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Le profil troublant du nouveau Premier ministre écossais, #HumzaYousaf. De père #pakistanais, Humza Yousaf était auparavant le porte-parole des médias pour #IslamicReliefWorldwide, une organisation accusée d'avoir des liens avec les réseaux terroristes et les #FrèresMusulmans.
Son cousin #OsamaSaeed (ou #OussamaSaïd) qui dirige la Fondation islamique écossaise (#SIF) serait également lié aux Frères musulmans. Saeed a fait carrière à #AlJazeera au Qatar. En 2005, il aurait appelé au rétablissement du califat 🤨
En 2010, la Fondation Quilliam, une organisation de lutte contre l'extrémisme dirigée par des musulmans (aujourd'hui disparue), a préparé une liste pour les responsables de la sécurité britanniques avertissant que le SIF était un groupe islamiste
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I have had the privilege of reading
the thread authored by @tweetsfromstar but I
differ on following reasonings & add some observations on
the maintainability of my standpoint.
#Integration is a subjective matter. Every society & religion has their own integration standards.
You can't integrate a #Woman wearing a #bikini 👙 in #Afghanistan🇦🇫 or #Pakistan🇵🇰?
Attaching sufferance to #Hijab while pressing #burka or #niqab as an oppression is a sanctimony towards hijab on your part.
It's the same to assert that #Kalashnikov can be integrated but the #G3 cannot be integrated despite the fact that both are destructive and pose threat.
Neither #Hijab nor #burka is a choice, both are enforced through coercion, fear or at least to say childhood indoctrination.
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Zo direct bij het protest tegen het verbod op gezichtsbedekkende kleding #boerkaverbod
Wat waren ook alweer de argumenten vóór een verbod op gezichtsbedekkende kleding? Hieronder volgen volgens mij de zes belangrijkste. En waarom ze geen hout snijden.…
How did we get here? How Dutch politicians, whilst promoting freedom and equality, decided upon a partial ban on the face veil…
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THREAD Jihad in Bosnia
1) I traveled to the Islamic core of #Bosnia where in 1992-1995 hundreds of FFs joined El Mudžahid unit and fought along with Bosniaks, the first jihadist military presence in Europe. I also investigated the current Salafist scene @ISPI_Terrorism #terrorism
2) The industrial town of #Zenica was the main Muslim HQ in central Bosnia. Hundreds of Arab-Afghan veterans and new jihadists converged here to be later deployed to the frontline. 1995 military parade of the 7th Muslim Brigade linked to El Mudžahid in the presence of Izetbegović
3) Local population is extremely reluctant and annoyed to talk about wartime and follows a code of silence to avoid ethnic tensions. This makes it hard to visit remote villages or ask for details. Bosnian Muslims don’t want to be associated with jihadist #terrorism and war crimes
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This thread exposes the lunacy of Imran Ibn Mansur better known as Dawah Man. Dawah Man is a British-Pakistani Islamic preacher. He is dedicated to proselytizing Islam, a practice known as Dawah.
1 Dawah Man asks a 14 year old girl if she considers herself a possible rape victim.
2 Dawah Man blames female rape victim for getting raped.
3 Dawah Man teaches men how to perform modern-day virginity tests on women.
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