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OUTRAGEOUS: Golders Green mosque set to hold an 'interfaith' event with #Zionists in London.

What about Palestine?

#FreePalestine #London
Pro-Israel press - which defends Israeli regime crimes against Palestinians, Muslim and Christian Arabs - are promoting the event with great enthusiasm.

#GoldersGreen #Zionsm #freepalestine
The #GoldersGreen mosque has a history of cooperation with anti-Palestine #Zionist groups.

Pictured is Zionist, Joseph Cohen, the founder of the Israel Advocacy Movement standing next to Mustafa Field, a Muslim interfaith activist, during a visit to the Mosque in 2017.
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1/15 Andrew Lee Thompson isn't the only admin of the openly antisemitic "Support Labour—Not Zionism" group. There's another.
2/15 This is Widdy Abby. The Arabic transliterates to "Abu Wahid/Waheed". He says he's in Shipley, Bradford. He's also vocally pro-Palestinian, being admin of a large pro-Palestine group with 10.8K members.
3/15 Needless to say, he's with Corbyn.
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California Man Pleads Guilty To Hacking Websites For The Combating Terrorism Center At West Point And The New York City Comptroller

@drawandstrike @ThomasWictor @HNIJohnMiller @catesduane @rising_serpent @_ImperatorRex_ @Debradelai @GodlessNZ @almostjingo @tracybeanz @TheChiIIum
Geoffrey S. Berman, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, announced that BILLY RIBEIRO ANDERSON, a/k/a “Anderson Albuquerque,” a/k/a “AlfabetoVirtual,”…
pled guilty today to two felony counts of computer fraud for obtaining unauthorized access to and committing defacements of the websites for the Combating Terrorism Center at the United States Military Academy in West Point, New York (“West Point”),
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Malcolm X aka El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz aka Malcolm Little: (May 19, 1925 - February 21, 1965) #MalcolmXDay
“I believe in Islam. I am a Muslim and there is nothing wrong with being a Muslim, nothing wrong with the religion of Islam. It just teaches us to believe in Allah as the God.” - Malcolm X #MalcolmXDay
"Never have I experienced such sincere hospitality & overwhelming spirit of true brotherhood as is practiced by people of all colors & races here in this ancient Holy Land, the home of Abraham, Muhammad & all the other prophets..." Malcolm X on Hajj to Mecca, 1964: #MalcolmXDay
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Israeli Terrorists just massacred 25 Palestinians and injured a 1000 more in besieged Gaza. Numbers are increasing.
Israel is indiscriminately targeting civilians peacefully demonstrating against the opening of the US embassy in Palestine's rightful capital Jerusalem
Not only did the Israelis violate the UN laws regarding Jerusalem but they've also continued butchering Palestinian civilians with their inhuman acts and policies.
Shame on the world for watching in silence while an oppressed nation is being slaughtered in cold blood
The Palestinians today represent the resistance against the last remaining colonial occupation.
Without guns and missiles, just rocks and flags, they single handedly faced the most cruel and vicious army in the world
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This thread exposes the lunacy of Imran Ibn Mansur better known as Dawah Man. Dawah Man is a British-Pakistani Islamic preacher. He is dedicated to proselytizing Islam, a practice known as Dawah.
1 Dawah Man asks a 14 year old girl if she considers herself a possible rape victim.
2 Dawah Man blames female rape victim for getting raped.
3 Dawah Man teaches men how to perform modern-day virginity tests on women.
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Alright ayo it's @Claystanman here and for #BlackHistoryMonth we're thinking it'll be a good idea to try and spread knowledge of the history of Black American/African solidarity with and black folks' presence in #SouthAsian resistance.
Bayard Rustin, a gay black man who worked in movements for civil rights, socialism, and gay rights (later known as one of MLK's foremost organizers) organized the Free India Committee & was often arrested for protesting against British colonialism in Africa and India in the 40s.
Bayard's work in supporting the Indian independence movement was reflective of his internationalist approach.

He also participated in the March for Survival at the Thai-Cambodian border in 1980, and in 1982 founded the National Emergency Coalition for Haitian Rights.
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Pakistani Twitter, we need to talk. As some people will have noticed, a small diplomatic issue recently came up between Pakistan and the Palestinian Authority.

Many of the responses to it that I've seen on Twitter dehumanise Palestinians and this is not cool. This is a thread.
Small disclaimer: This isn't directed to the majority of Pakistanis, just those that have suddenly decided that Palestinians are now traitors and that we are ungrateful for all the "support" Pakistan has given us over the years.
Firstly, as much as I enjoyed the privilege that I received as a Palestinian in Pakistan, let's not kid ourselves regarding Pakistan's political efforts to support the cause. Words are one thing, actions another.
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While Trump runs down the straightup Hitler rhetoric about "preserving & protecting Western Civilization," bloated with "America First" chauvinism... #FreeYourself from the Great Tautological Fallacy. #thread #FreeYourMind #TrumpInAsia
From childhood we’re indoctrinated with the notion that America is a Shining Light of Freedom & the President of the U.S. is the Leader of the “Free World.” #thread #FakeHistory #FakeNews
Is the U.S. a Shining Light of Freedom when millions of women are battered and huge numbers are raped every year? Is this a Shining Light to the world?? #MeToo #YesAllWomen
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