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What an amazing #NBAPlayoffs series has it been. Crazy teams, crazy games & crazy results.

Right from round 1, teams have delivered their best & making every single game a memorable & competitive one.

#NBA #NBAPlayoffs #NBA75 #NBAPlayoffs2022
To top, so many teams were being underdogs & rose up like anything - example, Memphis & Celtics were okish at start but flourished well towards the end.

Boston, were impressive in the east as they WASHED OUT the title favs #Brooklyn

#NBA #NBAPlayoffs #NBA75 #NBAPlayoffs2022
+ they wiped off the 2021 champs, the Bucks & made their way onto the #NBAFinals like a real team, stacking some real tough cookies to crack.

Celtics were almost title favs, until the OG, dynastic GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS started to

#NBA #NBAPlayoffs #NBA75 #NBAPlayoffs2022
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How have #ados Blacks allowed mythology about effort & opportunity to be sold during an era where in the U.S. they largely live locked out? In 2016 America was the most unequal place in history & white American families had ard $80 trillion. In 2022 white wealth is $125 trillion.
Economist Thomas Piketty, the author of Capital in the Twenty-First Century, in 2016 observed that the level of inequality in the United States — for those who work for a living — “was probably higher than in any other society, at any time in the past, anywhere in the world.”
America is a place where white capital creates Black aberrations primarily through the #decadentveil #nbaplayoffs to project equity in the middle of inequality like never seen. And people then ask #ados to provide reparative & transformative politics while joining in the party.
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#TimeZoneProtocols #BlackQuantumFuturism
@AfroFuturAffair opens the event with an extended discussion of time as a essential element of antebellum enslavement. Image
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A run 47 years in the making 🏆
2️⃣ homegrown superstars 🌟🌟
And a whole roster making their first #NBAFinals appearances 🏀

🧵 Here's the story of how the @Bucks got here today ⬇️ #FearTheDeer Image
This story starts seven years ago.

With a lanky kid out of Greece, who went 15th overall 🇬🇷

And did things like this 💥

The Moment:…
(And he also made one of the all-time best Tweets)

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🏆 The @Suns are a day away from their 1st #NBAFinals since ’93. Open the thread for how they got here. ⤵️

Got the Moment in your collection? Show it off in the comments 🌞 Image
It really started in The Restart, when the @Suns went a perfect 8-0 in Orlando in 2020 -- including this game-winner from DBook.

The Moment:
Phoenix JUST missed the #NBAPlayoffs last year ... but the buzz was real. And a foundation was being built around a rising-star young core.

(+ a lot of oops to Ayton)

The Moment:
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💡 Un tournoi afin de déterminer qui seront les 7ème et 8èmes qualifiés pour les #NBAPlayoffs!

(8) #DCAboveAll vs. #BleedGreen (7)
🔝Le vainqueur devient le spot #7
🔜 Le perdant bascule dans le loser bracket

(10) #AllFly vs. #AlwaysGame (9)
🔝 Le vainqueur de ce match joue le spot #8 face au perdant de WAS/BOS

📅 Dans la nuit de mardi à mercredi sur beIN & le NBA LP ImageImageImageImage
(8) #DubNation vs. #LakeShow (7)
🔝Le vainqueur devient le spot #7
🔜 Le perdant bascule dans le loser bracket

(10) #GoSpursGo vs. #GrindCity (9)
🔝 Le vainqueur de ce match joue le spot #8 face au perdant de GSW/LAL

📅 Dans la nuit de mercredi à jeudi sur beIN & le NBA LP ImageImageImageImage
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The @nyknicks clinch #4 in the East and home court advantage in the First Round of the #NBAPlayoffs!

RJ Barrett: 22 PTS
Julius Randle: 20 PTS, 7 REB, 7 AST
Alec Burks: 17 PTS, 5 3PM
Reggie Bullock: 16 PTS, 4 3PM Image
The @WashWizards clinch #8 in the East and will face #7 Boston in the #StateFarmPlayIn on Tuesday at 9pm/et on TNT!

Russell Westbrook: 23 PTS, 15 REB, 10 AST
Bradley Beal: 25 PTS Image
The @Pacers clinch #9 in the East and will take on #10 Charlotte in the #StateFarmPlayIn on Tuesday at 6:30pm/et on TNT!

T.J. McConnell: 12 PTS, 17 AST
Oshae Brissett: 31 PTS, 10 REB
Domantas Sabonis: 25 PTS, 16 REB Image
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In my morning devotion today, I read Genesis chapter 22.

We all know the story.
God told Abraham in verse 2:

"And he said, Take now thy son, thine only son Isaac, whom thou lovest, and get thee into the land of Moriah; and offer him there for a burnt offering upon one of the mountains which I will tell thee of."

Abraham was obedient. Of course, before now, my concentration or let me say, our concentration has always been on Abraham on how He is the father of faith but little have we also attributed greatness to Isaac's perception about God in the early stage of his life.

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Δύο πολύ καλοκουρδισμένες ομάδες, μια πολύ ωραία επίθεση vs μια πολύ σοβαρή άμυνα, και δίψα για Τελικούς.

Πάμε για πολύ όμορφη σειρά.


Δεν πρέπει να υποτιμούν κάποιοι τα Heat λόγω των παιχνιδιών της RS.

Από τότε έχουν μπει στο rotation ο Iggy και ο Crowder, έχουμε το Bubble Effect, και το Miami είναι ξεκούραστο, συν πως έχουν σουτ, βάθος, και Spoelstra.


Αν η Βοστόνη θέλει να περιορίσει τον Bam, θα πρέπει να ρίξει πολύ ξύλο, αλλά η κυρία απειλή είναι στην περιφέρεια.

Ο Dragic έχει δημιουργία, ο Duncan μήκος, και ο Herro έρχεται με θράσος.

Αν ο Kemba επιτεθεί μέσα και φθείρει Bam, και ΣΙΑ, θα παίξει ρόλο.

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Σούμα για την σειρά με Τορόντο.

#WeTheNorth v #Celtics

Λίγο πολύ είδαμε όσα είχαν προβλεφθεί πριν, δηλαδή τις ζώνες του Nick Nurse, πως ο NN θα έδινε το τρίποντο στην Βοστόνη και θα στόχευε τον Brown, πως ο καταλύτης στη λειτουργία των Κελτών θα είναι ο Kemba, και πως τα Celtics έχουν δύο πρόσωπα.


Ο ΝΝ έκανε -σχεδόν- τα πάντα άψογα, αλλά με ένα σημαντικό λάθος: πλήρωση το loyalty του στον Gasol, τον οποίο ο Stevens τον χτύπησε ανελέητα.

Πιστεύω επίσης πως ο Nurse είχε plays τα οποία επίτηδες δεν έπαιξε επειδή τα κρατούσε για μετά.


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.@josh_levin makes all kinds of rationalizations about why @NBA ratings in the toilet isn’t about #China. News flash: It’s about China!!!

I’ve watched the #NBAPlayoffs , and even attended #NBAFinals. But I haven’t watched a single game this year...…
I don’t mind if players want to protest. But for the same players to deliberately turn their back on far worse brutality in China is totally hypocritical, amoral, and undermines the strength of their arguments about life here... 2/
@Lakers et al can do whatever they like. But my #NBABoycott started months ago - and it’s going to continue unless and until @NBA both confronts #China and their rank hypocrisy over same... 3/3
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If you’re like me and love the @NBA but haven’t had time to follow the #NBABubble closely, my brother @sherwinthomas07 gave me a really good update last night so that I am caught up as the #NBAPlayoffs start today. ImageImageImageImage
He also followed all this with some commentary, if you’re interested. ImageImageImageImage
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With the #NBAPlayoffs coming down to the Finals, and it being a slow day in general, I thought I would share another story.

The last story I shared was about the biggest bet I’ve seen. Today, I will talk about one of the biggest bets I personally had to ok...

The difference..
is when you are “the guy in the chair,” there is no one to call. No one to get clearance from. It is your decision.

It’s always easier to say “take the bet” when it’s not your job on the line.

I love when people say “a big place like this, and you won’t take a bet....
Until you have “sat in the chair”, you may think you know, but you don’t know.

Every bet is different, every market is different, every bettor is different (sans the cleaning crew), and every shop is different.

Risk averse, risk tolerant, risk stupid or risk denial..
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25 years ago, for two weeks in May of 1994, the Chicago Bulls and New York Knicks played a 7-game playoff series. Its highlights are legendary. Its controversy is iconic.

This is the true story of how seven games in the second round forever changed the NBA.

A thread.
The 1994 Bulls-Knicks 2nd round series featured an iconic...

✅ Brawl
✅ Personality conflict
✅ Game-winner
✅ Foul call
✅ Dunk well as the closest any team has gotten to a four-peat since Bill Russell’s Celtics.

It had everything:
Everything in the '94 Bulls-Knicks series combined to change the NBA’s suspension rules for fights, rewrite the future of MJ, Pippen, Phil and the Bulls — and potentially alter 12 of the next 17 Finals, all the way to 2010.
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The way the @sixers/@Raptors Game 7 is going, it's pretty evident to me that there's no way the NBA is going to permit the 76ers to lose, if they can help it, because there's no way they want any part of either the Raptors or @Bucks getting to the Finals. #NBAPlayoffs
Boy, was I wrong about that. Kawhi Leonard's series-winning shot at the buzzer was reminiscent of Ralph Sampson's shot at the Forum in 1986 that sent the @HoustonRockets to that year's NBA Finals, where they would eventually fall in 6 to the legendary '86 @Celtics. #NBAPlayoffs
There's a reason why Kawhi Leonard was once an NBA Finals MVP (the last time the @spurs won the title), and he showed why in tonight's thriller in Toronto. 41 points including the bucket that propelled the @Raptors into the Eastern Conference Finals vs. the @Bucks. #NBAPlayoffs
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Should anyone be surprised at what happened in tonight's #GSWvsHOU #NBAPlayoffs series-clincher? I believe coaching makes a bigger difference in a post-season situation, and that intangible is more important with evenly matched teams.
On one side, you had @SteveKerr, a 5-time @NBA champion as a player who learned from two of the greatest NBA head coaches ever, Phil Jackson and Gregg Popovich, for whom he won those five titles, and now he's going for #4 as a head coach himself.
On the other side, you had Mike D'Antoni, who's always had talented teams, but who's always fallen short when it's counted, either when he was in Phoenix or now in Houston. So tonight's win by the @warriors should have come as no real surprise.
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All of us @trailblazers fans who shared a special night at the @ModaCenter in the #NBAPlayoffs can’t stop smiling this morning in #RipCity watching and re-watching the highlights.
After rooting for the @trailblazers for decades, I can report with full confidence from Game 3 that the celebratory hugs in #RipCity were never harder, the high-fives never louder & our voices never hoarser.
Thanks @trailblazers for bringing our community together in the #NBAPlayoffs & throughout the year. And we’re far from being done this season. #RipCity
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Wow, @warriors won the second half 64-25. Sixty four to twenty five. 31-9 fourth quarter. Trailing by 10 at the half, won by 29. Outscored Houston by 36 over the last 3 quarters. @KlayThompson in WCF game 6s. #WarriorsGround #WarriorsVSRockets #Dubnation #NBAPlayoffs #NBA
*46 over last 3 quarters
Wow if you take off the 5 points the Rockets scored in garbage time, @KlayThompson outscored them 21-20 in the second half. #DatShitKlay
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