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@RealFakeGator Flashback #Caturday! wrapping up the show here at #CarterWaterPark #PeaceNhams #progrock wif Procol Harum's 'Whiter Shade of Pale' . Stay tuned, we have a total flashback show Bonus Link coming up post show for my sweet insomiacs
@RealFakeGator Here it is... for all night cats and insomniacs, the Pilot show of Midnight Special, ca 1972. The lineup is amazing... till next time, #PeaceNhams, #CarterWaterPark #progrock
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Meewow! it's anovver sweet #Caturday at #CarterWaterPark 's firepit, where this cat will be sharing Sounds from Canada starting 9ishpm EST, Some Cure, and 🤿 diving deeep into a 2 hour session of #ProgRock ! Yes! The Project! and so much more! 🎸
Meeow! Next #Caturday, a birthday celebration dat benefits Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary, a (501c) charity Come pawty, have fun, support a great cause, and win real world pwizes! Deets below #nipclub #CarterWaterPark #PeaceNhams Image
A peaceful evening here at #CarterWaterPark firepit...our 1st hour, Sounds from Canada will feature Gords. We have many Gords. #PeaceNhams #Nipclub *steps into DJ studio* Image
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Mewow! It are #Caturday an teh firepit at #CarterWaterPark is bright and welcoming. Have a seat, we're going to spin some Sounds of Canada, then some dance, and an hour of #ProgRock at 11PM EST
#PeaceNhams #nipclub Image
From Oshawa Ontario, comes this new and powerful #ProgRock duo, Crown Lands. I'll let their sound carry you up and away...*presses PLAY wif paw* #nipclub #PeaceNhams #CarterWaterPark
Carrying on with 'Sounds of Canada' here at #CarterWaterPark have a listen and laugh with this creative and humble Hoser.
If Billy Joel's 'Piano Man' was written by a Canadian *snicker*

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MeeWow! another purr-fect #Caturday night here at the #CarterWaterPark firepit, where I'll be sharing some pawsum tunes beginning 9pmish eastern #nipclub #PeaceNhams #progrock so, grab a chair or cushion, I'll be wif you in a few "meow-ments" ImageImage
Tonight, aboot an hour of Sounds of Catnada, er Canada. Meow.
A much-loved favourite, Blow at High Dough, as performed by The Tragically Hip. This is the original release video from, I believe, 1989. #PeaceNhams #nipclub *presses PLAY with paw*
How about some Goddo? A small blip in the Toronto music scene, a driving song by a driven lead singer, it's for rockin' #CarterWaterPark #PeaceNhams

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Meow, hellow! *slides into DJ studio at #CarterWaterPark's firepit*
It are a beautiful evening, just getting ready to spin an hour of Sounds Of Canada #PeaceNHams - with a surprise tribute of chikkims, followed by #Progrock at 10ish PM eastern.
See you in a meow-ment..#nipclub Image
Meow, Here's a fun one from Doug & the Slugs of Vncouver BC ca 1980. A tribute to my battling neighbours who STILL have the cops here (now over 4 hours, and the summons are piling up) #PeaceNHams #CarterWaterpark #Nipclub
Here's a flashback, Jack Scott, of St Catherines ON. Before he gained fame in the 50's/60's, he worked at the local GM plant. Here he is, somewhere around 2005-10 with What in the World...smoothie
#PeaceNHams #CarterWaterPark
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Meow! Tis that time on a #Caturday's the opening of the #CarterWaterPark this week, and #ProgRock by the firepit... Opening tonight with Voices from Canada #PeaceNhams...*steps into DJ studio* #nipclub
Our first hour at #CarterWaterPark is Voices from 'Canada'...From our Far North, a beautiful spirit, Elisapie, with Uummati Attanarsimat (Heart of Glass).

#PeaceNhams #ProgRock
If you enjoy, stream or buy her music here:
APAWlogies! Links got mussed up...
Here is Eliseapie with Heart of Glass #CarterWaterPark #PeaceNhams

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MeeWOW! It's #Caturday night here at the #CarterSnowPark, and we've got a cool lineup tonight! Catnadian Sounds up first, then #nipclub 's pawsum DJ Breeze for an hour 10 - 11 PM, then #ProgRock from 11PM!
First, a special Catnadian PSA heh heh
Junkhouse, with the exceptional Tom Wilson on vocals. I always envision Hamilton Ontario when listening. What do you hear?
Crash Adams, creators of upbeat earworms! Here's the first tune I heard from them, 'Caroline'... *dancing paws* here at #CarterSnowPark

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MeeWow! #CaturdayEve here at the #CarterSnowPark, and this cat's getting ready to fire up some #ProgRock for pals near and far. Back in a 'meow-mint', grab a snack an a libations heh #nipclub
Opening with some Porcupine Tree, Arriving somewhere but not here, from their #ProgRock Deadwing album, here in the #CarterSnowPark
*presses 'Play' with paw*
Isn't Life Strange...Moody Blues, live at The Royal Albert Hall (UK), If you like #ProgRock, and classical, this is for you #CarterSnowPark

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@CartertheD MeeWow! *pads happily into the #CarterSnowPark music studio* Good choice to hang out here - probably going to snow or rain or sumfink insane heh heh. Stay warm, be cool, and lissen to some #ProgRock wif me, DJ Longpaw, shout out to #NipClub *puts on earphones* here we go!....
@CartertheD ...first up, by request, The Cure..for everything that ails!
We're also going to spin some of their live works later here at #CarterSnowPark and more #ProgRock

@CartertheD New #ProgRock music! Crown Lands is the band, from this cat's part of the world. Powerful and timely, a song of water, of earth, as only this amazing duo can do here at #CarterSnowPark

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*pads into DJ studio at the pawsum #CarterSnowPark* It's #CaturdayEve an time for #progrock, wif me, DJ Longpaw sharing good sounds and thoughts... Let's open with some classic Yes,

and Yes, there will be more from them tonight !
Got to see FM live in Trenton Ontario in the early 80's. Hooked on their sound. A favourite tune from the album 'Black Noise", released in 1977.
"Phasors on Stun" #ProgRock #CatnadianVoices #CarterSnowPark

Kansas, and Absence of Presence. They are currently touring! Scroll down on the video for dates #ProgRock #CarterSnowPark #nipclub
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Meeyow! *slides in to studio, puts on earphones* it's time fur #Progrock from #CarterSnowPark wif me, DJ Longpaw. New from Crown Lands, this is classic and NEW prog, from Oshawa, Ontario. #PeaceNhams #nipclub

Phasers on Stun! This is FM, of Toronto. This was recorded in the 80's, with Nash the Slash. It is also a shorter tune than our opener heh heh. #ProgRock #PeaceNhams #CarterSnowPark
Here is a wonderful #ProgRock session, done in stints due to the temperature. ELP filmed this at the Montreal Olympic stadium that had just been completed (that was the 1976 Olympics, for you kittens heh). #CarterSnowPark #PeaceNhams

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Yaaa! It's #Caturday night, and getting ready for for some #ProgRock in the #CarterSnowPark.
Snuggle up with your fave anipal(s), here we go! Hai #Nipclub
We'll start off with a wild piece here by Porcupine Tree, "Arriving somewhere but not here" from 2005. Begins beautifully chill, and takes you over hills and around corners.

#ProgRock #CarterSnowPark
Gorgeous capture of a live performance by David Gilmour at Pompeii. 'Comfortably Numb': guitar face, laser show, joyous drumming...goosebumps #ProgRock #CarterSnowPark
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Meow! It's #Caturday night, and you made a superior choice to hang out wif your furry frends an lissen to #ProgRock at #CarterSnowPark tonight, an #NipClub pals too!
Tonight, space! the final frontier or another rung in a ladder of discoveries?
The Avalanches - with the International Space Orchestra...yeah, I found this *swooon*
#ProgRock #CarterSnowPark
This, a true and wonderful treat, a new prog group from Chicago, USA
As part of tonight's science-y theme, Mr. Darwin is here with @refestramus (feat. NIDA)
I'll share another one of their songs later here at #CarterSnowPark #ProgRock

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#ProgRock @DGMHQ by @boomerhill1968. Il 10 dicembre del 1970 i King Crimson pubblicano per la Island il loro terzo disco in studio Lizard. Il disco viene prodotto da Robert Fripp e Pete Sinfield e viene registrato presso i Wessex Sound Studios, Londra
La band subisce dei cambi rispetto a quella che ha registrato In The Wake Of Poseidon. La Line-up vede Fripp alle chitarre e al mellotron, Mel Collins al flauto ed al sax, Pete Sinfield si occupa dei testi e del sint. VCS3
Gordon Haskell, amico di infanzia di Fripp (e che aveva cantato Cadence and Cascade ib in The Wake), suona il basso e canta mentre Andy McCulloch  suona la batteria. La band viene integrata dal contributo di altri musicisti
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*sips a second "adult" heh he Hot Chocolate from the pawsome Carter*.
Tonight, beginnings in abouts FIVE meow-mints, it is moi, teh ever gingery Angel Longpaw wif #ProgRock from #CarterSnowPark. Dere be Hot Springs an Fire Pit, too!
Heh, dere be fun things happening in teh #CarterSnowPark tonight! From teh Holiday Forest, we have #Progrock wif a Winter/ L'hivre theme...see mew in a second #PeaceNhams *puts on headphones, cues up The Cure!*
And we're off on a Winter #ProgRock adventures! Here, by request, is The Cure, live from London UK Dec 13, 2022. Mebbe we should subtitle tonight's session Masters at play. #CarterSnowPark #PeaceNhams
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#ProgRock #ItalianRock #TheTrip by @LorenzoManfro. Nel 1971 i Trip pubblicano per la RCA il loro secondo lp Caronte. Con Caronte la band si inoltra nei sentieri del progressive rock e si ritiene che il disco (con copertina bellissima) sia il manifesto del progressive italian0
La band è composta da Billy Gray alla chitarra, Arvid Andersen al basso e voce, Pino Sinnone alla batteria e alle tastiere e alla voce quello che era l'anima ed il cuore del gruppo, Joe Vescovi, scomparso nel 2014 (anche Gray e Andersen sono mancati) cui dedichiamo alcune righe
Dopo avere suonato all'estero Vescovi (innamorato di Keith Emerson) lavora prima con la band di Toto Cotugno (si lui..) poi entra nei Trip dopo l'uscita di Ritchie Blackmore che lo avrebbe voluto nei Rainbow. Dopo i Trip suona con gli Acqua Fragile con i Dik Dik e con Tozzi
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#SpazioNews #rock #progrock #PorcupineTree @PorcupineTree by @FabioLisci
I Porcupine Tree  hanno annunciato la pubblicazione, per il 3 marzo 2023 della ristampa dell’album “Deadwing” del 2005. Questa conterrà l’album in CD nella versione rimasterizzata nel
2018, varie B-side, un CD bonus con delle demo, un live album in CD di 77 minuti registrato nel 2005 e il documentario in Blu-ray “Never Stop The Car An A Drive In The Dark“. Presente anche un libro di 108 pagine con la storia del gruppo narrata da Stephen Humphries e foto rare.
Si può già preordinare a questo indirizzo:…
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Meow! #ProgRock runnings lateish at teh pawsum #CarterSnowPark. Assistant concernds about pals in big storms.
*prepares a strong Hot Chocolate fur staff*
See mew in ten meowmints (10pm EST) Sharing passion for music, and to promote fellow artists. #PeaceNhams
*folds fluffy wings for a quick five-point landing*
Finally! Here we are, from teh beautiful #CarterSnowPark, ready fur #ProgRock with a winter twist. #PeaceNhams, here be Devo, 'Snowball' heh heh, eh, @CartertheD ?
@CartertheD Meow, I totally know this set is nawt goings to be pure #ProgRock howmever, I found dis song by an artist an I sends dis out to Catifornia an Scotland pals.
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#ProgRock by @boomerhill1968. Il 15 maggio del 1970 i King Crimson pubblicano per la Island il loro secondo disco in studio In The Wake Of Poseidon. Il lp ha l'onere pesante di dare un seguito a In The Court Of The Crimson King
Robert Fripp è invece convinto che i King Crimson debbano continuare. Per il nuovo vocalist viene fatto anche il nome di Elton John ma Fripp non è persuaso mentre Bryan Ferry che fa un provino non suonando il basso non viene preso
Vi è del materiale già pronto per essere registrato e Fripp convince Peter Giles a riprendere in mano il basso e Michael Giles a suonare la batteria nel disco, mentre Lake accetta di cantare. Fripp coinvolge Keith Tippett al piano e Mel Collins ai fiati
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#ProgRock #ItalianRock by @LorenzoManfro. Nel 1971 i Rovescio della Medaglia pubblicano per la RCA il lp La Bibbia primo disco della band. Il disco viene registrato in presa diretta senza alcuna sovraincisione. Per alcuni si tratta dal primo disco hard rock della storia italiana
La band che nasce dalle ceneri del gruppo beat romano I Lombrichi è composta da Gino Campoli batteria Enzo Vita chitarra Stefano Urso al basso e da Pino Ballarini alla voce e flauto. Il gruppo si avvale di strumentazione di alto livello e sfoggia una tecnica sicura e notevole
Il complesso è infatti ricordato anche la strumentazione utilizzata che comprendeva un sistema di amplificazione Sonex, un impianto voci Mack da 6000 Watt, microfoni Semprini, chitarre Gibson Les Paul, batteria Hayman con percussioni Paiste e Premier e basso Fender
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#ProgRock #ItalianRock #PannaFredda by @LorenzoManfro. Nell'invero del 1971 i Panna Fredda pubblicano per la Vedette Records il loro unico lp Uno. Il disco pubblicato con ritardo rispetto alla sua realizzazione non viene sostenuto dalla label e vende pochissimo
La band è composta da Angelo Giardinelli chitarra e voce, Lino Stopponi tastiere, Pasquale Cavallo basso e Roberto Balocco, batteria. In formazione diversa (vi era Giorgio Brandi che finirà nei Cugini di Campagna) il gruppo aveva inciso un paio di 45 giri nei mesi precedenti
Il disco non ha riscontro ed è poco ricordato. E' un buon disco di prog che forse ha nella poca originalità il proprio limite principale. Ma è ben suonato e sicuramente vi è energia che una produzione non ottimale non riesce a celare del tutto
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A couple #ProgRock tunes here with Neal Morse; the Band, here, and a dream next. Best of all, they are published on an indie label! #PeaceNhams #CarterSnowPark

From the awesome #CarterSnowPark, I wants to share that I do this #ProgRock show for the love of music, and to support fellow artists. If you enjoy what you see or hear, it is vital to purchase their creation(s). *folds paws around cup of cocoa* Fanks #PeaceNhams
Here is another joyous #ProgRock discovery, Echolyn. If mew are a 'proghead' I truly recommends this 16 minute passage as introduction to this, as one commenter put it, a Masterpiece.. #PeaceNhams #CarterSnowPark
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#ProgRock @GrumpyOldRick by @LorenzoManfro. Nella seconda metà del 1970 gli Strawbs pubblicano per la A&M il disco live Just a Collection of Antiques and Curios registrato al Queen Elizabeth Hall a Londra l'11 Luglio del 1970
La Band è composta da Dave Cousins chitarre e voce (e leader del gruppo) Tony Hooper chitarre acustiche e voce John Ford basso e voce Rick Wakeman (prossimo ad entrare negli Yes) tastiere e Richard Hudson batteria e cori
Il Gruppo aveva mosso i primi passi nel 1964 sempre sotto la guida di Dave Cousins che oltre tutto scrive buona parte dei pezzi della band. Inizialmente suonano una sorta di country – folk che con il tempo verrà contaminato da pulsioni rock prog
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#BIN A esta hora #V1brraXX10nes, la música de la posguerra. Cuando #GaryBrooker de #ProcolHarum compuso #AWhiterShadeOfPale, se inspiró, más no es una versión, en "Sleepers, Wake" y "Air on G String" de Bach. Le letra es del poeta #KeithReed, miembro de PH
#BIN #V1brraXX10nes #JonLord de #DeepPurple, con toda su carga de ser uno de lso grupos fundadores y más exitosos del #HeavyRock, fue uno de los músicos más influenciados por #Bach y quien marcó el camino que seguirían otros, al combinar #Rock con #Bach.
#BIN #V1brraXX10nes En su genial álbum de 1969 [Concierto para Grupo & Orquesta], influenciado por Bach, que fue la plantilla o patrón para una serie de discos #ProgRock muy conocidos, junto a la Real Filarmónica de Londres interpretaron este CHILD IN TIME
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