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We're live now with a panel on prison rebellions in Palestine and beyond in honor of #Attica50…

#Palestine #PalestinianPrisoners #GilboaPrisonBreak #thegreatescape #jenin6
"All prisoners are political prisoners." Juliana Goes, speaking now on situation of prisoners in Brazil.
80% of Brazil's prisoners, the third highest incarcerated population in the world, are Black and poor.
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Palestinian resistance & resilience endure in the face of collective punishment.

Our solidarity work does not stop until every Palestinian is free & until Apartheid Israel is held accountable for its ongoing, systematic attacks against Palestinian life.

This is the violence that the U.S. funds into existence.

Countering Israel's collective punishment against Palestinians necessitates raising awareness in media while holding gov'ts & international bodies (@ICC & @UN) accountable for complicity & inaction.
@Addameer's call on the @ICRC "to safeguard the rights of all Palestinian prisoners held inside Israeli prisons from arbitrary, retaliatory, & collective punishment imposed by the Israeli Prison Services" cannot go unanswered.
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Prison Break : Versi Palestin

1/ Awal pagi tadi berlaku kejadian yang menggemparkan Penjajah Israel apabila 6 orang tawanan Palestin berjaya membebaskan diri mereka daripada penjara yang paling ketat di Israel, Gilboa dengan menggali terowong dari dalam penjara. Alhamdulillah!
2/ Tawanan yang berjaya melepaskan diri:

4 orang sedang menjalani hukuman penjara seumur hidup; Mahmud Al-Aridah, 46 tahun. Muhammad Al-Aridah, 39 tahun. Ya'qub Qadiri, 39 tahun. Iham Kamamji, 35 tahun.

2 orang ditahan tanpa bicara; Zakariyya Zabidi 45 tahun & Munadil 26 tahun.
3/ Gambar lubang terowong diluar penjara yang telah berjaya digali oleh tawanan Palestin tersebut. Kehilangan mereka disedari sejam selepas mereka membebaskan diri apabila terdapat laporan sekumpulan lelaki yang mencurikan berada di luar pagar penjara.
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1/6 so......after @YoungLabourUK being told they couldn't have a @PSCupdates speaker at their meeting, after @YoungLabourUK stood resolute, principled and strong, after @PSCupdates intervention,Labour back down and apologise. We will be glad to be at the @YoungLabourUK event....
2/6 The situation was absurd but tied up hours of my time. All because a senior Labour official believed advocating for BDS might contravene IHRA definition.This is how the delegitimisation campaign works. Pressure bodies to adopt a definition of antisemitism that conflates it...
3/6.. with legitimate advocacy for Palestinian rights- once adopted press for it to be interpreted as proscribing critique of racist laws and policies and advocacy for BDS.. even tho definition does not say this...even if you don't succeed in getting an event or person cancelled
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Just to confirm, PSC will have its usual stall at the Labour Party conference and a meeting at the Fringe. We will also be taking part in the Youth Rising for Palestine @TWT_NOW event on September 28th with @YoungLabourUK.
PSC speakers will also be speaking at other events on Palestine at the conference.

However, it is also correct that an official within the Party has told Young Labour not to have a PSC speaker at a proposed event.
Meetings are taking place today to address this and we will make a fuller statement once the issue is resolved.

In the meantime, if you are attending the conference make sure to attend our fringe event “Justice for Palestine”➡️
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Il portavoce della NATO Jamie Shea ha detto che tutti i rapporti ricevuto dalla NATO indicavano che quanto stava accadendo in Kosovo era un master plan organizzato da Belgrado.
Ha asserito che si trattava di un modello di violenza secondo il quale i carri armati serbi circondano i villaggi, poi intervengono i paramilitari che radunano i civili sotto la minaccia del fucile, si separano gli uomini giovani dalle donne e dai bambini.
Le donne e i bambini sono poi cacciati dalle loro case e spinti verso il confine. Dopo che hanno lasciato il villaggio le case vengono saccheggiate e poi sistematicamente date alle fiamme.
#amorestorico #NATO CNN, 30 marzo 1999
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🧵 @POTUS meeting w/ PM of Apartheid Israel Bennett for the 1st time today. We demand Biden end US complicity in Israeli colonialism: sanction Israel & end the military & diplomatic support that enables ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. #SaveSheikhJarrah #MakeNoiseForJerusalem
Raya from @palyouthmvmt says the struggle to remain in #SheikhJarrah, to #SaveSilwan & to #FreePalestine is "a promise to our ancestors, our siblings, and our children." The #UnityIntifada continues across historic Palestine and beyond.

#SanctionIsrael & #MakeNoiseForJerusalem to show up for justice everywhere. @OsamaAbuirshaid of @AJPaction & @AMPalestine condemned every form of supremacy: we will fight white supremacy, Islamic Supremacy, Jewish Supremacy, AND Hindu Supremacy—we build safety for each other.
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Inside the beautiful Ibrahimi Mosque, Hebron.
#FreePalestine 🇵🇸
Gate menuju checkpoint sebelum memasuki area Ibrahimi Mosque. Dan kondisi lorong pertokoan yang seperti kota mati. Berat sekali kehidupan di sana.

Selain di Masjidil Aqsha, Mimbar Sholahuddin Al Ayyubi yang asli juga ada di masjid Ibrahim ini.
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We are shutting down all vehicle entrances to Raytheon's facility in Portsmouth, Rhode Island.

Two people have attached themselves to vehicles that are blocking the main entrance to the facility.

Raytheon is the largest producer of guided missles in the world and is the second largest military contractor. They have sold billions of dollars of weapons to both Israel and Saudi Arabia which have been used to kill civilians in Palestine and Yemen.
Raytheon sells billions of dollors of a wide variety of missles and other military equipment to Israel and Saudi Arabia, including missles for their F-16 fighter jets. Raytheon also produces Israel's "Iron Dome" defense system.
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Aye fine women DM me tho, not if u white tho lol
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L'amore spinge l'essere umano a dare il suo massimo, sia in senso positivo che in quello negativo.
Senza amore il mondo sarebbe una lotta e basta.
Questa vita è un'illusione, come l'illusione fatta di mura; sarà dura arrivarci ma non possiamo rinunciare alla libertà.
Benjamin Franklin: "coloro che vendono la libertà per la sicurezza, non meritano né la prima né la seconda e le perdono entrambe."
Dovrebbero essere queste parole pronunciate ogni anno in occasione della festa della liberazione contro il nazi-fascismo.
combattere sempre, e dedicare i nostri cuori alla libertà e all'amore.
Spieghiamo il tutto con parole semplici da poter essere assimilate il meglio possibile.
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Muna El-Kurd confirming that IOF soldiers stormed their home AND kicked them out. Please don’t stop paying attention to what’s happening in Palestine. 💔🇵🇸

The violence inflicted on Palestinians is only escalating. #FreePalestine #SaveSheikhJarrah
UPDATE: Muna has confirmed they are safe in their home. They are NOT kicked out/won’t allow that to happen. I noticed this had already been shared a lot after I got that clarification. A reminder to be careful ab news you’re sharing! & I need to get on instagram! Sorry yall. ♥️
Super glad they’re safe and sound. ♥️🙏🏼
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Agosto 2017

La corte distrettuale di Haifa ha revocato la cittadinanza a un israeliano: Alaa Zayoud, ventidue anni, residente nella città di Umm al-Fahem, comunità palestinese di quarantacinquemila anime.
Parte del cosiddetto "triangolo" (la zona di Wadi Ara, al confine con la Cisgiordania, a maggioranza palestinese).
Fu condannato nel 2016 A venticinque anni di di prigionia. per tentato omicidio: l'anno precedente aveva investito con la propria auto...
... un gruppo di soldati, ferendone quattro.
"Attività terroristica"
Tradimento dello Stato di Israele sulla base dell'emendamento del 2008 della legge sulla cittadinanza, la giustificazione per revoca.
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Juristische Standardwerke bekommen endlich neue Namen. Schön wäre jetzt übrigens noch die Enteignung und Entmachtung von Hitlers Helfern, der Nazi-Macher Familien, der Hohenzollern, Quandts, Reemtsmas... Warum sind die Vermögen der Nazifamilien unangreifbar? #palandtumbenennen
Schweigen die, die jeden Kritiker und Gegner der herrschenden Klasse der sehr großen Vermögen und deren Regierungen als Nazi diffamieren, aus Respekt vor der herrschenden Klasse der sehr großen Vermögen von deren Rolle als Hitlers Helfer, als Nazi- und Faschismus-Macher?
Niemals vergessen
Die US-Kapital-Regierung hat als Faschismus-Macher und als Hitlers Helfer diesen und die deutschen Nazi-Faschisten nachweislich mit an die Macht gebracht, um Deutschland gegen die Sowjetunion in Stellung zu bringen. Teil 1/2.…
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1/ My essay "Can Bitcoin be Palestine's Currency of Freedom?" is now live.

I spoke to Palestinians to learn how they are using Bitcoin as a peaceful protest to overcome staggering financial barriers 🇵🇸 ⚡

My chat with a user in Gaza blew my mind 🧵:…
2/ Uqab spoke to me from Rafah, the scene of yet another wave of IDF bombings in May. Gaza faces civilizational collapse. 1 out of 2 live in poverty. Half are unemployed. 80% depend on handouts. Investment is gone. Capital stock is destroyed. There is very little hope left.
3/ Gazans may be physically trapped + economically cut off from the world, but Uqab said Bitcoin gave him freedom, calling it “a checkpoint that’s always open.”

“With Bitcoin, we’re getting on with our lives,” he said. “Inshallah, more Palestinians will discover this technology"
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Molti ex detenuti palestinesi vedevano Israele come un nemico feroce, ma hanno pensato che la loro esperienza di lavoro in questi campi di concentramento fosse niente in confronto all'altra grande tragedia: quella della Nakba.
La Nakba ha oscurato tutto.
La costruzione di mura elettrificate lungo il confine con la Namibia, realizzata da compagnie di proprietà del sindacato israeliano (e chiaro modello al futuro muro di spartizione tra lo Stato di Israele e i territori occupati di Cisgiordania e Gaza); …
… la fornitura di armi alle forze di polizia sudafricane, vendute alle compagnie Soltam e Tadiran, entrambe parte dell'immensa galassia Histadrut.
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Il kibbutz fu la prima cellula del corpo sionista, colonna del concetto socialista del nazionalismo ebraico e degli obiettivi dichiarati della conquista di terra e lavoro.
Il kibbutz è il compimento dell'idea "da ognuno secondo le sue capacità, a ognuno secondo i suoi bisogni".
Sul muro i membri del kibbutz hanno disegnato simboli di pace, colombe, arcobaleni… C'è un murales che riprende la copertina dell'album dei Pink Floyd, The Wall, dimenticando, forse, che il loro bassista, Roger Waters, è da anni una delle…
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Along with @AdalahJustice & @Mvmnt4BlkLives, we welcome Ben & Jerry’s decision to stop sales in illegal Israeli Jewish-only settlements, and we call on Unilever to align with the Ben & Jerry’s board to end all business with apartheid Israel.

Until then, the boycott continues.
Key points:
1. This is a significant partial victory & step forward, signaling a hard-fought narrative shift toward Palestinian liberation in the US

2. The unwavering fight for justice isn’t over. The boycott continues until Ben & Jerry’s ends all business with apartheid Israel
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1. Polite notice:
Unfollow me, block me, but don’t troll me just because you can’t ‘win’ an argument with me.

I don’t use this forum to win arguments. I come here to debate and become more informed. And, sometimes, just to engage in idle banter with friends.
2. I have been on Twitter for many years but only become more active over the last couple of years because of the desperate circumstances we find ourselves in. Yes, I am vocal and passionate and sometimes I might use hyperboles and emotive language.
3. But, I try to back up everything I say with evidence from reliable and factual sources. I may not get it right every time, that’s the point of debating. So please don’t get offended if I produce some facts that ride roughshod over your point of view or personal prejudices.
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132 Jewish illegal immigrants stormed the Al-Aqsa courtyard mosque today.

They do whatever they want in Palestinians land 😠

#savebeita #savesilwan
Zionist police raided the Batn al-Hawa neighborhood in the city of Silwan, shortly after Jewish illegal immigrants attacked Palestinians there.
Jerusalem: It is not enough to detain Palestinians, their donkeys are also 'detained' by the Zionist army.

The Israeli military claims the donkey should be arrested for being used by Palestinians to ‘endanger’ the Jewish population.

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The Zionist regime demolished a school built in Dahiyat Al-Salam, northeast of Jerusalem.

Source: Quds News Network

Don’t stop spread awareness!😔

They just not destroy Palestinians children’s childhood, they also close the chance for the kids to have education 😢

Source: Al-Qastal Twitter
I don't #loveisrael forever
#israeloftheday koyak ImageImageImageImage
The training atmosphere of the new Izzudin Al Qassam Brigades Phase three at the Palestinian Liberation Front Front Vanguard Training Camp

Palestinians children and teenagers are truly different from others. They have strong heart and undefeatable spirit 🔥
#FreePalestine ImageImageImageImage
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Alla fine dell'Ottocento la Palestina era parte dell'Impero ottomano, divisa in due province autonome. Dal punto di vista geografico ed economico la Palestina era una terra fertile, dove il commercio era fiorente e gli agrumi venivano esportati in tutta Europa.
La popolazione era composta per un 85% da palestinesi musulmani e per un 15% da palestinesi cristiani, ebrei e altre professioni religiose.
#amorestorico #FreePalestine
E perché venne diffusa e largamente accettata la storiella di una Palestina quasi vuota, con scarsa popolazione e idealmente aperta al "ritorno" del popolo ebraico?
Questo dichiaravano i maggiori rappresentati e sostenitori del sionismo.
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What's more degrading than being forced to demolish your own home or else pay your oppressors to do it for you? That's the decision Palestinians in #Silwan have been forced to make. Today, those who couldn't bear to demolish their home will watch as Israel demolishes it for them.
Approximately 1,500 Palestinians, including an estimated 930 children, in Silwan face violent forced displacement by Israeli authorities. Many of the dispossessed Palestinian families have lived in their Silwan homes for generations. #SaveSilwan
The US and much of the world remain silent as Israel *illegally* demolishes Palestinian homes and ruins Palestinian lives to make way for a religious theme park.

This is ethnic cleansing– plain and simple. And it must END. #FreePalestine
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I dirigenti israeliani accusano il mufti di Gerusalemme, Hajj Amin al-Hussein, di essere stato alleato di fascisti e nazisti – il premier Benjamin Netanyahu lo ha addirittura definito l'ispiratore dello sterminio di sei milioni di ebrei ordinato da Adolf Hitler – 👇
sorvolando invece sui passi amichevoli della sinistra sionista israeliana verso Benito Mussolini (1998, emerso dall'archivio della biblioteca dell'Organizzazione sionista mondiale una lettera inviata da Jabotinsky al capo del fascismo).
Il premier Netanyahu nell'ottobre del 2015 si fece braccio di un suo revisionismo storico, asserendo che Hitler non è così colpevole dello sterminio degli ebrei come pensa mezzo mondo, ma che l'idea di tale abomino nacque da sheikh Hussein.
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