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Voici l’IA qui risque sérieusement de détrôner MidJourney

Et en plus c’est GRATUIT

[THREAD] Image
Cet outil change la donne et repousse les limites de la créativité grâce à des fonctionnalités comme:
- AI Pose Feature: Upload une image et génères-en d'autres dans la même pose
- Prompt Generation: Génère un prompt à partir d'un seul keyword
Mais la fonctionnalité la plus intéressante c'est:

Le Negative Prompting

Donne des instructions pour supprimer tous les défauts propres à l'IA, telles que les mains déformés, les visages difformes, les reflets, les artefacts...
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The Dragon and the Rose.
A short story for bedtime. 0/5
#midjourneyv5 --in the style of Aaron Hor...
Once upon a time, in a forest far away, it grew a beautiful and blessed rose. It was no ordinary flower. It was said that whoever possessed it would have their greatest wishes granted. It was guarded by the forest animals, who knew of its power and kept it safe from harm. Image
One day, an evil white dragon came to the forest and saw the rose. The dragon coveted the flower and decided to take it for its own. The animals tried to stop the dragon, but it was too powerful. With a fierce roar, the dragon snatched the rose and flew away. Image
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Let's take a look at the "Four Fundamental Forces of the #Universe" and how we can use them with Midjourney, because... why not, right? 🤷‍♂️

🧵Thread 👇

Prompts in ALT. #midjourney #midjourneyv5 #ai #AIcommunity #AIart #Promptshare #Promptsharing #midjourneyv51 #midjourney51 Image
There are four fundamental forces in the universe that govern the behavior of matter and energy:

Gravity, Electromagnetic, Strong nuclear force and Weak nuclear force.

So what would happen if we added these words to our prompts? Image
First, we are going to use something mundane as a starting point, such as a rustic house in a valley, so that we can observe how the fundamental forces would affect the original image. a rustic house on top of a ...
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Midjourney Styles - Part 4

Here are 15 other styles that may inspire you with your artistic work in Midjourney! I hope you'll like them!

All images have been generated with version 5.1 (They work great with v5 as well)

🧵Thread with visual examples 👇 Image
1. Chainmail art:

A technique involving weaving together small metal rings to create intricate patterns and designs, often inspired by historical chainmail armor. When used as a style in artworks, it adds a unique blend of medieval aesthetics and detailed craftsmanship. Image
2. Glassblowing:

This technique involves inflating molten glass into a bubble using a blowpipe to create unique glass objects. As a style, it can introduce a unique blend of organic forms, vivid colors, and intricate details. Image
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📌 ¡Descubre 10 sitios web totalmente gratuitos y útiles que son tan buenos que parece ilegal conocerlos!

Alternativa a #ChatGPT y #midjourneyv5 , pdf y artículos gratis, ...
No te pierdas esta lista.

Mira el último tweet, nunca volverás a pagar por leer un artículo 🎁 Image
📌Lexica art
Búsqueda de imágenes generado por inteligencia artificial que facilita la búsqueda de imágenes únicas y de calidad. Image
📌PDF Drive

81 millones de libros electrónicos de descarga gratuita.
Es el mayor motor de búsqueda de archivos PDF. Image
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(1) Since #BJPinvogue, I've been toying with different #AIArtwork ideas in my head using #midjourneyv5.

The one that stuck was trying to depict Indian cricketers (@BCCI) as warriors from Epic movies and timelines.

Here are the results! 🔥

A 🧵 Image
(2) 🛡️ Have to start this with #KingKohli himself. Firstly, I chose to depict the king as a #Spartan Warrior. I thought his ferocity would go well with the classic Spartan bronze helmet and greaves. The results look like something straight out of the movie 300. ImageImageImage
(3) Decided to give a few more looks to @virat, continued with the spartan theme, and threw in the helmet. Again, looks like something that was directed straight in Hollywood. ImageImageImageImage
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Midjourney - Styles, part 3

Here are 15 other styles that you can use to transform an image or to add to it a particular artistic touch.

Those style can be integrated into simple prompts or even more complex scenes!

🧵Thread with visual examples👇 Image
1. Ferrofluid:

A visual effect inspired by the patterns and shapes created by ferrofluid, a liquid containing magnetic nanoparticles. When applied as a style, it can produce dynamic and organic forms in images, giving them a distinctive, futuristic, and abstract appearance. Image
2. Infrared photography:

A style inspired by the technique of capturing images using infrared light, which is invisible to the human eye. When applied as a style, it can give images a surreal, dreamlike appearance, with false-color or black-and-white representations. Image
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This beautiful #Midjourneyv5 prompt got some gasps from my followers. The detail and simplicity of the composition are matched only by how REAL it all looks. Here's a thread on a best versions. (Notice the delicate skin embellishes on her skin) A photorealistic prompt cap...
The wry smile on this version lends tremendous personality to the subject. However, Mj took a little bit of liberty with the instrument. The perspective hides it but its an oblong oddity. Image
It's amazing how you can instantly understand the feel of the sun cutting softly down her neckline. The fingers always get Mj into trouble but it seems to be handling it well. And again, the sullen eyes-closed posture brings in a back-story. Image
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1/ 🎨 Explore the mesmerizing fusion of iconic masterpieces with 10 unique art mediums in this thread. Prepare to be amazed! #AIArtwork #midjourneyv5 Image
2/ 🖼️ Origami: Delicate paper folding techniques breathe new life into classic paintings, creating intricate multi-dimensional expressions of beauty. #OrigamiArt A mesmerizing dynamic story...
3/ 🏖️ Sand Art: Ephemeral & unconventional, sand art captures the allure of renowned artworks with dynamic compositions & flowing lines. #SandArt A captivating display of re...
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How to age a character?
A little 🧵 here 👇🏼

#aiphotography #synthography #midjourneyv5 #quicktips #AIart #AIcommunity Image
02/ Create a character you like. ☺️
Prompt in ALT incredibly detailed close-u...
03/ Insert your image as [image prompt],
and add [at the age of ..] to your original prompt. cinema still, incredibly de...Image
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Pushed #gen2 again & made a movie trailer.
#aicinema is finally here!
Every shot made from text prompts, except one iconic shot you all know, done with #gen1
Made possible by @runwayml
@bazluhrmann your movies been a great inspiration! 😍🎞️🙏
Voices: @elevenlabsio
Some stats about used AI Tools:
☑️500+ shots generated with #gen2 beta to get 65 shots that made it into the movie
☑️5000 credits used to generate 3 custom voices with @elevenlabsio, that fitted my taste of timbre and likeness
☑️Initial idea by me, script co-created with #Chatgpt
Some stats about the film edit process:
☑️Music: the most important part for me! Some shots inspired me to find 2 tracks, put them together with the voices first, imagining the film in my head only
☑️Pace, timing, narration - all of that was done with the soundtrack first.
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Midjourney - Styles, part 2

Here are 15 styles & effects in photography and illustration that you can use to transform your images or to add to them an original visual effect.

They can be integrated into simple prompts or more complex scenes.

🧵Thread with visual examples👇 Image
1. Clay render:

This style is a technique used in 3D modeling and rendering, where the objects are given a matte material that resembles clay. This style reduces detailed textures, colors, and reflections, highlighting the basic shapes and contours of the objects. Image
2. Polar Panorama:

This style, also known as "tiny planet" effect, is a photographic & digital editing technique that transforms an image into a globe-like shape. It creates the illusion of a small, self-contained world, often producing whimsical and eye-catching results. Image
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Midjourney - Styles: part 1

Here are 15 different illustration & design styles you can use with Midjourney to give your images a special touch. They can be easily integrated into basic prompts or more complex scenes.

🧵Thread with visual examples 👇 Image
1. Comic book


There are, of course, numerous ways to integrate a style into your prompt. Personally, I mainly use these three phrases:

"...comic book style,"

" the style of comic book," or

"..., comic book." Image
2. Isometric

A style that uses parallel lines to create a 3D effect, often seen in video game.


This style produces better results when the subject of your scene is placed in an environment with more elements.

Left: No environment
Right right: In a house ImageImage
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“In the heart of the Moroccan bazaar, a cornucopia of senses unfurled. Azure and cerulean silks whispered, whilst airborn spices danced on zephyrs.”

A Moroccan themed #midjourney photo series in and around a bazaar.

#aiphotography and #Prompts in the thread Image
An elderly merchant, wearing a patterned shawl, and his trusty camel, laden with intricately woven carpets, standing side by side in the narrow streets of a bazaar, bathed in the golden glow of the late afternoon sun, exuding the warmth and camaraderie of an iconic partnership. Image
Cheers for the excellent prompt: @TheMouseCrypto Image
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Minimalistic but expressive text -> image prompt:

Make photo. Format: Main subject + Action, Mood, Environment, Lighting, Colour, Film Stock. Reply least amount token; comma string. Dancer twirling, urban, dia...
Elephant playing, savannah, diagonal, golden hour, earth tones, joyful, wildlife photo, action Image
Porsche 911 cruising, Stylish, Mountain pass, Dusk, Bold, Agfa Vista Image
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[1/11] 🌌 Prepare for a monumental event in the Alliance of the Infinite Universe (#AIU) as we unveil "The Metamorphosis"!

But first, let's recap our project's unique attributes.

#NFT #metamorphosis Image
[2/11] 🎨 The AIU is an #NFT collection where each character is the result of AI-generated visuals combined with a structured text prompt. Our AI Image generator was trained for visual consistency to maintain a cohesive universe. Image
[3/11] ✍️ We used a template like this: [LEVEL] + [POWER 1] + [POWER 2] + [SIDE] + [ALIGNMENT 1] + [ALIGNMENT 2] to create over 10,000 structured prompts and their corresponding images.
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In this thread, I wanted to gather and share a few of my favorite prompts. You can use and test them if you want or modify them to add your personal artistic touch!

I invite you to share yours as well if you want!

You'll find all the Prompts in ALT. Image
1. Vintage ads and Retro movie posters.

Those 2 works really well with any other themes you can think of! retro art, vintage ad for a...retro art, vintage horror m...
2. A funny selfie and a more realistic image of Jason Vhorees. I had so much fun with the selfie prompt! funny selfie of zombies, ex...Jason Voorhees swiming in a...
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Si quieren entender cómo funcionan los algoritmos de las redes sociales, ¡están en el lugar correcto! 🤓
🤖En este tweet encontrarán infografías súper útiles que les explicarán todo.
¡RT para que tus amigos también sepan!
#midjourneyv5 #Algoritmo #ChatGPT
🔘Twitter 👥
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Political Events that sadly didn't quite make the headlines:

The Pope winning the 34th Italian National Hot Dog Competition.

#midjourneyv5 Image
Boris Johnson doing his daily routine of push-ups in front of Downing Street. Image
President Biden opening Burning Man. Image
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Step right on up to the clown show folks. 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡#midjourneyv5
Who do we have here?
I used the same prompt for all of them and it still gave me Bernie that way. Probably the funniest one in context of them all.🤣😂
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Creating with AI is like being in constant flow state 🏄‍♀️

10y working in creativity, but never had a feeling of creative freedom like this

🧵 a thread w/ some M5 results, reflections and prompts.

#AIart #midjourney5 #midjourneyv5 An analogue found photo fro...An analogue found photo analogue found photo of ...An analogue photo shot with...
1) the new structure of prompts

A big change in v5 is that prompts should be written more like a coherent sentence. No more obscure modifiers and commas. Just describe what you want to see. Check alt text for prompts. An analogue photo shot with...An analogue photo shot with...An analogue photo shot with...An analogue found photo fro...
2) playing w/ contrasting ideas

It's fun to play around with contrasting ideas, v5 does a really good job bringing them together An analogue photo shot with...An analogue photo shot with...An analogue photo shot with...An analogue photo shot with...
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Wow, Midjourney v5 is more powerful than I thought.
Work dammit
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Playing around with #midjourneyv5 I decided to see if it could create realistic news images, so here's the entirely fictional Ukrainian peace talks between France, the US, Russia and Ukraine: ImageImageImageImage
It struggles a bit with Zelenskyy, but overall it does a pretty good job of creating entirely fictional images, and I can only assume this will get better. You have to wonder what sort of fake news could be created with #midjourneyv5 ImageImageImageImage
Here's photos from Vladimir Putin's entirely made up war crimes trial, via #midjourneyv5 ImageImage
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MidJourney 5 photo realism mega thread: a curation 🧵👇

The selected pictures are from MidJourney's Discord channel "v5-showcase". You can find all prompters there.

#midjourney #midjourneyv5 #midjourney5 #photorealisticAI #aiphotography #postphotography Image
I focused on photorealism.

All prompters can be found in MidJourney's Discord channel v-5 showcase:…
Funny or disturbing ImageImageImageImage
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