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🛑 1/3 Smugglers testify and support allegations of the Italian Public Prosecutor: "sea rescuers" (NGOs) cooperate with criminal smugglers in Libya. [cont] #migrantcrisis #DontTakeToTheSea #seenotrettung #Frontex @ExtSpoxEU…
2/3 [cont] "Reports have been circulating for around five years that rescue ships from aid agencies in the Mediterranean sometimes work with human smugglers. [cont] #migrantcrisis #DontTakeToTheSea #seenotrettung #Frontex
3/3 [cont] The @sonntagszeitung spoke to three Libyan smugglers. They confirm that there are contacts between the human smugglers and the rescue ships. They want to ensure that their "customers", the #migrants, really get to Italy." #migrantcrisis #DontTakeToTheSea #seenotrettung
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“European Solidarity: (Mis)interpretation in Slovakia” is about to go LIVE on #zoom! Make sure to tune in while you still can for the views on European #solidarity from 🇸🇰

As always, we'll be highlighting some key moments


@ComeniusUni @SLOVAKIAinEU @SlovakiaMFA
Lucia Mokrá, Chairperson of the TEPSA Board gives a presentation of the 🇸🇰 chapter of "European Solidarity in Action and the Future of Europe: Views from the Capitals", which she co-authored with Andrea Figulová, this event's moderator

We welcome @koztoma, Director-General for Europe at
@SlovakiaMFA, who speaks about defining solidarity, interpreting solidarity, and Slovakia's experience with solidarity

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In my @cbcradio interview today, I said that #migrants crisis on #Belarus #PolandBorder is escalation of conflict between EU, in particular #Poland, & Belarus. #Lukashenko government uses it to retaliate for EU, especially Poland’s, support of opposition & sanctions.
Humanitarian crisis on #BelarusBorder with #Poland intensifies because of cold weather & harsh living conditions of #migrants, including many women & children. #Polish police used water cannons. Poland continues to block attempts of migrants to cross border & apply for asylum.
#Polish government actions are aimed in boosting popular support. Statement by #Poland prime minister that #migrants crisis is #terrorism does not meet definition of terrorism. Polish police used water cannons, & Poland continues to block attempts of migrants to cross border
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La frontière entre la #Pologne 🇵🇱 et la #Biélorussie 🇧🇾 est actuellement le théâtre d’une crise géopolitique.

Depuis le 8/11, entre 3000 et 4000 migrants ont afflué à #Kuznica pour tenter de passer en Europe.
Ce vendredi 12/11, environ 2 000 personnes, principalement Irakiens et Syriens, se sont regroupés le long de la frontière, à proximité du poste-frontière de Kuźnica - Bruzgi.

Crédit : @Maxar Image
Comment sont-ils arrivés jusque-là ?

Les @RevelateursFTV ont retracé le parcours de l’un d’eux, Khalid A., grâce à ses publications sur #TikTok.

#OSINT #IMINT ImageImage
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In my live CTV #interview today, I said that #migrants crisis on #Belarus #polandborder is escalation of crisis between the EU, in particular #Poland, & Belarus. Lukashenko uses migrants from Middle East to retaliate for EU support of Belarus opposition & previous #sanctions.
In my CTV #interview today, I also said that in spite of a threat by #Lukashenko to shutdown a transit #gas #pipeline, this is unlikely because it would affect not only the EU but also #Russia which own this pipeline, supplies the gas & is an ally of #Belarus
I said that new EU sanctions against #Belarus won’t be effective because previous #sanctions for falsification of presidential elections & forced landing of passenger plane were ineffective & because Belarus relies on economic, financial, political & military support from #Russia
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In my live @CTVNews #interview last evening, I said that the current migrant crisis on the #BelarusBorder with #Poland is important because it involves Poland, which is a EU members, and Belarus, which is allied with #Russia, and it is near #Ukraine, which has an armed conflict.
In my CTV News interview, I also said that UN Security Council meeting concerning migrant crisis on #BelarusBorder with #Poland is likely to produce divide between #Russia that supports #Belarusian government & Western countries, such as US, UK, and France.
I stated in my @CTVNews interview that EU #sanctions against #Belarus won’t resolve the #Migrant crisis on #Belarus #Poland border, because sanctions were proven to be ineffective after last #Belarusian presidential elections & after diversion of passenger plane by Belarus.
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#HumanTrafficking #German NGO #rescue ship with 800 #migrants aboard asks #Italy for safe port | 5g ago
- The 'charity' vessel SEA-EYE 4 Took onboard another 400 people from a wooden boat on Wednesday night in a seventh rescue operation..…
#German rescue boat with 800 #migrants reaches #Sicilian port | Nov 7
- #SeaEye said the vessel #SeaEye4 was assigned to the port of #Trapani
Many of the passengers came from countries in #WestAfrica, #Egypt or #Morocco...…
#Trapani, 847 #migrants of the German «#SeaEye4» landed. Another 308 are pending | 2d ago
- On the same days another charity ship, the #OceanViking, with 308 #migrants on board, was placed awaiting assignment of a port near #Lampedusa.…
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Who works in essential services since #Covid19 started? 🦠In many cases, #migrants represent a big percentage of #EssentialWorkers. This paper introduces the concept of ‘systemic resilience’ into the analysis of labour migration.
🌐Read more >> (1/5) Image
When talking about #EssentialWorkers, authors Bridget Anderson, @F_Poeschel & @MartinRuhs refer to those who deliver key services in agriculture and food production, health services and social care. (2/5)
#Covid19 has exposed the often precarious employment conditions of essential workers➡️ Socio-economic vulnerabilities of employed migrants may shape the system’s capacity to continue functioning. This calls for attention to analyse their role in national labour markets (3/5)
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In my #Ukrainian Avers TV interview, I said that #Belarusian government is using #migrants from #Iraq as retaliation for #Polish governments’ support of opposition in #Belarus & its refusal to recognize Lukashenko as president.
I also commented that US-Ukrainian partnership charter shows symbolic US support for Ukraine. It solidifies position of #Ukraine as US client state which is used by US & EU to contain #Russia without providing any commitments & without any prospects of EU membership for Ukraine.
I said that public backing by US, EU & NATO of proposed SBU law also shows client state status of #Ukraine & its security service. Despite rhetoric of reforms & democratization, SBU in fact is used against political opponents, & human rights situation is similar to end of 80s.
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#BREAKING Belarus's tactic of using migrants 'unacceptable': NATO Image
#UPDATE NATO has slammed as "unacceptable" Belarus's allegedly tactical use of migrants to put pressure on the EU, saying it was worried about "escalation" on the border with Poland

📸 Polish soldier walks past a barbed wire fence under construction on the border with Belarus Image
VIDEO: Several hundred migrants gather behind barbed wire on the Belarusian side of the Polish-Belarusian border
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Follow-Up regarding the potential case of a #pushback of part of a group that arrived on the island of #Samos during the night of November 2 to 3.
A long thread 🧵👇
This week I was part of a European Parliament delegation of the LIBE Committee to #Greece that aimed at assessing the situation of #migrants and #refugees in Greece. As part of this visit, we arrived in Samos the morning of the 3rd November.
At a meeting with NGOs upon our arrival, MSF informed the Members that there was at this very moment on the island a group of people being scared to be pushed back and who had called a hotline for help. They invited members to come with them to see by themselves.
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What’s the role of the US government in the Central American migration crisis? Arguably a very powerful, defining role and one that continues to drive inequality and violence in the #GlobalSouth.
In March 2020, Border Patrol reported 172k unauthorized migrants from C. America & Mexico, a 70% increase from Feb & a 20-year record high. Spikes in migration happen every 2 to 3 years and often go unaddressed:
Economic and political turmoil, gender and gang violence, climate change & corruption have been factors driving #migration in the region for years. Today, the effects of Covid-19 are yet another reason why people are leaving in search of more security and stability.
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1/9 The intense pressure by the #EU, both in requirements for entry and political pressure, have caused peripheral countries, including Morocco and Turkey, to become sites of #ExternalizedBorders for the EU. #MigrationKorbelDU @UofDenver @josefkorbel
@UofDenver @josefkorbel 2/9 There has been tension between ‘the rising need of dialogue, exchange, and cooperation’ on the EU’s part and ‘the declining prospect of peace, stability, and prosperity’ on the part of the EU’s neighbors’ because of #border #externalization…
3/9 Policy efforts include the 2005 EU Protection Programmes, the 2016 EU-Turkey Deal, the 2018 Global Migration Compact, and economic development investments in the #MENA region.…
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1) Knives don’t kill people people do 2) it’s the people who make the place 😉 A dysfunctional, multicultural, failing society deserves all it’s got coming to it
#KalergiPlan #DavidAmess #SirDavidAmess #knifecrime #Southend #Brexit #Somalia #Migrants ⬇️…
1) Knives don’t kill people people do 2) it’s the people who make the place 😉 A dysfunctional, multicultural, failing society deserves all it’s got coming to it
#KalergiPlan #DavidAmess #SirDavidAmess #knifecrime #Brexit #Somalia #Migrants ‘each to their own kind and country’
1) Knives don’t kill people people do 2) it’s the people who make the place 😉 A dysfunctional, multicultural, failing society deserves all it’s got coming to it
#KalergiPlan #DavidAmess #knifecrime #Brexit #Somalia #Migrants #CassiusClay ‘each to their own kind and country’
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#Evacuate #Migrants & #Refugees from #Libya! THREAD
@Refugees should actively & expeditiously work to evacuate sub-Saharan #African migrants from Libya. Libyan gov't's non-mea culpa is inadequate. It hoarded 1000s over several days before they stormed out in desperation.
What happened this past week was no accident; it was intentional, done in full public view, & abetted by external funding & political/moral cover. #EU-funded Libyan security always racialized & hounded such migrants & refugees since Gaddafi days - to reinforce fortress Europe.
Mr. @FilippoGrandi, with all the due respect, expressions of concern are woefully inadeqauate under the circumstance. Your good offices has to mobilize regional & international humanitarian support. Sub-Saharan African countries should be asked to give shelter - temporary or not.
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#BREAKING French minister warns Britain against 'blackmail' over migrants
#UPDATE French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said Thursday that France would not accept Britain violating international maritime law or "financial blackmail" as London steps up efforts to prevent #migrants crossing the Channel
#UPDATE Britain and France locked horns on Thursday over reported plans by London to turn back boats carrying #migrants across the Channel, triggering alarm and anger in Paris
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 08/14/2021…
A general model for the demographic signatures of the transition from pandemic emergence to endemicity…

#pathogen #emergence #trajectory #demography #transmissibility #MathematicalModel
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I have some things to say to @GovAbbott and @SenTedCruz I made you a slide deck. 1 (of 7) #immigrants #migrants #covid19
I have some things to say to @GovAbbott and @SenTedCruz I made you a slide deck. 2 (of 7) #immigrants #migrants #covid19
I have some things to say to @GovAbbott and @SenTedCruz I made you a slide deck. 3 (of 7) #immigrants #migrants #covid19
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Britain has more job #vacancies than can be filled by the native workforce. That, in a nutshell, is why we need #migrants and millions of them. #Brexit was a con. Watch this 1½-minute video. Read my report on Facebook: LinkedIn:
It's not just vacancies. Britain has more JOBS than Britons to do them. That's why we need millions of migrants. It really is that simple. Why else would the government offer 3 million Hong Kong citizens the right to come to the UK? Leave voters were misled... big time.
Our country has an ageing population, and a low birth rate. So, the truth is that we have to import young people and skilled (and many unskilled) people to do the jobs that we don’t have enough Britons to fill. The government, of course, knows this only too well.
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[JUDGMENT: Suo Motu Migrant Crisis]

#SupremeCourt bench led by Justice Ashok Bhushan to deliver its judgment today on an application filed in the suo motu case concerning welfare of migrant workers during the #COVID induced lockdowns
The judgment was reserved on June 11 after the bench questioned the Centre as to why the National Database of Unorganised Workers was not ready despite its orders calling for the preparation of the same. #supremecourt @pbhushan1 #migrantcrisis…

Centre to develop portal in consultation with NIC to register unorganized and migrant workers and complete this portal and commence process not later than July 31, 2021

We direct Centre to allocate and distribute food grains as per demands of state for migrants
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1/2 #Libya 08.06.21 - IOM delegation paid visit and inspected Talmitha Immigration Detention Center. After the release of "suspicious" videos depicting #migrants leisure activities [cont] #migrantcrisis #DontTakeToTheSea #seenotrettung #Frontex
2/2 [cont] it did not take long for Mr. Albo (IOM Head of Immigration and Border Management) and his team to dash off to Talmitha and to see for themselves LtCol. Al-Zarrouk's hospitality and good treatment of detained #migrants. 😅 #migrantcrisis #DontTakeToTheSea #Frontex
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1/4 #Libya 07.06.21 - Minister of Interior Mazen met with Home Affairs Commissioner @YlvaJohansson and delegation to discuss frameworks of international and regional cooperation on issues concerning illegal immigration. @jose_sabadell #migrantcrisis #DontTakeToTheSea
2/4 During meeting Minister Mazen stressed that the problem of illegal immigration is not a Libyan per se but rather an international phenomenon that requires cooperation on all levels in order to reach lasting solutions. #migrantcrisis #DontTakeToTheSea #seenotrettung #Frontex
3/4 He also emphasized the need for a comprehensive approach to combat smugglers and to enhance the humanitarian conditions. The Minister added that the overcrowding of detention centers requires accelerated facilitation of voluntary return and resettlement flights.
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[Suo Motu Migrant Crisis]

Supreme Court to shortly resume hearing an urgent application moved in the #suomotu case concerning #migrants to ensure they are not deprived of ration & food, and don't face difficulty in travelling back home (if they do)

#SupremeCourt @pbhushan1
#SupremeCourt in its last order had directed Delhi, Haryana and UP govts to provide dry ration and adequate transport for the #migrant workers @ArvindKejriwal
Justice Ashok Bhushan: We received the affidavit just a while back

Justice MR Shah: the reply was supposed to be filed yesterday. how will we be in a position to read. our orders are required to be implemented
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