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There is no such thing as "writer's block" in #aiart.

You're only a roll away from magic ✨

But, crafting the perfect image is never easy.

So, if you feel "stuck," let me introduce you to:

Forks & Reversals

Here's what this creative cure-all is and how it works: 🧵⬇️ Image
So, before we jump in. I'm a beginning AI Artist, and I often get stuck trying to craft the perfect prompt to deliver the perfect image.

Frankly, it's a poor workflow.

I'd end up jamming in words and not realizing which were effecting my images.

I needed something BETTER...
The key came down to one important factor: ITERATION.

It's far easier to start from 60%, 40% or even 20% of your desired image and crafting until you get closer and closer to what you're looking for.

0% ➡ 100% in one spin is impossible.

So, that's why you need Forks. Image
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More niji experimenting! I wanted to play with Niji's style options. I chose 'glowflow' for this series again because it's one of my best and most versatile phrases.

Here's --style cute!

#aiartprompts #aiart #aiartworks #nijijourney #aiartcommunity ImageImageImageImage
The glow was turned down and there wasn't much 'flow' but it did bring the cute! There's some awesome critters in there and a few really cool iso scenes. It matches with the MJ doc def: "creates charming and adorable characters, props, and settings."

Next up, --style expressive! ImageImageImageImage
I'm not sure what exactly expressive does (the docs say it 'has a more sophisticated illustrated feeling') but it certainly nailed both sides of the phrase!

Next, --style original! ImageImageImageImage
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Midjourney Describe Guide

How I use "Describe" to write better prompts and (sometimes) strike gold

full process

A shoutout to:
@siralexanderj @EvitaNon @n_masterpieces
@TheMouseCrypto @socialshark @joniel @4rtofficial @bri_guy_ai @emaweirdd

#midjourney #AIart #aiartcommunity Original image Prompt: high...Final image Prompt: high fa...
The base prompt was very short

high fashion portrait, fabric inspired by honeycomb coral, photo by alasdair mclellan, UHD, --ar 2:3

here are the 4 images I initially got
I decided to dig deeper on image 3 Image
The goals are multiple:

1. How to be able to recreate similar images, considering that the initial prompt is very vague and yields very diverse outcomes

2. make something similar but more "real life", Prêt-à-porter result

Enter the Describe function Image
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I've been using #Midjourney for a few months now and love it!

Though I'm slightly curious why I either go over-the-top cute...or supernatural terrifying.

Kawaii robot village...or undead traveler in an alleyway? ImageImage
Chibi forest robot...or Eldritch Cthulhu spawn? ImageImage
Living the summer break dream with your best friend...or the factory where dementors are born? ImageImage
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A very surreal word that emphasizes swirling, volumetric blues and greys with glowing gold or red accents. I prefer subject separate for this one, but look in the 🧵below for ideas on how to modify it!

#aiartprompts #aiart #aiartworks #aiartcommunity #synthography aethermist deer --v 5.1aethermist sky --v 5.1aethermist woman --v 5.1aethermist city --v 5.1
Normally I just add a subject when doing examples, but this turned out to be a base word for further adaptions.

The images below use the same subjects as above (deer, sky, woman, city) but just add another word to the start of 'aethermist.'

Really brings out the reds with a touch of creepiness. ImageImageImageImage
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AI art can be SO frustrating!!

Have your ever wasted 2hrs with WEAK results?!

I just did🙈

- Kaleidoscope😤1/5
- Zoom Burst😣2/5
- Fog Overlay😕2.5/5

But I finally figured out the solution..

🧵Here's the adjective lists to save you time..

#AIart #Promptshare #MidjourneyAI magical water fountain with...
Kaleidoscope Effect

MJ 'fails' but makes unique artistic images

Prompt: Kaleidoscope Photo of [subject & setting] dynamic pattern & repetition

Adjectives (add to the prompt to get better results)
-patterned Kaleidoscope Photo of [octa...Kaleidoscope Photo of [crow...Kaleidoscope Photo of [mirr...
When to use: MJ v5.1 fails to split pics for the real effect, but you can make artistic images, which are detailed or color-rich.

When to avoid: Subtle or minimalistic subjects where the kaleidoscope effect might overpower and distort the true essence of the scene. I got so frustrated with MJ...
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🌍 Latin, an ancient Indo-European language, played a vital role in shaping Western civilization. It was spoken by the Romans and influenced government, law, literature and culture. #LatinLanguage #History

[Note, this is AI-generated content with images from #midjourney, script……
2/📚 Latin evolved into the Romance languages, such as Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Romanian. The grammar, vocabulary, and structure of Latin provided the foundation for these distinct languages. Collage of flags from Spain...Romanian man, cinematic, dr...Italian man, cinematic, dra...Brazilian woman, cinematic,...
3/ 🖋️ Latin boasts a rich literary heritage with renowned authors like Cicero, Virgil, and Ovid. Their works encompassed epic poetry, drama, and philosophy, leaving a lasting impact on Western literature.

👉Prompts in the ALT👈
#midjourney #AIart #history Roman poet Virgil, ancient ...Roman poet Ovid, ancient ro...Roman poet Cicero, ancient ...
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Reached 300 followers today! 🎉 Thanks to the #aiartcommunity for the support. Excited to start a journey exploring consistency in Midjourney's interior designs. All images are from midjourney --v5.1 --ar 16:9! #ai #InteriorDesign #Midjourney #aiartcommunity
🧵Extra long Thread Image
Starting our series by exploring the 'Perspective' variable in Midjourney. This crucial variable shapes our perception of space and depth in the output. Stay tuned to see how adjusting 'Perspective' transforms our output. #ai #AIart #InteriorDesign #Midjourney #aiartcommunity 🧵
Eye-Level View.
This perspective mimics human sight, providing a realistic view of the space. It's as if you're standing right in the room! 1/ Eye-Level View, Living Room...
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📕Ultimate AI Image Guide: Make Light-Painting (Long Exposure Effects)

You're going to LOVE this guide!

Please share if you know anyone learning Midjourney

🧵Copy-paste prompts below, let's go...

#AIart #AIartworks Ultimate AI Image Guide to ...
Light Painting: Create unique and stunning art from light brilliant light painting st...long exposure photo of Curv...brilliant light painting st...
Prompt Formula:

brilliant light painting style photo, long exposure, vibrant, streaks of light [Shot Types] [Shape options] [Light Source]

See full examples below to get started👇 photo of two lovers of two lovers holding...brilliant light painting st...brilliant light painting st...
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Who was Archimedes? A brilliant Greek mathematician and scientist. Born in Syracuse, Sicily in c. 287 BCE, he changed the game in math, physics and engineering. Let's explore his fascinating life.

[AI-generated content: #midjourney images, #ChatGPT script, #11labs voiceovers]
2/ 💡 Archimedes' Principle 💦 Ever wonder why things float or sink in water? Archimedes nailed it. According to his principle, the buoyant force on an object is equal to the weight of the fluid it displaces. 🚢

👉Prompt in the ALT👈
#midjourney #AIart #history A detailed environmental ph...A detailed environmental ph...A detailed environmental co...
3/ 📐 Geometry Guru Archimedes was a geometry whiz too! He discovered theorems and found ways to measure irregular-shaped objects. His "method of exhaustion" paved the way for integral calculus. Geometry game-changer! Collage made with Adobe Exp...A detailed environmental ph...A detailed environmental co...
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📕Image Prompt Guide: Vintage Grain

✍️Prompts below
📸Share your pics!

What techniques do you want our next guide to cover?

#AIart #AIphoto #midjourneyart #AIguide scratched grainy effect, te...

"scratched grainy effect, textured, vintage film-like grain photo of [insert subject]"

#MidjourneyAI #aiportraits scratched grainy effect, te...scratched grainy effect, te...scratched grainy effect, te...
When to use:
Grain brings an authentic touch to your moody portraits and lends an old-world charm to street photography. Add emotion, age and nostalgia.

When to avoid:
Be cautious while shooting landscapes or macro images, where high detail is key, as grain decrease sharpness. scratched grainy effect, te...scratched grainy effect, te...scratched grainy effect, te...
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Cave Houses: Minecraft Style – a collab by @WorldEverett and me, inspired by our love for interior design and Minecraft's architectural creativity.

Our hope is that you all find as much enjoyment in exploring this concept as we did in creating it.

#AIart #midjourney Neon Kitchen: kitchen: kitc...
The Entrance

Every cave needs an epic entrance.

I am not ashamed to say that I envy Everett's take here... a minecraft style desert ca...longue, royalcore, organic,...
The Bathroom

Everett opted for a futuristic neon style that looks positively otherworldly!

In contrast, I chose a more "realistic" approach to add some variety to his futuristic flair. a minecraft style bathroom ...bathroom: bathroom, royalco...
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Cave Houses: Minecraft Style

Collab by @followmarcos and me, inspired by our love for interior design and Minecraft's creative freedom. Our hope is that you all find as much enjoyment in exploring this concept as we did in creating it!


#AIart #AIArtworks #midjourney Image

Here's how I imagined the path to the apartment - monumental, dark and mystical with lots of precious gems. Marcos on the other hand created a candlelit portal in more welcoming vibe.

Left @WorldEverett
Right @followmarcos longue, royalcore, organic,...a minecraft style desert ca...

I went for more cyberpunk look, while Marcos decided to focus on a beautiful view and earthy color palette.

Left @WorldEverett
Right @followmarcos bathroom, royalcore, organi...a minecraft style bathroom ...
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1/ Yet another FAST evolution in AI: Tafi has announced a text to #3D character engine. A game-changer for artists, developers, and creatives, making 3D character creation faster and easier.
#3DArt #gamedevs #digitalartwork
2/ The engine uses a huge 3D dataset from Tafi's Genesis character platform and is compatible with popular game engines and 3D software applications. Get ready for integration with #NVIDIA's Omniverse! #AI #3D #Software
3/ Tafi continues to support its artist community with a revenue-sharing model and a method for recording artist attribution. A win for creatives everywhere! #DigitalArt #ArtistsOnTwitter
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📕AI image Guide: Advanced Effects #1

→Double Exposure
→HDR (amazing results!)
→Long Exposure

🧵all prompts below ..Let's go!

#AIart #AIphoto #midjourney #AIArtworks #aiphotography #aiartcommunity #AiArtSociety #AIArtGallery #midjourney5 Image

Create a Bokeh image of [insert subject] with shallow depth of field with blurred, out-of-focus areas in the background or foreground.

When to use:
Portraits with dreamy backgrounds, nature photography with soft bokeh orbs, or creating a romantic atmosphere [nature photography] with s...Bokeh photo of [girl] in th...Bokeh photo of [girl] in th...
Double Exposure:

Double Exposure with [insert] overlayed with [insert], blended elements

When to use:
Combining portraits with natural elements, merging cityscapes with starry skies, or blending textures and patterns for artistic expression

Tip: add 3 or more overlays Double Exposure [colorful s...Double Exposure [portrait] ...Double Exposure [portrait] ...Double Exposure with [citys...
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✨The reign of Queen Elizabeth II was extraordinary. It all started 70 years ago today during her June 2, 1953, coronation.

As the longest-reigning monarch in British history, she witnessed immense change and faced numerous challenges with grace and poise. Let's meet the queen! Live photo of Queen Elisabe...A detailed environmental ph...Live photo of Queen Elisabe...
2/5: Queen Elizabeth II was a symbol of stability and continuity for the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth. She earned respect and admiration, both at home and abroad.

👉Prompts in the ALT👈
#midjourney #AIart #history Blend of comic book art and...A detailed environmental co...etailed environmental color...
3/5: Queen Elizabeth II witnessed significant historical events during her reign. Her presence and counsel provided a sense of reassurance during times of uncertainty, guiding the nation through both triumphs and tragedies.

👉Prompts in the ALT👈
#midjourney #AIart #history Blend of comic book art and...<
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📕AI image techniques: How to use Perspective

→Perspective gives depth and dimension to images
→It dictates the visual narrative, making your photos stand out

Perspective isn't just a tool; it's an art form

#AIart #AIArtworks #AIArtGallery #AIphoto #aiphotograpy Easy Guide AI - Midjourney ...
1. Bird's Eye View

shooting your subject from directly above.

→When to use: emphasize patterns, symmetry, or reduce background clutter.
→When to avoid: When the subject's details and expressions are vital - they may get lost.

Tip: use this for characters looking up highly detailed nature phot...Imagedetailed nature photography...detailed nature photography...
2. Worm's Eye View

Capture your subject from a low angle, as if a worm were looking up.

→When to use: to make your subject look more imposing or emphasize the sky/background.
→When to avoid: When the underside of your subject doesn't look good

Tip: use to show power & force photo looking from the looking from the looking from the looking from the grou...
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Interior Styles Guide vol. 2⚡️

Let's dive into gold interiors! I made hundreds of images to showcase various styles inside royalcore theme. As far as I know, it's the most comprehensive exploration of this kind.

Have fun! #Prompts in alt✨

#AIart #AIArtworks #midjourney gold and white living room and white living room and white living room and white living room ...
Royalcore + Tiles 1/8 gold and white living room and white living room and white living room and white living room ...
Royalcore + Flowing Lines 2/8 gold and white living room and white living room and white living room and white living room ...
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Just tried out @Adobe #Photoshop's new #GenerativeAI Fill on my all-time favorite memes - extended the POV to see what's beyond the frames.

Enjoy the thread 🧵 (The white frame represents the original size of the meme.)

#ai #aiart #aiartcommunity #GenerativeFill Image
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There are some prompts that take you deep (deep) down the rabbit hole...

My weekend obsession was "Non-Euclidean metamorphosis"

A long thread with lot's of examples and prompts exploration

#aiartcommunity #midjourney #AIart #AIArtworks #promptsharing Image
Non-Euclidean metamorphosis refers to the transformation/distortion of traditional Euclidean geometry into unconventional and dynamic shapes which results in visually captivating compositions

I wanted to see what output I'd get if I prompt the words separately Non-Euclidean --ar 3:4Non-Euclidean --ar 3:4metamorphosis --ar 3:4metamorphosis --ar 3:4
Seeing this I wasn't surprised of what came next when I used the words together

And for the sake of the experiment, I've added

--style raw

to get less opinionated results Non-Euclidean metamorphosis...Non-Euclidean metamorphosis...Non-Euclidean metamorphosis...Non-Euclidean metamorphosis...
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#Promptshare time! ✨

Here's a quick, super useful prompt for your own energy drink!⚡️

Prompt: macro product photography of a energy drink [style]

1. Futuristic
2. Punkcore
3. Cyberpunk
4. Horror

Show me your ideas in the comments 😊!

#AIart #midjourney #AIArtworks ImageImageImageImage
A few more:

1. Whimsical
2. Vampire
3. Lovecraft
4. Light blue and silver ImageImageImageImage
@MonsterEnergy @rockstarenergy if you wanna cool can concepts, my DMs are open 😁 ImageImage
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🌟Empress Wu Zetian, an extraordinary historical figure, stands as the sole woman to ever have ruled China as emperor. She reigned during the Tang Dynasty from 690 to 705 CE.

Volume⬆️ [Note, I made this AI-generated content with #midjourney, #ChatGPT, #11labs, #Photoshopbeta]
2/ Wu Zetian's ascent to power began as a concubine and later as a consort to Emperor Gaozong. When circumstances necessitated a new leader, she seized the opportunity and assumed de facto rule. In 690 CE, she boldly declared herself emperor, defying traditional expectations. < actress Fan Bingbin...a close up photograph of [C...
3/ Demonstrating astute leadership, Wu Zetian implemented substantial reforms to enhance governance. Merit-based promotions and an efficient bureaucracy were her key initiatives, bringing stability and effectiveness to the administration. a close up photograph of [C...Chinese actress Fan Bingbin...<
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🌟 Let's meet one of history's most influential scientists.

Galileo Galilei, born in 1564, revolutionized our understanding of the cosmos.

Volume⬆️ [Note, I made this AI-generated content with #midjourney, #ChatGPT, #11labs, #Photoshopbeta]
2/ Galileo's use of the telescope changed everything. By peering into the night sky, he discovered celestial wonders, including the craters of the moon, the moons of Jupiter and the phases of Venus. His observations challenged the prevailing beliefs of the time. #Astronomy <<<
3/ Galileo's discoveries clashed with the teachings of the Catholic Church. His heliocentric views, supporting Copernicus' theory that the Earth revolves around the Sun, brought him into conflict with religious authorities, shaped his destiny and the course of science. painting of Galileo Galilei...<<
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