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This is an excellent book on the history of gender in Africa.

It both recognises gender equal aspects: some women could defy patriarchal hierarchies (as merchants, spirit mediums, female husbands & influential princesses), while also recognising controls on ordinary women.
One difficulty in studying gender history is polarisation and backlash.

Male historians of Europe tended to emphasise Great Men.

Women were written out of history.

That rightly triggered backlash: feminist historians highlight women’s agency, importance, & resistance.
There are parallels with postcolonial gender studies:

Racist colonisers misrepresented gender relations.

This has rightly triggered backlash: highlighting agency, autonomy, resistance, and elements of egalitarianism.

Women are increasingly written into history.
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― Polygamy in Islam ―
What are the Rules and Purposes?

A thread🧵

#Islam #Quran #Polygamy
The Holy Quran says “And if you fear that you will not be fair in dealing with the orphans, then marry of women as may be agreeable to you, two, or three, or four; and if you fear you will not deal justly, then marry only one or what your right hands possess” (An Nisa 4:4)
Another verse states: “And you cannot keep perfect balance between wives, however much you may desire it....” (An Nisa 4:130)

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5 Myths About Muslim Women

A Thread


@kparveen2005 @Raza_AKhan
Myth 1: Islam justify Violence agaisnt Women

Debunked: Islam Justify Kindness between spouses Not Violence

Myth 2: Muslim Women Cannot #Divorce !

Women have assured protection in #marriage & ways to seek divorce & seperations


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Sista Kimba
Book of Mormon
Secret Text
Just Believe

Hiya Uganda!
U have a
lovely mud hut.
If u just put down the gun,
oh, I'll leave."

Mormon Drug #Missions
Mexico #SinaloaDrugCartel
Mormon polygamists

*Plural Marriage
Drug Cartels

Church of Later-day Saints
w their *American God,
distancing themselves from
#fundamentalist/polygamist groups
split from Mormon church
who have navigated life
amid #DrugWar
in northern Mexico.

Utah <> Mexico…
Long unaffiliated w
mainstream church,
#polygamist Mormon
communities put down stakes
in N. Mexico
originated in late 1880s,
when # of families moved
2 #Chihuahua + #Sonora.

Incl Miles Park Romney,
great-grandfather of
Senator #MittRomney,
Republican|GOP of #Utah
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