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Hoy nos levantamos con la que, hasta ahora, es la mayor serie de casos de #monkeypox publicada del actual brote via @TheLancetInfDis. Muchos datos interesantes. ¡Hilo va!…
El estudio describe 54 casos de #HSH diagnosticados en clinicas de ETS de Londres. Esto tiene algunos inconvenientes: no hay mujeres (que pueden padecer y padecen #monkeypox exactamente igual y con el mismo mecanismo de transmisión que los #HSH y varones heterosexuales)
Y se escapan algunos datos que no se recogen de rutina en las bases de datos de estos centros: sobre todo los gastrointestinales. Y es que algunas de las complicaciones que estamos viendo en 🇪🇦 se deben a obstrucción parcial faríngea por contagio oral pasivo)
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We talked to our health department yesterday about #MPXV #monkeypox and y’all, the future is not good. Essentially, because the public refused to do 10 day quarantines they dropped to 5 hoping they would at least do 5. This is the same with mpxv.
They said “for now vax is for close contacts”

Us: ok but don’t fomites live on surfaces at least 24 hours?

Then: yeah

Us: ok so what about when someone with #mpxv goes in Kroger and touches carts and products with open sores?
Them: we would use cameras to try to identify close contacts

Us: ok that is unserious. But let’s reframe, what about school starting in 6 weeks and the playground? Bathrooms? Cafeteria? Shared markers and pencils?

Them: well we try to sanitize between…

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🚨 New all time record for daily #Monkeypox cases

⚠️708 recorded today ‼️ (tab MonkeyPox) Image
#MonkeyPox cases

👉6,157 total

🔴6,105 confirmed
🟡52 suspected ImageImage
#Monkeypox by country
Spain🇪🇸 1,196
England🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 1,185
Germany 🇩🇪 1,054
France🇫🇷 499
Portugal🇵🇹 402
USA 🇺🇸 395
Canada 🇨🇦 294
Netherlands🇳🇱 257
Italy 🇮🇹 193
Belgium🇧🇪 117
Switzerland🇨🇭 83 Image
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Proud of the activism @PrEP4AllNow and others did to get CDC to send more #monkeypox doses to NYC & US. Due to that work, vaccinations will restart soon. But Biden's vaccine strategy is too small & slow to protect 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ communities. We must demand better. What needs to happen: 🧵
The USG OWNS more than a MILLION doses of monkeypox vaccine *ready to go* stuck in freezers in Denmark. These doses COULD have been brought to the US weeks ago had the Biden admin. ordered @US_FDA to inspect the facility, but they didn't, so now they may not come till AUGUST.
The Biden admin. inaction has consequences. NYC, for example, will get less than *6,000* doses over the next few weeks, meaning we will rapidly run out of doses AGAIN as the virus spreads unchecked in Queer persons.
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1. A #MPXV 🧵
The director of @WHO_Europe issued a stark warning today about the state of the #monkeypox outbreak. Case counts have tripled in Europe in the past 2 weeks, @hans_kluge said.… Image
2. @hans_kluge also noted while the majority of cases are still men who have sex with men, infections are being reported outside of that demographic. There is no reason #monkeypox will restrict itself to spread within a single group. Given the opportunity to transmit, it will. Image
3. @hans_kluge appeared to predict the #monkeypox outbreak will be declared a public health emergency of international concern sometime soon. An expert committee met last week & advised against declaring a #PHEIC for now. Image
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Updated animated #monkeypox chart of cumulative confirmed cases per million inhabitants.
Confirmed cases last week per million.
Note that NL and Portugal are dueling for this week's leader position.
Here is a another way to look at the case evolution over time (on a log scale).
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📍“Super Gonorrhea… poses a major public health threat". #SuperGonorrhea is a type of antibiotic-resistant strain—some say it may be spreading from bad use of antibiotics like azithromyocin vs #COVID19 (remember that 2020/2021 trend?)

HT @colbertlateshow…
2) “Super Gonorrhea May Be Spreading From Antibiotic Overuse For Covid-19 Coronavirus”

By @bruce_y_lee…
3) Please, dear god, we don’t need Super Gonorrhea. You just gave us monkeypox to juggle with COVID.
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⚠️5,400 #monkeypox cases

🔴5,344 confirmed
🟡56 suspected (tab MonkeyPox)
⚠️346 daily cases (7 days rolling average) on 28 June 2022.

Daily cases cumulative cases
#monkeypox daily cases
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Is #monkeypox an emergency yet?—“Monkeypox is mutating up to 12X faster than expected, amid warnings 🇬🇧 could see as many as 60,000 new cases a day” by 2022 end.

I think our projection (HT @JPWeiland) of 100k cases by August & 1 mil by Sept is realistic.… ImageImage
2) “While a surge to tens of thousands of daily cases in six months might seem exteme, scientists have found the virus appears to be mutating at an unusual rate…”
3) “In a study published in journal Nature Medicine, Portuguese researchers found samples of the virus had 50 mutations in its DNA compared to 2018. That’s between six and 12 times the number scientists would normally expect over the same time period.”
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I often know when it's time for a tweet-thread, when my text messages start filling up with questions.

So I think it's time for to talk about.... #monkeypox!

Short version: this is not one of the 7 plagues, y'all. But we do need to pay attention.🧵
1. What is monkeypox, anyhow?

Formal definition: it's an orthopoxvirus, similar to smallpox but far less dangerous.…
2. How does it spread? How dangerous is it?

It spreads between humans primarily through skin-to-skin contact (maybe also respiratory).

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🧵🐒 (1/n) Today's monkeypox thread for June 30, 2022. Rather than doing several separate posts as I have been doing (filling up my timeline) I'll just add to this thread as the day goes by.
(2/n) WHO monkeypox emergency committee to reconvene ‘as soon as possible’ due to ‘evolving situation - the virus is potentially poised to "move into high-risk groups including children, the immunocompromised, and pregnant women."…
(3/n) The first case of smallpox was diagnosed in Estonia. The patient, a middle-aged man, became infected from a foreign country and, to the knowledge of the Health Board, he has no close contacts in Estonia.…
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1/ In WV v @EPA, SCOTUS ruled to limit the EPA's ability to regulate carbon emissions from power plants.

This seems to curtail EPA’s ability to regulate the energy sector, limiting it to measures like emission controls at individual power plants.…
2/ Unless Congress acts, the US will miss its climate change targets.

Why does this matter for health?

The ruling may limit power of all federal agencies to pass regulations, including the @CDCgov @US_FDA @OSHA_DOL etc based on the “major questions doctrine.”
3/ Congress would have to “speak with particular clarity when it authorizes executive agencies to address major political and economic questions."

This could, for example, curb CDC & OSHA's powers to protect the public's health in a pandemic.
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1/ Right now, #monkeypox is spreading actively among men who have sex with men (gay & bisexual men) & trans women.

But it's only a matter of time before we see spread among women.
2/ As of June 30th, the European CDC had reported 15 EU cases of monkeypox among women.

The @CDCgov still isn't reporting that breakdown for the US.
3/ How is monkeypox transmitted?
🔹Direct contact with monkeypox lesions, which could be anywhere on the skin & in/or around the mouth, genitalia or anus
🔹Respiratory droplets or "sprays"
🔹Contact with contaminated objects (e.g. towels, bedsheets)
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▶️ Extensive discussions about potential protection from #monkeypox from pre-1980 smallpox (vaccinia) vaccinations.

▶️ What do we actually know, and
▶️ how well do we know it?

a thread.
Four main issues:

A. How long did vaccines protect against smallpox?
B. How often was/is 𝙧𝙚𝙫𝙖𝙘𝙘𝙞𝙣𝙖𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣 recommended?
C. How common were smallpox infections after 𝙧𝙚𝙫𝙖𝙘𝙘𝙞𝙣𝙖𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣 ?
D. How well does smallpox vax protect against #monkeypox?

A. Length of protection

▶️ From current ACIP guide, no definitive evidence, but epi studies suggest strong protection for <5 years, with some protection out to 10+ years.

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"Different virus, same mistakes: Why (re-) emerging viruses are one step ahead of us" - read our editorial o #monkeypox from a virological, clinical & epidemiological perspective @Hopitaux_unige @UNIGEnews @gcevd @FJacque1 & Pauline Vetter…
“Any new disease that is emerging faster than our understanding is never under control" (Margret Chan, World Health Assembly, 2013)
As with any re-emerging virus, a piece of the puzzle is missing: why is a long-known virus suddenly emerging like this?
Thus, monkeypox should not be considered a mild or easily containable disease until transmission dynamics, viral kinetics, clinical presentation & outcomes are better understood.
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Despite constant insistence that “anyone can get #monkeypox” by public health officials, the reality is that only one group is apparently likely to contract the virus: men who have sex with men. This is true in the UK, it’s true in Spain, it’s true in the US.
And as for the people who cling fiercely to the claim that #monkeypox spreads through the air, if that were true, we wouldn’t see the virus restricted only to one subpopulation. The virus would have already spread to their roommates, mothers, coworkers, people on planes with them
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1/ The Biden administration is speeding up testing for #monkeypox & rushing 56K Jynneos vaccine doses to areas where the virus is spreading most quickly.
with @CBSNews @CBSEveningNews' @NorahODonnell
2/ We haven't moved nearly fast enough.

We've known about monkeypox cases in the US since May.

You can't control an outbreak if you don't know the scale of the problem.
3/ We should have ramped up education & access to testing a couple weeks ago, & when we realized that monkeypox was spreading, we should have deployed our vaccines more quickly & broadly, not only for close contacts of monkeypox cases, but also others known to be at high-risk.
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⚠️DECLARE ASAP—@WHO is again weighing to declare #Monkeypox a PUBLIC HEALTH EMERGENCY (PHEIC)—after declining last week. 👀“Children already infected”—@DrTedros is reconvening the panel—concerned MPX is moving "into high-risk groups—children, immunocompromised & pregnant women"🧵
2) @DrTedros will reconvene the emergency committee on #monkeypox "as soon as possible" due to the "evolving situation," after @WHO said last Saturday MPVX wasn't a PHEIC "at present" (a 3-11 vote to declare PHEIC last week). It took 9 days just to convene a meeting last time.
3) last week, @TheWHN aggressively declared #monkeypox a pandemic emergency— on June 22, 2022, a day before the WHO emergency meeting on the 23rd. Our goal was to urge WHO and others to act and prepare. WHO declined last weekend. I sure hope they don’t do so again!!
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“This pandemic is changing, but it's not over”, says @DrTedros at @WHO presser.
“Driven by BA.4 and BA.5 in many places, cases are on the rise in 110 countries, causing overall global cases to increase by 20%.” Deaths up in 3 of 6 WHO regions but global figure relatively stable
@DrTedros @WHO "Our ability to track the #covid19 virus is under threat as reporting and genomic sequences are declining meaning it is becoming harder to track Omicron and analyse future emerging variants”, says @drtedros.
@DrTedros @WHO More than 12 billion vaccine doses have been delivered, says @DrTedros.
But: “100s of millions of people, including 10s of millions of health workers, and older people in lower income countries remain unvaccinated which means they're more vulnerable to future waves of the virus"
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LIVE: media briefing on #COVID19 and other global health issues with @DrTedros…
@DrTedros "#COVID19, driven by BA.4 and BA.5 in many places, cases are on the rise in 110 countries, causing overall global cases to increase by 20% and deaths have risen in 3 of the 6 WHO regions even as the global figure remains relatively stable"-@DrTedros
@DrTedros "This pandemic is changing but it’s not over. Our ability to track the #COVID19 virus is under threat as reporting and genomic sequences are declining meaning it is becoming harder to track Omicron and analyse future emerging variants"-@DrTedros
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While I wait for the @WHO presser to start, I might as well share a few further comments on the recent decision not to declare the #monkeypox outbreak a public health emergency of international concern:
@WHO 1. I’ve talked to a lot more researchers and public health experts since the decision was announced and the overwhelming sentiment is that it was the wrong call.
@WHO Amongst the harshest was @MichaelWorobey who told me: "Right now PHEICs send the message that the WHO is the last institution to grasp that a newly identified outbreak is indeed a public health emergency of international concern."
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1/ Important announcement today from @WhiteHouse on #Monkeypox response

Focus on vaccine supply & delivery, increasing testing, & working within communities

@rajpanjabi knows how to get this done— he has done it before in his career in global health…
2/ As a clinician & public health researcher, I think that testing — especially decentralizing this as much as possible such that people can pick up kits, swab suspected lesions, & drop samples off through safe collection sites, will be key to controlling this outbreak.
3/ What is also tough here are cases that don’t have visible lesions; on prior CDC clinician call noted some cases only had proctitis; & others had no viral prodrome, so they didn’t know they were sick until later. This makes controlling transmission difficult
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🔔Breaking: Biden administration announces mass #monkeypox vaccination plan. The US will release supplies of Jynneos vaccine (which requires 2 doses 4 weeks apart): 56,000 doses immediately; 240,000 doses in the coming weeks; 750,000 by summer's end; 500,000 in the fall. 🧵⬇️
The Biden administration intends to release at least 1.6 million doses of the two-dose Jynneos vaccine for #monkeypox by the end of the fall. The CDC may order more vaccine supply to arrive at the end of 2022 and into 2023. Delivery takes time b/c FDA must inspect the doses. 2/
The CDC's initial priority for the available 56,000 #monkeypox vaccine doses is for close contacts of those with the virus. Also prioritized: men who have sex with men who have had multiple sexual partners in venues where the virus has spread or who live in high-spread areas. 3/
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(1/18) We are moving FAR too slowly to stop #monkeypox in the US, esp. considering that summer parties are now in full swing. Here’s a quick recap + some thoughts on a better, faster, fairer response.
(2/18) Last Thursday we saw extreme demand for vaccines among the highest risk demographic, GBTQ men + our sexual networks, as NYC’s single vaccine site was OVERWHELMED w/in minutes.…
(3/18) Just 1,000 doses for a city with 750k GBTQ men+ is NOT NEARLY ENOUGH. Like with other vaccination efforts, we’ll continue to run out of vaccines before we run out of arms.…
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