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THREAD In 1995 after #Oluja I reported from #Bosnia on #Serb refugees fleeing #Croatia.
A guy, 25 driving a tractor loaded w/ women & children shouts: “Hey, jounalist, remember me?” I didn’t. “In July 91 [after Struga massacre] you told my commander ‘your parastate [#Krajina] /2
2/ can’t exist, you should find a way to reconcile with #Croatia, it is your country'. They kept telling us we’ll never lose, that Serbia is behind us, but as time went on I oft thought about your words. I sensed you were right & we were headed for our own destruction”. Then & /3
3/ there I had nothing to tell him. Every refugee said “our own army ordered us to head away from home”. It was a cynical calculation by Serb leadership (I cannot claim whether Croatian Serbs decided on their own or if Milošević & the Karadžić lot from Bosnia influenced it). /4
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(1) Here is a great analysis I've found on @klixba forums that, IMNHO, properly explains what is going on and what will happen in #Sarajevo and #Bosnia - Bosniak #Ghaza in the middle of #Europe - from the kitchen of our friendly chefs @OHR_BiH and @USEmbassySJJ
@klixba @OHR_BiH @USEmbassySJJ (2) It's written in Bosnian, so make sure you use either the inbuilt Twitter translate or some other similar app (like Google Translate)
@klixba @OHR_BiH @USEmbassySJJ (3) Napisao sam prije par mjeseci da je čudno i indikativno da se u zadnjih pola godine-godinu učestalo održavaju vježbe za zaštitu i evakuaciju američke ambasade i dobio par podrugljivih komentara. Ali realno, ko to predstavlja prijetnju američkoj ambasadi pa toliki oprez?
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A partire da oggi, ventisette anni fa, al di là dall'Adriatico, a poche centinaia di chilometri dall'Italia, i serbi di #Bosnia massacravano, in pochi giorni, oltre 8.000 bosniaci di religione musulmana. A #Srebrenica, dopo aver proceduto al loro censimento etnico. >
Pochi allora compresero che, nel cuore dell'#Europa, stava avvenendo la più gigantesca #puliziaetnica dalla seconda guerra mondiale. Molti - che pure scesero in piazza contro il successivo intervento militare della #NATO nella #exJugoslavia - si voltarono dall'altra parte. >
27 anni dopo viviamo la stessa impotenza, avendo sviluppato - nonostante venga da quella tragedia la proposta di #AlexLanger e dei #movimentinonviolenti dei #Corpicivilidipace - nient'altro che la fallimentare e controproduttiva potenza militare per intervenire nei #conflitti
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Thread lungo
"il mito del Donbass Antifascista"
E' diffusa la favola delle "repubbliche" di #Donetsk-#Luhansk come esperienze anti imperialiste e antifasciste.
E' una bugia, ma è difficile capire QUANTO se non si studia lo specifico.
Vediamo assieme perché
#Ucraina #Russia
Abbiamo già visto in un precedente thread come la guerra in #Ucraina del 2014 non sia stata una "guerra civile" ma una operazione dei servizi segreti #russi realizzata grazie a una vera invasione da parte di truppe russe senza insegne con armi pesanti
Vedremo anche come #Mosca abbia usato la manovalanza di gruppi neonazisti, panslavisti, suprematisti e antisemiti del "Russkij Mir".
Molti vengono eliminati quando non sono più utili, sono membri di movimenti banditi nella stessa #russia, ma utili per l'operazione #Donbass.
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BREAKING: #Ukraine has just been given EU candidate status
President #Zelensky’s reaction to #Ukraine being given 🇪🇺 candidate status:
Following the approval of candidacy status, President Zelensky has just dialed in to speak to the 27 EU leaders by video at #EUCO.

He is speaking to them now.
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1/ Just as thanks go to #Putin for injecting life into @NATO, kudos to #SergeyLavrov for giving the kiss of death today to #OpenBalkan. This #Trump Administration brainchild advances the agenda of #Russia’s strategic partner in the region, #Serbia, under @avucic. 🧵
2/ #Russia’s main outlet in the country, Sputnik Serbia @rs_sputnik, has supported #OpenBalkans consistently. And why not?
3/ #OpenBalkan is open invitation for #Vucic to exploit #Serbia’s economic size for political advantage – free from political constraints or values of #EU. #OpenBalkan = ‘Serb World’ via the marketplace for Serbia’s smaller neighbors.
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UPDATE: High-level #ISIS fighter extradited from #Bosnia & #Herzegovina +4 years ago found guilty of recruiting, providing weapons & intelligence

Now 40yo Mirsad Kandic faces life in prison, more at sentencing, per @TheJusticeDept
Per @TheJusticeDept, prosecutors presented evidence from 36 witnesses & from 6 continents

Kandic "worked directly with #ISIS emirs & battlefield commanders... provided battlefield intelligence and maps" per DOJ
Kandic also ""sent thousands of radicalized #ISIS volunteer fighters from Western countries into ISIS-controlled territories in #Syria & elsewhere in the Middle East" per @TheJusticeDept
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Thread: 27 April 2022: Day 63 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
Another case where the levers of influence over #Turkey that supposedly explain why #Russia has such influence over Ankara highlight the questions of why the #US cannot use these same levers and why the Turks do not worry about them
#Ukraine's ability to strike inside #Russia, in towns like Belgorod, is now becoming routine
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Il presidente serbo #Vucic, fresco di rielezione, ha definito "insensate e immorali" le sanzioni contro la #Russia, aggiungendo che Mosca "ci ha sempre sostenuto sul tema dell'integrità territoriale. Non dimentichiamo il 2015 e l'iniziativa britannica di dichiarare i serbi 1/10
colpevoli di genocidio".
Di cosa parla #Vucic? Della volta che la Gran Bretagna propose al Consiglio di Sicurezza #Onu di approvare una risoluzione sul massacro di #Srebrenica, avvenuto l'11 luglio 1995 ad opera delle forze militari serbo-bosniache guidate da Ratko #Mladic 2/10
contro migliaia di musulmani bosniaci. Le vittime furono 8.372.
Erano i giorni della guerra di Yugoslavia, con la zona di #Srebrenica sotto la tutela dell'ONU, la cui presenza era incarnata da tre compagnie olandesi di caschi blu. Il 9 luglio le truppe di Mladic iniziarono 3/10
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Because most of people don`t know who that #Russia`n ex-#FSB and #GRU agent Igor"Strelkov" Girkin is, it's probably best to tell something about him. Image
Girkin was 20 years old #spetsnaz when #SovietUnion collapse. He take part of war against #Moldova. #Russia form a puppet state called #Transnistria there. Area still exist today and is occupied by Russian forces. Russia don`t have border with the area.
After that Girgin go to #Bosnia fight for #Serbia maybe part of #Russia`n army or just a volunteer for political reasons. In 1993 he graduated with a master’s degree in history.
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At today’s European Council #EUCO, Zagreb racked up another success in pushing its aggressive agenda for #Bosnia and Herzegovina. Based on the information presently available, the following reference to #BiH will appear in the Conclusions:
“The European Council discussed the prolonged political crisis in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The European Union reiterates its commitment to the European perspective of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Western Balkans…
Leaders in Bosnia and Herzegovina need to demonstrate a strong commitment to finalise swiftly the constitutional and electoral reform vital for stability and full functionality of the country, …
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#ICJ Prelim Measures hearing #Ukraine v #Russia #Genocide Convention begins. Camera lingers on the Russia table, which is notably empty... #intlaw
#ICJ Pres makes clear RF was immediately notifed of the filings, & RF ambassador to NL has indicated RF will not participate in the proceedings.
#Ukraine has chosen ad hoc judge Prof Yves Daudet.
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Happening now: @NATO is sending #Ukraine anti-tank missiles, air-defense capabilities per SecGen @jensstoltenberg during briefing at Tapa Military Base in #Estonia

Calls for #Russia to pull all troops out of Ukraine
"I cannot think of a time in it'l affairs when the difference between right and so obvious" per #Britain PM @BorisJohnson

Says #UK is offering "ever-growing quantities" of lethal and defensive weapons, logistical support to #Ukraine
#Russia's tactics in #Ukraine-"Very horrifying to see what kind of steps they [Russia] are taking & how they are escalating this crisis" per #Estonia PM @kajakallas

Predicts #Moscow will face "a lot of resistance" as Russian troops try to take Ukrainian cities
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#Singapore, #Japan, and #Taiwan joining the Western effort to sanction #Russia for the assault on #Ukraine…
Details on the #NATO (re)deployments to cope with the fallout from #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
Details on #Ukraine's reservist mobilisation: far from complete (since that would require martial law), but still of a scale that it will take weeks to complete ... and the assault on the capital is days away at most
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Made a mess of these threads. Integrating them here
#Ukraine's President Zelensky said a few hours ago he is still going to Germany tomorrow for the Munich Security Conference. Whether this is supposed to promote calm or what is unclear; it's a hell of a time for him to leave his capital.
President #Biden just said in his White House address that the US believes the #Russians will invade #Ukraine in the next few days and "they will target Ukraine's capital, Kiev". Image
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#Russia's government not being very subtle about how this is going to go with #Ukraine: a provocation will be staged and the Russians will claim to be acting in self-defence when they invade, while screaming about 'Western false-flag operations'.
Integrating this thread from Feb. 11 here
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US intelligence believes #Russia is preparing to stage a false flag incident to justify its initiation of hostilities in #Ukraine. Been a lot of signs for months that Moscow was plotting provocation to ignite this.
#Russia's representative to international organisations in Vienna. At this stage, Moscow isn't even trying as it prepares its provocation to begin the offensive in #Ukraine.
I think we'd all worked out the Russian script that far, but all the same nice to know NATO has, too.
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In fact, all of Europe was a party to the genocide under the supervision of Dutch soldiers in Bosnia.
Greece still does not recognize Kosovo.

#Greece #Bosnia #Kosovo
They are trying to close Bosnia and Herzegovina's only outlet to the sea!
The bridge built is not only economical but also illegal.
85% of the financing is provided by the EU. The aim is clear. To isolate Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Perhaps to prepare the infrastructure for the 2nd Genocide.
#Bosnia ImageImage
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hari pertama belajar dalam program #GERIS di bosnia. belajar betapa kompleksnya identitas di negeri ini. ImageImageImageImage
#GERIS adl program belajar ttg hubungan antaragama. pesertanya organisasi masyarakat sipil. ada jg sebagian kecil media, trmasuk @BaleBengong. ImageImageImage
sebuah pengantar untuk belajar ttg peliknya masalah identitas di bosnia herzegovina. bagaimana perubahan kekuasaan dari masa ke masa di kawasan balkan.

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Mighty Sovereigns Of Ottoman Throne : Sultan Murad I

By Ekrem Buğra Ekinci

👆🏻 widely used illustration painted by court painter Konstantin Kapıdağlı in the early 19th century shows Sultan Murad I , the 3rd ruler of Ottoman beylik that turned into an empire .

👆🏻👉🏻📸 Credits : Büşra Öztürk - Daily Sabah
While his predecessor , Osman & Orhan ghazis , had gathered a nation & created a state , Sultan Murad I improved his lands , making a prosperous country from it for all citizens .
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#Pakistan was never a "hired gun" in any war, and it has entered many wars - near and far - for its interests, like any other nation. The narrative of a hired gun is a claptrap; earns political points, but is demeaning for the country, insulting, and self-defeating. /1
History is debatable, but #Pakistan smartly dragged the #US and the free world into a war against the Soviet Union in #Afghanistan; & rightly so. Pak benefited from the project, and also paid a heavy price. The actions of a smart nation that effectively defended its interests. /2
#Pakistan joined the #Bosnia war vs #Serbia+#Russia; helped #Azerbaijan vs #Armenia, #Kuwait vs #Iraq; #Jordan vs militants; supported freedom movements in #Algeria+#Tunisia; backed Western allies in Suez Crisis, helped Kashmiris, & helped counter communism in Arab countries. /3
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Thursday's #Coronavirus megathread starts here with the best #Covid19 global analysis and round up available on Twitter.

First a little quiz, answer in the next Tweet:
Do you know which country has had the most recorded cases of Covid19 as a percentage of population?
So I hope there was no cheating... I'll leave some blank lines here too in case some later viewers don't want the answer just yet...
So the nation with more #Covid19 cases than any other based on population is highly vaccinated #Seychelles at more than 20% infected.
Today I spent quite a long time being filmed/interviewed by @bbcturkce about #Covid19 and #Turkey. Not sure how much they will use, let's see.

Coincidentally the cameraman Efe, just happened to be in Kyiv as one of those using Ukraine for a 10 day stop off to avoid hotel prison!
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Wednesday's #Coronavirus megathread starts here, with all the data, news and analysis as #Covid19 continues to cause problems.

Slightly less mega today on the thread as I am working abroad and struggling for time and internet. Doing my best!
Starting with the case numbers from the islands of #Greece which I couldn't publish yesterday.

Broadly heading in the right direction, with exceptionally good numbers from #Crete again and #Zante

#Mykonos surges again and is still the most infected island.
2/3 #Covid19 cases Tuesday on the islands of #Greece

#Crete 196 (-148)
#Corfu 53 (-15)
#Andros 1 (-9)
#Chios 24 (+8)
#Ikaria 11 (-10)
#Ithaca 2 (-1)
#Kalymnos (-1)
#Karpathos (-1)
#KeaKythnos 1 (+1)
#Kefalonia 9 (-1)
#Kos 10 (-2)
#Lefkada 24 (-9)
#Lemnos 2 (-3)
#Lesbos 33 (+1)
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