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152.01/ Week one-hundred and fifty-two, June 10-16, 2023, thread begins here.

Week 151 below.
152.02/ We're off to a wedding (yay!) as a whole family (yay!) and when we ask, globally, if everyone is ready, I think about this scene:
152.03/ Alert: "Kung Fu Hustle" is free for streaming on Amazon Prime. This is not a drill.…
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I asked AI to reimagine all 32 @NHL mascots. 🏒

Warning: The images below cannot be unseen.

Photo 🧵:
Metropolitan Division (1/2)

#LetsGoCanes | #CBJ
#NJDevils | #Isles ImageImageImageImage
Metropolitan Division (2/2)

#NYR | #FueledByPhilly
#LetsGoPens | #ALLCAPS ImageImageImageImage
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"I asked Trouba [about Gallant] and his answer was kind of perfunctory, I felt. It wasn't really a glowing endorsement of the coach — let's put it that way."

@wyshynski on #NYR breakup day
"Fox gave a really eloquent answer about how Gallant does a lot of things that we don't get to see in the media and in the public — he's a coach that understands the work-life balance of his players." #NYR
"[Gallant] is kind who we thought he was. When he was fired in Vegas, the aftermath of that was that he was a stubborn guy, to his own admission, who doesn't really do in-game adjustments all that well, and you could really see that in the Devils series." #NYR
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"I don't like this idea that we fire Gallant and everything is better. That's not how this works. Maybe you can do certain things differently but your best players have to be better than that. I thought the game seven was stunning."

@FriedgeHNIC on #NYR first round postmortem
"I understand that when you're a coach you take the blame for a lot of things, but I think what we saw from this series and the reason the #NYR lost it, was a lot more than just the head coach."
"I think [Panarin] is why you're hearing a lot of Joel Quenneville. Now, we don't know if #NYR are going to be able to do this. They have to go through the NHL and the NHL has to decide whether or not they're going to reinstate Quenneville."
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"#NYR are not making a change just to go for another veteran coach who's good, affable ... they want a name. A guy who's proven it, who's won it, who's been there. The one guy who's out there is Joel Quenneville."

@StapeAthletic on Garden Faithful podcast
"If I'm picking one guy to move off this #NYR roster, I'm biting the bullet and trying to see what I can get for Lafrenière. I know the regret will be there. I compare it to when Tampa traded Jonathan Drouin ... I wonder if they could even get a first, plus for him right now."
"I think the evidence to me throughout the whole year, and it's obvious if you're looking at the last seven games, I'd say this guy just doesn't have it. I don't think they're built to accommodate another year or two before he's gonna get it."
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"I think it's fair to say that Lindy Ruff outreached Gerard Gallant. The Devils got better as the series went on and the #NYR just failed to counter that and got worse as the series went on."

@vzmercogliano on @JeffMarek show
"And so now, it seems like it's a real possibility that Gallant could sort of pay for the disappointment. I think we'll get that answer this week. #NYR
"I think that they're going to attack this off-season with urgency both when it comes to the coaching decision and what they might do with the roster. They want to win now. They want results now." #NYR
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"They seemed like they had bottom-six forwards that were bottom-six forwards last year. This year #NYR seemed like they had ... more of a collection of stars and not as many role players."

@EJHradek_NHL on latest Game Misconduct podcast
"...when the boat started to rock after the Devils got back in the series, #NYR didn't have any answers. Kane ... he put up points, but he wasn't a dangerous player, certainly at 5v5. I don't know if anybody on #NYR was a dangerous player at 5v5 as the series started to unwind."
"I get the sense Gerard Gallant will be out, maybe by the end of the week. Not sure of any timeline, but everything I've heard tells me he's gonna be out and they're gonna make a really strong pitch to get Joel Quenneville." #NYR
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"I think we all know what's going to happen. It sounds like there's going to be a biblical sacrifice here. There's too much noise not to think there isn't going to be a coaching change."

@FriedgeHNIC on #NYR from latest Jeff Marek Show
"You look at the production of the #NYR in this series, I'm not sure any coach survives players like Panarin and Lafrenière having the series that they had."
"People can complain all they want about how [Gallant] didn't adjust. You could get the best coach, the best adjustment coach in the NHL — if that's the production you get from some of your top players, particularly at 5v5, you're not going to win. It's that simple."
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144.01/ Week one-hundred and forty-four, April 15-21, 2023 thread begins here.

Week 143 below.
144.02/ I have both allergies & a head-cold (thanks Pesach!) and the amount of caffeine that I would require to make me halfway functional is enough to poleaxe a yak.
144.03/ First rule of media literacy - from listening to storytellers in 3000 BCE to reacting to online posts in 2023 CE - is knowing how you can be baited and then NOT TAKE THE BAIT. This also entails knowing your biases & your appetites.
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141.01/ Week one-hundred and forty-one, March 25-31, 2023 thread begins here.

Week 140 below.
141.02/ I believe in being as religiously inclusive as possible, so I very much appreciate this thread.
141.03/ OMG, things are getting a bit hectic and tense in Israel right now.

Histadrut calling for a general strike is a logical move

But protesters breaking through security barriers of the PM's residence is scary
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139.01/ Week one-hundred and thirty-nine, March 11-17, 2023, thread begins here.

Week 138 below.
139.02/ #MotzeiShabbatMovieNight finale. One the greatest movies ever, Stalag 17 (1953). 'Nuff said.
139.03/ When I decide to listen to the White Stripes, it's to hear the drums. Meg White is awesome.

[Not surprised this discourse has been sparked off by some pathetic ball-headed misogynist who I blocked within the first week I was on Twitter.]
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136.01/ Week one-hundred and thirty-six, February 18-24, 2023, thread begins here.

Week 135 below.
136.02/ Just got the message that M*sk is removing 2 factor authentication unless I pony up 8 bucks a month. Yeah, it's getting pretty unsafe here. See thread below:
136.03/ #MotzeiShabbatMovieNight continues: my kids requested another Simpson's showing, so I chose 3 episodes from the great 5th season
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134.01/ Week one-hundred and thirty-four, February 4-10, 2023, thread begins here.

Week 133 below.
134.02/ #MotzeiShabbatMovieNight continues: after the Tim Burton Batman movies, the movie that put him on the map "Beetlejuice (1988)"…
134.03/ #TuBishvat is the Aquaman of holidays. Send tweet.
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130.01/ Week one-hundred and thirty, January 7-13, 2023, thread begins here.

Week 129 below.
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127.01/ Week one-hundred and twenty-seven, December 17-23, 2022, thread begins here.

Week 126 below.
127.02/ #MotzeiShabbatMovieNight pur on hold for a week because we're going to a lecture by Dean Rachel Friedman of Drisha.
127.03/ Watching the #WorldCup - because the championship game in any sport is worth watching - and choosing to support ARG because I have cousins there. Whenever I see a header I think of this C&H:
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That ENG was uh not as impressive as many would like to think it was. They had like 3 looks before they finally shuffled the puck back to Fox to have someone actually shoot it on an *empty* net #NYR
This team needs some help I s2g
Lmao we were inches away from giving up 2 goals in 15 seconds to blow this. Incredible.
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I genuinely don’t know what else to say that my new dog has more energy than this #nyr team even when he’s had two Benadryls and it’s time to go to bed
This ain’t working. The coach doesn’t know what to do. The players are listless. All of it is not doing well.
xG are a nice measurement of what a team *should* be doing but NONE of it matters unless the puck is going over the goal line in the net.
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118.01/ Week one-hundred and eighteen, October 15-21, 2022, thread begins here.

Week 117 below.
118.02/ Lotsa upsets in the #MLBPostseason & sore losers calling to change the new playoff format. Look, this is the key to win a championship in US sports: be good enough to get into the playoffs & then be as healthy as possible and "hot" when in them. That's the secret.
118.03/ Had old friends visit last night, both PhDs, and it was lovely but posed one the downsides of academic households: when I checked on the younger kids - 13, 13, 11 & 9 - they, no joke, asked me to moderate their discussion of the trolley problem.…
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Waivers Placements Oct 9 2022
(There's a lot! 64 Total Placements)

Josh Mahura

Cam Dineen
Bokondji Imama
Laurent Dauphin
Jon Gillies

Mike Reilly
Chris Wagner
Nick Foligno

Emil Bemstron

Buddy Robinson
Waivers Placements Oct 9, 2022

Mikhail Maltsev
Anton Blidh

Will Butcher

Givani Smith
Juho Olkinuora
Taro Hirose
Kyle Criscuolo

Devin Shore

Alex Lyon
Michael Del Zotto
Chris Tierney
Gerald Mayhew
Aleksi Heponiemi
Lucas Carlsson
Waivers Placements Oct 9, 2022

Pheonix Copley
Jacob Moverare

Mason Shaw
Nic Petan

Corey Schueneman
Madison Bowey

Mason Geertsen

Mark Jankowski
Jimmy Huntington
Roland McKeown
Kevin Gravel
Jordan Gross
Connor Ingram
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Shrnutí prvního dne #NHLDraft ve vlákně 🧵👇

Výměny, podpisy, překvapivé výběry. Chaos!

Tak ať je to pohromadě.
Nejožehavější otázka - kdo bude 1⃣.

Nakonec vzali #GoHabsGo 🇸🇰Juraje Slafkovského.

To ovlivnilo i volbu Devils. Centrů mají teď dost a tak vzali obránce.

Jako 2⃣ šel další 🇸🇰 Šimon Nemec.

Doteď byl nejvýše draftovaný 🇸🇰 Marián Gáborik jako #3.

Jako 3⃣ šel 🇺🇸 Logan Cooley.
Jenže tím historická noc pro 🇸🇰Slovensko neskončila.

#GoHabsGo navíc vzali jako 2⃣6⃣ Filipa Mešára.

Poprvé v historii šli 3 Slováci v prvním kole.

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100.01/ Week one-hundred, June 11-17, 2022, thread begins here. Three digits achievement unlocked?

Week 99 below.
100.02/ Gotta say, this guy sounds exactly like the type of guy I'd like to run the DOJ Jan6 investigation (h.t. @Delavegalaw)…
100.03/ In honor of the goofiest holiday, here's one of my favorite @TheOnion headlines ever:…
(This is my long-time custom)

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96.01/ Week ninety-six, May 14-20, 2022, thread begins here.

#PesachSheni Sameach!

Week 95 below.
96.02/ Because we are.

And it's about the same people. The GOP is the Confederacy right down to the rotten core of cowardly rebels.
96.03/ It's really this simple. And b/c it's actually this simple, it's clear anti-voters don't understand citizenship & shared responsibility like I do.

They're like anti-vaxers that way. In this way too: both threaten all our lives when they opt out.
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The #NYR had slightly better third after a disaster of a second period where they earned less than 11% of the xG share according to @NatStatTrick. Definitely missing that pop they had in the third, so curious how this overtime goes.
Couple notes:
- all situation shot attempts are 77-44 in PIT's favor
- 5v5 attempts are 2-11 in the #NYR's favor with the Goodrow-Rooney-Reaves line on
- 5v5 shot attempts are 24-9 in PIT's favor with Guentzel on the ice.
Igor Shesterkin has saved 2.5 goals above expected on the 5.5 xG the Penguins have created in all situations, via @NatStatTrick.

And I was told the Rangers over-relying on Shesterkin was a narrative, not a fact. Odd!
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