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🔴 #Mpox aka #Monkeypox is spreading .
But not where you think it is.
A short 🧵 Image
The latest situation report on the multi-country outbreak of #mpox from @WHO has come out . In Summary:
▶️ 87,929 cases and 146 deaths from Jan 2022
▶️ 111 countries / territories affected as of date Image
▶️ The European and American Outbreak of #mpox which followed a super spreader event last year is pretty well under control.
There are few cases still being reported, but vaccination campaigns have brought the outbreak pretty well under control. Image
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We now relive the “Roaring Twenties,” but with a SARS-virus that, unlike the 1918 pandemic influenza, establishes chronic infection and will take society down if left to evolve unmitigated. Party time 😈👇
@JessicaLexicus crashed the party before it was even endemic 😂👇 Image
We warn the “back to normal” party goers against significant ‘policy resistance’; the expected pushback to any kind of policy change.
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@Neugierfragen @ArzthaftgR_Lpz @Gehtnichtweil @HongMathias @Anwalt_Jun @prof_mayer friendly reminder
Read on your own
differential diagnostic

I know no german physician nor dental practicer who have #Monkeypox on radar

No test available

Most do not even know you can swab test like for #SARSCoV2
3.HB RKI 2007 MPOX are airborne S.466…
@Neugierfragen @ArzthaftgR_Lpz @Gehtnichtweil @HongMathias @Anwalt_Jun @prof_mayer Read on your own

Third HB RKI 2007 page 466

english translation next link following Image
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A 31-YO♂️, #sexually active with 2♂️partners in the previous month: 8 days before redness of the R eye, an itchy perianal rash & rectal pain; scattered, tender, shallow ulcers & pustules on chest (A), abdomen (B), back (C) & perianal (D)
#proctology Image
PCR from the perianal vesicel:➕for nonvariola orthopoxvirus DNA.
Species-specific PCR: ➕for #mpox virus, clade II.

The patient reported a new rash with numerous ulcer on his chest, abdomen, and back

MPOX (formerly known as #monkeypox)

#MolBiol #virology
During the next 2 days, the patient took tecovirimat & reported redness & discomfort of the right eye and become painful

He had learned that mpox had been diagnosed in one of his #sexual partners from the previous month.


#ophthalmology #IDtwitter On examination of the right...
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“Contacted by #German colleagues from Correctiv, the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (Ecdc) he denied the news released by Braddock,
explaining that there is no evidence that the current cases of #monkeypox are linked to a #virus from a #laboratory in #Ukraine.”…
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Possible #MPOX mutation? An investigation has been launched in France 🇫🇷 after new cluster 17 cases—59% of people in a new monkeypox cluster were vaccinated—double usual % seen. Hence concerns of possible new #monkeypox mutation.…
2) While the #MPOX jab does not offer complete protection against the disease, usually only 25% of French cases are in vaccinated individuals.
3) Those affected in the current French cluster are all men aged between 24 and 56.

“No parties or events common to the cases have been identified," the French health authority said. “No person has required hospitalisation.”
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Kinder werden #SARSCoV2 & #monkeypox ausgesetzt ohne Langzeitkonsequenzen zu kennen.
International beides Risiko BSL3 Zoonosen
Beide mutieren & replizieren im Mund/Nasenraum
Inexistente Surveillance

nennt sich nach StGB Körperverletzung
1/2/3 ⬇️
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Hello. Aujourd’hui on est au colloque national COREVIH En Actions @CorevihA sur le thème « Chemsex : Travailler ensemble au-delà des disciplines » à la @MaisonMetallos. Seront présents @assoAIDES @TETUmag @Sidaction @JeanLucRomero @FF_CRIAVS @Le190_Paris @CorevihL
@JeanLucRomero : @Paris met en place une campagne de communication pour permettre aux chemsexeurs de trouver des ressources en cas de nécessité.…
Alexandre Aslan @HopSaintLouis le chemsex s’inscrit dans un usage sexualisé de substances.…
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Was treibt die Regierung an
biosafety grade 3
zoonotische Biohazards
zu verharmlosen & hoch präzise Präventiv-Tests zu verunglimpfen


kapiert niemand
den Zusammenhang #SARSCoV2 #monkeypox
mit PACS & MISC & LC
Wer hat was von diesem Irrsinn?!

Gerade eben 20.03.2023
Scheuch & aerzteblatt im Schwurbler Modus 🤬
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Yes, #airquality matters Soumya! outdoors & indoors
Air is the most important "Lebensmittel"
humans need clean air & water to live
airfiltration & source control are key
#CovidIsAirborne #CovidIsNotOver
Even in middle Europe these days airquality is concerning & less rainfall
Heart attacks,strokes & other major adverse outcomes doubled in people post- #COVID19 at 1 y compared with matched uninfected controls #LongCovid, replicating previous reports

Until we act proactive for viable outcomes till its too late
All are equal🧐
but some are more equal than others
Why leaders dont wear masks for their speach? #scv2
Some common reality with the rest of the world👇
chineses neither
grasp high filtration source control
So may they grasp it for polution?
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1/ It's difficult to see the pictures of severe #monkeypox infection in patients with uncontrolled HIV/AIDS in this Lancet case series. These patients are at high risk of death. These cases remind me of @NickKristof work on deaths of despair.…
2/ While these aren't the diseases that the term usually describes, the same social and economic despair underlies these infections as well. I have followed these cases in LA County as part of surveillance efforts for the past 6 months. Patients who were homeless, who had...
3/ significant mental health issues; substance abuse; relied on transactional sex for survival; and had other co-morbid sexually transmitted infections. These were patients who, because of these challenges, also were not consistently taking antiretroviral treatment for their HIV.
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A 26-YO♂️ no #sexual contacts other than with his male partner: 6-day of fever, malaise, a swollen parotid gland, & ulcerative lesion on the ipsilateral lower lip.

Mild lymphopenia

#IDtwitter #dermatology #EarNoseThroat Swelling of left parotid gland (A)  The ulcerative lesion on
PCRs on the throat & ulcer swabs:➕for human #monkeypox (hMPX)
Genomic sequencing: clade IIb variant clustering within the current international mpox virus outbreak


#sexually #maxillofacial #microbiology
7 days after initial presentation, his clinical condition had improved together with a decrease in the parotid swelling and the size of the ulcer.

#MedTwitter #Doctor #MedStudentTwitter
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And now at #CROI2023, a special session on #monkeypox/#mpox.
John Brooks of @CDCgov: Mpox decline has not been even in all places -- we need to keep our eye on places where it hasn’t declined as much & need to stay vigilant for reemergence. Image
I'm not going to try to live-tweet this one & didn't request advance permission to share slides.
John Brooks (@CDCgov): Let’s get people vaccinated against #monkeypox/#mpox now, before spring & summer. Summer means Pride, Pride means a lot of fun, a lot of fun means a lot of sex. #CROI2023 Image
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The CDC's #ACIP meeting on #mpox/#monkeypox is going on. Some interesting stats! Cases have remained overwhelmingly among men who have sex with men. Cases in kids have been extremely rare. Vaccine uptake has been racially inequitable. 🧵⬇️ ImageImageImageImage
The CDC estimates the Jynneos mpox vaccine efficacy based on 9,544 mpox cases among men 18-49 from July 31-Oct 1. Mpox rates were 7.4 times higher than those with 1 dose of the vax and 9.6 times higher than those with 2 doses. No difference based on subdermal vs intradermal. 2/ ImageImage
More mpox stats: 3/ ImageImageImageImage
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It's been a long day at #CROI2023, but I'll attempt to live-tweet @MichaelPelusoMD's presentation on #longCOVID. Though mainly an #HIV meeting, CROI also includes the hot infectious diseases of the day. (Thanks Dr Peluso for providing advance slides & permission to share.) 1/
@MichaelPelusoMD .@MichaelPelusoMD & colleagues' SCOPE cohort at @UCSF + international collaborators have now studied more than 700 people with #longCOVID 2/
.@MichaelPelusoMD at #CROI2023: #LongCOVID is many things. 3/
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Mpox (monkeypox) can devastate people with advanced HIV disease, leading to severe skin and genital lesions and causing death in perhaps as many as 1 in 4 of those with a highly compromised immune system, I report for @NBCNews @NBCOUT. #CROI2023…
At #CROI2023 today, @profchloeorkin described the especially devastating case of a young man with advanced HIV and a very low CD4 count who had severe lesions and lung disease. He died following a bowel perforation 113 days after his first mpox symptom.…
Check out Dr. Orkin's thread on her presentation.
**MAJOR trigger warning**
If you look at @TheLancet paper to which she links, p. 8 has devastating photos of mpox lesions. But she feels they're important for clinicians to see.
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.@profchloeorkin presents disturbing data on #monkeypox/#mpox among HIV+ people w/low CD4 counts. High rate of complications & death. Concludes mpox is an opportunistic pathogen & severe necrotizing form is an AIDS-defining condition, @CDCgov & @WHO should include. #CROI2023 1/
Concern about IRIS for people who start antiretrovirals once severe symptoms are underway -- can make worse. But unclear whether ART would be beneficial if started at beginning of mpox symptoms. 2/
The good news is no #HIV+ people with a CD4 count >200 died, nor did anyone who received #mpox vaccine. 3/
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#OODA loop: Observer, Orienter, Décider, Agir.
Stratégie de décision initialement #militaire, utilisée chez les pilotes pour gagner un combat.
L'idée, c'est de trouver un avantage, être plus rapide pour détruire la #boucle du mouvement de l'ennemi. Citée par Robert Malone..⏬1/8
Les 4 étapes de la stratégie #OODAloop:
Observer, Orienter, Décider, Agir.
#Observer: rassembler des données, vérifier leur pertinence. Suivre les tendances, les infos des réseaux, identifier si l'autre est ami, ennemi. Selon la qualité de vos datas, vous aurez l'avantage.. 2/8⏬
-#Orienter: décider de votre point de vue. Quelle est votre perception du monde. Si un avion n'est pas orienté correctement, vous ne pouvez pas descendre votre ennemi.
-#Décider: voir quelles sont les options disponibles. Un pilote décider de monter, s'enfuir ou viser.. 3/8⏬
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A retenir du briefing #Covid19 de l'@EMA_News ce mercredi ⤵️

• L'EMA se dit "préoccupée" par la faible couverture vaccinale de rappel chez les personnes à risques.
• Les futurs rappels de vaccin pourraient être principalement recommandés une fois par an, avant l'hiver.

En France, la HAS doit rendre fin février ses préconisations concernant la vaccination de rappel contre le #Covid19. Une dose de rappel annuelle recommandée pour les personnes fragiles fait partie des pistes. 👇

• L'EMA se dit "prête" à examiner les données des vaccins nasaux, dits "muqueux" et potentiellement plus efficaces contre l'infection, autorisés en Inde/Chine. 👇

• Le #CovidLong est une "priorité", l'EMA travaille à obtenir davantage de données.

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eine Veranstaltung in der die #SARSCoV2 Pandemie sehr trivialisiert, relativiert, banalisiert wurde.
VOLLER hOpium 🫠

als Ziel breite Immunität 😳

Falschdarstellung dieser Erkrankung
nichts zur multiorgan involvement
Am Schlimmsten finde ich,
daß die aktuelle Verdrängung gutgeheißen wird & so getan wird als sei alles unter Kontrolle

Kein Mal wurde erwähnt,
dass #SARSCoV2 an Impfstoffen vorbei mutiert

Fokus weg von Corona 🤪

Oliver Keppler spricht von
"der Wissenschaft"
worst post pandemic narratives in LMU 😵‍💫 hOpium 😵‍💫
"pandemics are normal"
"Pandemien gab's schon immer"

I agree 100% Jonathan Mesiano Crookston
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1/ "We identified high loads of #monkeypox virus DNA by qPCR in 35 (85%) of 41 saliva samples. Infectious monkeypox virus was recovered from 22 (67%) of 33 saliva samples positive for monkeypox virus DNA."

Interesting study but transmission more complex…
2/ Detection of viral DNA in various samples is not equal to transmission. We often say that culturable virus is a proxy for transmission potential, but even this doesn't mean transmission routes from those specimens are inherently effective ones.
3/ We saw this epidemiologically play out during the current #monkeypox outbreak. We did not see major spillover outside of MSM sexual networks. If there was substantial droplet transmission, transmission patterns would likely have looked different than they did.
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I can't swallow this bullshit explanation

#SARSCoV2 & #monkeypox are zoonotic mainly airborne transmitted biohazard riskgrade 3

we have NO☣️
>transparent sewage monitoring
>CO2 NDIRsensor tracking
>source control by masking with high filtration mask
I dont understand that there are no german protest coming from nurses or health care workers to request adequate PPE like high filtration masks to prevent airborne crosscontaminations

same for LFT, why arent they standard?

Endemic #SARSCoV2 isnt fine🫠

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zu Ihrer Information:

#Endemie hat NICHTS MIT ENDE zu tun

beides airborne Pathogene international biohazard BSL3Z


Ein fataler Trugschluss


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... but
they desperately need to keep it going
with BS claims ...?


covid is nearly defeated, really?


we can all finally start to move on?


german expert
blocked me bc I replied
#SARSCoV2 is #airborne

we need guidance for
#airborne #transmission #prevention

🤡 Image
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