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@JacobKnock3 @maxiemax65 @ScottyVsTyranny WHAT thousands of healthy people?

Young children more likely to die from lightning

Older from accident on school run

Very very few "healthy" (undiagnosed co-morbidities?) died

But we will never know as instead of MORE autopsies we've had FEWER!

As far as know no virus...
@JacobKnock3 @maxiemax65 @ScottyVsTyranny As far as know no virus cultures done to confirm dead even infected with live COVID

No one might have died from it (as opposed to eg inappropriate ventilation)

But many more than #ProfFerguson's wildest guesstimates estimated will die from #DiseasesOfDespair caused by #Lockdown
@JacobKnock3 @maxiemax65 @ScottyVsTyranny And that's ON TOP of the deaths from #SaveOurNHS

But the #LockdownDeaths will be of young breadwinners & parents of young families

Not old sick people who managed to survive the last mild Flu season & wouldn't have survived the next if were lucky to live that long!
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@MICHELL75347255 @ChrisGr97349115 @ScottyVsTyranny I never mentioned science

I was clearly commenting on your ad hominem

And your lack of self awareness of clearly leading such a sad life you need to fill your time searching Twitter for people you think are in the same boat & insulting them

But as you bring it up

You also....
@MICHELL75347255 @ChrisGr97349115 @ScottyVsTyranny But as you bring it up

You also seem to be unaware that Coronaviruses (unlike flu viruses) don't mutate much (they are able to repair errors in duplication)

When they do mutate like all viruses they generally mutate to a milder form

Or die out if not

If we can gain....
@MICHELL75347255 @ChrisGr97349115 @ScottyVsTyranny If we can gain protection from exposure to part of a virus then logically must gain (much) more protection from the whole virus

Therefore community (herd) immunity must be more achievable from actual infections

Old & vulnerable people die all the time from all sorts of things..
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As of Monday (April 6, 2020), the number of deaths due to #Coronavirus in India stand at 83. But I was also thinking maybe one ought to look at non-Covid 19 deaths too. Deaths due to various circumstances under the #lockdown #covid19 #CoronavirusinIndia
1. Ravneer Singh (30) died in Kaliash Mod, Uttar Pradesh. A native of Badfra village, Morena district, this father of 3 worked as a delivery agent in Delhi. Walked 200 km before dying of exhaustion…
2. Gangaram Yeleng (62) who died in Majuragate after walking 8 km from New Civil Hospital to Pandesara, Gujarat…
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I've updated #LockdownDeaths in India to 48. There is some confusion about cause and manner of death in certain cases. I am working on cross-referencing various reports. It is safe to say that the deaths may in fact be higher than what is being reported or compiled.
Kindly tag us/me in reports you come across. This data will never be made officially available, so between all of us we can triangulate how many people died because of the lockdown and not because of the disease. If the number of people dying because of state policy is higher,
we have a serious governing problem on our hands.
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