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🚨The time has come! The moment is here! We’ll be underaway with Group A for #BattleoftheDapps in just a few minutes!

This round will see @realfevr, @RACA_3, and @staderlabs face off to advance and have a chance at the crown. Image
@realfevr @RACA_3 @staderlabs 📢If you need a refresher on the rules of #BattleOfTheDapps from @BSCNews, check out our article here!…
@realfevr @RACA_3 @staderlabs 👉For a full look at the first #BattleOfTheDapps for 2023 and the fifth time ever, don’t miss this article which shows all the projects and dates for this iteration. ✊We have some heavy-hittin’ projects this time around! 🥊…
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In 2022, Russia’s war in Ukraine overshadowed much of global politics and other conflicts exacted a high toll, with the number of people fleeing violence reaching a new high.

But there’s also been good news!

Here are @CrisisGroup's 10 reasons to be hopeful in 2023 ⬇️ Image
1️⃣ The deal between 🇪🇹Ethiopia's government and Tigray leaders could end one of the world’s bloodiest conflicts and offer relief to millions in northern Ethiopia. Plenty could still go wrong, but any lull in the horrific violence is good news.…
2️⃣ After 3 years of tension, 🇨🇴 Colombia and 🇻🇪Venezuela finally restored one of Latin America’s most important bilateral relations, providing opportunities to address ongoing security and humanitarian issues at the border.…
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The #WorldCup saw a mix of brands platformed on the world stage, from the classics to a range of newer manufacturers 🧤

We look through all the special edition brand packs at #Qatar2022 and summarise what we saw on GKs’ hands at the tournament 👇

The @adidasfootball ‘Al-Rihla’ pack

🇦🇷 @emimartinezz1 (SMU) 🏆

🇩🇪 Manuel Neuer (SMU)

And more…

🧤 Predator & X Model

Adidas: 2️⃣6️⃣ ambassadors at the #WorldCup

#Argentina #Germany #Adidas #Qatar2022
The @pumafootball FEARLESS Pack

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 @JPickford1 SMU ULTRA GRIP

🇨🇭@YannSommer1 SMU FUTURE

🇧🇷 @edersonmoraes93 SMU FUTURE

And others…

Puma: 1️⃣3️⃣ ambassadors at the #WorldCup

#England #Brazil #Switzerland #Qatar2022
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Using link building as part of your SEO strategy can be a roll of the dice.

Links are undeniably valuable for achieving higher rankings and search visibility. However, as Google cracks down more and more on practices deemed as#goredeath #NehaSharma #WorldCup… spam, the risks of link building are just as great. Though it remains an important ranking factor for most search engines, link building is fraught with black-hat tactics and bad actors – one wrong move, and you may end up taking a walk on the #goredeath… dark side. So, how do you steer clear of the common link-building pitfalls?

How do you avoid the risks involved with outdated link tactics and shady providers?

In our new ebook, The Dark Side Of Link Building, author Loren Baker takes you through eight
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I in fact do watch the women's #WorldCup. I attended matches in Montreal in 2015. And the women's tournament draws massive viewership too ICYMI
And as I say in this essay, about the misogyny, racism, and homophobia in men's football: It is time for men (including you) to learn from women how to play football.… #WorldCup #Qatar2022
If queer is the opposite of heteronormativity, the queerest--and joyously so--sporting environment I’ve witnessed were the Women’s World Cup matches in Montreal in 2015. #WorldCup
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In case you missed who also not just watched #WorldCupFinal but went to #Qatar for it Jared Kushner and Elon Musk...
"Musk’s Twitter Investors Include Saudi Prince, Dorsey and Qatar"…
"Qatar Investment Authority

A subsidiary of the sovereign wealth fund of Qatar contributed $375 million in exchange for shares of Musk’s holding company."

#WorldCup #Qatar2022
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For the football fans among you who watched the #WorldCup
#Argentina just won #FIFAWorldCup for the 3rd time.

I started watching the men's tournament in 1978, when Argentina hosted and won its 1st title.

#Qatar2022 was the 1st men's #WorldCup I have not watched in the 44 years since.

I had 6,500 reasons why.…
I was 12yo when I watched #Argentina lift its 1st #WorldCup and I did not know then of sportswashing that made that 1978 tournament possible. I am sure #FIFA did.

That 1978 World Cup was held in a country ruled by a military dictatorship.… h/t @s_mcguirk
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“Ladies & Gentlemen, this your Captain speaking. I am happy to inform you that #Argentina have just won the #WorldCup

Argentinians celebrate at 30,000 feet aboard an Aerolíneas Argentinas flight from Buenos Aires to Madrid #WorldCupFinal
(via @AeroportoD)
“Everything I know about morality & the obligations of men I owe to football” (Camus)

Football teaches us about team work, courage & fair play but most importantly it teaches us that some things are more important than winning. #WorldCupFinal #Arg  #fra 
The lessons offered by football extend beyond the pitch

They teach us about individual & collective responsibility

Just as there are universally accepted rules of football, so there are universal human rights #WorldCup #WorldCupFinal #Argentina #Messi𓃵…
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#Argentina just won the mend’s #WorldCup. It’s the first men’s World Cup I have not watched since the 1978 tournament held in Argentina that I followed with my dad and brother from our living room in London.…
That was my 1st #WorldCup and, though I did not know it at the time, my introduction to sportswashing.… #Qatar2022
That 1978 World Cup was held in a country ruled by a military dictatorship which held thousands of political prisoners in clandestine detention centres across the country…
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#CoupeduMonde & #contrôle mental du #sport. "Du pain et des jeux et ils ne se révolteront jamais." Les grands événements sportifs servent à envoyer des émotions fabriquées dans la classe des #esclaves.
Cela rend la personne satisfaite émotionnellement suite⏬#WorldCup #France
Le #sport fait croire à l'esprit de l'#esclave qu'il a gagné, parce que notre esprit ne fait pas la différence entre l'expérience extérieure de joie de victoire de l'équipe et notre victoire. Comme au cinéma où le corps réagit à la peur (suite⏬) #football…
Cela rend la personne satisfaite émotionnellement depuis son canapé, et plus susceptible d'aller au travail le lundi matin pour l'élite. Et le potentiel de rébellion de l'esclave est repoussé d'semaine.
L'effet #sédatif est renforcé quand il est vécu en groupe. Enjoy #WorldCup😎
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Interesting question from my kid about the French chance at 93’:

You’re not allowed to kick it back to goalie for hand save. So was the #Argentina defender dropping & kneeing back to goalie deliberately a legal play?
Could have been a PK for #France
A friend says the French are diving more than Jacques Cousteau.
If Mbappé score again, we gotta rename the “hat trick” a “Tribappé”

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It is grim irony that today's #WorldCup final is being played today, Dec. 18, which in 2000 the UN General Assembly proclaimed International Migrants Day. At least 6,500 migrant workers died in #Qatar to make #Qatar2022 possible.…
Some workers plunged to their deaths building the city that did not exist but which has hosted #QatarWorldCup, some died in the hellish heat of Qatar’s summer (a heat the footballers & fans were spared by the unprecedented decision to hold this World Cup in November and December
Others, men who left their home countries healthy, died a few years after repatriating from conditions directly related to the abusive work conditions they endured in Qatar.

The families of those men who died to make this men’s World Cup possible have not been compensated.
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This men’s #WorldCup represents the apotheosis of #Fifa fuckery. The more we let Fifa get away with, the lower it dragged our moral bar with it until we arrived here, the Qatar World cup, the apotheosis of fuckery and the nadir of a moral standard. #FIFAWorldCupFinal
Authoritarianism: check. Misogyny: check. Homophobia: check. And yes all that checked for the 2018 World Cup in Russia. I am guilty of playing along with sportswashing. I claim no higher moral ground here.

But.… #WorldCupFinal
Qatar WC took that fuckery & plunged further into that nadir because even for those who play whataboutery game, for whom no country is free of sin, the 6,500 migrant workers who died while making this WC possible was our loudest moral alarm bell & collectively we failed the test.
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🏆 The World Cup final

🇦🇷 Argentina v France 🇫🇷

Follow our live coverage here as Messi faces Mbappe in a blockbuster #FIFAWorldCup final ⤵️
🚨 Team news

The #WorldCupFinal has arrived.

🇦🇷 Argentina 🆚 France 🇫🇷

⚽️ After 63 matches and 166 goals, the World Cup final is here.

Lionel Messi, one of football's best ever players who will be playing his last World Cup match, going up against Kylian Mbappe, the next generation's global superstar… Photo credit. Gabriel Bouys and Jewel Samad, AFP via Getty I
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Argentina v France • Tactical Preview [THREAD]

➡️ Scaloni go 3-5-2/4-3-3/4-4-2?
➡️ Target Theo or protect against Mbappe?
➡️ Can Alvarez hurt Varane or will Kounde/Konate help
➡️ Paredes could help Enzo against Griezmann...

#WorldCupFinal #WorldCup #ArgentinaVsFrance #Messi𓃵
The formation is any ones guess, Scaloni has not repeated his formation or lineup since the start of the tournament. He is the Tinkerman of the World Cup but more often than not, he gets the big calls right...
Can Tchouameni mark Messi?

Tchouameni took Bellingham out of the game in their titanic battle in the quarter finals but patrolling the area Messi operates in is a different level of tactical understanding.
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A lucky retiree in 1998 spent $100 at the Palace Station Casino; the user spends this amount thrice as an investment. That day she won $27.6 million as a jackpot while playing the Megabucks machine. #teen #TrumpIsDone #WorldCup Johanna Heundl, a player, won its massive jackpot, when he played in May 2002 at the Bally’s Las Vegas the Megabucks machine. Heundl was 74 when he won by spending $170 before that award. You can’t call him one of the last Megabucks winners, but one hundred percent this is one of the most popular and shocking jackpots in the history of gambling.

TOP Big Slot Machine Wins on Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah was launched in 2006, which is a progressive jackpot popular in the gaming industry.
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1/ “Everything I know about morality & the obligations of men I owe to football” (Camus)

Football teaches us about team work, courage & fair play but most importantly it teaches us that some things are more important than winning #WorldCupFinal #Arg #fra
2/. The lessons offered by football extend beyond the pitch

They teach us about individual & collective responsibility

Just as there are universally accepted rules of football, so there are universal human rights & freedoms governing how we should behave…
3/. Just as the rules of football ensure fairness on the pitch, so human rights law governs behaviour globally

But the rules need to be applied equally

Referees - like @amnesty - can blow the whistle on visible foul play - but systemic injustices remain!
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Elite performers have INCREDIBLE mental discipline.

4 secrets of sports psychology you can apply to your own life:
Channel your anxiety.

An increase in stress hormones...


...will dramatically increase your focus.

Anxiety is just the negative version of it.

→Channel anxiety into excitement
→Apply FOCUS to take ACTION
→Use slow nasal breathing
Don't be afraid to ask for help.

There's no such thing as a stand-alone success.

Even elite performers get help → and don't wait to ask for it.

Teamwork is built into your DNA.
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127.01/ Week one-hundred and twenty-seven, December 17-23, 2022, thread begins here.

Week 126 below.
127.02/ #MotzeiShabbatMovieNight pur on hold for a week because we're going to a lecture by Dean Rachel Friedman of Drisha.
127.03/ Watching the #WorldCup - because the championship game in any sport is worth watching - and choosing to support ARG because I have cousins there. Whenever I see a header I think of this C&H:
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This Sunday, a projected 1.5 billion people will watch the men’s #WorldCup final between cupholders France and Argentina. I will not be among them. I explain in my latest essay why this is the first men’s World Cup I have not watched since 1978,l.…
Football is never just about what happens on a pitch for 90 mins between 22 players. It’s a microcosm of a greater story in which we each find a place to stand. 

I’ve written of the spike in intimate partner violence associated with men’s game… #WorldCup
And I take on those issues further in this open letter to Manchester United, the team I have been supporting since 1976, when I was nine.… #WorldCup
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World Cup Flop XI…

➡️ Should Neuer go in goal?
➡️ Does Ronaldo lead the line?
➡️ Did KDB finally prove why he will never be fit to tie the laces of the likes of Iniesta?

Scroll down to find out!

#WorldCup #Ronaldo𓃵 #WorldCup2022
This guy gave me butterflies for all the wrong reasons every time the ball went near his goal - even if it was a back pass…
Probably the biggest stinker of a tournament from an established world class player in his prime of this tournament…
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Introducing Bird SQL, a Twitter search interface that is powered by Perplexity’s structured search engine. It uses OpenAI Codex to translate natural language into SQL, giving everyone the ability to navigate large datasets like Twitter.
With Bird SQL, you can quickly find information on Twitter that would have been impossible to find with conventional search engines or web browsing:
"most liked tweets about #worldcup"…
Search through top content:
"most liked tweets of all time"…
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⏰ The countdown is on

🇫🇷 France 🆚 Morocco 🇲🇦

Follow our World Cup liveblog for all the unmissable moments and more ⤵️ #TelegraphFootball #FIFAWorldCupQatar2022 #WorldCup2022… ImageImage
Kick-off! ▶️

For a place in the World Cup Final 🌏🏆 against Messi and Argentina.

#TelegraphFootball #FIFAWorldCup2022 #WorldcupQatar2022… Image
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Beside major decisions going against one, what type of bad refereeing display impacts a team the most? I'll elaborate in thread
1) Overly lenient on fouls
2) Fouls called when clean tackles
3) Overly cheap yellows for an aggressive team
4) No yellows for opponent v a clean team
3-IMO quickdraw Mcgraw refs dishing out yellows for next to nothing for aggressive teams = doesn't happen so often anymore but this would probs be the worst, even refs in the champs league are more lenient than before. Argentina v Netherlands was a rare 1 off but for both teams.
Personally I feel teams that don't get given fouls when they are tend to respond with more sloppy ball control and worse dribbling cos wanna over-burst past opponent with revenge+start throwing themselves on the floor to give the ref a chance to even it out/justice-rarely get it.
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