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We’re not pitied because of ‘identity’.

As a people, we’ve endured slavery, convict leasing, Jim Crow, white mob violence, plunder etc.

The most powerful country in the world has weaponized itself against its own #ADOS citizens.

There are real & lasting consequences.
And you “keep groups down” by not making them whole.

America has paid reparations to many groups as recompense, the only notable exception being #ADOS.

Is that indicative of our freedom? Or oppression?
It is also peak Orwellian to describe our problems of oppression as stemming from “freedom”.

Reminds me of how war mongers renamed the War Department the Defense Department.

So much freedom in our time here in America, right? Image
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#JimCrow was #SlaveryByAnotherName.Black People were Enslaved Well into the 1960s.#USHistory-#Slavery should be mandatory to stop the spread of #AntiADOS,#AntiBlack ignorant rhetoric.#ADOS(American Descendants Of Slavery) is OWE a Federal Debt-#Reparations. ImageImageImageImage
Jim Crow laws created ‘slavery by another name’
After the Civil War, the U.S. passed laws to protect the rights of formerly enslaved people. Jim Crow was designed to flout them.…
Slavery by Another Name: The Re-Enslavement of Black Americans from the Civil War to World War II by Douglas A. Blackmon…
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And again let’s make everyone clear what was done here was plainly awful. And it damaged the reparations discussion in immeasurable ways that are now very clear. #ados
There would be no crazed hollering in this room if I was present and not shut out of my own work product. They then used them to now spin REPARATIONS into an equity project for all. They just aren’t sharp enough to see it.
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Tune in tomorrow 5/10/23 show releases on @YouTube at 830am pst @tonetalks Youtube. "Will Artificial Intelligence AI & Robots take all the jobs in America?"
Watch Here:
Here is a preview section from the show where I give a scathing review of…
Newsom is basically saying he is opposed to reparations. The #ab3121 panel was a waste of time & the recommendations don’t even make sense. They can stop no need for 2024. “Gov. Gavin Newsom Will Not Support Cash Reparations But ‘Supports Recommendations’”…
When Newsom says he supports recommendations he is saying he believes this is reparations. And this is what he supports. >>> “….other more social changes were recommended including removing racial bias and discriminatory practices in standardized testing, declaring election day……
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As I told you back in March this California #ab3121 reparations recommendation would not make sense when released. Now it’s up to $1.2 million for someone 71 years old. Thus randomly breaking this down by age. This elementary calculation isn’t proper form for lineal reparations.…… ImageImageImage
My testimony as a lead expert for #ab3121 on the CA senate floor.
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Thing is, America is set up in such a way that an entire country & its law enforcement apparatus are weaponized against #ADOS.

The individual white doesn’t need to hop on a horse, put on a hood, and terrorize us through random lynchings.

The system is efficient.
I rarely hear an #ADOS person say “OMG! White people are coming into our communities & beating on us!”

No, the complaint is that the system is set up for us to fail, & has been for generations.

White people can’t be this obtuse.
And when police are allowed to behave like this, whites don’t *NEED* to commit violence against Blacks in order to maintain a racialized bottom caste.

The system functions efficiently, to our detriment.…
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A lengthy thread🧵 of #ADOS speakers calling into the OMB Townhall on Race and Ethnicity Statistical Standards

President and Co-Founder of ADOSAF Yvette Carnell
ADOS Co-Founder Antonio Moore:

“There has been an erasure of an entire population by the fact that we have not created the category American Descendants of Slavery”
ADOSAF Compliance Director Simeon Harris:

“Our lineage has been the basis of our exclusion; an exclusion that continues today”
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NAARC should be excluded from all Reparations conversations. I've cut out important wording:…
NAARC has formulated a 10-Point Reparations Program modeled after the CARICOM Reparations Commission’s 10 Point Program to serve as a frame of reference and guide for the growing discourse on reparations in the U.S.
With the National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America (N’COBRA) as a foundational collaborating partner, NAARC is also at the forefront of the movement to secure passage of HR-40, the Congressional Bill that will create a Commission to study and
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The candidate who placed 2nd in Chicago’s 5th Ward Alderman race—Tina Hone—raised $40k.

The “Freedmen” candidate raised $56k & placed 10th out of 11.

Tina Hone: $40, 091 (🥈)

Gabriel Piemonte: $56, 402
The candidate who placed 3rd in the race—Renita Ward—also raised far less than “Freedmen” candidate Gabriel Piemonte:

Renita Ward: $23,283 🥉

Gabriel Piemonte: $56,402 (10th out of 11)
As a matter of fact, Wallace Goode placed 4th—ahead of Gabriel Piemonte who placed 10th— & raised ZERO dollars.

Goode: $0 (4th)

Gabriel Piemonte: $56,402 ($10th)
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CAROLINE GOLDMAN EST-ELLE LA NOUVELLE FRANÇOISE DOLTO ? (et ce n'est pas une bonne nouvelle)

Beaucoup de #parents ayant adhéré au discours de certaines figures de l’#ÉducationPositive, professant par exemple que dire “non“ à un•e enfant serait...

une violence éducative ordinaire #VEO susceptible d'endommager son cerveau de manière irréversible (fausse preuve neuroscientifique à l’appui), se trouvent aujourd’hui désorientés. Après quelques années ou mois à tenter de suivre de tels préceptes,...👇
leur vie de famille est devenue un enfer et leur #enfant est ingérable. Les témoignages d’anxiété, d'épuisement, et même de burn-out, affluent sur la Toile. Mais alors, comment offrir à notre enfant les meilleures chances d’épanouissement sans faire usage de la violence ?👇
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I hate seeing the Confederate Flag & hearing “Southern Rock.” When I was a student at Clemson, I had this beer-drinking church-raised white guy pull me aside to explain to me why I was a “good nigger.” He said there are “bad niggers” out there. #BlackHistoryMonth
I’ve been called “nigger” my entire career by Calvinists and evangelicals. The worst of it was 2004-2011. How many leaders publicly came to my defense? Answer: Zero. No, not even one. Many said, “we’re praying for you.” Me: “Anyone want to help stop this?”
This included the creation of multiple websites, blogs, radio programs, racially harassing anonymous phones to my office, racially harassing mail sent to my school, calls to seminary president to have me fired, etc. Lasted for years. They’re more sophisticated these days…
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None of what is recommended addresses a wealth chasm between #ados Blacks and whites. You don’t need small scale pilot programs. You need a massive reparative justice program that 1) is for American Descendants of Slavery 2) recognizes the trillions that need to be repaid.
These ideas are detached from the economic collapse in #ados Black America. Only 21% of Black Americans even have above a 700 FICO. What do you think that it is for working age #ados taking out boomers and Black immigrants 5-10% break 700? Really POC commercial property programs. Image
They are just writing anything how is this different than saying create a time machine and stop slavery or let’s just start with $20 million to the family from Bruce Beach on property worth $240 million. Look at this ex. for commercial property that says $10 million in revenue. ImageImage
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This is why #ados is vital. This woman discusses East African racism practiced in America while dating. She says “We’re treating people as less than people.” Many Black Americans don't grasp this conceptually bc we don't think in this context. #ADOS is not divisive its necessary.
Our lives as #ados are filled up with so much acceptance that we don’t understand that without exclusion there are no boundaries. We are not flat Black. We are American Descendants of Slavery. ImageImageImageImage
We don’t grasp Blackness as we use it through the lens of it being an American racial construct. Resulting from our specific #ados oppression. —“It explains why most Africans experience being called “black” or “African” for the first time when they come to America.” @CityLab Image
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Like I have said life is now more about wealth transfers than labor. Making the cost of being #ados heavy beyond measure. “Gen Z and young millennials have found a new way to afford luxury handbags and watches—living with mom and dad, says Morgan Stanley”…
As I wrote a decade ago. “The new era that has arrived brings us back to a time where what you will become is based not on how much Chase will loan you without collateral, but rather what your grandfather left for you years ago.“ Rise of Legacy 2013…
I think many will miss what is being said because the title framed it incorrectly. Literally this title is saying that Gen Z & younger millennials are paying for the basic cost of life with parental transfers of wealth & using labor for consumption goods. That’s America in 2022.
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JAM’s promoting a globalist project that centers Africans, not American Descendants of Slavery.

This tracks w/ Nigerian-American scholar Olúfémi O. Táíwò’s push for global climate reparations

They’re on a mission to replace #ADOS & redefine reparations.
And note at the end how JAM supports the Cali reparations commission. This should send red flags 🚩 flying.

Listen carefully: What she’s saying is that the Cali commission made reparations about discrimination & disconnected it from slavery.
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“This Holiday Season, the Poor Buckle Under Inflation as the Rich Spend”
Even if policymakers achieve a gentle economic slowdown, it won’t be smooth for everyone.…
👀🤫 @nytimes leaves this part out. The fact nearly all high wealth millionaires (+5 million $) in the United States that are not importing foreign gained wealth are white.
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Why even do this? Especially when Smith is awful at accents?

I suspect it’s because too many #ADOS are uncomfortable seeing THEMSELVES as slaves. The accent creates emotional distance.

It also takes them away from America & anchors them in a place where they *FEEL* powerful.
A person with a Haitian accent as a slave = Revolution

An American Black as a slave = weak victim

We really need to work through our collective trauma & internalized inferiority. It’s manifesting in a variety of ways.
Until we heal, we will always prefer other stories to our own. We will always be complicit in our own rejection & erasure.

So prepare to see more Wakanda movies & #ADOS stories where we otherize ourselves 🤷🏽‍♀️
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An unregulated environment is a dangerous environment, especially for wealthless people.

Encouraging crypto was reckless investment advice, but an excellent sales funnel for the Black Business School.

The reason everyone is pivoting to reparations advocacy is because 1/ they’re grifters but also 2/ they’ve spent decades being wrong about everything, w/ zero accountability. Image
It’s all the same. This space is saturated w/ incompetence & fraudsters. And there’s too little social judgement from the community.

These people didn’t grow or change their minds. It’s just a grift. It’s *ALL* a grift Image
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In this era young white men are often afforded a space to fail up by older white men that control most of the wealth in America. They see former versions of themselves. And hand out advantage to keep that image for society. The con of our moment is to mask it w/ Black celebrity.
In addition nepotism has run wild within wealth calcification. And it drives OUR eras winners & losers. There is no group that unknowingly lives further under that boot than #ados Black men. Lives set up for failure from the day they left the womb. Yet expected to provide as men.
The craziness is 99% of you don’t even know this is going on… And it is that pressure & con that scratches at the back of your brain. The feeling of helplessness while being given the faux belief you have all the tools. — Say again how #ADOS didn’t trigger reparations??? 🤫
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In 2009 @50cent was singing have a baby by me be a millionaire as a fantastical arrival to wealth for Black folks actually largely bottom casted. >>> In 2022 he’s berating his child over child support and the pain they suffered because he wasn’t a good father. 🤫🤷🏿‍♂️ #50cent ImageImage
“I need you to maybe give me a seed. I need you to give me reason to breathe… Have a Baby by me be a Millionaire.”
“Wealthy parents are famously pouring more and more into their children, ... The biggest investment the rich can make in their kids, … has less to do with "enrichment" than real estate.
They can buy their children pricey homes in nice neighborhoods ...”…
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This is ridiculous Madison owned over 100 slaves on a Virginia plantation. You would never see this nonsense from any group oppressed and enslaved by a person. On her Twitter @lizzo calls it a “Presidential” flute. No Lizzo it’s Madison’s. A man who held your ancestors as slaves.
Just so lost… this is a relic of slavery and should have died with Madison. She gonna play this flute and give this man and his flute praise. No it’s not a PRESIDENTIAL flute. It’s James Madison’s legacy born of your ancestors bones.
All of this is such nonsense and furthers the argument many of these people are unanchored from ancestors and lineage. #ados
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The gravity of the atrocities skipped over by #womanking can't be put into words. The #BoycottWomanKing protest should be an awakening for #ados Black Americans as to the GAPS in their own identity. "The African Trade" by History is a good primer. WATCH:
The #WomanKing Dahomey traded about 3 mill of our ancestors but other countries & their progeny have been able to live on a flat blackness that Black Americans have blindly anchored. There still were 9 mill more sold up the African coast for hundreds of years. #BoycottWomanKing
Part of the reason this isn’t resonating as it should is first there is no video. And we now learn visually. And also we don’t grasp the scale. Next time you’re at a packed NFL stadium look around. Imagine all those people enslaved in one place. Multiply that by 200 times.
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1) I want to make sure everyone sees what is going on here. @breakingbrown and I discuss high level wealth news and the economic data. Then anchor the #ados lineal discussion. Go look at the recent tweets of others that chipped at our project. They don’t discuss any of it.
2) So what happens is they do not tweet on inflation. Or the FTC regulations on autos. Or really anything beyond hollering reparations with no anchoring or salacious BLACK celebrity gossip. Then you come back to our #ados project & anchor their fba or local reparation projects.
3) THIS WAS BUILT ON TOP OF HIGH LEVEL ACADEMIC DISCUSSION. DO NOT STRIP MINE THE DISCUSSION. —- “What We Get Wrong About Closing the Racial Wealth Gap” @tonetalks on @FortuneMagazine 2018…
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🗣️@PapNdiaye @education_gouv @CharlotteCaubel
➡️Par ce #Thread🧵nous soutenons l’interpellation du Ministre de l’Éducation #PapNdiaye par @soseducation.
➡️Rappelons par la mm occasion qu'@EtreTrans est apolitique. Ns considérons aujourd'hui les mineurs🇫🇷 possiblement en danger❗️
🗣️@PapNdiaye @CharlotteCaubel
➡️Est-ce à @education_gouv d'affirmer les enfants ds leur genre social❓
➡️L'école de la république n'est-elle pas là pr faire acquérir aux mineurs des savoirs❓
➡️Ecole = sanctuaire de toutes religions & idéologies sociales❗️…
🗣️@PapNdiaye @CharlotteCaubel @education_gouv
➡️Plusieurs collectifs de parents en #Europe mais aussi en #France🇫🇷 se sont formés ces derniers mois afin d'alerter sur les #transitions spontanées de leurs #adolescent(e)s. Allez-vs continuer à les nier❓…
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