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1942 school photo taken in Deventer, 300km from where I grew up. Six months later, only Felice Polak, the girl in the white dress, was still alive. She survived the war and lived to age 85, only passing away last month. #HolocaustMemorialDay
"In September 1943 the last Jews who were not in hiding were deported from Amsterdam (...). In the Netherlands, a total of 107,000 Jews were deported to nazi concentration camps. Of that number, only 5,000 survived the war."
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It is International Holocaust Day. It's important to remember that the Holoicaust began not with mass murder in the Soviet Union, or, later, gas chambers like Auschwitz. It began years before, with civilized people turning upon one another w/fear, sterotypes & dehumanization /1
Many folks don't know that the Nazis built gas chambers, in part, to make mass murder more efficient and less stressful - for the killers, that is. It was too time consuming and inefficient to shoot men, women and children one by one - like this Mother and child in Ukraine
On this #HolocaustMemorialDay, these two books stand out. They are difficult to read, deeply painful and haunting. But history books are meant to teach and make us think - and these do
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Trump: Day 737
-Posts Fake Immigration Statistics
-Prepared 4 Another Gov't Shutdown
-Hires 33 Border Agents in 14 Mos
-Thinks Nat'l Emergency Best Option
-Tries 2 Distance Himself From Stone
-Treasury Lifts Deripaska's Sanctions
-May Use Military Force in Venezuela
Day 842 since Donald Trump admitted to sexual assault — yet he’s still in the Oval Office
Day 693 of NO EVIDENCE produced by Trump that his phones were tapped by Obama.

The FISA warrant Trump referenced targeted Carter Page. #TrumpLies
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10 filmes para hoje, 27 de janeiro, Dia Internacional da Lembrança do Holocausto.

1. "O Menino do Pijama Listrado" (2008)
2. "A Lista de Schindler" (1993)
3. "O Pianista" (2002)
4. "A Vida é Bela" (1997)
5. "O Leitor" (2008)
6. "O Filho de Saul" (2015)
7. "Trem da Vida" (1998)
8. "Bastardos Inglórios" (2009)
9. "A Menina que Roubava Livros" (2013)
10. "O Jardim dos Finzi-Contini" (1970)
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Thinking on #HolocaustMemorialDay about one particular story among millions that I read recently at Yad Vashem, and which I've thought about most days since
A wealthy man who feared for his family's safety had sold his house & used the money to buy a diamond and emerald necklace, which he could use either in the future or to trade for their safety. The necklace was hidden under some floor boards
He & his wife were sent to the camps. His wife was murdered. He somehow managed to survive. He was eventually released & years later went back. The necklace was still there. He couldn't bring himself to sell it. He later donated it to Yad Vashem, where it still sits #WeRemember
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Another monthly #HolocaustMemorialDay to worship the liberation of Auschwitz.

One thing they will never tell you in the Media or history class is that everything we know about Auschwitz comes from Soviet propaganda.
This is particularly relevant when you consider the fact that all of the concentration camps liberated/inspected by the Americans were discovered to be labor camps while only those camps under total Soviet control—and not inspected by us—were said to be extermination camps.
In other words, everything we knew from 1945-1990 about extermination camps was based on information from the Soviets.

We already know the Soviets purposefully lied about German atrocities, having blood libeled the Germans for the Katyn massacre.
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Many don't consider what happened to Holocaust survivors after camps were liberated, especially the thousands of orphaned children that had survived.

In 1945, 732 of them were brought to the UK to recuperate and begin a new life.

#HolocaustMemorialDay #HolocaustRemembranceDay
The 732 child survivors were brought to the UK by the Central British fund, now @WJRelief, who also organised the Kindertransport scheme.

The CBF lobbied the government, who agreed to grant the children two year visas provided not a cent was spent on them

Money to care for the child survivors was raised privately, largely by the Jewish community.

The 732 children, of whom only 80 were girls, were sent to hostels around the UK. Their story is the forgotten final chapter of the Kindertransport scheme.

#HolocaustRemembranceDay #HMD
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Lots of thoughts running through my head today, the 2nd anniversary of the #MuslimBan .

My daughter who asked me "Why does he hate Muslims?" on seeing the future President call to shut down Muslim immigration. She dismissed him: 'He doesn't need to be part of the conversation.'
I remember the heroes that showed up at Dulles and beyond. The ones who didn't have relatives or clients who'd be impacted by banishment from our country, but showed up anyway. The man who yelled "Welcome to America!" to everyone who walked through the int'l arrival doors.
The chants welcoming refugees. The multilingual signs, the law firm that grew organically out of the arrivals hall. And my colleagues who dropped everything to rush to Dulles. We did better than "access to counsel:" we brought counsel to those who needed it, when they needed it.
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Thread 01.27.2019!!
God is doing so much in our times and He has chosen for us to be witnesses and participants in HIS Glorious plan!!
Listen here:
#TrustTheMastersPlan #Pray #SpeakTruth #DarkToLight #GodWins @realDonaldTrump
President Trump’s Tweets
1. 8:22:19 EST [11.31] Delta
#TruthBelongsWithThePeople @realDonaldTrump
Adding Q drops 822 and 1131!!
President Trump’s Tweets
2. 8:44:39 EST [22] min Delta
#TruthBelongsWithThePeople @realDonaldTrump
Adding Q drops 844 and 22!!
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It’s #HolocaustMemorialDay and I am remembering:
6,000,000 Jews
3,000,000 Soviet POWs
250,000 people with disabilities
200,000 Roma
70,000 “asocials”
1,900 Jehovah’s Witnesses
1000’s of gay and trans men
...and the many others who were caught in the Nazi dragnet.
I am also thinking of our propensity to want to turn the Holocaust into a moral lesson, which risks minimizing the scale and significance of this genocide. Today seems like as good a time as any to share a piece I wrote on what we risk by doing just that:…
I am also thinking of what stories are told about the Holocaust and what stories should be added so that we understand what happened more fully. Like the persecution of black people...…
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On #HolocaustMemorialDay, a reminder that Hitler began with the devaluing and murder of disabled lives. Too often we forget to honor the hundreds of thousands of disabled people killed during the Holocaust or tell the story of how they died. So I will. (Thread)
1/ One of the first steps taken by the Nazis in their pursuit of the "master race" was instituting the "Law for the Prevention of Progeny of Hereditary Diseases" in 1933, which called for the sterilization of all disabled people. #HolocaustMemorialDay
2/ Along with this law's passage, the Nazis also increased their propaganda against disabled people, labeling them as "unworthy of life" and "useless eaters". #HolocaustMemorialDay
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27 ژانویه، روز جهانی بزرگداشت هولوکاست است؛ در این روز، با گرامی داشتن قربانیان این فاجعه انسانی به مرور آنچه بر آنها گذشته است خواهیم پرداخت؛ پس از یک مقدمه، به مکانیزم کشتار، سیر ج. ج. د. و درنهایت آزادسازی خواهیم پرداخت. [هشدار تصاویر دلخراش]
در ابتدای 1939 و در یک پروسه شش‌ساله از 1939 تا 1945 هولوکاست، که در عبری به آن هه‌شوآ (the Shoah/השואה) می‌گویند و به معنی "فاجعه" است، اتفاق افتاد. دلیل آنکه یهودیان از واژه "هولوکاست" استفاده نمی‌کنند، به معنای آن بازمی‌گردد.
واژه هولوکاست یعنی "قربانی مقدس سوزانده شده برای خدا، به جهت استغفار از گناه"، این واژه توسط متخصصان الهیات مسیحی برای توصیف هه‌شوآ معرفی و ترویج شد. یهودیان نمی‌توانستند بپذیرند که آنچه در آلمان نازی در فواصل 1939 تا 1945 اتفاق افتاد، "قربانی کردن برای شستن گناهان" است.
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1. In 2016 I feared for our country. On this #HolocaustMemorialDay that fear now encompasses the western liberal democracy that has kept order and peace post WWII. National populism has spread across the hemisphere on a dark trajectory - one already outlined in history.
2. We are failing to see the bigger picture, blinded by the myopic lens of tribalism. Putin, however, is clear-eyed. This is his vision and has been all along. Populism isn’t a solution to a problem. It is a reaction to a problem -largely the problem of wealth inequality.
3. National populism revolves around the following: a) political distrust b) perceived destruction of national cultures c) anxiety about deprivation of jobs and income d) dealignment of political parties with voters.…
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#HolocaustMemorialDay 2019: Three Unsung Heroes Who Helped European Jews Escape the Nazis. I have tremendous gratitude for these earth angels and for the others like them. (1)
#RighteousAmongTheNations #IrenaSendler #FrankFoley #RaoulWallenberg…
A Polish nurse Irena Sendler who saved 2500 children. She was caught tortured and was sentenced to death but escaped herself.
(2) #IrenaSendler #HolocaustRemembranceDay #HolocaustMemorialDay #WeRemember
Frank Foley, a British Intelligence officer aka The Scarlet Pimpernel while working at a Berlin passport office allowed tens of thousands of Jews to escape. (3) #FrankFoley #ScarletPimpernel #HolocaustMemorialDay #WeRemember
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When @LabourAgainstAS raised concerns about the suitability of @JennieGenSec for the role of @UKLabour General Secretary, following a no. of controversies (…)....
Including her alleged employment of Vicki Kirby, when Kirby was reportedly suspended from @UKLabour for antisemitism (…)....
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We, as the human race, must say never again.

And we must have the courage to keep our word by standing up to dictators.

In my country, #Iran, the ruling mullahs' dictatorship sent more than 30,000 dissidents to the gallows in the summer of 1988.

i lost two family members during those months.

The #1988Massacre was our holocaust...
This thread sheds light into #Iran's #1988Massacre.

Please share it with the world so that such atrocities are never repeated anywhere.


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How world leaders are marking #HolocaustMemorialDay:

🇩🇪: Emphasizes fight against anti-Semitism in video address.
🇬🇧: Visits Holocaust Educational Trust, leaves supportive message
🇨🇦: Apologizes for “inaction and apathy” during Nazi era.
🇺🇸: Anti-immigrant and -press disinfo

After vilifying immigrants and the press all morning in his routine disinformation, Trump comes around to tweeting out an #HMD2019 acknowledgement in the afternoon.

What preceded it undercuts the message contained herein:…
18 minutes later
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Many have asked why I am so anti-Kushner. I suppose it's a fair question, so I feel I should explain. It's going to take a thread..
We'll start in the beginning, with Jared's grandparents, Joseph Berkowitz and Rae, his grandmother.
Not sure why Joseph changed his name from Berkowitz to Kushner, but it's probably because America was largely antisemitic in the late 40's and 50's, so the less Jewish name was better for business. Joseph and Rae went from broke, to owning 4000 apartments in 20 yrs.
Not sure how Joseph Kushner amassed so much wealth in such a short time, There's some reference to the immigrant Jews all sticking together and loaning amongst themselves to make their group stronger. Joseph handed this wealth down to his children, Charles and Murray
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The British government, over several years, has already destroyed the papers, without scanning them, of those belonging to the #Windrush generation, quietly deporting them, depriving them of their rights as British citizens. /2
2/ Since the #EUreferendum, it has enabled an environment so hostile that no few blink when an MP is murdered in the street, where #EU27 citizens have been spat on and beaten up in public, and where @the3million are forced to *apply* to remain in their own homes. /3
3/ The right wing has seized on this moment, carefully recruiting the violent and vulnerable to make them feel important, enabled, and politically capable, placing them where they can disrupt emergency services and abuse public figures without immediate action from the police./4
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After WW2 it was stated 4 million people perished at Auschwitz, a stone plaque was put in place

Around 1990 this total was revised to just over 1.5 million & plaque was changed

Yet if you merely question overall total you can go to jail 🤷‍♂️

#HolocaustMemorialDay #Auschwitz
After WW2 it was stated that over 2.7 million people had perished at Treblinka

Today the official estimate for those that died in the camp is in the region of 700,000

A human tragedy no question but again if you question the discrepancy you can be jailed all across Europe 🤷‍♂️
1944 when Majdanek was liberated Soviets stated 1.7 million had died there

At Nuremberg number was stated as 1.5 million

2005, Majdanek Museum announced that Lublin scholar Tomasz Kranz had established 78,000 were killed at the camp

A 95% reduction 🤷‍♂️…
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“My people were brought here chains. Your people were driven here to escape the chains fashioned for them in Europe. Our unity is born of our common struggle for centuries, not only to rid ourselves of bondage, but to make oppression of any people an impossibility,”MLK #Holocaust
"There are Hitlers loose in America in the World today in both in high and low places, As the tensions and bewilderment of economic problems become more severe, history scapegoats, the Jews, will be joined by new scapegoats, the Blacks." MLK #HolocaustMemorialDay
"The Hitlers will seek to divert people’s minds and turn their frustrations and anger to the helpless ... Whether the Black man and Jew shall live in peace will depend upon ... how effectively they reach the minds of the decent human beings to halt this deadly diversion." #HMD
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#HolocaustMemorialDay THREAD:

It is eerie & immensely empowering to be in Vienna on #HMD2019, standing before this moving monument to Austrian Jews murdered in the #Holocaust.

Austria not only gave birth to Hitler, but is birthplace of modern Zionism, as envisaged by Herzl.

74 years after the end of the #Holocaust, Hitler's dream to annihilate the Jewish people has been dashed, while Herzl's dream to establish a Jewish state has been fully realized.

THAT, that is the ultimate victory of the Jewish people! #HolocaustMemorialDay #HMD2019

That not only did we survive, but that from the graveyards of Europe and the depths of despair, we went on to re-establish the Jewish state, in our ancestral homeland, Israel. #HolocaustMemorialDay

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Remembering... my Jewish great-aunt and my mother’s first boyfriend who fled Vienna just in time.... my Jewish grandfather who fought Nazis in Egypt.... all those for whom Allied victory came too late.

I remember first learning of the Holocaust. Aged 9, precocious reader, raised in political house. Sunday Times anniversary splash (30 yrs since end of WWII?). I read the piece, saw the pictures.

I hadn’t known.

Still remember the anger, the hot tears: “why didn’t you tell me!”
I’d known the world was a place where really bad stuff happened.

But that was when I realised how bad - though I also understood that people’s choices can prevent these things.
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On #HolocaustMemorialDay it's incumbent upon us to remember what was in effect the near-total destruction of the Jewish working class in Europe & its revolutionary tradition, culture & Yiddish language. A culmination of capitalist European nationalism & intensifying antisemitism.
many of the logics & material relations that produced this unthinkable trauma & catastrophe are still with us in the banal violence of borders, the callous & normalised racist discourse & the violence of both state/police racism and popular racism, isolated or organised.
it is essential people don't petrify the Shoah in stone, a moralistic & meaningless liberal isolation that obscures how colonialism structures our world, part of a longer history of "race" in the age of capitalism.
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