I was able to navigate the hurdles. Even though it's official "week 151", I'll use the remainders of this truncated thread to log my posts from weeks 149-150 and then start 151. Whew.
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148.01/ Week one-hundred and forty-eight, May 13-19, 2023 thread begins here.

Week 147 below.
148.02/ Informative thread, re: meme dog-whistles and methodology.
148.03/ #ChochmatNashim for #Bamidbar 5783 @ChochmatNashim

Downloadable pdf with working links of Divrei Torah from Orthodox women.…
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146.01/ Week one-hundred and forty-six, April 29-May 5, 2023, thread begins here.

Week 145 below.
146.02/ "The Negotiator (1998)"

If you can get past the Spacey problem, it's insane how good this movie is. Seriously.
146.03/ This is a cartoon character catch!

[Alt-video/image: Outfielder dives for the ball, it pops out of his glove, flies in the air, falls on his head, rolls down his back, down his arm, and back into his glove]

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144.01/ Week one-hundred and forty-four, April 15-21, 2023 thread begins here.

Week 143 below.
144.02/ I have both allergies & a head-cold (thanks Pesach!) and the amount of caffeine that I would require to make me halfway functional is enough to poleaxe a yak.
144.03/ First rule of media literacy - from listening to storytellers in 3000 BCE to reacting to online posts in 2023 CE - is knowing how you can be baited and then NOT TAKE THE BAIT. This also entails knowing your biases & your appetites.
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142.01/ Week one-hundred and forty-two, April 1-7, 2023 thread begins here.

Week 141 below.
142.02/ The Sunday after Shabbat HaChodesh is when you go Pesach shopping, the Sunday after HaGadol is when you turn your kitchen over. That's why those haftarot are on the calendar. Them's the rules.
142.03/ @pptsapper is an excellent read, especially when the neo-Confederates start to get puffy and arrogrant.
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141.01/ Week one-hundred and forty-one, March 25-31, 2023 thread begins here.

Week 140 below.
141.02/ I believe in being as religiously inclusive as possible, so I very much appreciate this thread.
141.03/ OMG, things are getting a bit hectic and tense in Israel right now.

Histadrut calling for a general strike is a logical move

But protesters breaking through security barriers of the PM's residence is scary
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137.01/ Week one-hundred and thirty-seven, February 25-March 3, 2023, thread begins here.

Week 136 below.
137.02/ #MotzeiShabbatMovieNight has turned into watching a live #Mets game with the full booth of Gary, Keith, and Ron. Oh, how I missed this. I should've benched Shehechiyanu. #LGM
137.03/ For your reading pleasure: my wife, Dr. Rebecca Cypess', just published piece in honor of #BlackHistoryMonth about Ignatius Sancho, an Enlightenment era Black composer. Plus bonus @lizzo content!…
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135.01/ Week one-hundred and thirty-five, February 11-17, 2023, thread begins here.

Week 134 below.
135.02/ Hurried and harried to start the week. I'm on my way to a conference and had to get up before tallis & tefillin, which is an uncomfortable way to begin the week, lemme tell you.
135.03/ #NachasAlert: so "my" team (really my son) is in second place in the @fboutsiders "Best of the Rest" contest. We're "JCypress" [sic]. We need 17 points from Kenneth Gainwell to win. So, uh... keep us in mind!…
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126.01/ Week one-hundred and twenty-six, December 10-16, 2022, thread begins here.

Week 125 below.
126.02/ #MotzeiShabbatMovieNight continues with Superman (1978) the trend-setter for all modern superhero movies. Also IMO has the best theme music and I *love* movie/TV themes. Brilliant art direction, amazing cast.…
126.03/ Reference for NFL euphemisms: (1) "[player showing some] discomfort" = he's injured and in pain, (2) "[player is] shaken up" = he's so injured that he can't get up, (3) "[player is] down" = an injury that would prompt a normal person to call 911.
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125.01/ Week one-hundred and twenty-five, December 3-9, 2022 thread begins here.

Week 124 below.
125.02/ #MotzeiShabbatMovieNight continues. Tonight we saw "Samurai Jack: The Premiere Movie." Genndy Tartakovsky is such a great artist and storyteller.…
125.03/ #ByeJake. I wish he could've stayed a Met, because every start of his was a pleasure to anticipate & enjoy. Bad seasons were endurable when he took the mound. At his best, he was the best baseball could be. Here's one of his finest moments. #LGM
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118.01/ Week one-hundred and eighteen, October 15-21, 2022, thread begins here.

Week 117 below.
118.02/ Lotsa upsets in the #MLBPostseason & sore losers calling to change the new playoff format. Look, this is the key to win a championship in US sports: be good enough to get into the playoffs & then be as healthy as possible and "hot" when in them. That's the secret.
118.03/ Had old friends visit last night, both PhDs, and it was lovely but posed one the downsides of academic households: when I checked on the younger kids - 13, 13, 11 & 9 - they, no joke, asked me to moderate their discussion of the trolley problem.…
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117.01/ Week one-hundred and seventeen, October 8-14, 2022, thread begins here.

Week 116 below.
117.03/ I love this Lindor video on so many levels. First of all, it's cute. Second, more working dads taking care of kids!

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Obviously, Scherzer and DeGrom have been crunch time flops - and that was the Mets big 2022 strategy. But when was the last time Alonso or Lindor got the big hit, the timely homer, drove in the big runs? Seems like August. The fact the NYM missed Marte to much is telling. #LGM
Great players, terrific seasons, the compiled numbers are impressive. But honestly, I'd rather have Marte or McNeil up in a big spot.
Also, Nimmo has been less effective this whole year. Probably influences Cohen's inclination to ink Aaron Judge with massive pile of cash. Some very tough off-season decisions for the Metties.
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115.01/ Week one-hundred and fifteen, September 24-30, 2022, thread begins here.

Week 114 below.
115.02/ #ShavuaTov everyone & hello to the last day of 5782! I admit that I get a special thrill about skipping "Vayehi Noam" even though doing so implies my upcoming week has many days of isurei melakha. I love yuntif, honest I do, but I am a fan of writing & the internet, too.
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109.01/ Week one-hundred and nine, August 13-19, 2022, thread begins here.

Week 108 below.
109.02/ Is there an award for putting an item in my Amazon cart, checking out "Customers who viewed this item also viewed", and seeing only things I've purchased over the past years? Some kind of "You are a singular oddball" award?
109.03/ Informative thread; this particular point is right out of halakha and the need for "hatra'ah" (warning) in order to establish mens rea.
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108.01/ Week one-hundred and eight, August 6-11, 2022, thread begins here.

Its #TishaBAv tonight & tomorrow; the saddest day in the Jewish calendar.

Week 107 thread below.
108.02/ My kids asked if they can watch TV to help get through the fast. I said after chatzot and as long as it's not laugh-inducing or super fun. They asked for an example & this year it's perfect: the home debut of #DeGrom! It's bashert.
108.03/ I've started calling #Diaz the #Matador. He's a shutdown closer with amazing, upbeat walk-up music. #LGM
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107.01/ Week one-hundred and seven, July 30-Aug. 5, 2022, thread begins here.

Week 106 below.
107.02/ The absolute ghoulish glee I'm seeing people directing vitriol & dogpiling violence against @AnaMardoll is frightening. I see what you allow yourself to do to people you think are "acceptable" targets.
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106.01/ Week one-hundred and six, July 23-29, 2022, thread begins here.

Week 105 below.
106.02/ A thread I wrote about my early Sunday morning interaction with your (un)friendly neighborhood troll; why I responded and what my goals were.
106.03/ This is an explosive thread about entirely plausible whistleblower backlash at the NewYorker - a mag my family have been subscribers to as long as I can remember - shows what real "cancel culture" looks like.
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Too many #Mets fans are afraid of success, a thread 🧵

We put up billboards to “Sell the Team” & they did!

Wilpons are gone. Cohen is here. It’s different. But some of you refuse to believe it. You think your misery makes you a better fan. It doesn’t.

#LGM #LFGM #MetsTwitter
We wished for consistent success. To play meaningful games. To be in the race. It’s happening now. They’re winning & on their way to becoming a top 5 org.

Instead of enjoying it, embracing the pressure, you wait for the other shoe to drop.

#LGM #LFGM #MetsTwitter #Mets
We clamored for DECADES to be in on star players. We get 1 in Lindor, “he’s not good enough.”

We’re in on Soto (who’s even better), “he’s not worth it.”

You always want “the other guy.” Bc you live in a fantasy where there are no stakes.

#LGM #LFGM #MetsTwitter #Mets
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The 2022 MLB Draft was a success for the #Mets. Here are the picks: #LGM

1 (11): C Kevin Parada (Georgia Tech)
1 (14): INF Jett Williams (Rockwall-Heath HS)
2 (52): P Blade Tidwell (Tennessee)
2 (75): OF Nick Morabito (Gonzaga College HS)
3 (90): P Brandon Sproat (Florida)
4 (119): 3B Jacob Reimer (Yucaipa HS)
5 (149): SS D'Andre Smith (USC)
6 (179): P Tyler Stuart (Southern Mississippi)
7 (209): P Jonah Tong (Georgia Premier Academy)
8 (239): P Dylan Tebrake (Creighton)
9 (269): 3B Chase Estep (Kentucky)
10 (299): P Zebulon Vermillion (Arkansas)
11 (329): OF Rhylan Thomas (USC)
12 (359): P Paul Gervase (LSU)
13 (389): P Dylan Ross (Georgia)
14 (419): P Cameron Foster (McNeese State)
15 (449): 3B Jackson Jaha (Clackamas HS)
16 (479): P Jimmy Loper (Duke)
17 (509): P Connor Brandon (Toledo)
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I came out of retirement to look at the historical comps for a potential Juan Soto trade. #Mets #LGM #Soto…
"Cabrera and Willis brought two consensus Top Ten prospects, plus other parts. Betts brought much less, two Top ~40 prospects and another piece, because he was attached to Price’s $92 million price tag."
A really great insight--- who even HAS the prospects to deal in such a trade?
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104.01/ Week one-hundred and four, July 9-15, 2022, thread begins here.

Week 103 below.
104.02/ I subscribe to @AlexandraErin on Buttondown but realized I didn't on @Patreon so I just rectified that. I very highly recommend her non-fiction writing (I'm sure her fiction is good too, but I haven't tried it yet so YMMV).
104.03/ This is a pretty extraordinary column all around, especially the story by my rebbe, Rav Riskin. It's also clear how much of a multi-dimensional gadol-hador Rav Moshe Feinstein z'l was. A gadol in chochma, bina, da'at and midot.
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