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We are entering into the year ‘Shobha Krutha' (శోభ కృత్) this year.

#Ugadi= Yugadi stands for ‘Yuga’ which means An Era and ‘Adi’ which means New Beginning.

Thus it means the beginning of a new era. It is celebrated across the state of AP, Telangana and Karnataka as new year.
This day is celebrated as the beginning of a #NewYear in different parts of the country.

Thapna in Rajasthan
Gudi Padwa in Maharashtra
Sajubu Nongma padwa in Manipur
Chheti Chand among Sindhis
Puthandu in Tamil Nadu
Baisakhi in Punjab

It is the first day of the #Chaitra masam, which usually falls in the last days of the March month or the early days of the April month of the Gregorian calendar.
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(1/7) * Scriptural #NewYEar (#YomTeruah) falls on March 22, 2023 in the Gregorian calendar.

* #Passover (#Pesach) is on the evening of April 04, 2023

* First Day of the #FeastOfUnleavenedBread (#ChagHaMatzot) is on April 05
(2/7) * The Seventh Day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread (Chat haMatzot) is on April 11, 2023 in the Gregorian calendar.


* A 24-hour “Day” is from dawn to dawn; or sunrise to sunrise; or from 06:00 to 06:00.
(3/7) * The first half of a 24-hour “Day” is daylight, from 06:00 to 18:00.
* The second half of a 24-hour “Day” is nighttime, or evening, from 18:00 to 06:00.
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Ethnic #Germans are ‘#dying out’ and #migrants ‘will #inherit#Germany | Jan 18
- An Iranian celebrates the “dying out” of ethnic Germans in a controversial hate-filled article in one of the country’s largest newspapers…
#Replacement. ‘Ethnic #Germans Are #Dying Out And #Migrants Will #Inherit Germany’ | Jan 27
- An Iranian refugee in Germany wrote a piece celebrating the demographic replacement of Germans in Germany's largest newspaper.…
#Iranian #Muslim celebrates the “#dying out” of ethnic #Germans in a hate-filled article in #Remix | Jan 24
- “We are here not just for your #pension #funds - we make sure that the #Aryan nightmare never becomes a reality in this country,…
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While we welcome the #NewYear as one among many to come, let me ask u this:

If a personal medical emergency strikes, will your loved ones know how to access the critical info on money, wealth, insurance u saved for them – esply coz U WILL NOT BE AROUND to guide them?- a 🧵
First, let’s talk about a couple of basics (not to be taken as professional advice)

1. Take a term insurance for yourself!

Having known the critical importance of life insurance personally, I can’t emphasize how imp it is as it will help your family to not struggle - (2/n)
for at least 6-8 months as they get another source of income ready.

If you are in your 20s/self employed (any age), take it immediately!

If you are in your 30s, make sure your employer has you covered (as you may suffer high premiums due to age)! (3/n)
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It’s pretty safe to say I speak for all our shelter pets when I say their New Years Resolutions are to find love and leave the shelter. But these nine dogs have some extra asks!

We’d love to find rescues to help them with their extra medical needs! They need more than the
shelter is able to provide.

Give us a call at (281) 342-1512 if you’re able to help any of these cuties.

More details about each can be found on our website

#newyear #newyears #newyearsresolution #newyearsresolutions #dog #dogs #shelterdogs
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(1/19) Message from CEO @brbordallo – Year Round up🧵🧵

You can bet that 2022 has been a rough year for crypto. #Global Economic factors like wars🎇, inflation📊,🔼interest rates made things challenging for #financial markets across asset classes
Read:… Image
(2/19) The decline of tech #stocks contributed to an outflow of money from #cryptocurrencies, and the internal issues within the industry only exacerbated the situation. It is fair to say that 2022 has been one of the most challenging years in the history of #web3🌐
(3/19) Despite the challenges we faced in 2022, the fundamentals of the #crypto industry are stronger than ever. Key players, from countries to banks and companies, have adopted #cryptocurrencies, #NFTs have had a successful year, and trading volume and #marketcap are at ATH🔥💡
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If your #NewYear resolutions include experiencing new things and growth, @staderlabs has got you covered

In 2023, you’ll get:

⚡️ #ETH Launch
⚡️ Community Governance
⚡️ $SD Staking

Let’s find out more details on these...
A thread🧵👇 Image
⚡️@staderlabs_eth LAUNCH

Already entrusted with ~$100M in TVL across 6 chains, It’s almost time for #ETH community to experience Stader.

And it won’t be any different than our existing strong #DeFi partnerships.

Here’s what all you’ll be able to do
1. Immediately unlock your staked assets on a DEX

2. Enjoy lending & borrowing freedom

3. Support decentralization via permissionless node operators

4. Pick the best nested strategies in line with your risk

Follow @staderlabs_eth for updates on the launch

Let’s continue...
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🇭🇹🧿 #CeJourLà Le 1er janvier 1804, il y a 219 ans, nos Aïeux proclamèrent l'indépendance d'Haïti après avoir écrasé Armées françaises 🇫🇷. La Liberté naquît en ce jour. L'étendard de la Patrie prit place dans l'azur, symbole de notre Liberté. #Haïti ⤵️…
Après son indépendance, Haïti 🇭🇹 a semé les germes de la Liberté partout sur le continent et au-delà. D'abord en aidant militairement et économiquement des pays comme le Vénézuela, la Colombie, l'Équateur à se libérer du joug colonial. #Haïti #NewYear…
La jeune République a soutenu les luttes pour l'indépendance d'autres pays de la région comme le Mexique, Cuba, Porto-Rico, etc.…
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#Tips for beginner #runners
Just started #running? Want to get into running in the #NewYear? Here are some beginner’s tips (running mechanics + running psychology) that will enhance your running journey and running longevity:
Focus on running efficiently with an emphasis on stride length, vertical oscillation, foot strike placement, and general running form. Let’s go over each.
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For those who start the New Year in less than festive mood, consider Tolkien's New Year diary entry from when he was 18 years old:

"Depressed and as much in dark as ever,... God help me. Feel weak and weary."

A thread on Tolkien's unpublished diary entries.

#Tolkien #NewYear Close up of an empty page o...A vintage photograph of you...
1910 looked like a rather gloomy start of the year for Tolkien. He just went through rough childhood as an orphan. Father Francis, his guardian, didn't approve his relationship with Edith. He was afraid of not getting scholarship and disappointing his guardian.
Tolkien's diaries are owned by Tolkien Estate, kept at Bodleian Library, and only open for approved researchers, so I can only see quotes. But that first entry is so striking for me: direct, tired, unsure. Murky waves that contributed to one's uncertainty when facing a new year.
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While I wait for The Sunday Times to be put to bed...2022 has been a busy year. Here are just some of my specific stories that I think worthy of noting as we had into the #NewYear
1) First up from Feb is this story where we revealed the fact midwifery staffing was going into reverse for the first time with serious concerns about care and maternity units closing 323 times in 2020-21
2) Then in March, we had this interview with the @MidwivesRCM chief which certainly made waves as we headed towards the publication of the Shrewsbury and Telford report:
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大家新年快樂!分享幾個我在 2022 年發現或是大量使用的好產品。有些是全新推出,有些則是我去年才開始用,或者以前一直有在用,但過去一年用得更多、更有心得。還有一些則是摸過一點,以後或許會更常用的。當然也有幾個東西是單純覺得好玩。我也會另外標記出那些 2022 年推出令人印象深刻更新的產品。
他們大多是 Mac 或 iOS app,一部分是 web app。至於我已經使用很久、與 2022 年比較無關的,例如 Keynote、iA Writer 或 Fantastical 等等,就不特別列出來了。因為各種原因,只能粗略貼個名稱跟連結,日後有機會我絕對會想要多寫一些。

Alfred (我沒跳過去 Raycast XD)
Keyboard Maestro
Mac 版捷徑(Shortcuts)…
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A lovely #NewYear 🧵

Do you want to develop HABITS to become a more SUCCESSFUL version of yourself?

Well here are my top 'life-hacks' for 2023 that will make you an instant SUCCESS and a BETTER human.

You are welcome.

#NewYears #NewYearsResolution #NewYear2023 #RandomCaps
1. WAKE UP EARLY! Getting up at 4am means you're up an hour earlier than those losers who get up at 5. Even if your kid has been awake most of the night and you've had 90 minutes total sleep, rise and shine, you lazy git. You can use the extra hour to be MORE SUCCESSFUL at life.
2. GET 8 HOURS SLEEP EVERY NIGHT. Sleep is... oh, wait, if you're up at 4, that means going to bed at 8. Uh... you'll figure it out, because you want to be SUCCESSFUL, remember!

Maybe soundproof your kid's room so their night terrors won't disturb your sweet, sweet slumber.
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#Meghalaya stii uses Tata 1613 buses. The SRTC has very badly maintained Tata Marcopolos. #NorthEast Image
#Meghalaya 's legendary traffic discipline. See the distance between two cars. 😍. #NorthEast
Laitlum Canyon #Meghalaya #NorthEast Breathtaking beauty 😍. Please watch full screen. ImageImageImageImage
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40 Deep #SEO Insights for 2023:

-In 2022, I told to focus on Natural Language Generation, and it happened.
-In 2023, F-O-C-U-S on "Information Density, Richness, and Unique Added Value" with Microsemantics.

I call the collection of these, "Information Responsiveness".

1/40 🧵.
1. PageRank Increases its Prominence for Weighting Sources

Reason: #AI and automation will bloat the web, and the real authority signals will come from PageRank, and Exogenous Factors.

The expert-like AI content and real expertise are differentiated with historical consistency.
2. Indexing and relevance thresholds will increase.

Reason: A bloated web creates the need for unique value to be added to the web with real-world expertise and organizational signals. The knowledge domain terms, or #PageRank, will be important in the future of a web source.
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Some of your students may be requesting a day off to celebrate the Chag Milat Yeshu, also known as the Pope Gregory Rosh Hashanah, and is observed by Christian people as the #Christian #NewYear.

Although Rosh Chodesh has already passed, #Christians do not observe our secular Rosh Chodesh. Instead, Christian people follow a #religious #calendar established by Pope Gregory, and the Pope Gregory Rosh Hashanah does NOT coincide with a new moon.

(Christian #holidays are set according to the Pope Gregory Calendar, which is not a lunisolar calendar like the normal one, and is why most of their holidays move around the year.)

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🧵 Are you prepared for the new year? Here are 15 things I always revisit by the end of the year:

1. Turn off all your notifications:

– email
– LinkedIn (…),
– Whatsapp (…),
– Twitter (…) etc.
2. Revisit your meeting availability times (Calendly, Doodle etc.):

– Block out 1–2 days entirely if you can;
– For those days when you are available, set out just a 2–4h time window to avoid a pile of back-to-back meetings.
3. Review your calendar:

– Block time for your favorite activities (exercising, reading, running etc.)
– Block time for dates/dinners with your loved ones/friends,
– Set up a vacation mode for family birthdays/important events,
– Set up a reminder to drink water every day.
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Dear subscribers and guests of the channel! On Friday, December 2, #Russian President Vladimir #Putin held an operational meeting via video call with the permanent members of the Russian Security Council.
We have already reported that after the main part of the meeting, in a closed format, the meeting participants discussed the report of Security Council Secretary, Nikolai #Patrushev, who informed about the inability to use 87% of #Russia's nuclear missile weapons.
But there was another rather large discussion regarding the second topic of the same report. #Patrushev reported that, according to available information, the #Crimea bridge could be completely disabled in the next two months.
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Happy Spiritual Diwali/Dipawali to you all.

But do you know why Jains celebrate Dipawali ?

Read rhe thread.
Diwali is one of the most popular festivals in india. For Jains it is a very important occasion. It is a festival of glory and achievement of Bhagwan Mahavira who attained nirvana on this day.
A brief history of diwali in jainism:

#Diwali was known as Deepalika- the Festival of Lights. Deepak is a symbol of light of abolishing the darkness of ignorance.
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115.01/ Week one-hundred and fifteen, September 24-30, 2022, thread begins here.

Week 114 below.
115.02/ #ShavuaTov everyone & hello to the last day of 5782! I admit that I get a special thrill about skipping "Vayehi Noam" even though doing so implies my upcoming week has many days of isurei melakha. I love yuntif, honest I do, but I am a fan of writing & the internet, too.
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From today I'm starting posting contents related to Web Development and Computer Science in general. Hope you'll like it and share it.
#javascript #webdeveloper Image
Global Execution Context
#javascript #webdevelopment Image
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Happy Sinhalese & Tamil New Year to Everyone!

For centuries this has been an important celebration for Sri Lankans of all backgrounds...

Take a look at how it started and where it evolved from below...

#HappyNewYear2022 #Srilanka #Otd #History #ceylon #newyear #lka #celebrate
There is no definite origin story for the Sri Lankan New Year and most scholar point to a multitude of sources that all evolved into what we now celebrate today. But, it can be said that the modern festival originated in the 1500s during the Sītāvaka Period.
The celebration has a long history in India which likely influenced the date for the festival in Sri Lanka as both places have had a history of cultural exchange and movement for millennia.
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In many countries Christmas decorations are taken down on the 12th day of Christmas (January 6th), also known as Epiphany. To keep them up any longer is nowadays considered bad luck.
But what about Japan? Well, that depends where you live. ImageImageImageImage
In Japan the New Year holiday period is known as 'Matsu-no-uchi' (松の内).
From December 13th ('Shōgatsu-goto Hajime' 正月事始め) preparations for welcoming the New Year begin: pine decorations are cut/bought ('Matsu-mukae' 松迎え) & the house is cleaned ('Susu-harai' すす払い). ImageImageImageImage
When does the New Year period end?
Well, in eastern Japan it usually finishes on January 7th, but in western Japan it goes on until the 15th.
In 1662 the Shōgun fixed January 7th as the 'end' of the New Year...but this decree arrived late in the west, so they settled on the 15th.
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