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#Solomon and @VoxEurop 🤜🤛

Our reporting on the exploitation of agricultural workers in the strawberry fields of Ilia region in #Greece, who produce the "red gold" that generates millions of euros in exports, is now available in:
🇫🇷 Jusqu’à 10 000 travailleurs #agricoles bangladais vivent dans des camps improvisés et travaillent dans les champs de fraises du Pélopponnèse.…
🇩🇪 In dieser #Reportage vom Peloponnes berichtet Solomon Media aus Athen über die Abhängigkeit des Sektors von Feldarbeitern aus Bangladesch, die inzwischen die teureren Arbeitskräfte aus dem Balkan ersetzen.…
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#SupremeCourt commences hearing of its suo motu proceedings on ameliorating the conditions of migrant workers during the #COVID19 induced #lockdown.

It expresses displeasure at Centre not submitting its affidavit in time.
"You were directed to file your affidavit a day before the hearing but you have done it just now. Our orders are meant to be compiled with," SC tells Centre.

Adv Prashant Bhushan, appearing on behalf of some activists, addresses the shortcomings in replies filed by states.
SC clarifies it hasn't directed states to grant cash transfer in lieu of dry ration after Bhushan mentions that court also wanted to know about cash transfers.

As he talks about cooked food, SC observes the situation doesn't appear to be as grave as last year for migrant workers
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Today changes to #SaudiArabia’s labour law come into effect. The government says this ends the exploitative #kafala system. But @Equidem is concerned the reforms do not address discriminatory laws and policies that put millions of #migrantworkers at risk of #modernslavery. 1/18
Saudi Arabia hosts the third-largest migrant population in the world; foreign workers account for about a third of Saudi Arabia’s 30 million population and more than 80 per cent of the kingdom’s private-sector workforce. 2/18
Previously, migrant workers in Saudi Arabia were required to be sponsored by an employer to work in the country. They had to seek the permission of their employer to change jobs, open a bank account, travel out of the country and do other administrative tasks. 3/18
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Dear Mr Ambani,thanks for pointing out that if India were hit By a pandemic Like situation in Congress regime, things would have been far different.
Lets understand how things would have been better off n Not punishing & messed up if we had had to go through a lockdown in UPA era
Migrant laborers & their kids wont have needed to walk 1000s of KMs at 38~40 degrees barefoot.
The UPA govt would have provided them proper transport facilities,that too in advance b4 imposing the sudden lockdown, Like the clueless Modi govt did.

Millions of #MigrantWorkers struggled to get back home aft #unplannedlockdown finished their livelihood,but #Modi govt didnt get tired from harassing,torturing them in multiple ways.

With or without Digital India push, this won't have happened in UPA era
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#LabourCodes provide exemplary flexibility to industries;Definition of "fixed term" employment has been changed,making it easier for firms to hire contractual workers

Fixed term/Contractuals&regular workers will enjoy equal benefits,in many spheres,to protect Contractual workers
Social SecurityCode by @narendramodi govt will universalize social security by bringing informal&platform workers, under its ambit

Firms with less than 20 workers can join #EPFO to get social security benefits

Big move by @narendramodi govt to give informal sector a safety net
Internal workers will be free to voluntarily join employee state insurance,#ESI,scheme for getting healthcare benefits

#SocialSecurityCode says,all employees will now have offer letter

States&Centre will create database on #migrant workers&offer them several benefits-Good move
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[1/n]. Between 2008 and 2015, 27 quarterly reports to assess the impact of #economicslowdown on #employment in India was brought out by the #LabourBureau, see URL:… @NREGA_Sangharsh @AiyarYamini @AninditaAdhik13 @waglenikhil @mandeeppunia1 @IM4ChangeIndia
[2/n]. The NDA govt. has carried out no such quarterly surveys (quick ones) 2 measure d impact of #lockdown + #COVID19 on #employment, given d fact that the present #economiccrisis is much more severe than the 2008 one. @mandeeppunia1 @AninditaAdhik13 @nikhilmkss @IM4ChangeIndia
[3/n]. Only reports by #CSOs, #NGOs and academicians based on #surveys are available, covering the #COVID19 #lockdown period and later, some of which are available at… @AajeevikaBureau @AninditaAdhik13 @mandeeppunia1 @Outlookindia
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Migrant Workers During COVID-19:

This series aims to shed light on how migrant workers in the GCC experienced the pandemic differently than most.

#Migrantrights #COVIDー19 #GCC… Image
“Compassion is not just an abstract concept that one writes about or feels vaguely, rather it comes across in terms of acts and decisions to make concrete change within and without.” - Qatars Team

Qatar 1/2

#Qatar #COVIDー19 #Migrantworkers ImageImageImageImage
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For ease of reference, I'm putting together a master thread on the acquittal of Parti Liyani and all the interest and questions it has generated in #Singapore about #justice, #migrantworkers, and due process.
This case has dragged on for years. Parti was sacked and repatriated on 28 October 2016. Two days later, her employer Liew Mun Leong filed a police report against her for theft. She was arrested when she returned to #Singapore on 2 December 2016, and only acquitted last week.
One of the reasons this case had garnered a huge amount of attention is because Liew Mun Leong is big fish in #Singapore. He was the founding president and CEO of @CapitaLand, and currently chairman of @ChangiAirport Group and @SurbanaJurong.
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"Indonesian migrant workers were massively deported after cruel and inhuman detention in Sabah, Malaysia (December 2019-June 2020)."


"We are treated like animals. After the prison sentence was over and while waiting for the deportation process at the immigration depo, we were treated like animals. The ‘red house’ [temporary detention centre] is like hell. -c-
-c- Most of us at the detention experience all kinds of diseases. " (XYZ, deportee from Adonara, East Nusa Tenggara).

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Excellent exposition of the "Migrant Labour and the Politics of Life" by Ranabir Samaddar of Mahanirban Calcutta Research Group and Dr @VinayshilG in @iicdelhi Webinar. Dr Samaddar drew heavily from Michel Foucault. #COVID19 #migrantworkers #migrants Image
2/n #migrantworkers Of course, there was no hiding Ranabir Samaddar's left orientation - but while castigating "neo-liberalism" - he made some very strong points about the 'politics of life' that afflict the problem of #migrants 3/n
3/n #migrantworkers Ranabir Samaddar debunks the debate between life and livelihood. He says - when even 6 months ago we were talking of Universal Basic Income - the nation cannot risk lives on the excuse of livelihood 4/n
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Today lawyer @pbhushan1 filed a reply to the contempt petition against him from the Supreme Court. Some highlights:
"Tweet regarding the CJI riding a motorcycle
(6 June) was made primarily to underline my anguish at the non physical functioning of the SC for the last more than 3 months, as a result of which fundamental rights of citizens, such as those in detention, those destitute & poor..."
"... and others facing serious and urgent grievances were not being addressed or taken up for redressal...The fact that he was on a motorcycle costing 50 lakhs owned by
a BJP leader had been established by documentary evidence published on social media..."
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#sundaybrief This week @anup_malani and @VaidehiTandel discussed the return of #migrantworkers from rural areas and its likely implications on the spread of COVID and on the #Urban economy.…
In @TheWireScience, Sneha argued for prioritising patient #privacy while containing the spread of the novel coronavirus. @DataGovNetwork…
.@CafeEconomics analysed the curious case of Indian inflation in light of recently announced #inflation estimates.…
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So despite my vacation, @CBCNews contacts me, wants me to appear on a 2-1 interview with @AmyTanMD to debate masks. That really rankles me. 1) I support masks; 2) polarizing & politicizing masks is a RED HERRING. Don’t lose sight of the issues:
#MedTwitter #onpoli #CdnMedia Image
The politics of masks is a distraction. Let’s talk about policies that disregard inequalities, disproportionately harm people of low SES, BIPOC, w/disabilities, seniors, & mental illness.

The issue is who polices these policies, and how.

#MedTwitter #onpoli #cdnmedia
Haven’t we historically learned that policing is discriminatory? Middle class, educated people yelling that those without masks “don’t care” isn’t wise. Shaming people is not wise. Yes, masks are important. But polarizing issues gets morons elected to government.
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Senior Advocate and Former Union Minister Kapil Sibal to speak about "Independence of Judiciary" in an online seminar hosted by Advocate J Ravindran.

Sibal: Through the years the way the judiciary functions has changed. Now the independence of judiciary is a matter of concern for the public at large.
Sibal first talks about Independence qua a Judge, an individual.

Sibal: A Judge needs to look at balancing claims and equity and rule accordingly. Our expectation when we go to a Judge is that he needs to have that balance.
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#bookrelease! @ShankkarAiyar's new book the #GatedRepublic releases this weekend -…. Dive back into some of his latest op-eds in the thread below
After India’s announcement of ‘One Nation, One Market’ in the #agricultural sector, Shankkar Aiyar, reflects on the mechanics of #policy reforms in #India, where problems and solutions for economic growth are known.…
India's circular #migrantworkers constitute a large part of the $ 2.8 trillion economy's #Workforce workforce. @ShankkarAiyar relates the lack of coordination and quick decision making that left them stranded on their way back home during the lockdown.…
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Ingredients for a successful approach in managing pandemic:
1. Value Field experience
2. Utilise knowledge and skills
3. Abundant Precautions in communication
4. Unbiased analysis
5. Use Common sense

#2019nCoV #leadership #coronavirusindia
6. Ethics should be as integral as epidemiological principles in the strategy

7. Ensuring Equity is the goal, not an accessory. Think of vulnerable before thinking of self preservation

2ofN #COVID__19 #pandemic #MigrantWorkers
8. Be open. Do not close doors to Ideas

3ofN #2019nCoV #TheWHO #Asymptomatic
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#SupremeCourt will shortly deliver its order on the issues concerning #MigrantWorkers. A bench of Justices Ashok Bhushan, Sanjay K Kaul and MR Shah, will issue further directions.
The additional directions is expected to set a deadline for the Centre, states to send migrants home, apart from several other issues relating to job creation and counselling by the home states.

Bench assembles, Justice Bhushan reads out the order.
Consider withdrawal of complaints against migrants those booked for violating lockdown conditions: SC to states
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When @RahulGandhi was asking questions about #RafaleScam and the innumerable inconsistencies, bhakts were busy defending @narendramodi.
That told me how much they cared about corruption.
When people were protesting about #CAA_NRC_NPR , Bhakts were busy defending @AmitShah.
That told me how much they cared about Indian Citizens.
When the #unplannedlockdown was killing people on the roads, Bhakts were busy ridiculing #MigrantWorkers & calling the pictures fake.
That told me how much they cared about the poor.
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THREAD: 1/: I am heartbroken and angry to learn that two migrant workers died of COVID-19 in Ontario in the past week. I have been researching migrant worker health since I began my doctoral research on the topic in 2004.…
2/: Over this period I have witnessed time and time again as migrant workers' health has been considered an afterthought. Living and working in crowded and often hazardous conditions, migrant workers of colour are treated as disposable and replaceable by the Canadian state.
3/: Migrant worker advocates like @j4mw and @MWACCanada have been raising the rights issues of migrant workers for many years and throughout this pandemic, but who is listening?
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#SupremeCourt starts hearing suo motu matter on #MigrantWorkers. SG Tushar Mehta appears for the Central Govt as he gives our figures of more than 4200 trains having run, more than 1 Crore migrants reaching their home.
#SupremeCourt asks about those stranded on roads, to which SG replies this information has to come from the states.

SG adds out of 171 trains requisitioned now, #Maharashtra has asked for only 1 more shramik train. SC wonders if nobody wants to come back from #Maharashtra now.
Govt undertakes before the #SupremeCourt that a train will reach a state to ferry migrants within 24 hours of making a request.

SC says receiving states should now bring on record steps taken by them, employment etc for #MigrantWorkers who have come back.
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People in India wanting to support #BlackLivesMatter, here's a host of ways to fight against the gross injustice against #GeorgeFlyod and many like him, in a meaningful way.
Police Brutality: Fight police brutality, encounter killings and extra judicial killings which is not a problem we need to go overseas to battle. India has an increasingly disturbing history of its own:…
Fight systematic injustices against minorities in our country: Especially while the nation is ripe with the deaths of #MigrantWorkers caused by the state's willful neglect, students booked for peaceful protests, the state sponsored violence against Muslims & as #KashmirBleeds.
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Well patriarchy/gynocentrism has meant that men have to play the role of protector/provider while women assume role of caretaker.
1) This has led to men protecting - even over their own lives - women & children against any threat/ danger. The dangers could be attack by another1/n
animal, humans, opposing army or any natural calamity.
2) Even today 99% industrial deaths are of men. This is direct consequence of men being exposed to more risks due to their role of providers, doing riskier jobs as sewage workers, miners, soldiers.
3) The advantage in reproduction that, one man can impregnate many women, led to women being protected more than men, for the continuation of species. Patriarchy/Gynocentrism has set up a system that has emphasized on procreation. Even now conservatives abhor abortion.
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#SupremeCourt directs that no fare of either train or bus can be charged from migrant workers. States have to share the fare.

All stranded workers shall be provided food by the concerned state, till their turn for return to native places.

#SupremeCourt orders originating state to provide meal and water at the station. Railways to provide meal and water to migrant workers during journey.

It tells state to oversee the registration of migrant workers and their boarding of train.

#SupremeCourt also directs that the migrant workers found walking on the roads, should immediately be taken to shelter homes and provided with food and other facilities.

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How did the unplanned lockdown damage India ? #Thread

Intl flights imported the Chinese virus but tubelight was busy organising Trump election rally and purchasing MLAs in Madhya Pradesh.

Most intl flights land in Mumbai & Delhi. While the virus made inroads, India celebrated thaali festival followed by four hour notice lockdown. Net effect, virus spread in dense urban areas.
Delhi marginally benefitted from the chaotic exodus of migrants in the initial days. Lack of money, jobs and expenses to meet made lives of migrants miserable and they moved on foot.
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