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Sachsenhausen was the first concentration camp I ever visited in person—it was on a school trip and I was 16 years old. I have many memories of the place, but two in particular are etched on my mind. [Thread] #HolocaustMemorialDay #WeRemember
Please note:
Some may find reading this thread upsetting, so I am adding this note at the outset to point out that I will, in what follows, make reference to what I saw in Sachsenhausen; I do not mention specific people, but make reference to methods adopted to murder.
My first memory is learning about the purpose-built ‘neck shot unit’. In the autumn of 1941, the SS murdered at least 13,000 Soviet prisoners of war, many of them Jewish, by using that unit (or gassing vehicles). I think I know why learning this is something that stayed with me:
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Today is Holocaust Memorial Day, the annual remembrance of the six million Jews, Roma, Trade Unionists, LGBT+ and disabled people murdered by the Nazis and the genocides that followed in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia and Darfur.

#HMD2022 #LightTheDarkness #OneDay
With each passing year, the Holocaust fades from living memory and it is so important that we educate ourselves and our children of the industrialised mass murder committed in the name of ideology. Particularly as modern genocides continue to unfold, such as the Uyghurs in China.
The theme for this year's Holocaust Memorial Day is One Day. You can find out more about this year’s theme here…
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Today marks #HolocaustMemorialDay, a day of remembrance for the millions of Jews, Roma, disabled people, and LGBT who were murdered due to their identity. A time to reflect on the horrors of our past and the subsequent genocides following the Holocaust.
With the rise in ethno-nationalism and hatred in both the UK and throughout the world, #HMD2022 serves as an apt way to come together and remind ourselves of what we owe to each other. We owe each other solidarity, standing up for one another against hatred.
Each year since being in the UK I have had the opportunity to stand with Holocaust survivors and bear witness to their stories as they stood witness to my own story too. These are not just fragments of our past. Genocide is not something to debate. It's not something to forget.
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Budapest 1931-2. A class of small boys. My dad is to the left of the teacher in a sailor suit and round glasses. A few years later he barely survived brutal forced labour. Sometimes I wonder what the future held for the others in the photo... #HMD2021
Around the time this photo was taken, Hitler became Chancellor #HMD2021 #LightTheDarkness
And by the time this photo was taken Hitler merged the Presidency and the Chancellorship giving him total power. #HMD2021 #LightTheDarkness
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Today is Holocaust Memorial Day. Here is my grandfather, born in Budapest in 1897. He fought in WW1. 1/
Between the wars he became a bank manager, married and had a son (my dad). Life was good. 2/
by 1944 (the date on these documents) he was forced to take his family to stay in one room in a designated 'Yellow Star House.' The paper on the left is his permit to leave the house to sweep the streets, the paper on the right is his ID. Zsidó is Jew in Hungarian.
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Gena Turgel married the British soldier who helped free her from the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. Now her wedding gown is going on display at the @I_W_M

Less than six months after the camp was liberated, Gena married Norman Turgel in 1945
The British press covered their union with joyous headlines hailing the ‘Bride of Belsen’
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So: a short thread about the ongoing effect of the Holocaust (also called the Shoah) cos it's #HolocaustMemorialDay #LightTheDarkness #NeverAgain I grew up in a wealthy Jewish family in Edinburgh in the 70s. Nobody mentioned the Shoah. People didn't want to upset or scare kids./1
At the age when most kids learned Santa wasn't real, 1 of my Jewish pals found a video of a BBC doc about the death camps. They shared it. We were terrified. We came from families that had left places (Russia in the 1880s/1910s), Hungary, Germany None of us had realised why /2
My family regularly had summer parties. Big buffet. Music in the garden. Maybe 100 folk. We had a big house. It was at one of these parties I made the connection that some of my parents' friends (ie some of my friends' parents) had survived what had happened. /3
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Tomorrow on #HMD2021 we remember victims of the genocidal Nazi regime and of the many acts of other governments in the years since and in today. As it’s @Humanists_UK 125th anniversary and a year for humanist history, I also want to think about the Nazis' humanist victims. 1/9
In 1933 the Nazi government banned humanist and other freethinking and secular groups. Hitler boasted he'd won his ‘fight against the atheist movement’ and ‘stamped it out’. That year Hitler made many speeches saying that only Christian organisations could be permitted 2/9
The largest organisation that found itself banned was the Deutscher Freidenkerbund. It had 600,000 members and was founded just 15 years before @Humanists_UK. Its headquarters were confiscated and given to the Protestant churches, who converted it into a Christian mission 3/9
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