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Adding Chaos (Midjourney)

Here's a quick tutorial about how adding the chaos parameter affects the grid of images.

Default chaos is zero.
Max is 100.

Base prompt:
close-up shot, mushroom, fractal --ar 16:9


#midjourneyv51 #midjourney5 Image
First image.
This is what MJ says about --chaos or --c parameter.

Second image.
Close-up shot, mushroom, fractal --ar 16:9
No chaos. ImageImage
Here I added --c from 25 - 100

close-up shot, mushroom, fractal --ar 16:9 --c 25

close-up shot, mushroom, fractal --ar 16:9 --c 50

close-up shot, mushroom, fractal --ar 16:9 --c 75

close-up shot, mushroom, fractal --ar 16:9 --c 100 ImageImageImageImage
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📕AI image Guide: Advanced Effects #1

→Double Exposure
→HDR (amazing results!)
→Long Exposure

🧵all prompts below ..Let's go!

#AIart #AIphoto #midjourney #AIArtworks #aiphotography #aiartcommunity #AiArtSociety #AIArtGallery #midjourney5 Image

Create a Bokeh image of [insert subject] with shallow depth of field with blurred, out-of-focus areas in the background or foreground.

When to use:
Portraits with dreamy backgrounds, nature photography with soft bokeh orbs, or creating a romantic atmosphere [nature photography] with s...Bokeh photo of [girl] in th...Bokeh photo of [girl] in th...
Double Exposure:

Double Exposure with [insert] overlayed with [insert], blended elements

When to use:
Combining portraits with natural elements, merging cityscapes with starry skies, or blending textures and patterns for artistic expression

Tip: add 3 or more overlays Double Exposure [colorful s...Double Exposure [portrait] ...Double Exposure [portrait] ...Double Exposure with [citys...
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Was playing around with 5.1 and am including portrait, landscape, and black and white so you can see the difference. So far 5.1 raw is giving me the best results for my prompting style but all hold promise.

Play around and see what you get

🧵 1/4

#synthography #midjourney 5.1 Raw5.1V5
In this one, I’ll have to change my entire prompt to get what I got in V5.

How’s all working for you so far?

#synthography #AIart #midjourney #midjourney5 #AIArtwork #AIArtCommunity #postphotography #aiphotography V5V5.1V5.1 Raw
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GM! What makes #midjourney5 so special is the quality of the outputs when using long prompting. A mini thread🧵👇🏻 Image
This prompt is over 250 words. All the parameters can be changed and replaced to create combinations and generate so diverse images. Prompt has to be structured:
👇🏻 Image
Type of shot / scene / character / action ( repeat if there’s others) / light/ quality output description/ camera style/ type of rendering Image
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Yapay zeka asistan mı yoksa akıl hocası mı? Belki de her ikisi de! Günlük hayatımızdan iş hayatına, eğitimimize kadar birçok alanda yapay zeka uygulamalarını kullanabiliriz. #YapayZeka #AkılHocası #İşHayatı #Eğitim #Teknoloji #Gelecek #Yenilikçilik
#ChatGPT ChatGPT orjinal sitesi. GPT-3.5 versiyonu ücretsiz 2021 yılına kadar verdi işlemektedir. GPT-4 yeni versiyonudur ve güncel veriyi içermektedir, ücretlidir. #ChatGPT #chatgpt4 ücretsiz, yazı, konuşma ve resim çizdirme sitesi #chatspot
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I had the chance to actually write some articles this week, the first looking at how I defended open source evidence against Russia's attacks in the European Court of Human Rights, and what it means for open source evidence in court…
Then I took a look at how the online open source community rapidly debunked a fake video spread by the Russian Ministry of Affairs and its embassies.…
I had planned to do an article about all the Midjourney shenanigans but ran out of time, so instead here's some of my failed attempts to generate images for the Trumpshank Redemption. Here's my attempt to create an image of Donald Trump getting prison tattoos. #midjourney5
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🧵#Midjourney 5 polskie przykłady wygenerowanych przez #AI zdjęć, prompty, jak korzystać.

- Wiedźmin w świecie Cyberpunk ✅
- Selfie z bitwy pod Grunwaldem ✅
- Portrety w stylu Andrzeja Dragana✅
- Okładka książki Mroza✅
- Metawersum Pana Kleksa✅
Najlepszej jakości przykłady to te z Wiedźminem, światem Cyberpunk, fantasy.
✅Wiedźmin portret na płótnie (witcher 17 century hyperrealistic oil painting)
✅Wiedźmin w grze The Last of Us
✅Wiedźmin na tle Warszawy
#genai ImageImageImage
Świetnie radzi sobie oczywiście, ze znanymi osobami - co ciekawe Xi Jinping jest zablokowany, za to "president of china" nie.
✅Trump na wiecu wyborczym w Pcimiu (polish village 1970s) ✅ Joe Biden na osiedlu (polish soviet neighbourhood 1970s) #deepfake #GenAI ImageImage
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Superheroes, but they were (ir)regular, hard-working people living in Poland in the 80s. Some even had their part in overthrowing the communist regime. @midjourney #midjourney5 #AIart
Superheroes, but they were (ir)regular, hard-working people living in Poland in the 80s. Some even had their part in overthrowing the communist regime. @midjourney #midjourney5 #AIart
Superheroes, but they were (ir)regular, hard-working people living in Poland in the 80s. Some even had their part in overthrowing the communist regime. @midjourney #midjourney5 #AIart
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I’ve been messing around with #midjourney5 and of course I thought I should make some mouse army 🐭images. Here are the results, feel free to steal and use. #muttoncrew made a special appearance in one of them 😂 #AI
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Creating with AI is like being in constant flow state 🏄‍♀️

10y working in creativity, but never had a feeling of creative freedom like this

🧵 a thread w/ some M5 results, reflections and prompts.

#AIart #midjourney5 #midjourneyv5 An analogue found photo fro...An analogue found photo analogue found photo of ...An analogue photo shot with...
1) the new structure of prompts

A big change in v5 is that prompts should be written more like a coherent sentence. No more obscure modifiers and commas. Just describe what you want to see. Check alt text for prompts. An analogue photo shot with...An analogue photo shot with...An analogue photo shot with...An analogue found photo fro...
2) playing w/ contrasting ideas

It's fun to play around with contrasting ideas, v5 does a really good job bringing them together An analogue photo shot with...An analogue photo shot with...An analogue photo shot with...An analogue photo shot with...
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MidJourney 5 photo realism mega thread: a curation 🧵👇

The selected pictures are from MidJourney's Discord channel "v5-showcase". You can find all prompters there.

#midjourney #midjourneyv5 #midjourney5 #photorealisticAI #aiphotography #postphotography Image
I focused on photorealism.

All prompters can be found in MidJourney's Discord channel v-5 showcase:…
Funny or disturbing ImageImageImageImage
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Some #Midjourney V5 findings 🔥
Finally! Full-blown cinematic aspect ratios!

2.4:1 widescreen cinema standard ✅
2.76:1 ultra panavision 70 ✅

you can go up to 14:1 (!) but: letterboxing seems to set in roughly at ultra widescreen (3.6:1)

#midjourney5 🧵
However, 3.6:1 (and higher ratios) seems to work better if you drop the cinematic prefixes (cinematic shot, film still, etc.) 🤷‍♂️🤔
Here it's just scene & style description. 3.6:1, no letterboxing.
despite the letterboxing, exploring 4:1 is fun ... 🍄🎉
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