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It's for your own good, puppy - Part 2

#nsfwtwt #puppy #petplay no gender, 2nd person, femme nurse, high tech collar. Guest starring #drones

The nurse tugs at your leash, yet you just barely stop yourself pawing forward.

"Puppy. I don't want to punish you again, but I will.-
Come on, let's stretch out those sore limbs of yours." She tugs the leash again. This time, you comply. You're not keen for a repeat of that shock so soon.
You go to at least say some spiteful retort, or expression of frustration. All that leaves your mouth is a puppy-like whine, followed by a few little yips. It's the dammed collar again. You know what you want to say. You go to say it. Your body just does not cooperate.
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πŸ†˜πŸ’”πŸ†˜ 6 last chance euth list #dogs at Downey #California ACC. Must leave this weekend! All adoptable! Walk in & #ADOPT 2-5 p.m, or reply here to #FOSTER 4 rescue - it's free 2 u πŸ™ info ⬇
#DowneyDogs #AdoptDontShop
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On a show that began with @NicolleDWallace and #puppy patter, there was a plethora of #pet parents. They all seem like people with #pumpkin #peanutbutter #paw #treats in their pantries. @clairecmc @MichaelSteele ImageImageImageImage
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Follow this thread for an almost unbelievable story, hiding in the SI of this paper:…

Ten years ago, a roughly 14,000 year old frozen #dog or #wolf #puppy was found in Russia. It's been named Tumat.

Subsequently, an autopsy of Tumat was conducted (1/n).
Inside the puppy's stomach, @MhsSindging, Sergey Fedorov & others found a hairy piece of tissue.

The mystery tissue from Tumat's tummy was sent to #CpgSthlm, where @nibbledtodeath extracted DNA to identify the species that the tissue belonged to.

It came from... (2/n).

We subsequently sequenced a lot more DNA from it, and generated a complete mitochondrial genome.

This mitochondrial genome is now featured in the @CurrentBiology paper by @EdanaLord et al. (link above).

To be sure of it's age, we also... (3/n)
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Due to #overuse (read, #trying to be what i #usedtobe, and #computing every day)

I must stop the majority of my right arm usage for a week. Maybe 2.


#NKVSSP #webcomics #webcomicchat #comicbookhour #Disability #kitteh #puppy #lefty #ouch
I've been a bit #reluctant to talk about #issues

My #health is up & down, and I'm used to it.
I get around, or I lay down (laying down while typing right now)
&now that my forearm is burnin, I'll be doing this a little less as previously stated.

fine enough, but lets talk bout-
-internalized disabili-phobia. (gimmee a break,& gimmee the word if it exists)

it kinda works like internalized homophobia really. I pulled inside all of the shit I've heard for years. all of the hate, all of the "there's no place for you, so go and die already". all inside-
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My lovelies, the comic will be late.
I need to chase down #paperwork to keep my #life humming along, and they manifested with a super tight #deadline. cuz they do that sometimes.

#NKVSSP #ninjakitty #Puppy #webcomics #webcomicchat #comicbookhour
The image here is the raw ink of a watercolour
It's a copy of the image on the back of my flag that I hang on my walker when I go to DCC, or NDK.

On the flag it reads "LOOK AT MY BUTT!" "And come see the comics on the other side!"

Folks have asked for a print (I'm gonna try)
I am hopeful that today's comic will post around 8-10pm MST.

(well, i'm also hopeful that I'll get it all done earlier than that too. I am an optimist at heart)
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