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Hi there, coming at you from the South Park Blocks, where maybe 100 protesters are chatting and waiting to find out what the evening brings

Let's find out together

#PortlandProtests #PortlandRiots #BlackLivesMatter #PoliceBrutality #AbolishThePolice #AbolishICE
The atmosphere is more block party than recent actions have been. More signs and more chatting. @SoundBlocPDX playing good protest jams, people doing interviews with various press. Someone has a "register to vote" station
(This journalist recommends never registering to vote at a protest. Do it at home)
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Hi there, coming at you from Elizabeth Caruthers Park, where about 200 people stand in the rain-soaked grass and prepare for the first action in nearly a week

Let's see what happens

#PortlandProtests #BlackLivesMatter #PoliceBrutality #PortlandRiots
Elizabeth Caruthers Park is very close to the ICE building

In the past couple days, we have learned that ICE is conducting systemic mass hysterectomies on its prisoners

At a certain point, words are no longer enough
An activist on the megaphone reminds us of the stakes

That Trump had made it clear that, if re-elected, he will prosecute anyone arrested at these events for sedition

We begin to march
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You teach law at Yale, yet you have nothing but hateful slurs for anything HK - sweeping the complex causes for the protests and dissent and unrest all under the general umbrella category as "HK independence", while encouraging CPC to just roll their tanks in - dude, like no
Yes, 100% agree that xenophobic attitudes towards Chinese international students in the US is not OK. Great for you to offer help. But this Taisu? We don't hear the same kind of snarl from you on Twitter than you're showing on Weibo aren't ya?

"Let's suppress the HK independence insurgents and rioters" - dude, to go for such one-sided emotionally charged verbiage when clearly victims like a pregnant woman, a bus driver on duty, senior citizens and 12 year old minors all amongst those subjected to police brutality -wtf?
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Hi there, arriving late to Ventura Park and trying to adjust my eyes to the total darkness. The park lights are all out

A coincidence I'm sure

#BlackLivesMatter #PortlandProtesters #PDXprotests #PoliceViolence #PoliceBrutality #AbolishThePolice #DefendPDX
I can't tell exactly how big the crowd is because almost no light but it looks massive. High hundreds

A performer whose name I should really, really know by now is performing an a capella rap he wrote especially for this occasion
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Hi there, it's Friday and I'm at Kenton Park along with probably 200 protesters. Music faintly plays. The crowd relaxes, for now

Let's see what Night 99 brings

#PortlandProtests #PortlandRiots #PortlandProtest #BlackLivesMatter    #PoliceBrutality #DefendPDX
I have finally attained my very own squeeky pig. My life is complete
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[In every 700 #Hongkongers, one was arrested because of #HongKongProtests]

1. Since the outbreak of #HKprotests last year, 9672 #HKers have been arrested when they protested against injustice, with 2093 prosecuted.
2. With arrestees from 11yo kid to 84yo elderly, #hkpolice is now staging the biggest political purge across generations in the city, especially at the time when #hkgov attempting to rewrite history, whitewash #policebrutality and censor textbooks.
3. You may wonder what #HKers can still do under draconian #nationalsecuritylaw, arbitrary arrests, unchecked police violence that even targets pregnant women, and also the detentions of 12 asylum seekers in #China, with their fate still unknown for nearly 2 weeks.
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A few months into being popularized, #DefundthePolice is now about as popular as Martin Luther King was after a decade of highly visible activism. This is **fantastic** news, & anyone saying otherwise is unaware of how social change happens—or just opposed to this righteous call.
And that support for #BlackLivesMatter & ending #PoliceBrutality is over 50% is amazing too. People knock #DefundThePolice as being “unpopular” yet police brutality and anti-Black racism continue despite a *majority* of people wanting otherwise! Maybe politics ≠ popularity? 🤔
Anyway, here’s Gallup polling on King’s popularity in the 1960s. #DefundThePolice #WeAreWinning
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In 3 days, #BoycottMulan. Disney's #Mulan actress supports #HongKong #PoliceBrutality and fought against freedom as a US citizen.

WATCH this new alternative trailer on Hong Kong's #FightForFreedom. Check out this thread for the stories behind the source videos #StandWithHongKong
First, context for why we are calling for #BoycottMulan.

Chinese actress #LiuYifei, a naturalised US citizen who enjoys freedom and democracy, supports #HongKong #PoliceBrutality in a social post.

#FightForFreedom #StandWithHongKong…
One of the first videos is the "Thin Yellow Line" by @SCMPNews. It's a citizen-led initiative to form human barriers during 2019 #HongKongProtests to protect young protesters. It won the prestigious 2020 Lorenzo Natali Media Prize:…
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Cities w/ most #PoliceBrutality incidents since 5/26:

1. Portland-326
2. NYC–98
3. Seattle–62
4. LA–46
5. D.C-30
6. Minneapolis–29
6. Chicago–29
7. Denver-26
8. Columbus-23
9. Richmond-22
10. L'ville-21
11. Austin–17
12. Philly–14
13. DesMoines–12
14. Detroit–11
15. SanJose-10
Incidents/100k residents

2. Richmond-9.7
3. Seattle-8.2
4. Minneapolis-6.9
5. Des Moines-5.5
6. D.C.-4.3
7. Denver-4.2
8. Columbus-2.6
9. L’Ville-2.7
10. Austin-1.8
11. Detroit-1.6
T12. NYC-1.2
T12. LA-1.2
13. San Jose-1.0
14. Philly-0.9
This data is based on protests only. We have documented 1055 #PoliceBrutality incidents since 5/26.

Check out the data here:

GitHub repository:…

Interactive Map:
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Mega Thread in English on police violence in the USA.
1/3 of all the people killed by a stranger in the USA are actually killed by a police officer

In March and April of 2020 (during quarantine) the police killed as many people as they did in March and April of 2019 even though people were in their homes and there was a historic
decrease in crime. Despite that the police killed the same number of people at the same rate.

2019 was the first year ever where black people were more afraid of being killed by police than community violence

In Minneapolis (where George Floyd was murdered) black people have 13
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1)Nikki Haley says America is NOT a #racist country & cites SC as an example.

I led a @NAACP 800 mile march against #PoliceBrutality that turned into a 1000 mile march.

Why? Because her staff demanded we march an EXTRA 200 miles AROUND the KKK—
in SC.
2) Then Gov. Haley & her law enforcement went out of their way to provide security—after the Charleston 9 assassinations. They insisted we avoid the original march route because our safety could not be assured. The VIOLENT threat of racism was said to be real—in America and SC.
3) Nikki Haley detracts from her leadership then by understating the violent racism of this country—then and now. Her applause line obscures the real threats Black people and so many others face not merely marching but living.
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I will no longer share videos of police brutalizing and executing Black people. I don't want to perpetuate trauma.

I will follow the lead of Black activists and do everything I can to fight #policebrutality and #racism.
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Hi there, coming at you from Elizabeth Caruthers park in SW Portland, where a socially-distanced crowd has gathered in preparation for tonight's protest. Let's see what happens!

#PortlandProtest #pdxprotest #PoliceViolence #PoliceBrutality #ACAB #BlackLivesMatter #Police
As I walk up, a protester named Firefly makes an argument for direct action

They cite past success of direct action, from the riots after MLK's death to the American revolution

They state that peaceful protests are obedience to the very system they're trying to diamantle
Looks like the original question was why there aren't more black people at these protests

A protester of color says that black voices get lost at these events. That people with other agendas sometimes take over

He says that fear is another reason. Getting arrested, losing jobs
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[#HKers calling on #Cellebrite to halt selling phone hacking technologies to #Belarus] #standwithbelarus

1/ Phone hacking tech is one of the weapons abused by authoritarian regimes to stamp out dissidents, in particular, crackdowns on leaderless movements in both Belarus and HK.
2/ Solely in #Hongkong, throughout #hkprotests last year, #hkpolice has been using Cellebrite's hacking technology to crack at least 4000 #Hkprotesters’ phones without consent, with our private conversation used by authoritarian regimes for political purges.
3/ Recently, a group of Israeli human rights lawyers have found that the investigation units of dictatorship in #Belarus have been using Cellebrite's forensic system, #UFED Touch, to break the defence systems in smartphones.
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Did you know...

That Portland #Police Association (#PPA) President Darryl Turner is also the President of #ORCOPS, the Oregon Coalition of Police & Sheriffs, which he helped launch in 2015?

#PortlandOregon #PortlandOR #PDX #PDXpolice #PoliceUnions #PoliceBrutality #PoliceReform Image
ORCOPS website says "ORCOPS uses the Portland Police Association office as a home base with an on-staff social media manager, in-house communications, and shared resources so our overhead is minimal."
Tom Perkins is the Secretary-Treasurer, who is also from the #PPA.

#pdx #gov ImageImage
#ORCORPS touts itself as saying that their "members are the only law enforcement advocacy group in Oregon with a proven history of influence and representation in the State legislature."

This means they like to be involved in law & policy making.
#gov #Oregon #police #law #usa Image
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[In the face of tyranny, #Hongkongers stand with the oppressed #Belarusian]

1. Although #police unreasonably fired rubber bullets and tear gas at protesters last week, tens of thousands of #Belarusian still took to streets and voiced their anger on #policebrutality.
2. From them, we can see the people’s courage, robust bonding with each other and their resolute determination for justice and democracy. These are what autocratic regimes cannot crush. These are what dictators fear most.
3. When scrolling through their biggest telegram channel, NEXTA Live, time and again I am impressed by #Belarusians’ creativity and vibrancy, when people generously provide shelters and donate medical resources.
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Starting a new thread for tonight's march!

If you want to read coverage of the fantastic speeches from earlier, check out this thread:

#PortlandProtests #PortlandOregon #PortlandStrong #BlackLivesMatter #acab #PoliceBrutality #protest2020
Huge crowd for a non-JC event: I'd say 500 easily. Enough that there's a bottleneck getting out of the park
Two shield bearers are holding hands as we march. I just thought you should know
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Hello! I'm covering the action at at Peninsular Park tonight. The schedule calls for music, speakers at 8, and then a march at 9. Let's see what happens!

#PortlandProtests #PortlandOregon #PortlandStrong #BlackLivesMatter #acab #PoliceBrutality #protest2020
Activists have just finished setting up a sound system so epic that I've had to put my earplugs in. Playing some nice remixes

Seems like we're running on anarchist time today; there probably won't be a ton of updates for a while

Let's enjoy these nice chill moments while we can
A pretty good-sized crowd at this point. Barbeque going, free pizza and burritos for all. People dancing to the R&B music playing at the gazebo

The speaking portion is about to start
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Cities w/ most #PoliceBrutality incidents since 5/26

1. Portland -223
2. NYC –97
3. Seattle –54
4. LA –43
5. D.C. -28
6. Minneapolis –27
7. Denver -25
8. Columbus -22
9. Chicago –20
10. Richmond -19
11. L'ville -18
12. Austin –17
13. Philly –12
14. Des Moines–12
15. Detroit –11
Incidents/100k residents since 5/26:

1.Portland -34.1
2. Richmond -8.4
3. Seattle -7.2
4. Minneapolis -6.3
5. Des Moines -5.5
T6. Denver -4.0
T6. D.C. -4.0
8. Columbus -2.5
9. L’Ville -2.3
10. Austin -1.8
11. Detroit -1.6
12. NYC -1.2
13. LA -1.0
14. Philly -0.8
15.Chicago -0.7
This data is based on protests only. We have documented 882 #PoliceBrutality incidents since 5/26.

Check out the data here:

GitHub repository:…

Interactive Map:
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DULUTH MN: DPD grabs man by the neck and pulls forward while another officer kneels on his legs. The officer uses his knee on the man’s head and neck. July 25
from video: officer’s hands around the man’s neck, officer’s knee on his neck. it’s the officer standing center in the 3rd pic. 4th pic shows seatbelt marks where the man was still buckled into the car
On July 23, Duluth Chief of Police Mike Tusken spoke with mayor Emily Larson about the movement to defund the police. Quote from Tusken: “the things we’re doing are best practices”

Neck restraints have been banned for 20 years.…
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@sillybloc @WallOfMoms @MacSmiff The guy 🖕🏻 and the one in orange!
@sillybloc @WallOfMoms @MacSmiff So here’s what happened...

Tonight’s protest was a much quieter & more peaceful vibe. BLM leaders kept telling us to stay nonviolent; don’t want to give Trump’s goons more video clip for Faux News. The #WallOfMoms are there to follow BLM so we helped keep things calm.
@sillybloc @WallOfMoms @MacSmiff About 11:30, these older white men pushed their way thru us moms and started using shields to pound on the sacred fence. BLM leaders told them to stop by they kept at it.
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#ChicagoProtest on 5/30 [@alyssa_taylor45]: A protester was taken down by multiple police officers and beaten. They seemingly knelt down on his neck.
#ChicagoProtest on 5/30 [@JCB_Journo]: Police pepper-spray reporter holding press pass and yelling press.
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Here’s a breakdown of how you can prepare for federal intervention in your city and how you can you support Portland right now. (1/3) ImageImageImageImage
(2/3) ImageImageImageImage
(3/3) ImageImage
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