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#happeningnow at the Par Central motor Inn at Queens, NY
Protesters gather in front of the hotel, and they state they don't want the hotel to house Migrants
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#Migrants #NYC #BREAKING
Par Central Motor Inn in Queens, NY , protesters rally outside due to the hotel housing migrants .
A group of Migrants walk by, and the protesters yell at them.
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#migrants #breaking #tuesdayvibe
Par Central Motor Inn Queens NY.
Protesters rally outside the hotel to demand the hotel stop hosing migrants. I spoke with one of the organizers of the rally.
Here's what he had to say .
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#tuesdayvibe #NYC #NEWS
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🔥#Irlande - Une jeune mère de #Galway dit qu'elle craint pour sa propre sécurité et celle de ses #enfants à cause des plans du Département de l'égalité de jeter 300 demandeurs d'asile célibataires (via Infos & Partage)
#Immigration @YvesPDB #migrants #Irland #Security
dans un immeuble de bureaux du #BallybritBusinessPark.
Faisant référence au meurtre d'#AshlingMurphy l'année dernière, elle a déclaré à un grand groupe d'habitants qui se sont rassemblés devant l'immeuble de bureaux que "ce genre de choses va continuer à se produire à moins que nous ne disions quelque chose maintenant".
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I tracked the bus load of Migrants that left from the Roosevelt hotel to an old NYPD Police Academy in Manhattan, NY. 100s of Migrants are being housed here.
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#NYPD #MIGRANTS #tuesdayvibe
How's my tracking skills? Lol
Just tracked down another bus load of Migrants to a different location in midtown Manhattan
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Kew Gardens Motor Inn Queens NY
Protesters do a sit-in at the hotel, and the hotel is housing migrants. They state that the community is outraged.
The NYPD has arrived at the hotel and stated that if they don't leave, they will be arrested.
#migrants #NYC
This footage was sent in by one of the activists
Kew Gardens Motor Inn Queens NY
Protesters do a sit-in at the hotel where migrants are being housed.
Activist do a sitin and chant " OUR TAX dollars our responsibility "
#migrantcrisis #tuesdayvibe
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Roosevelt Hotel #NYC
A group of 29 just left the hotel and are making their was to a Bronx NY location. The group is a mix of West African, venezuela , I thought I overheard workers say Is somalion. I overheard an estimate of around 350ish #migrants we're moved from the……
#update. The hotel is both a processing center and housing, I believe, for mother kids and some men , I overheard yesterday a worker here saying, " they got their vaccines, now its time to go."
Paperwork work gets done here as well, and they are sent to their next destination .
Roosevelt Hotel NYC
Another small group of Migrants have arrived at the hotel.
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Roosevelt Hotel, NYC
Within a span of 20 minutes, multiple buses dropped of multiple groups of migrants. ( 3 to be exact ) The US military is still here assisting the migrants who arrive at the hotel .
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#NYC #migrantcrisis #Migrants
Roosevelt Hotel NYC
#migrants are being temporarily housed and processed at the hotel. The United States military is here protecting them. Military soldiers are carrying boxes and bringing them into the hotel.
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#USA #military #NYC
Roosevelt Hotel NYC
Some of the migrants that were being processed at the hotel are now being moved to a different location in manhattan, I overheard workers at the hotel saying they got their vaccine, and now its time to go 🧐 a total of 36 migrants got on the bus
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Today at 11 am PDT we're discussing the increasing flow of #migrants worldwide and how countries are tightening their borders in response. Follow the link below for the livestream 👇…
@ekztarf @TowerAmali @Climate_Refugee @hossein_ayazi
@ekztarf @TowerAmali @Climate_Refugee @hossein_ayazi Welcome to today's briefing. We've got a panel of excellent speakers. Our moderator today is @PilarMarrero who notes the increasing flow of migrants is not an issue that can be boiled down to the US southern border.
@ekztarf @TowerAmali @Climate_Refugee @hossein_ayazi @PilarMarrero Our first speaker today is @ekztarf, Senior Policy Analyst with Migration Policy Institute’s International Program. "What we're seeing on the US southern border is not a phenomenon restricted to the US. It is happening in other parts of the world."
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DeSantis set to relaunch migrant flight program with 3 new vendors
The program, which could start as soon as contracts are finalized, will involve an undetermined number of migrants and could last until June 30, 2025. #immigration…
1) Picked were #ARS Global Emergency Management, #GardaWorld Federal Services & the co that carried out last year's migrant flights 2 Martha's Vineyard: #Vertol Systems Co. Inc. That's according to a "notice of intent to award" notice published on Monday.…
3) Notice of a intent to Award Dated May 8, 2023 2:31.40 PM #florida awards to fight vendors to conduct #human #trafficking of #migrants cc: @USCIS…
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@Europarl_EN #Merkel and #Hollande admit the west didn't want to achieve #peace in the #Donbas through the #MinskAgreements (2014 and 2015).
- They wanted to give the coup regime in #Kiev TIME to #prepare for #war - to help #CRUSH #ETHNIC #Russians Dec 28, 2022
@Europarl_EN cc: @ TaranQ
German '#Merkel' (#Hitler's daughter) in an interview with the German newspaper #DieZeit:
- "The 2014 #MinskAgreement was an attempt to give Ukraine #time. They used that time to get stronger, which you can see today.
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🧵 Some key data points regarding the debate and the brewing crisis regarding fentanyl trafficking and law-enforcement collaboration between #Mexico and the US.

Yes, the current Mexican government has dismantled most of the bilateral cooperation mechanisms painstakingly ...1/8
..built after 2007. And yes, its public security paradigm is both misguided and broken.

-#Migrants, #refugees and #asylum seekers are not part of the problem; stop stigmatizing them further by linking them to trafficking flows. In FY2022, CBP data shows that ..2/8
..84% of all seizures of fentanyl occurring on the border with #Mexico took place IN Ports of Entry (PoEs), NOT between PoEs, on tractor-trailer trucks and passenger vehicles.
-Saying that Mexican transnational criminal organizations (TCOs) are the main culprit of the ..3/8
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Nick Robinson leads by blaming the NHS for the problems with the NHS.


The root cause of #NHS problems is 13 years of managed decline by @Conservatives

A significant contributory factor is #Brexit

You are #fakenews

We see you

@bbcnickrobinson @BBCRadio4Today5
Coming later at 8.10 Robinson will groom @DominicRaab live on @BBCRadio4

#bullying #raab #ToryFacistsOut

p.s. why is #SHARP
still in post?

And #Braverman ???
Oh BREX Ship !!!

Video answers to putting #migrants on #slave ships for #SuellaBraverman here

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@PM_ViktorOrban #US planned the #War and the #EnergyCrisis in #Europe | Sep 13
- In what appears to be an exceptional internal leak from the close-to-gov think tank #RAND Co., known among other things to have been behind American strategy for foreign and defense policy.
@PM_ViktorOrban #RAND Co | Jan 25
- There is an urgent need for resources to flow into the national economy, especially the #banking system
Only European countries bound by #EU and #NATO commitments will be able to provide them without significant mil and pol costs for us
@PM_ViktorOrban #Rand Co | Jan 25
- 'The key objective described in the doc is to #divide #EU by placing #UsefulIdiots in political positions in order to stop #Russian #energy supplies from reaching the continent'
- The entire #EU #economy will #collapse.
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@amanpour @kajakallas Canned meat distributed by the #Ukrainian #Nazi A. #Gramanchuk with fascist symbols such as the shield of the Ucronazi collabrs and the colors of the OUN-UPA, on the label it says: "#meat of Russian-speaking #babies"
Alluding to dead children in #Donbas
@amanpour @kajakallas Thread 19
FROM: #Marin in #Nazi -funeral #Ukraine | Mar 7, 2023
TO: #Kotsyubaylo eliminated | Mar 7, 2023
- when the #Americans visited the positions in #Avdiivka, he said that he was feeding the tamed #wolf "the #bones of #Russian-speaking #children.
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Some highlights:
"#China will persist w/efforts to acquire foreign science & technology information & expertise,
making extensive use of foreign scientific collaborations & partnerships, investments..."
"...and acquisitions, talent recruitment, economic espionage, & cyber theft to acquire & transfer technologies & technical knowledge."
"China’s dominance in the mining & processing of several strategic materials, including rare-earth
elements, presents a major..."
"...vulnerability to the U.S."
"China produces 40% of the world’s active pharmaceutical ingredients; and China’s global share across all the manufacturing stages of solar panels now exceeds 80% and is set to rise to more than 95%."
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Far-left politician Macron accused of accelerating replacement migration after promising to ‘diversify’ rural areas.

French government will relocate thousands of #migrants to the French rural cities to ‘boost’ integration.
Small-town and rural residents tend to favor conservatives parties and entirely oppose diversity and multiculturalism.

They are also much less likely than urbanites to “trust the system” – yet far more likely to actually vote.
Macron is accused of trying to change demographics to alter voting patterns and replace the French people.
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[Thread] Une ex école de rue de Vouillé #Paris15 a été occupée dans la nuit par des #migrants. Une opération d'évacuation est en cours. #squatparis15
Plusieurs cars ainsi que de nombreux véhicules de police sont garés devant l'ex école "Les Saints-Anges". Des pompiers sont aussi présents. #squatparis15
Les locaux squattées accueillaient, jusqu'en juin 2022, une école maternelle et primaire privée. La propriaire des lieux, héritière des fondateurs de l' "œuvre de bienfaisance" des Saints-Anges, n'a pas souhaité que l'école reste dans cet espace…
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Ethnic #Germans are ‘#dying out’ and #migrants ‘will #inherit#Germany | Jan 18
- An Iranian celebrates the “dying out” of ethnic Germans in a controversial hate-filled article in one of the country’s largest newspapers…
#Replacement. ‘Ethnic #Germans Are #Dying Out And #Migrants Will #Inherit Germany’ | Jan 27
- An Iranian refugee in Germany wrote a piece celebrating the demographic replacement of Germans in Germany's largest newspaper.…
#Iranian #Muslim celebrates the “#dying out” of ethnic #Germans in a hate-filled article in #Remix | Jan 24
- “We are here not just for your #pension #funds - we make sure that the #Aryan nightmare never becomes a reality in this country,…
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#Russian #Ruble relaunched linked to #Gold and #Commodities | 1 Apr 2022
- With Russia’s central bank having just profoundly altered the international trade and monetary system by linking the Russian ruble to both gold and commodities…
#GoldReserves in #Russia remained unchanged at 2298.53 Tonnes in the third quarter of 2022 from 2298.53 Tonnes in the second quarter of 2022.…
#Fiat #Money-[#USD]: What It Is, How It Works, Example, Pros & Cons
- is a government-issued currency that is not backed by a physical commodity, such as gold or silver, but rather by the government that issued it.…
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Migrant criminals who want asylum in France or the UK.

What would you do with third-world trash like this?
Swedish police losing control over the migrants. They were warned!
Christmas Eve in the city of love as immigrant Kurds team up with others to destroy Paris.

Isn't Diversity Wonderful?
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1/3 🇮🇹 PM @GiorgiaMeloni: "Some NGOs end up helping not those in need but those who have money to pay the traffickers" - "It's not me, but the #EU agency #Frontex who say that some NGOs are a driving factor in the flows of illegal #migrants [cont]…
2/3 [cont] with consequences for both arrivals and deaths at sea" & "I think that a serious State cannot tolerate these phenomena of illegality” & "The approach of some NGOs who carry out mainly ideological activity finds a natural convergence with the interests of smugglers and
3/3 [cont] this has little to do with the rules of international law regarding a sea rescue" & "With such a management of the phenomenon, we end up helping not those who are most in need but those who have the money to pay the traffickers". #migrantcrisis #DontTakeToTheSea
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🚨 | Small boat migrant numbers in 2022 are now higher than every other year before put together.

In 2022 so far we have had over 39,400, in 2019 it was 299.

The infrastructure cannot cope with the numbers to process and hotels costing circa £3.5bn a year.

#migrants Image
For context the cost to provide temporary accommodation alone is more than the £2.5bn top rate of income tax axe that Liz Truss announced.

That was unfunded which saw lots of criticism but yet the UK is expected to just keep finding more money for this.
Albanian nationals became the largest group arriving in small boats across the channel in Q2 2022 - accounting for 26%.

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#MinskProtocol.. say what?
#Azov -Press
ATTENTION! #Mobilization starts on 26 September!
Join the new #recruits! | 04.10.2016 Image
The #MinskProtocol, was drafted in 2014 by the #Trilateral Contact Group consisting of #Ukraine, #Russia, and #OSCE.
- The agreement failed to stop fighting, and was thus followed with a revised and updated agreement, Minsk II, signed on 12 February 2015… ImageImage
The conflict in #Ukraine was not opened by #Russia on Feb 24, but by Ukraine a week before.
- The #OSCE #France is a witness to this:
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Les enjeux sécuritaires des déplacements et des migrations sont au cœur de cette nouvelle table ronde. Image
Avec Jean-Christophe Martin, directeur de l'Institut du Droit de la Paix et du Développement (@Univ_CotedAzur) ; @cochetel, envoyé spécial UNHCR @Refugees pour la Situation en Méditerranée Centrale ; CA (2s) Jean-Michel Martinet (@InstitutFMES).
Et aussi, l'ancien deputy commander de l'opération SOPHIA, CA Giacinto Sciandra @ItalianNavy et le GDI Pierre-Joseph Givre @CDECAdT @armeedeterre.
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📢 #racisme #discriminations
❓Dans le cadre de l’examen périodique de la 🇫🇷 par le Comité pour l’élimina° de la discrimina° raciale @UNHumanRights, le #CERD a publié la liste des thèmes qui seront abordés lors de l’examen oral.
🗓️ RDV mi novembre
▶️ Données #statistiques précises et indicateurs économiques et sociaux tenant compte notamment des critères de diversité ethnique
▶️ Lutte c/ les #discoursdehaine raciale et d’incitation à la #discrimination raciale.
▶️ Lutte c/ les discriminations structurelles des minorités
▶️Situation des personnes #Roms
▶️ Discrimination à l’enc/ des #Gensduvoyage.
▶️ Lutte contre les multiples formes de discrimination à l’égard des #femmes appartenant à des minorités, ainsi que les femmes migrantes, requérantes d’asile et réfugiées.
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