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Day 3 #LowCarbSeattle @FatEmperor Ivor Cummins is up soon! His topic is "Lifespan & Healthspan: Evading Modern Chronic Disease"

@lowcarbusa @LCPamDevine @DougieReynolds
@FatEmperor @lowcarbusa @LCPamDevine @DougieReynolds Ivor's Dad died with dementia. He is talking about how long we should live and thrive. The graph shows different paths folks can generally end up on. @tednaiman will most likely end up on the longest path, but poor choices or genetics can affect which path you are on.
@FatEmperor @lowcarbusa @LCPamDevine @DougieReynolds @tednaiman CVD starts with an atheroma, then continued bad choices you'll get calcium deposits, more atheromas, until... MI!!!oices.

Go back BEFORE the MI and look to see what is happening in your arteries with a CAC. This can help you make better choices. Know your score.
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Day 3 #LowCarbSeattle . Craig Emmerich is up first. His talk will be on "Oxidative Priority and Results of Over 15 Years of Keto Diets"

@LowCarbUSA @LCPamDevine @DougieReynolds
Craig & his wife @MariaEmmerich have been doing this for quite a while. If you haven't seen Maria's cookbooks, you really should check them out.
@MariaEmmerich Oxidative priority is how your body processes fuel. Alcohol, exogenous ketones, carb, fat is the priority list first to last.

Alcohol is first because there is zero storage capacity in the body.

Exogenous Ketones are 2nd. Storage little to none. Not needed
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#LowCarbSeattle Day 2 @MikeMutzel speaking on "Fasting, Autophagy, and Exercise."

@MikeMutzel @lowcarbusa Most data about autophagy shows exercise enhances too and not just fasting.

Fasting & TRF something we should do. Also add exercise even if you lost weight without exercise. It will enhance autophagy. The more you activate your legs the morse IS you will be.
@MikeMutzel @lowcarbusa Autophagie described in 1859. (LC3)B-II needs to fast for 72 hours to increase that 30%. Can exercise for same benefit.

Autophagy is catabolic, inhibited by Mtor.

When autophagy is not occurring different body parts get dysfunctional (pancreas, liver, etc).
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Day 2 #LowCarbSeattle Now up, @DaveKeto His talk is "A Deep Dive into Cholesterol & Risk"

LDL of 205 caught Dave by surprised thinking it should be about 240. Took a few more tests and "thankfully" (in Dave world) it went up. :-)

"Dave is like a Scientific Bull in a Lipid China shop." quote from one of his friends.
Is high LDL dangerous? ACA - Yes. Dave - Maybe not.

Modern Lipid Hypothesis - LDL leads to atherosclerosis. Dave adds some accelerant to make it more atherosclerosis.

You definitely need to see these slides. I'll do my best.

Experts say you need statins if high LDL.
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Day 2 #LowCarbSeattle neuro-scientist Dr. David Diamond @LDLSkeptic is up. His talk is on "Does an Elevation of LDL-Cholesterol with a LC Diet increase Risk for CVD?

He has Familial Hypertriglyceridemia. Doc said he needed a statin. Instead cut Trg by 75% with LC diet.

Believes no justification for taking a statin.

Mr Fit study. Showing a slide that appears to show a huge death from CVD with incr in Chol. Actually .3 & to 1.3%
Another focus: Hypothesis FH = young death. 1966 study says no, other studies agree.
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Good Morning! Day 2 of #LowCarbSeattle will start soon. Today I will have individual threads for the presentations. Speakers today are @DrAseemMalhotra , @tednaiman , @obesityresolved , @LDLSkeptic , and @DaveKeto . Totally enjoying the conference. Thank you @lowcarbusa !
Today's talks: @DrAseemMalhotra Public Health Advocacy; @TedNaiman Macros & Metab; @obesityresolved Obesity Understood, Obesity Resolved; @LDLSkeptic LDL & LCHF; @DaveKeto A Deep Dive into Cholesterol & Risk.
@DrAseemMalhotra @tednaiman @ObesityResolved @LDLSkeptic @DaveKeto First up .@DrAseemMalhotra is having to present via Skype or similar. A bit of connectivity issues, but better now.

Obesity on the rise in UK. Ease of access to ultra processed foods feed problem. Hospitals allow junk food on their campus.
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At #LowCarbSeattle! so far it is meet & greet and check out the vendors. Saw @DaveKeto and @siobhan_huggins in the crowd. Mona, the #LowCarbUSA gal that registered me was totally helpful with some accessibility issues I was having.
Had some tech issues with my Kindle/Bluetooth keyboard setup. Note to self - practice with new equip more before trying out at a conference! My Anke charger is AWESOME though!!! @AnkerOfficial
@AnkerOfficial If you are here and want to say hi - I am the gal at the back of the room just as you come in the door. Totally looking forward to the great speakers! I am going to try to tweet throughout the day. We'll see how that goes. I'll be taking lots of notes too.
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1/ For a little more than a week I've been buried in this dataset. It has been quite cathartic to say the least. In fact, it has remarkable timing as I'll be both adding it to my presentation at #KetoSaltLake / #LowCarbSeattle, and adding it as a final chapter in my book...
2/ I won't say yet what I was right and wrong about, that will come in two weeks at the presentations and online. But I will say that I'm quite pleased I have a long history of my hypotheses on social media well in advance of having a large dataset like this in hand...
3/ And without question, I feel stronger than ever about transparency in science -- especially with data. Certainly I've come to appreciate how, as Ben Goldacre would put it, "If you torture it enough, data will tell you anything you want." Certainly I see that right now...
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