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This is from #Mangalore, #Karnataka.

Opposing #Muslim girls who came to classroom wearing #Hijab at #MangaloreUniversity. #Hindu students held protests demanding to not allow them inside to wear hijab.
#KarnatakaHijabRow #HijabRow #HijabControversy #HijabMovement
#Hindu Students of #MangaloreUniversity protest outside campus alleging the college has failed to implement HC directions for months now as over 40 #Muslim girls come to classroom wearing #Hijab. They sitting outside the campus in protest.
#KarnatakaHijabRow #HijabControversy
#Muslim girl students protest in front of #Mangalore DC office demanding #Hijab should be allowed for degree students.

Students claim today's protest at University was planned by #ABVP, shares WhatsApp chats & alleges they're planning for even bigger protests.
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Sudhir Hegde, 54, is a devotee of Sringeri Mutt & assistant commissioner of police. This #Ramzan, he & his officers visited 19 mosques & many of 100 temples during Ramzan/Ramnavami. @SauravK1890 reports on a unique initiative.1/n…
As first apprehensive, then relieved, faithful at mosques watched as uniformed officers met them & joined in iftar. ACP Hegde brought his considerable experience in keeping the peace to bear in Madiwala, #Bengaluru

At a time when #Hindu fundamentalists, aided by govt, have pushed or enforced #hijab ban, boycotts, demanded bans on halal meat & azaan over loudspeakers, Hegde’s personal touch helped locals recall inter-faith traditions. 3/n
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According to the state-run @BakhtarNA, the #Taliban's Ministry for the Propagation of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice will tomorrow (Saturday, May 7), make an important #decree, about #Hijab ruling, public.
While not released from the official addresses of the IEA yet, the #Taliban's new plan for the implementation of Sharia #Hijab in Afghanistan is a document prepared in two pages and signed by the seven senior officials of the Taliban, including the Minister for the Propagation...
...of Virtue&Prevention of Vice, Chief Justice, Minister of Hajj, Education Minister...
The key contents of the #guideline:
- #Hijab is compulsory on all Muslim women who have reached the age of puberty.
- Any clothing that covers body is Hijab but it should not be transparent...
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2- « La couverture #médiatique de la question #palestinienne que nous trouvons dans les principaux #français 🇫🇷 est souvent une couverture #sioniste et injuste … »
3- « Avant #Charb , le directeur de rédaction #charliehebdo était #PhilippeVal , un #sioniste avec qui je n’ai pas travaillé … »
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Do watch this short film in Tamil on #Hijab.
Right Wing should avoid watching this short film in Tamil on #Hijab.
Here is the YouTube link
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Well-known #Taliban SM activists strongly #criticized the recent restrictions announced by the Ministry for Propagation of Virtue & the Prevention of Vice.
The ministry prevented today the female employees without #Hijab& male workers who shaved beard from entry to their offices. ImageImageImageImage
@TajudenSoroush published a photo of the employees of Foreign Ministry, who were barred today from entry to their work place by Ministry for Propagation of Virtue&Prevention of Vice.
TB's @Alhanafi_Uqab said that the govt. should know what is the priority.
More posts from the Taliban Social Media activists, in favor/against the recent activities of the Ministry for the Propagation of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice: ImageImageImageImage
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The movie is an attempt to fan the hatred against a minority community in #India by #BJP & #RSS

यह फिल्म भाजपा और आरएसएस द्वारा भारत में अल्पसंख्यक समुदाय के खिलाफ नफरत फैलाने का एक प्रयास है
कश्मीर फाइल्स मुसलमानों के खिलाफ हिंसा भड़का रही है, इसलिए फिल्म बोर्ड, मूवी सिनेमा और स्ट्रीमिंग ऐप्स की नैतिक जिम्मेदारी है कि वे इसे प्रतिबंधित और बहिष्कार करें।
The #Kashmir Files is inciting violence against #Muslims so film boards, movie cinemas and streaming apps have a moral responsibility to ban and boycott it.
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L'extrait - Les convertis de Liverpool

« ʿAbduLlāh Quilliam parvient à réunir autour de lui quelque six cents convertis à l’Islam, dont (...) Michael Hall, un ancien prédicateur protestant, Robert Stanley, un maire conservateur à la retraite qui embrasse l’islam...

...à l’âge honorable de 70 ans et prend le nom de Rashīd, ainsi que plusieurs notables et grands professeurs. Dans le monde musulman, (...) son travail ne passe pas non plus inaperçu, le sultan ottoman Abdülhamid II lui accorde le titre honorifique de Shaykh al­-Islām...

...des Îles Britanniques en 1311H (1894G), et l’émir d’Afghanistan, le shāh d’Iran ou encore le sultan du Maroc – à qui il rend personnellement visite – reconnaissent également son statut de chef de file des musulmans de son lointain archipel.

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Para los y las que están abiertos a escuchar y reflexionar sobre lo #queer, dejo este hilo de recomendaciones. Yo estuve meses buscando sobre el tema hasta tener las ideas claras, así que me parece importante hacer este recopilatorio: feliz #peaktrans a todo el mundo: 👇🧵
Para empezar, os dejo un super blog con varios artículos donde se analizan la teoría queer, el intrusismo en el mov. feminista, la disforia, etc etc etc. Fue esencial en mi #peaktrans y está muy bien explicado:…
Tal vez os suene el libro "Nadie nace en un cuerpo equivocado" de @Jose__Errasti y Marino Pérez de la editorial @EdicionesDeusto . Aquí un vídeo para abriros el apetito hasta que consigáis el libro:
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@OmarAbdullah @MehboobaMufti @asadowaisi

U instantly reacted on #Hijab recent engineered issue,as stated by HC:”Unseen hands are at work to foment social unrest”!
Alas, you’re conspicuously silent on #KashmiriPandits #Genocide ,now revealed in #TheKashmirFiles!
>2 Image
Mr Abdullah Ms Mufti Mr Owaisi
Ur views R more politically motivated,based neither on preachings of Prophet,nor on scholars’opinions!

Pl read ⬇️convincing article by Islamic Scholar,Madam Farida Khanam,Chairperson,Centre for Peace & Spirituality👍

@OmarAbdullah @MehboobaMufti @asadowaisi
Better Sense dawn on U on #Hijab !

Please read 🔽 wise views of revered Governor of Kerala @arifmohammadk & @sharmarekha ,Chairperson NCW on Hon’ble High Court verdict 👍

Cc #FaridaKhanam,Chairperson,Centre for Peace & Spirituality Image
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Muslim girls have been wearing hijab to school in several schools across the country for quite a while. It has hardly been an issue until now.Schools themselves did not think it created a conflict with the uniform. In fact in several schools the hijab was in the color of uniform
By raising this issue now the opportunity is created for Hindutva groups/Govt to force schools into taking a stand. This will further alienate the Muslim community and importantly, put their own girls in a difficult situation. Educating the Muslim women is the best chance we have
of solving issues of fundamentalism within the community and ensuring their greater social integration.Hatred should not be allowed to trump common sense.The choice of wearing a hijab must be left to Muslim girls,not her parents,not the State, not religious preachers. #HijabBan
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1. I disagree with Karnataka High Court's judgement on #hijab. It’s my right to disagree with the judgement & I hope that petitioners appeal before SC

2. I also hope that not only @AIMPLB_Official but also organisations of other religious groups appeal this judgement...
... as it has suspended fundamental rights to freedom of religion, culture, freedom of speech and expression

3. Preamble to the Constitution says that one has LIBERTY of thought, EXPRESSION, belief faith, and WORSHIP....
...If it is MY belief & faith that covering my head is essential then I have a right to EXPRESS it as I deem fit. For a devout Muslim, Hijab is also an act of worship.
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Hijab Ban Judgment: LIVE UPDATES from Karnataka High court.

Track this thread.

#HijabControversy #Hijab #KarnatakaHijabRow #KarnatakaHighCourt
Section 144 (Prohibitory Orders) CRPC imposed in Bangalore City and many parts of Karnataka from today till March 21 by
in view of the #KarnatakaHijabRow judgment from Karnataka High Court

NO agitation, protests, etc
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🚨 Karnataka High Court will shortly commence hearing in the Hijab Row case(s)
Yesterday, Advocate General placed FIR registered for investigating Campus Front of India’s alleged involvement in pushing #hijab at PU Colleges ot Karnataka in a “sealed cover” before bench
#HijabRow Image
Yesterday, senior adv AM Dar made submissions for petitioner students who had allegedly been denied entry to a PU College New Horizon school. AG however told court that it is a private school. Dar told Court that Hijab is a matter of life & death in Islam.…
Further, Sr Adv Kamat for original petitioners told court that the Court must decide basis “Pro-choice” decisions like Sabarimala. He said that right to wear Hijab cannot be restricted as it is a Fundamental Right & an Essential Religious Practice which need not be tested.
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The Hijab Hearing is set to commence in Karnataka High Court shortly.
The petitioner(s) have challenged the alleged ban on wearing #Hijab in government PU colleges at Udupi district.
#HijabControversy #KarnatakaHijabRow
Yesterday: “If uniform has been prescribed by college, it has to be followed till disposal of this matter", Karnataka High Court clarified on interim arrangement
Read here 👇
Furthermore, Senior Advocate Naganand had told Court that the "drum beating for Hijab" was being carried out with pressure from the Campus front of India. CFI is alleged to have affiliations to an org with radical ideologue "Popular Front of India"…
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As we know, our brave girls fighting for their fundamental rights of hijab in Karnataka have missed their important classes just when their 10th & 12th state board exams are around the corner.
To compensate this loss & assisting them in thorough revisions in the shortest time possible , we are looking for mentors & academician from the streams of Science, Humanities & Commerce,
who can volunteer in compiling & segregating the best needed resources that would be in the form of video lectures & previous years question papers.
Those who wish to offer their help please reply in the comment section or dm me or @Human4Justice the following details:
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A Special Bench of #KarnatakaHighCourt will at 2.30 PM resume hearing plea(s) by girl students challenging alleged ban on wearing #Hijab in government PU colleges in Udupi district. S.S.Naganand,Sr.Adv, is expected to continue making his submissions #HijabRow
Yesterday, AG Prabhuling Navadgi argued that Islam can survive without #Hijab and cited the example of France where it is banned in public places #HijabBan…
Bench assembles #KarnatakaHijabRow
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A Special Bench of #KarnatakaHighCourt will at 2.30 PM resume hearing plea(s) by girl students challenging alleged ban on wearing #Hijab in government PU colleges in Udupi district. AG Prabhuling Navadgi is expected to continue making his submissions #HijabRow Image
On the last date of hearing, Advocate General Prabhuling Navadgi argued that Dr.Ambedkar specifically asked not to let religion enter education institutions #HijabControversy #HijabRow…
When a counsel mentioned of 'State excess' to implement the interim order being discussed in TV channels, the court asked him to argue before the TV channel #Hijab #HijabControversy…
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If you wonder why Bengali Hindus are so deracinated and Hindu hating bigots, it is from this circular from 1989 which instructed schools to removed "Aushuddho" from school history textbooks.

From Arun Shourie's book #EminentHistorians.
Listing some of them in this thread 🧵: Image
Whitewash the record of Turkic-Islamic invaders by removing all references to violence inflicted by them on Hindus.
#EminentHistorians Image
More whitewashing of medieval Turkic-Islamic history in India.
#EminentHistorians Image
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A Special Bench of #KarnatakaHighCourt will shorty resume hearing plea(s) by girl students challenging alleged ban on wearing #Hijab in government PU colleges in Udupi district. AG Prabhuling Navadgi is expected to continue making his submissions #HijabRow
On the last date of hearing Navadgi argued that #Hijab will have to stand the test of individual dignity and constitutional morality to constitute an Essential Religious Practice (ERP) #HijabRow…
The Karnataka High Court today declined a plea to stall live streaming of proceedings in the ongoing hijab row controversy. It remarked that the people need to know the stand of the government and college #HijabRow…
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Just visited the Adi Shankaracharya's establishment (Sharada Peetham) at Sringeri, Karnataka. What surprised me, & even shocked me was the fact that at the free meal (Prasadam) served there,

I saw some women wearing full #Burqa , with a band of their children & their men eating the Prasadam.

Mind you, Adi Shankaracharya represents core #Hinduism and people visiting the place are staunch #Hindus .

Obviously, the meal cooked was not at all #Halal and yet these #Burqa - wearing females and their families had no problem eating their meal there.

Needless to say, no one objected to them partaking the meal and they were served as happily as anyone else.
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The Advocate General has completed arguments from perspective of whether the Government has any say in deciding uniforms of PU Colleges. Now, they are rebutting submissions which claimed that Hijab will be an ERP & is a fundamental right. #HijabRow
“The method and manner in which GO is assailed must be taken note of, not challenged earlier,” advocate general adds #HijabRow
Advocate General: Article 25(2) speaks of power of state to restrict or regulate by way of order. Similarly, 19(1) right can be restricted by “law to be made by state”

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Lets go back to basics. What is the core question?
Might be easier to define what it is NOT.
1. It is not whether Hijab is mandated by Islam. You could have a decades-long debate on that Q and still not get universal agreement. It Does NOT matter.
2. It is not whether a Hijab (or for that matter a #Ghunghat, a turban, a #mangalsutra or whatever) is a regressive practice. Women are repressed in all communities. And you could hardly argue that @IlhanMN or Halimah Yacob suffer repression
#Hijab and repression are NOT linked.
3. The Q is not "Why do some women insist on wearing a #Hijab?". You could, with equal stupidity, ask "Why do some women not wear a Hijab or a Ghunghat?"
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