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Amelia and her little foxgirl

#nsfwtwt #chastity #mommy #denial 3rd person #lesbian

"Good morning, sleepyhead," Amelia says softly to the little foxgirl curled up in her arms as her eyes begin to flutter open. Her fuzzy ears just start to twitch.
"Gmornin mama," Zoey mumbls out amidst the cutest contented sleepy noises. Those soft little vocalisations take on a hint of breathiness as Amelia begins softly scratching the little fox's hair.
Amelia enjoys the comfy fox audio for a few minutes, until Zoey starts to properly wake up. Or at least, until she decides to curl up against her mama and close her flickering eyelids once more. So in short, not properly waking up in the slightest.
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It's for your own good, puppy - Part 2

#nsfwtwt #puppy #petplay no gender, 2nd person, femme nurse, high tech collar. Guest starring #drones

The nurse tugs at your leash, yet you just barely stop yourself pawing forward.

"Puppy. I don't want to punish you again, but I will.-
Come on, let's stretch out those sore limbs of yours." She tugs the leash again. This time, you comply. You're not keen for a repeat of that shock so soon.
You go to at least say some spiteful retort, or expression of frustration. All that leaves your mouth is a puppy-like whine, followed by a few little yips. It's the dammed collar again. You know what you want to say. You go to say it. Your body just does not cooperate.
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Owner takes my breath away

#nsfwtwt #choking sub POV, no given genders

"Come here." Owner's voice is harsh, yet quiet. I know I'm in trouble. Either I've done something wrong, or they're in a cruel mood. Not that it will change the end result.
I paw my way over to their feet, kneeling down between their legs. Their hand brushes down my cheek, and I cast my eyes down, not daring to look them in the eye. After a few tender moments, their hand rests around my throat.
Just having it there makes me feel weak. Submissive. Owned.

I can feel their gaze on me. Observing me. Judging me. I feel needy and desperate just being here in front of them. Completely helpless. Just the way I like it.
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Daddy's Little Princess

#nsfwtwt sub POV, post Ashford Institute

Life since I got back from that scary Institute place has been so much better. It was frightening being there. The staff told me I was having all these bad thoughts, that I was misremembering things, like-
graduating university, having a job, and other silly things I couldn't possibly have done. I felt so guilty for my brain being broken, but also a crippling loneliness. The staff were nice, even if the place felt really scary.
Thankfully, they eventually helped me to remember my Daddy. I can't believe I forgot about him. I still feel guilty about it. Despite how fear-inducing the Institute could be, the staff were so proud and encouraging when I remembered things correctly.
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A Doll's Life

Part 1: A Foolish Human

#doll #dolls #emptyspaces #nsfwtwt Part 1 has no/little doll stuff depending where I cut it. Setup. Dark, moves into wholesome sfw?

You should've known better than to go off into the woods alone. "There's werewolves, Nightstalkers,-
gruesome predators, and those are just the ones that will kill you! There's a lot of fates worse than death the deeper you tread," they had told you, over and over. You always were headstrong, even to the point of being foolhardy.
For the first few hours trekking through the woods, you smugly congratulate yourself. There is nothing dangerous out here. It didn't matter if there was nothing important either. Proving your friends back home right would be satisfying enough. You always were smug.
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Ashford Institute Acquisition's Department brings in a soft little cutie

#nsfwtwt #cgl #little #medfet

There's a knock at your door at midnight. The knocking continues despite your refusal to get up. With great reluctance, you drag yourself from under your covers
(where you'd been hiding since you woke up at 4pm), and head to your front door. Surely the university services weren't showing up at midnight to complain about your lack of attendance. They are constantly on your back, never in the middle of the night, though.
Opening it, you see two women, both tall, relatively muscular and attractive. They're dressed in what appears to be paramedic garb, only not quite. Ashford Institute is printed on their jackets and bags.
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A little maid's tale

#maid #nsfwtwt #obedience #service

You can't complain about your life. Literally. There's a limiter chip in your mind that prevents you from voicing any form of complaint. You're just a maid, after all.
Maids complete their duties without fuss, no matter what is done to them. No matter what is demanded. No matter what unpleasant punishments they must endure.
You used to want to complain, you think anyway. It all feels so foggy now. Another little implant took care of that. For every command you follow, and every task you complete, you feel a sense of deep fulfilment.
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My little kitten

#nsfwtwt #petplay #softdom #kitten

"Oh kitten, where are you? I'm home." I begin to shake off my coat once I hear the urgent jingling of the little bell attached to your collar.
It only takes a few moments for you to rush into the hallway on all fours and throw yourself against my leg, just like you do every time I'm away for a few hours.
"Awww, did somebody miss me?" I toss my coat to the side and reach down to pet you as you wrap your arms around my leg. I'm sure you'd be grabbing really hard if your hands weren't locked away in pretty paw mittens.
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Doctor Ashford's Student

#nsfwtwt #domme #sub #chastity #edging subby POV, first person

A few days a week I have the privilege of working directly under Dr Ashford. She's my PhD tutor, although my duties extend into being her assistant, as well as a few other things.
One of my particularly important duties is to bring her coffee at 10am on the dot. Because some idiot knocked the sugar all over the floor of the executive kitchen, I had to sprint to go and find some more. Guess who was a little under three minutes late as a result.
I click open the door to Doctor Ashford's office and begin my apology. "I'm so sor-"

"You're two minutes 56 seconds late, you know I don't appreciate tardiness," she speaks without looking up from her paperwork.
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Story link thread #1

It's for your own good, puppy

A puppy learns their place with a little help from a high tech collar.
Wolfy's stress relief

A little story about being fucked by a feral wolfgirl while at the Ashford Institute. Actually a little wholesome.
Doctor Ashford's Personal Project

You wronged Doctor Ashford, and now she's taken a special interest in breaking your mind with a prototype implant.
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Calling the Ashford Institute's Crisis Line

#nsfwtwt #medfet #kidnap #dark implied self harm, feeling suicidal. No sex, just sinister.

"Hello, you're through to the Ashford Crisis Line, how can we help you today?" A soothing androgynous voice answers your call.
"Uh...Fuck. Um..." You struggle to begin the conversation.

"Take all the time you need. Why don't you take a few deep breaths for me, and then we start with how you're feeling right now?"
"Um. Really bad." It's difficult to be your eloquent self when you're feeling this devastated.

"Could you say more on that for me?"

"Well I, uh. I feel like I don't want to be here." You sniff and let out a strained sob as you attempt to hold back another flood of tears
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Luna's Fucktoy

#medfet #cruelty #nsfwtwt

When you first arrived at the Ashford Institute, you had gagged from just a finger in your mouth. Now, Luna can happily throatfuck you without concern.
Her cock hitting the back of your throat hits one of those conditioned subby buttons for you.

Sometimes you resist, or at least act upset, but without fail you end up spacey and happily full of cum. And she must be on some kind of supplement because when she cums it's like a-
fire hydrant. It's still difficult for you to even swallow all of her first load of the day, with most of it usually ending up dribbling down your chin. Luna makes sure you never waste any, even if she has to shove your head down to lick it up, or finger it down your throat.
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A meeting with Doctor Ashford - sequel to A crawl to ego death

#nsfwtwt #medfet No sex/kink, just a discussion between two Doctors

Waiting outside Doctor Ashford's office is a stressful experience for anyone, despite how comfortably appointed the room is.
Her personal assistant taps away on her computer, before looking over to the timid waiting Doctor. "The Director will see you now."

Doctor Addams stands and steps over to the door. He takes a deep breath, gathering his focus. Pushing the door open, he steps inside.
The office is tastefully simple. Confortable at first glance, but somehow sinister if you let yourself linger. It feels like stepping into the lair of a waiting predator.

"Please have a seat Doctor Addams. I wanted to hear a progress update on Project Theseus. Your notes made it
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A hunger for blood

A bit different to the other things I've posted.

#nsfwtwt #vampire

I never realised what true hunger is in life. It takes someone of true will to resist the alluring scent of food after days of starving. Now, imagine if that hunger was never sated.
A deep need in the pit of your stomach, given only a brief respite as you take the mortal essence of another. Knowing you would bring death and mayhem to the world if you fall entirely to the ever present hunger.
That is the existence of a vampire. My life, or un-life I suppose.

When I wake from a year long dreamless slumber, my lungs do not fill with breath. My heart does not pump blood through my body. My skin remains pale and lifeless, cold to the touch.
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A crawl to ego death

#nsfwtwt #medfef slow #mindbreak #gaslighting

"You know I don't like doing this any more than you do, my dear. Do you think your fussy little outbursts are going to get you anywhere?" Dr Addams asks with a look of exasperated concern on his face.
You just pout in response. You want to slam your first on the table, or kick the Doctor. Unfortunately for you, the straightjacket and medical restraints around your ankles and chest keep you bound to your chair make such things rather difficult.
"Look, I know you don't believe me, but I really am trying to help you." The Doctor pauses, looking down at some paperwork on his desk. "I shouldn't be telling you this. If I don't make progress with you in the next month, I'm to transfer you to the ICU...where you will be-
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Puppy goes home

#nsfwtwt #puppyplay #petplay

"Puppy, sit," the lady in the lab coat orders, pointing to a spot between two chairs. You've never been in this room before, but it is far more comfortably appointed than the harsh clinical rooms, or your cramped cage.
Despite the stressful novelty of the room, you take comfort in obeying the instruction. You shift from a crawl to kneeling on the ground. You can't imagine a life without someone to instruct you. All you need to do is what you're told. No worries or complex concerns in your-
silly little head.

"Good puppy," the familiar stern voice says. Her fingers ruffle through your hair, affirming what a good job you're doing. You can't help grinning and letting out a little contented squeak. Getting praised always makes your mind all fuzzy. It makes you-
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It's for your own good, puppy.

#nsfwtwt #puppyplay #petplay

The blanket covering your cramped cage is pulled back, bathing you in unpleasant florescent light. You immediately whine, although there's little you can do to struggle away. You barely have enough room to curl up.
"I hope you're feeling a little better behaved today," a familiar nurse says. Her voice is firm, but condescending affection creeps into her tone.

Last night you had insisted on breaking the rules repeatedly. You kept using complicated words not meant for silly puppies.
You disobeyed commands. You even bit one of the orderlies. A very bad puppy indeed.

You realise she's expecting a response as she pauses opening your cage.

"Um. I was just really stressed and I don't belong here," you whine. You do your best to paw at the bars, desperate for-
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The spelling of BETU, triggers the bonus game, where players select from one of 3 tokens that reveal a Doodles, Moonbirds, VeeFriends or Azuki NFT along with a prize value. #nsfwtwt #nomercyinmexico #ZeeNuNew… Players can choose to use major cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD Tether, Binance Coin, Kucoin as well as BETU tokens to play NFTreasures and try their luck. The popular ApeCoin will soon be added.

Additional revenue stream for NFT owners… with gaming royalties

Utilizing NFTs in online gaming, such as video slots, opens up new revenue opportunities for collectors. BetU pays a royalty to owners of NFTs featured in their games and are also partnering with project owners to make
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Tæhyung has been wet all day, he couldn't milk his pussy so he has been waiting for Jeongguk the whole day

But when he realises Jk is very much tired he doesn't have the heart to tell him

But ofcourse his husband would know when he hears moans from their bathroom+ Image
At midnight that it's tae who's frustrated because dumb baby can't find his sweet spot without jk's cock in him

So Jk sleepily calls for him & tae runs out of the bathroom when he hears jk from bedroom

Poutyly crawling onto jeongguk's lap who obviously takes care of his husband
— bp!th x husband!jk
— unprotected sleepy sex
— dom/sun undertones
— missionary+riding
— Overstimulation
— dom top guk / sub bottom tae

Lmk if you want this 👀❤️💋~

#taekookau #vottom #bottomtae
#topkook #bptae #nsfwtwt
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#gamingmemes #nsfwtwt
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Debuted in 2006, Big Cash Win is a real veteran among US-friendly casino slots. A 100% plain-vanilla classic, it offers 3 reels and one pay line to match evergreen Bars, Cherries, lucky red 7’s, and the Big Cash Cash icons, which are #ExtraordinaryAttorneyWoo #nsfwtwt #nsfwtw… the most valued items featured in the paytable Launched in 2021, which was the year of Ox in the Chinese Zodiac, Lucky Ox Jackpots boasts stunning graphics, intensive animation, and Prize Wheel that offers numerous opportunities to win free spins with… multipliers or one of the three in-game jackpots. It’s a 243 ways to win high volatility game available already at $0.25 per spin. A successor of 5x Win, 3-line Ten Times Wins has the same 3x3 grid and set of symbols, which include cherries, BARs, and
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Belle brune, méditerranéenne. 23 ans. 1m75 de désir ambulant, une sorte de fantasme avec deux jambes. Callipyge, douce, un visage d'ange, des envies de succube. On se parle en ligne depuis quelques semaines. Je ne misais sur rien, mais mon désir pour elle augmente chaque jour.
Elle est à la fac, et c'est les vacances.
Elle vit chez ses parents, absents en ce moment. Décision est prise que je passe la réveiller un matin, le petit déjeuné sous le bras.
30 minutes de route, je suis chez elle.
Comme convenu, je fais sonner son téléphone une fois arrivé.
Elle mettra 3 minutes a venir m'ouvrir la porte. C'était long, juste assez pour que mon imagination tourne a plein régime en l'attendant.
Elle m'ouvre la porte, un joli sourire, un peignoir, de jolies jambes.
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