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If there’s a Black-brown alliance, why don’t we see the @HispanicCaucus speaking out in support of @TomSteyer and his advocacy for reparations for slavery? 🤔 #ADOS
I DO see the @HispanicCaucus speaking out against an anti-immigrant agenda.
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I lost my job at the end of August last year from a black man that was drunk with POWER, and also that I did not have sex with like everyone else. I was just there to do my job. So when he knew that I was not going to fall for his bullshit and sexual 1/
Harassment. Him and the admin assistant and the other supervisor started to plot against me, with I don’t get along with the rest of the department and since I took some courses on office management, the black guy that was over our department and the HR 2/
Director decided to write me up suspend me for 3 days and then come back for the FTA inspection, pass it. Then fired me the next day. Now after this had happened to me, I went into a depression, anxiety on how am I going to take care of my children, pay my 3/
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1) Far too many blacks in media & that talk on YouTube on wealth have no idea that black America is nearly wealthless and its ultimate consequence. Again the race splits 2.5% of America’s wealth. With 75% in the hands of the top few black families. #blackhistorymonth #ados
2) Even those black families in the top 10% of black America have wealth that nearly fails to register. The bottom of this group has $150,000 in hard assets and it’s likely largely their home and pension. #ados #BlackHistoryMonth
3) A govt study showing blacks make up 50% of the homeless families in America was ignored. While a @google ad celebrating how black aberrations were “most searched” was lauded & shared. It is as if hiding the truth behind a fantastic lie makes it better. #BlackHistoryMonth⁠ ⁠
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A thread—Black shields, White cover:

(1 of 6)After this election, there are a lot a Black celebrities and Black political pundits who should never be trusted again. If they are not fighting for #ADOS justice, they are part of the plan to continue our oppression.
(2 of 6)If they are endorsing a candidate while not advocating for a #blackagenda that includes #Reparations, then their role is to sell us down the river and/or provide cover for those who want us to remain a bottom caste.
(3 of 6) Think about this: Iowa is only 3.5 percent Black. Nonetheless, we’ve seen several Black surrogates in Iowa giving speeches. Ask yourself why?
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A Thread: White folks stay trying to avoid taking credit for Trump’s presidency.

The Dems are having a hard time accepting that there aren’t enough “good White folks” to stop Trump. As a result, they are failing to address Black voters.
The Dems are also in denial about the anti-Black culture that permeates the Latino voting block. This miscalculation makes them blind to the fact that a large percentage of Latinos identify as white.
They’ve also underestimated how many Latinos will convert to an anti-illegal-immigration position in hopes of solidifying their acceptance into White culture.
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When I see someone refer to ADOS as trash... a Thread:

In today’s world of social media, the game is about influence—not substance. Companies and political operatives are looking to see who can move the people towards their product or towards their objective...
Politics is an objective based field, with the primary objective being who can make money and how it is made. The second objective is how to divide the money generated.
Many of the so-called “influencers” are merely vying for the fruits that come with proving they can influence Black folks. For example, folks tweet about Trump all day to show the DNC that they can be counted on to carry the water...
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Good late evening family. This is going to be another long one.

With this Tweet-thread, we're going to review and consider coalitions and alliances.

Let's have a discussion about when to do them, why to do them, and what to expect out of the transaction. #ADOS #ADOSAgile (1/)
An excellent prologue for a discussion on this critical issue is Kwame Ture (formerly Stokely Carmichael) & political scientist Charles V. Hamilton's "Black Power: The Politics of Liberation."
Taking influence and cues from the Ture/Hamilton text, I will paraphrase the couple of pages for #ADOS interest: "We do not oppose the formation of political coalitions *per se,* ... But coalitions with whom? On what terms? And for what objectives?" #ADOSAgile (2/)
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👉(A Thread)

It is disingenuous to misidentify #ADOS 📣call for self care, self-interest, reciprocity & beneficial relationships (non-codependent) as xenophobia & division.

#ADOS doesn't know or act in true xenophobia.


#ADOS never stopped undocumented from getting post-disaster aid

Haitians in the Bahamas — some recent immigrants, others who have lived in the Bahamas for generations — say that they face discrimination by their Bahamanian neighbors…

#ADOS never attempted to shut down the political agency of groups that moved into our areas

“Afenifere condemns...political violence visited on Nigerians of Ndigbo extraction in Lagos during the...presidential elections."……
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If elected, you/@GOP won't hold employers of these low wage jobs that don't provide good benefits or pensions accountable, you just want Blacks mad at Latinos. You don't support Reparations for Blacks, #Fightfor15 or closing the #RacialWealthGap. #BlackPolitics #BlackVote #ADOS
Those poultry jobs @jamestulp talked about don't fix the #WageGap

More Than Half of Black and Latino Workers Are Paid Less Than $15 an Hour…
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Good early morning family.

With this Tweet-thread, I want to share something that my pastor @KWCosby calls "Points to Ponder," key things to remember as we engage people and personalities on this platform. #ADOS (1/)
Our effort for a righteous justice claim battles much resistance & many enemies. Some of it is out of ignorance & a lack of knowledge. Some of it might well be having an interest in keeping ADOS a bottom caste in this country. #ADOSPolitics (2/)
As we deal with content consumers who may have a stake in what we are arguing for, let's dispose ourselves of the goal of direct persuasion as our goal. We have to resist the impulse to change the beliefs of people with made-up minds. #ADOSPolitics (3/)
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Good evening family.

This thread is likely to get long, possibly VERY long, & it might meander a bit.

With my latest round of work, I want to have a conversation about *doing the work,* and what that means. #ADOS (1/)
I want to talk about a subject that is absolutely going to matter as we work in local chapters with engagement, or as we attend meetings in city halls or gov't venues in your state...

The power of Political Framing and language. #ADOS (2/)
A critical part of this work as we continue to mobilize & organize in this fight for #reparations and #BlackAgenda is developing a "language for liberation."

We have a moral view which is our #ADOS framework, & our demands for public policy should filter through this lens. (3/)
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@nasescobar316 Before Yvette and Tone, there was no coherent "black agenda" that was centered on ados, our experience, position within U.S. politics, capitalism and the global economic forces that are crushing us as a people. They have been transparent, steadfast & persistent.
@nasescobar316 Two of 40+ ados standing against the full weight and apparatus of American POWER. They did that, no one else. They put in the work to educate ados and provide the continuing advocacy and education. They do that. It's convenient for people who can walk a path that has been blazed.
@nasescobar316 So, now all forms of actors who understand their roadmap and they have proved their use case that the ados masses can be galvanized to act collectively in their own interests think they have the blueprint and can "take it from here." The work is not done, and we are not saved.
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Good afternoon #ADOS Family, on the eve of a start of a new decade!

Back again for another session to teach. Share. Learn. To help provide you information that supplements our understanding & continue to build this political justice project.

This might be a long one. (1/)
We are going to keep asserting, not only the intent of our justice claim, but why #ADOS does what we do & why SPECIFICITY MATTERS.

This is an era where we don't need slick marketing, WE NEED POLITICAL WORK W/INTENTION. "The revolution will not be merchandised," indeed. (2/)
Political activity for our #ADOS righteous justice claim is a must.

Our "alternative facts" detractors assume that we're naive about the depth & stubbornness of white supremacy... (3/)
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As we continue to engage in #ADOS justice work, we've been catching criticisms from cynics, some of them vehement, who mock us for always talking about data. "Data, data, blah, blah..."

There's a critical context argument that gets missed here. (1/)
It's critical that an ADOS Agile Activist have knowledge of what the numbers translate to (in understanding #ADOSLife), BUT YOU ALSO NEED THE NUMBERS.

Why do I bring this up? It falls back to some of the arguments going on in our world. (2/)
Many a business has failed due to very savvy & otherwise smart people making poor decisions & reactions to changes & data because they believed in feel & relationships over measurables. #ADOS (3/)
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Didn’t I predict that Nasheed’s reaction to the #ADOS break w/ FBA would be personal insults & devaluation of @tonetalks & I for being broke?

This is proof positive that FBA is a hollow, intellectually & ideologically empty org. Roast me all day, but what’s ur plan for this:
1/ In case u forgot how perfectly I predicted this moment, here’s a quick review:

2/ FBA doesn’t exist. Nasheed doesn’t have a plan for anything; he never will. He’s not a serious person. He’s not a serious thinker.

He’s an Agent of Chaos, who will always draw your attention to *JOKES* & away from the kind of *TRANSFORMATIVE POLITICS* that fixes this:
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“Dr. FRAU... Claud Anderson and his breakfast club interview: Confusion Marketing” a short thread/scattered rant
For starters, here are at least 5 times where he mentioned we should buy his books. He gave that response 3 times when SPECIFICALLY asked “how do we catch up economically” 🙄
He goes on to contradict almost every single point he makes....
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1/8 Listening to Yvette's show got me thinking (as usual).

Before #ADOS, there was nowhere to direct our righteous anger & pain into something that can effect change. We're talking since the 60s. They killed our leaders, co-opted the church, and corraled our vote. +
2/8 Our progress from the Civil Rights Movement turned out to be a mirage. Promised, reciprocal coalitions never materialized. We literally had nowhere to turn.

To fill this void, the Conscious/Knowledge Communities sprang up. Much of it was well-intentioned, initially. +
3/8 But, none of it could be a vehicle for broad-based change because America was not having it. The media, law enforcement, political parties, and Gatekeepers maintained the status quo.

In response, it all became a type of fatalist bootstraperism to counter the impotence. +
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We’ll get all this straight on @breakingbrown Christmas Day. This incoherent economics starts with the fact he has a Education PHD not economics. As Carnell showed he also owes a Black bank and purportedly hid assets from them. “Dr. Claud Anderson Discusses Reparations.”
@breakingbrown pulled the docs 4/2018 showing that when he did powernomics it failed. Then when the black bank that did him a solid wanted their money they stated he hid assets then he countersued. This is what we dealing with WATCH HERE:
Don’t tell me nothing about why we addressed him, because there was a lot of passive aggressive shots on Christmas eve. Let’s get the record straight. Here is the Bankruptcy:…
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Thread: How in God’s name are plantation weddings still a thing?
The comments from the brides and grooms in this article are as infuriating as they are utterly predictable. But none are more irritating than the “my black friends weren’t offended” line...
To be sure, when Black people call out something they perceive as racist and you throw other Black people between you and them as a kind of shield, you are attempting to protect yourself by setting two groups of black folks against each other....
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1/5 -This is quite interesting to me. I've been told a few times by "lefties" that #ADOS believes in a "skewed" version of history. I've asked several to explain that position.

This person is the first person I've attempt to lay it out in public.
2/5 - Whether the anti-ADOS folks want to admit or not, ADOS are a distinct people. Just as Jamaicans and Haitians are distinct peoples and still members of the African diaspora. All of that should be respected.

However, we all prioritize our local/national needs.
3/5 - The nation's history of policy and practice that has specifically targeted & harmed slaves, freedmen, and their descendents could fill a library. Most was driven by/for economic purposes that can be distilled on one chart.

Note: Take a carful look at the projections.
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1/ GUTTER JOURNALISM WILL NOT BE TOLERATED !! @JoyAnnReid continues to use her show @amjoyshow hosted by @MSNBC as a pulpit of hate, lies, #FakeNews, misinformation and targeted attacks towards American Descendants of Slavery #ADOS.
2/ We are calling for a full boycott of @JoyAnnReid, @amjoyshow, and @MSNBC as well as every corporate sponsor and advertiser of her hate and propaganda machine. Below is a list of known advertisers of the @amjoyshow, contact me for any company to be + or - from this list
3/Ace Hardware
DXL clothing
Golden Corral
Joseph A. Bank Clothiers
Mattress Firm
Mattress One
Men’s Warehouse
Panera Bread Catering
The Smoke House
Away Travel luggage
Bell & Howell Tac Light
Better Brella
Comfort Click belt
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Thread: the following is a breakdown of Obama & his self-reported progress with American Descendants of Slavery. I've had people attempt to use Obama's White House press releases to defend Obama's record with #ADOS. There is no defense.

Below is the White House release titled "Creating Opportunities for All Americans: Obama Administration’s Record and the African-American Community (2/04/16)"

Below is the White House release titled "Progress of the African-American Community During the Obama Administration (10/14/16)"

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“The most successful ones, those that had their demands met, used forms of decentralized, non-violent civil disobedience—large-scale direct action. The tipping-point, Chenoweth and Stephan found, was to get 3.5 per cent of the population involved.”…
1/ As #ADOS adds activism atop the foundation of political education, learning from successful activists around the globe becomes even more important.
2/ “Local groups are the basic community-organizing structures, but we recommend that, as they grow, they should split into smaller working groups or circles, each focusing on its own specialist area. Each circle can choose its own coordinator; “
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📍A Thread To Remember Redux

📣White folks, your ancestors did NOT have to own slaves, overseers, or slave catchers.

BUT you are here & allowed to thrive as a result of #ADOS Black Americans.

Be thankful

📚A book primer to your privilege at the expense of black suffering👇

👉Slavery catapulted America's
early colonial economic rise, which incentivized your ancestors to come here or remain here.

Thank #ADOS Black Americans

📚Book references 👇

📍Whites obtained resources & assimilation through land grants, New Deal benefits, the GI Bill & FHA loans. All were either denied or minimally distributed to #ADOS Black Americans.

📚Books References 👇
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