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Based on the above images, what is your first impression?

* Dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans
^Pleomorphic dermal sarcoma
S100 and SOX10 ImageImage
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A 65 year old male presented with low urine output and bone pain. On further investigation serum creatinine was high and the patient had low hemoglobin. Bone marrow biopsy showed finding in the image. What is your diagnosis? #pathtwitter #pathtweetorial #pathresidents #pathboards
Answer is multiple myeloma.
They are deposits of immunoglobulins. Intracytoplasmic immunoglobulin inclusions are called RUSSEL BODIES.
Seen in multiple myeloma, plasmacytoma, lymphoplasmacytic lymphoma (LPL).
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A 48 year old male presented with submandibular swelling for 3 weeks.On examination the swelling was painless, solid, firm and immobile. Excision was performed. Hand E stained section of the tumour is shown below. What is your diagnosis? #pathtweetorial #pathboards #pathresidents Image
Answer is Acinic cell carcinoma -"acinic cells" (abundant finely vacuolated cytoplasm with basophilic granules, small nuclei with stippled chromatin), scattered "intercalcated duct type cells" (eosinophilic cytoplasm with moderate amount of cytoplasm and bland nuclei). Note the vacuolated acinic ...
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See the results of our study: The Use of Twitter as an Educational tool in Pathology residents #PathTwitter #pathresidents #medicaleducation ImageImageImage
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Based on the images only, what is your initial impression?
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Brain tumour, adult

PET positive

#Neuropath #Pathtwitter #Pathresidents
Based on the initial images only, what is your first impression?

Another image
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Based on the above images only, which of the following combination of immunohistochemical stains would you predict to be POSITIVE✅?
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Skin and Lymph node, adult

#dermpath #hemepath #pathtwitter #pathresidents ImageImageImageImage
Based on the initial images only, what is your first impression?
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Based on the above images only, what is your first impression?

* of the thyroid
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Based on the initial images, which of the following do you favour?

* Gastrointestinal stromal tumour
**Gangliocytic Paraganglioma
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Based on the initial images, what is your first impression?
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Glomerular crescents 🌙

❓What’s a crescent?

🔬Crescentic GN?

🧩 How are crescents formed?

🔬🗂 Types of crescents? ❗️Pseudo-crescents?
#renalpath #PathResidents #Pathbracket
❓A crescent is defined as two or more layers of cells that are partially or completely filling the Bowman’s space

📥composed of
-Mixture of cells(epithelial cells, monocytes and other leukocytes)
-fibrous matrix. (2/6)
🚨Non specific lesion, can be triggered by a variety of glomerular diseases
🔬Crescentic GN(CGN)?
▶️is a PATTERN of injury rather than a specific diagnosis
▶️Integration of clinical data, specific laboratory & immunologic tests can clarify the diagnosis underlying the CGN (3a/6)
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#MTPathUnknown, #40
What am I?
#autopsy #cardiacpath #pathresidents
@leon_metlay I hope you find this useful--I found some good slides to share.
#tweetorial 1/8
How to find the answer--Step 1--location
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