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Afghan, Pakistan cartels survived empires-now they are drowning Indian Ocean region in drugs

Like their colonial-era ancestors, #smugglers are the economic backbone of impoverished communities in #Afghanistan and #Pakistan.…
"Last week, a French warship operating in a multinational mission in the Gulf of Oman reported seizures of drugs with an estimated street value of $108 million."
Drugs worth $108m seized by French warship in Indian Ocean

Drugs, including heroin and methamphetamine valued at $108m, were seized in the Indian Ocean by a French warship operating with CTF 150.…
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The Dark Roots of the “#BrusselsEU” - The birth place of the "Brussels EU" on the drawing boards of the #Nazi/#IGFarben-coalition for a post-war Europe under their control | 2016
- #MI5 files: Nazis planned '#FourthReich' in post-war #Europe… ImageImageImage
The Dark Roots of the “#BrusselsEU
- The corporate preparations for #WW2 started as early as 1925, when #Bayer, #BASF, #Hoechst and other German multinationals formed a #cartel called “#IGFarben Industry”… ImageImageImage
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"En México es muy importante, no solamente combatir el #neoliberalismo a partir de esta estigmatización de lo público, sino a partir de la reorganización lo más profunda posible de los organismos de inteligencia y la creación de un servicio de inteligencia..."
...altamente profesional especializado y que incorpore la cultura democrática de inteligencia para sus funciones y para el desarrollo de sus actividades": Dr. Retana Yarto

Entrevista en #ContralíneaTV por #FB y #YouTube
Estas estructuras criminales siguen ahí, no se han desarticulado, están al acecho, el dr. Retana explicó que ahora no tienen el acceso al primer círculo del #PoderEjecutivo como lo tuvieron anteriormente pero los podemos ver actuantes e impunes todavía...
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The war against opioid Rxs and pain patients is all about $$$. Nothing can compete with opioid rxs to safely or more effectively treat severe pain short or long term for 40 plus years.

A WWII vet had been on #OpioidRxs for his severe pain for 40+ years. Within months of being
Within months of being force tapered off of #OpioidRxs he died.

The #DEA’S efforts to make #OpioidRxs disappear shift all of that money to alternate treatments which are mostly ineffective or to #Cartels who sell their version of pain meds on the street.
The #WarOnOpioidRxs has nothing to do with saving lives. As the supply of safe pharmaceutical pain meds dries up OD’s skyrocket because the #Cartel’s pain meds are laced with illegal fentanyl.

But those not yet killed by the #Cartels will desperately spend their healthcare
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Let's talk about how the 2,000pp "House 2.0 antivirus experiment" was in fact an intelligence report (aka "INTSUM") on the global #antivirus industry.

It began in 1999 after I'd revealed the existence of "EIS," later renamed "ADVEIS." It was an #antivirus rootkit...
ADVEIS stood for "Antivirus-Dependent Vulnerabilities in Email Infrastructure Security." I developed it in the late 1990s while working at A.G. Edwards & Sons building the U.S. brokerage industry's first SOC.

I gave a public lecture on ADVEIS, then dusted my hands of it.
But ADVEIS had rankled the #antivirus industry.

This led IBM bigwig David Chess to call my office.

I admit it: Chess is the one man I never beat in a philosophical match.

"So, Rob: you got root access from every AV company's products. What are you going to do *next*?"
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Simon touches on a key point in his first item.

As with #falsifiability in #science, in #practice '#ethics' only work in the context of a #profession or #community *from which one can be #excluded*.

Those wishing to be #trusted as #ethical must stop issuing '#principles' and...
..setting up #EthicsBoards like @Google's or private courts like @Facebook's @OversightBoard (both demonstrating how poorly #BigTech grasps basic concepts like #justice, let alone #ethics, and how both - as #sovereign powers - have utterly misconceived #community) and start to...
...genuinely #professionalise.

Not in the shitty, self-serving, #cartel-like fashion of many companies & industry bodies in tech, advertising - and yes, DP & privacy - but in broader, deeper, more #connected ways that *could* deliver the #trustworthy #institutions of the future.
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Lets talk about #Oil and the #Corona / #COVID19 #Virus. What is it doing to #Global #Energy #Demand & what does it mean for #OPEC?
On March 5th 2020, the Organisation of #Petroleum Exporting Countries #OPEC concluded its 178th Extraordinary meeting. Aside from Ecuador's withdrawal from OPEC, the #Oil #Cartel was hard pressed to fashion a response to the impact of #COVID19 on #Global oil #Demand...
It is no secret that the #global #oil #market is awash in oil. The glut in supply has seen, in the past, a collaboration of sorts between #OPEC & Non-OPEC (mainly #Russia) oil exporters to monitor supply & maintain output at "mutually profitable" levels...
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This dam conference on hydro-impacted communities starts today! It's actually named "Ki Ta Ski Naw" or 'rise up' in Cree. For those interested in following along, I think hashtags will be #hydroimpacted #hydrojustice & I'll also try to use #SiteC #bcpoli…
Looking forward to the first panel which will be moderated by BC journalist @sarahcox_bc. Opening welcome now. Starting to regain feeling in my face from the walk here, hi Winnipeg!
We're in Treaty 1 territory for the #hydroimpacted conference. Welcome by local elder Dave Scott in Cree language. Speaking now about the treaty relationship, its history, the 'doctine of discovery', Trudeau's White Paper & ongoing devolution process.. cc #SiteC #treaty8
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Sista Kimba
Book of Mormon
Secret Text
Just Believe

Hiya Uganda!
U have a
lovely mud hut.
If u just put down the gun,
oh, I'll leave."

Mormon Drug #Missions
Mexico #SinaloaDrugCartel
Mormon polygamists

*Plural Marriage
Drug Cartels

Church of Later-day Saints
w their *American God,
distancing themselves from
#fundamentalist/polygamist groups
split from Mormon church
who have navigated life
amid #DrugWar
in northern Mexico.

Utah <> Mexico…
Long unaffiliated w
mainstream church,
#polygamist Mormon
communities put down stakes
in N. Mexico
originated in late 1880s,
when # of families moved
2 #Chihuahua + #Sonora.

Incl Miles Park Romney,
great-grandfather of
Senator #MittRomney,
Republican|GOP of #Utah
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