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Morning session in the largest hall of Kaaj education center in #Kabul where students, mostly girls +boys; gathered for university entry exam practice. This report details how mostly #Hazara minority shia Muslim Afghans were targeted; at least 23… /1
Zabihullah Mujahid, spokesman for Taliban interim govt, condemns the attack. Human Rights Watch has noted that #Hazara Afghans in #Kabul have been repeatedly attacked by #ISKP and that Taliban Govt security and medical assistance had been inadequate. /2

#US mission in #Kabul "strongly condemns" the attack targeting univeristy students. /3

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🚨 @Keir_Starmer @faisalislam @kdhdownunder

Here why major currencies have been plummeting for ONE YEAR NOW.

A quick thread 🧵

🚨 After Covid, #Biden came to office in January 2021.

His RECKLESS green policies and FECKLESS spending made him borrow $7 trillion for 2021, which is UNPRECEDENTED in US history.

Note that there was NO #Ukraine in 2021.

🚨 As a consequence, #inflation started in the US resulting in a much lower confidence for both businesses and consumers.

Here is the data supporting my statement.

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Pentagon alleges only 12 civilians killed by US troops in 2021

The 12 casualties Washington has taken responsibility for took place #Afghanistan, where US and NATO troops stand accused of killing close to 200 civilians in a single day last August…
Tuesday’s report is one more example of the Pentagon downplaying the impact its military operations have on civilian lives across the globe.…
The New York Times (NYT) published a report last December revealing that the US defense department frequently under-reports the number of civilians killed by its air strikes in West Asia.…
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@IMVErlangen (1/14) Dank für die hier erhobenen Einwände! - Im Verhältnis zwischen empirischer #Untersuchung und #Tatmotiv steht unter üblichen kriminologischen Verhältnissen, in denen sowohl Untersuchung des Tathergangs als auch Motivsuche ...
@IMVErlangen (2/14) ... nicht von äußeren Interessen überlagert wird, die angewandte #Heuristik nicht zur Debatte, wobei zusätzlich zur genauen Beschreibung des Tathergangs und nach Vernehmung etwaiger Zeugen ergänzend ein schlüssiges Motiv des Täters eingefordert wird, ...
@IMVErlangen (3/14) ... das eine innere Folgerichtigkeit im Hinblick auf das Geschehene liefern soll, was sich bei erdrückender Beweislage zwar erübrigen mag, aber für den Richter dennoch in der Ermessensfrage des Strafmaßes Relevanz besitzt. ...
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Muslims (Taliban) cheated us, they imprisoned us, butchered our hair in prison: #Sikhs thank Modi govt for rescuing them from Afghanistan.

55 more Refugees arrive in India from Afghanistan.
"We would like to thank the Modi government to give us urgent visas and help us to reach India. Many of us still have families left behind as around 30-35 people are left stranded in #Afghanistan," said Sukhbeer Singh Khalsa, an Afghan Sikh refugee
"The condition is not very well in Afghanistan. I was imprisoned for four months. Taliban have cheated us, they butchered our hair in prison. I am thankful and happy to return to India and to our religion," said an Afghan Sikh, Baljeet Singh.
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Being a Woman is a dangerous job.

You may be killed by Islamic Morality Police like #Masha_Amini
Or raped and killed by a Police Officer like #SarahEverard

You may lose your Human Rights like the Women in #Afghanistan
* No higher Education, no Work, no Healthcare, no Voice
You may lose your Right to Control your Body. Forced pregnancies.
Like the #GOP wants to do to the Women and Girls in the States.

Or maybe you Never had any Rights like in Saudi Arabia. (Now things are a bit better.)
Maybe you were simply killed cause you were a babygirl.
Like some people used to do in China.

Today Women and Girls are Victims of #WarCrimesofRussia too.

Ladies, aren't we Blessed?!!!

Remember to #Vote when and where you can. Be seen and heard.
Justice. Equality. We are not Less.
#HumanRights are #WomensRights too.
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Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari of #Pakistan is speaking @CFR_org . Both his mother and grandfather were Prime Ministers who were assassinated. His nation "faces a catastrophe of Biblical, apocalyptic proportions. The monsoon rains came in June, and..."
2/"...went on...until the end of August.
"A 100 km lake formed in the middle of my country.
"More than a month on we're still in an ecological disaster. One in 7 people affected -- 33 million people. Homeless, lost and staring death in the face."
3/ "We're still in the rescue and relief phase..but we expect one crisis to follow another."
Epidemics are starting.
"Four million acres of standing crop are devastated...We are staring into the face of epidemic catastrophe and food crisis."
But aid is not coming.
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Report: Explosion in a restaurant possibly targeting employees of Electricity Dept. in Kabul city. #Afghanistan
Ok, this is ridiculous. Taliban official of Interior Ministry claiming the explosion in Kabul restaurant was caused by a gas balloon.

At least come up with a better lie! #Afghanistan

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1. grazie a @_Nico_Piro_ per questo tweet sulla guerra in #Afghanistan in cui il 17 /9/2009 saltarono in aria 6 uomini della #Folgore,15 civili afghani,feriti 60 civili afghani e 4 soldati italiani:
2. ora vi invito a leggere il cablo di #WikiLeaks su quello che accadde dopo quell'attentato. #IgnazioLaRussa era preoccupato che con tutti quei morti,il profilo basso che aveva permesso all'Italia di stare in guerra 10 anni in Afghanistan, saltasse:…
3. è così che la guerra in #Afghanistan ci è stata venduta per 20 anni: silenzio,un articolo ogni morte di papa,la guerra lontana non faceva notizia. Il complesso militare-industriale ringraziava con gratitudine:…
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Family of US contractor Mark Frerichs, held more than 2 years in #Afghanistan by the #Taliban, says he's been freed.
#Taliban confirm Frerichs was freed by them in exchange for convicted heroin trafficker Haji Bashir Noorzai, jailed in the US since 2005.
Statements from @POTUS and @SecBlinken on the release of @USNavy veteran Mark Frerichs. ImageImage
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Taliban say that they have released the last remaining American prisoner Mark Frerichs in a "prisoner swap" in exchange for Taliban drug lord Haji Bashir Noorzai, the last Afghan Gitmo prisoner. Talibani FM Muttaqi says Noorzai was handed over by Americans earlier today. ImageImageImage
Mark Frerichs, 59, is a US contractor who went missing from Kabul in 2018 after he was kidnapped by the Taliban. He is a civil engineer from Lombard, Illinois. For years, the Taliban have denied having him under their custody. This just shows that Taliban lie (taqiya) when needed
VIDEO: Talibani drug lord Haji Bashir Noorzai being welcomed by Taliban after being released from Gitmo by Americans in a prisoner swap with the Taliban. #Afghanistan

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L'#Afghanistan di oggi è un Paese in cui una donna può essere percossa dai #Talebani attraversando la strada. La giovane accelera il passo, poi riprende a camminare con dignità.
Dignità, questa sconosciuta, per chi parlava di "atteggiamento abbastanza distensivo" del "nuovo
corso" al potere. L'ultima speranza per l'#Afghanistan risponde al nome di Ahmad #Massoud, figlio di "quel Massoud", il Leone del #Panjshir.
Quando i Talebani hanno preso il potere approfittando della ritirata occidentale, il giovane figlio dell'eroe della resistenza
ai sovietici, ha riorganizzato le milizie fedeli a suo padre, ha dato battaglia nelle valli, nelle pochissime province sfuggite al controllo degli "studenti coranici", e cercato (invano) di attirare l'attenzione della comunità internazionale per metterla in guardia: se non
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Hidayatullah Haqyar, the Taliban’s intelligence (GDI) chief for Sawkay district of Kunar province, has been assassinated by ISKP last night. #Afghanistan Image
A total of 3 Taliban members reportedly killed by ISKP in Sawkay, Kunar.

Israel Shaheen, deputy of Hidayatullah Haqyar, was also killed with him along with one other in the IED explosion in Sawkay, Kunar. Attack likely carried out by ISKP. #Afghanistan Image
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Today the @StateDept held a presser and there were questions about today's announcement of the "#Afghanistan Fund." I'll string those together in this THREAD. 1/n
@StateDept (The link to the full presser is here:…)

And here's a link to the announcement:… 2/n
@StateDept Q: When is the soonest that this money could actually get to people or to organizations that could help people in #Afghanistan?

MR PRICE: The establishment of the Afghan Fund was recently finalized; it was announced publicly today early this morning... 3/n
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1. viene da farsi una domanda cruciale: perché la questione "dark money" dalla #Russia esploda proprio ora: a partire dal 2008,la diplomazia USA riporta nei cablo ripetuti e insistenti sospetti su #SilvioBerlusconi,ma negli ultimi 14 anni non una prova: esisteva?Oppure no?
2. viene da chiedersi: se esistevano prove di "dark money" dalla #Russia,in particolare su #Berlusconi(sottolineo "SE",visto che i cablo non le riportano), perché #Berlusconi è sopravvissuto politicamente a queste prove?
3. i documenti segreti di #WikiLeaks sulle intercettazioni #NSA di #Berlusconi e dei suoi più collaboratori(Valentino Valentini,Stefano Stefanini,Bruno Archi, Marco Carnelos) sono del 2011: almeno dal 2011 è documentato spionaggio USA del governo italiano ai più alti livelli
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JUST IN: Hamid Karzai (@KarzaiH), former President of The Islamic Republic of #Afghanistan urged the ruling Taliban on Sunday to re-open girls' high schools. Image
He also applauded female students in the eastern province of Paktia for publicly protesting against the measure of banning female students from having their education.
Hamid Karzai's message reads, "The voice of Paktia's female students is the voice of all our girls and of Afghanistan. I ask the Islamic guardian government to open the girls' schools".
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1. L'#11settembre ricorda la tragedia del 2001 a #NewYork, che fu all'origine della più grande tragedia, della ventennale guerra in #Afghanistan e in #Iraq. L'11 settembre ricorda anche il #colpodistato militare in #Cile del 1973 contro il governo di #SalvadorAllende >
2. Date simbolo della #violenza del #terrorismo e del #militarismo. Tragedie delle quali non riusciamo a liberarci in una spirale di #guerra continua. Se non ricorrendo alla memoria di un altro #11settembre, quello del 1906 a #Johannesburg, quando un giovane avvocato indiano >
di nome Mohandas K. #Gandhi, in un'assemblea al Teatro Imperiale, chiamava gli immigrati indiani alla lotta contro l'#apartheid. Fu la nascita del metodo #satyagraha, l'alternativa razionale e morale alla violenza e alla #guerra per affrontare e risolvere i #conflitti. >
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The procedure for Belarus' accession to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (#SCO) will be launched at the organization's summit in #Samarkand. This was stated at a briefing by the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.
The signing of a memorandum on Iran's obligations in order to obtain the status of a SCO member state is expected as well. This will allow #Tehran to join the founding documents and international treaties of the organization.
In addition, memoranda have been prepared to formalize the status of dialogue partners for #Egypt, #Qatar and #SaudiArabia, and the process of granting dialogue partnership to #Bahrain, #Maldives and a number of other states will also begin.
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Today we’ll talk about how🇵🇰&🇮🇳have assisted and contributed in Afg.
This🧵is for those who compare🇵🇰efforts with that of🇮🇳. 🇮🇳doesn’t even come close to what🇵🇰has been doing for the Afghan ppl despite having fragile economy.
Spoiler: Most of the🇮🇳projects exist only on paper😉
Pakistan Assistance to Afghanistan:
1. Education and Training:
• Rahman Baba School, Kabul.
• Rahman Baba Hostel, Kabul.
• Allama Iqbal Faculty of Humanities, Kabul University.
• Sir Syed Post Graduate Faculty of Sciences, Nangarhar University.
• Liaqat Ali Khan Engineering Faculty, Balkh University.
• Six Primary Schools in various provinces.
• Two Vocational Training Institutes in Kabul city and Baghlan.
• 2×200 KVA Generator for Kabul University.
• 10 Buses for Kabul and Nangarhar Universities.
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Lyndon LaRouche: "#QueenElizabeth was a poor imitation of the Witch of Endor. Well, that's what she is, in effect. She's evil."
#Happy100thLyndonLaRouche!! I wish Marsha Malouk was alive today to read and hear about the death of the "Witch"!
#Elizabeth, RIH!!
#September 8, 2022
Lyndon LaRouche: "The #BritishEmpire, since the 1790s, has been running the international drug traffic. And the #Queen, as head of state, was responsible for this. For example, let's take #Afghanistan. ..."
..."Now, in #Afghanistan, a farmer who is working under duress, that is, the gangsters who run this #drug operation, force the #farmer to grow #opium. They say, we'll kill you if you don't. He grows opium. He doesn't get paid much for it. ..."
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Am Dienstagmorgen ging eine Sammelabschiebung von München nach Islamabad, #Pakistan. Pakistan ist derzeit von einer kaum vorstellbaren Klimakatastrophe betroffen. Nach extremem Starkregen ist ein Drittel des Landes überflutet. Foto eines überfluteten Gebietes. In einem orangen Kasten s
Weit mehr als 1.000 Menschen wurden durch die Wassermassen getötet. 33 Millionen Menschen sind vertrieben worden und haben alles verloren. Auch #Afghanistan ist von der Fluchtkatastrophe betroffen.
Beide Länder liegen in einer der am stärksten von klimawandelbedingten Extremwettereignissen betroffenen Regionen. Und Deutschland, wohlgemerkt einer der Verursacherstaaten, schiebt ohne Skrupel nach #Pakistan ab!
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PHOTOS from the Chinese-funded Kabul University auditorium with the capacity to host 1500-2000 people. #Afghanistan

1/3 ImageImageImageImage
PHOTOS from the Chinese-funded Kabul University auditorium with the capacity to host 1500-2000 people. #Afghanistan

2/3 ImageImageImageImage
VIDEO from the Chinese-funded Kabul University auditorium with the capacity to host 1500-2000 people. #Afghanistan

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1) Two days ago, I went to Surkhrod in Nangarhar to buy breaks. There I saw small girls doing heavy work. All day, these girls help their parents make breaks, and at evening they collect the remaining coal to make fire in their houses.
#Afghanistan #SaveChildren #Children #help
2) These girls are very strong. I asked them about school. All of them said, there is no school in the area. If there were any, they would go and study. Their financial situation is very critical. They were seven days a week, but still cannot afford enough food for the family.
3) I have issued them Omid Ids through @ASEELApp so that you and I help them. You can buy them a food package and put their Omid Id in the comment. #Donate #Feed #Food
Their Omid Ids:
Buy package here:…
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Thread: 5 September 2022: Day 194 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
Latest @DefenceHQ update: #Russia's "main effort in #Ukraine almost certainly remains its Donbas offensive", rather than reinforcing against the counter-offensive in Kherson. Moscow has had "the most success" in Donetsk recently, but it is still advancing only 0.5 miles per week. Image
Horseshoe theory in action: "Progressive International" leader supporting the nationalist protests in #Czechia and their #Russia-friendly demands to cease support to #Ukraine and restore economic relations with Moscow. Image
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