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JUST IN: @UtahDepOfHealth reporting 19,374 cases of #COVID19 in Utah. 1 new fatality. 312,054 tests administered. 1,290 hospitalizations since the beginning of the outbreak. @fox13 #utpol #Utah
Here's the math, per @UtahDepOfHealth:

Cases: 19,374 (590 new)
Tested: 312,054 (7,316 new)
Hospitalizations: 1,290 (34 new)
Deaths: 164 (1 new)

Daily positive per test rate: 8.1% @fox13 #utpol #Utah #COVID19
.@UtahDepOfHealth with an explanation on the fatality and the testing. @fox13 #utpol #Utah #COVID19
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• 1 in 1,500 Black
• 1 in 2,300 Indigenous
• 1 in 3,100 Pac. Islander
• 1 in 3,200 Latino
• 1 in 3,600 White &
• 1 in 3,700 Asian
…Americans has died (through 6/23).

More:… Image
Our latest COLOR OF CORONAVIRUS update shows Pacific Islanders in their own category in places where that data is available. It also includes improved data for #Utah & #Wyoming, which have begun publicly reporting racial detail for their COVID-19 deaths.…
Here's an update to the one sentence that perhaps best characterizes the heartbreak of racial inequity in the era of #COVID19.

Explore all the data (now updated through 6/23) here:…

#healthequity Image
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Rep. Daw has gaveled in the Health & Human Services Interim Committee and welcomed the public (virtually).

We are expecting @UtahDepOfHealth to appear to discuss #COVID19 response efforts. @fox13 #utpol #Utah
.@UtahDepOfHealth Director Dr. Joseph Miner begins by offering a timeline of #COVID19 response.

Here's the timeline up on the screen. @fox13 #utpol #Utah
.@DrAngelaCDunn now testifying before the committee.

She's going over the origins of #COVID19 in January to present, detailing the state's response.

"We had structure in place almost two months before first case in Utah," she says. @fox13 #utpol #Utah
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I'm at @SLCoMayor's news conference where she is expected to make some policy proposals related to policing, economic opportunity, housing, etc., in response to the recent protests. @fox13 #utpol #SLC #Utah
Members of the state's MLK Jr. Human Rights Commission are in the audience.

They met with @GovHerbert earlier this week in a very emotional meeting where he promised statewide policy proposals within 30 days:… @fox13 #utpol #Utah
Pastor France Davis (recently retired) from Calvary Baptist going to kick things off with a moment of reflection and prayer.

"These are difficult times," he says, not only the virus but "history has caught up with us regarding our racial relationships." @fox13 #utpol #SLC #Utah
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The day after the 2016 election was the most difficult day to teach.

I mourned with students of color who had family who had been deported, who had been abused by police. They cried, afraid.

Several white students didn't get it.

In 2020, most get it:
From May 15–22, 2020, 398 students responded, for a response rate of 26%, including 325 registered voters who said they would vote in 2020. Over 9 in 10 of the students surveyed took a general education course with no prereqs; they represent all BYU majors & most U.S. states.
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*loads Twitter to see what’s happening in the US*
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1. News: Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz requested additional 1,200 National Guard soldiers:

1,700 National Guardsmen expected in Minneapolis tonight; military police on alert after riots rage across US

-Thread (May 30)… #riots
2. News: Portland: Antifa Members Destroying Justice Center #riots
3. News: Fox News Channel's Leland Vittert surrounded, overtaken, and chased off of his live-shot by an angry mob shouting "f*** Fox News."

Shannon Bream tosses to him - he shakes his head as if to tell her not to. #riots
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As more states move toward reopening and the national picture improves, we revisited some of the reopened states- many of which have seen upward trends in new #COVID19 cases since reopening.

Since reopening 27 days ago, new cases in #Alabama have increased 119%
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Hi @UtahGov @GovHerbert why is my state of #Utah going from “orange” to “yellow” when the daily cases are on an opposite trend and today is the highest daily new COVID-19 case count yet? This doesn’t make sense and I’m afraid and confused. This seems reckless.
@anntorrence @robertmarc60 @BWJones do you see any science? Because I don’t.
On the @UtahDepOfHealth @UtahCoronavirus chart, yellow means plateau and orange/red means growth. We went from yellow to orange/red.

On @GovHerbert @UtahGov’s coronavirus restrictions and reopening risk level chart, we just went from orange to yellow.

What am I missing here
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Just heading out to pick up a prescription at the drive-thru window
I ain’t skiiing this slope.
The goggles are because it was high wind in the desert where we walked our dogs. My eyes got irritated from weeks of outdoor living in windstorms, got help from a telemedicine Opthalmologist and i gotta let my eyes gently heal. No sandblasting my eyeballs. Goggles or go home.
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JUST IN: @UtahDepOfHealth reporting 7,710 cases of #COVID19 in Utah. 2 new fatalities. 179,664 tests administered. 631 hospitalizations since the beginning of the outbreak. @fox13 #utpol #Utah
Here's where we are on "the curve."

If you want the math:

#COVID19 cases: 7,710 (192 new)
Tested: 179,664 (2,353 new)
Hospitalizations: 631 (12 new)
Deaths: 90 (2 new)

@fox13 #utpol #Utah
Here's some additional info on the fatalities reported by @UtahDepOfHealth.

@GovHerbert and @DrAngelaCDunn will hold a briefing around 1:30pm. @fox13 will air it on TV and online and I'll be live-tweeting.

#utpol #Utah
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Welcome to #Utah, where corruption is rampant, infections daily are up, deaths are increasing, and restrictions are vanishing. The land of the stupid.
The people without power and privilege in Utah aren’t stupid. But the gang at the top sure hecking are.
Folks, THE SCIENCE. Math does not lie.
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Congratulations, #Utah, you just created a new legal industry. Lawsuits to prove recklessness, and these Utah businesses will be hit by them. Here come the personal injury coronavirus carpetbagger lawyers who will argue “they knew.” Reckless will be the claim.
Billboards will line Utah freeways like they have along the freeway in Las Vegas. Hashtag InjuredInACasinoBathroom dot law firm dot com.
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#UTAH regulator warned a Draper, UT pharmacist his deal to sell state huge quantities of Trump’s chosen COVID-19 drug patients violated law… he went to her supervisor. State had already paid $800K in public funds to Hydroxychloroquine w/o legal review.…
Seems perfectly normal and legitimate and in no way is the reflex of men to go over a woman’s head just to smash it familiar to me and other women, nope, this isn’t how good old boy corruption and grift networks work in Utah at all the governor is not a Trump today at all.
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As we wait for @GovHerbert to begin his briefing with @DrAngelaCDunn, I'm gonna call attention to this story and an announcement we're awaiting:… @fox13 #utpol #Utah #COVID19
.@GovHerbert begins by sporting a new "Utah-specific" face mask.

He thanks Utahns for their cooperation, diligence in following directives to slow the spread of #COVID19. @fox13 #utpol #Utah
Utahns' efforts have kept the health care system from being overwhelmed, @GovHerbert says.

Testing capacity has grown (62 sites now). He says there's need to have more people tested. @fox13 #utpol #Utah #COVID19
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UTAH: on our small #Utah town’s NextDoor, I shared my take on @GovHerbert’s “Utah Leads Together Plan” for phased “reopening” of the state, beginning May 1.

* some have asked for the text so I will paste it in this thread. There may be some errors, LMK.
#COVID19 #coronavirus
It’s not how fast can we reopen the economy, it’s how many deaths and whose deaths we are okay with. A plan is one thing, yes I read it, but in both the plan and the public statements of our governor, I am not seeing anything that makes me feel safe.
3/ What they mean when they talk about loosening restrictions and seeing what happens is: people will die.

Widespread testing data and the willingness to do what may not be politically popular or in line with the president is what’s going to make a difference.
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@CDCgov, it’s me again. This “report” you released is a flawed mess. If you’re attempting to address #RacialHealthDisparities then why are 12 of 14 states you cherry-picked ranked between 15-46th in terms of Black Population percentage. #TheLies…
Instead of analyzing outcomes from #DC, #Mississippi or #Louisiana, all with >30% Black population, you chose to pad the numbers and present #Utah, #Oregon, and #Iowa... all <3% Black population. We. See. You.
Remember the #HealthCareSystem May discriminate but #COVID19 does not Image
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This just in, event announcement from a neighboring tiny township here in SW UTAH. Participants stay inside their vehicles the entire time. LMHAO (laughing my hecking aunties off)

“BINGO DAUBERS will be available” YES I AM GOING
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GREAT THREAD Sciencey but as an MD I appreciate that. Discusses studies already done that show, yes THOSE WHO #Recover from #SARSCov2 are #immune and have cleared virus from themselves. They can go back to work or better yet CARRY MESSAGES TO THE SICK
GOT THAT @UnitedWay @ADL? I rec an Identity PINK (or other) Armband w ‘R’ or Angel, so Families and Hospitals will know they are safe with those not sick or sick. @SenAmyKlobuchar do you know DefCounsel #Goldman perhaps he would carry message to your husband. @RepAdamSchiff
SEE WE have a burgeoning Army of #RECOVERED .. Hopefully some will agree to be Compassionate and Help Others Not just selfishly go back to work or play. #GovCuomo the #NewRochelle and #ChristChurch clusters were early SB Many #Recovered. Read thread there is a test to prove it.
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MAR 22 #COVID19 #MDTHREAD 1: GLOBAL 316,659 w 13,600 DEATHS Beginning at 9AM Most stories WaPo Live Updates.
Derek Hawkins, Kim Bellware, Lateshia Beachum, Adam Taylor and Brittany Shammas
Or link is in tweet SEE EARTHQUAKE in #Croatia below
MAR 22 #COVIDー19 #MDTHREAD 2: #Trump still #MAGA lying. “I invoked the Defense Production Act, and last night, we put it into gear,” Trump said on FRI Infomercial. NO, per @FEMA chief
“No. We haven’t yet,” FEMA Admin #Gaynor said Sunday on @CNN’s #SOTU “State of the Union.”
MAR 22 #COVIDー19 #MDTHREAD 3: #DUBAI#UAE flagship carrier, #Emirates, announced Sunday that it would move to suspend all passenger flights by Wed in response to #COVID19 .
we cannot viably operate passenger services until countries re-open their borders.
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#NFLCombine key measurements thread…

2. #Oregon TE Jacob Breeland

Height: 6-4 7/8
Weight: 252
Hand: 9 7/8
Arm: 32 5/8
Wingspan: 78 1/8
#NFLCombine key measurements thread…

3. #FloridaAtlantic TE Harrison Bryant

Height: 6-4 6/8
Weight: 243
Hand: 9 4/8
Arm: 30 5/8
Wingspan: 74
#NFLCombine key measurements thread…

4. #Washington TE Hunter Bryant

Height: 6-2 2/8
Weight: 248
Hand: 10 right hand (pinky deformation), 10 3/8 left hand
Arm: 32
Wingspan: 76 4/8
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At a recent town hall event in #Utah, @SenMikeLee tries to explain a major immigration bill, S.386, to his constituents. He has refused a public hearing on the bill, & continues to misrepresent the FACTS about what this bill does. #NoS386
We have debunked a lot of Sen. Lee’s false talking points stated in this video, on this thread:
Why is Sen. Mike Lee pushing bill S.386 so hard & adamant of passing it without any hearings? Follow the money:
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Here is just part of the GOP's role

RNC Convention July 18, 2016
Lee rallies the Never Trumpers
🇺🇸@realDonaldTrump #KAG
@realDonaldTrump 💀💀October 7, 2016
MIKE LEE from his Utah basement
asks Candidate Trump to step aside
with his melodramatic cry for "principles"
@realDonaldTrump #KAG
@realDonaldTrump 📺💀MSNBC overly excited to report the
"good news" in UTAH & push C_A candidate
@realDonaldTrump #KAG
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⚫️#Maricopa County Assessor #PaulPetersen (R)indicted in #Arizona #Utah #Arkansas

🔴62 criminal charges-state & federal:
•illegal adoption ring
•human smuggling
•selling children

@POTUS #TAP #SaveTheChildren #AntiBenghazi #QAnon…
🔴Charges Continued👇🏼

•ripping off the AZ Health Care Cost Containment System

⚫️Dozens of pregnant woman brought in from the #MarshallIslands to supply babies to his clients & millions to his bank account

🔴What #MSM has NOT been covering are the names of some of the largest #GOP critics of @POTUS such as:

•former US Sen #JeffFlake
•late Sen NO NAME
•Sen #MittRomney
#Petersen’s friend AZ Gov #DougDucey
•+ other politicians

#QAnon #Q @realDonaldTrump #McCain #JohnMcCain
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