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Me, opens up pizza stone from new in box

9: I didn't know you had that

M: yeah, I bought it before I met your dad

9: you have had this for 50 years and never opened it?

M: closer to 20 years

9: daaaad, mom has a secret hidden pizza stone

M: it's called "putting it away"
Our boys are in the recycle bin pretending to be prairie dogs.

Very, very loud and giggly prairie dogs. Image
Our house has a lovely sense of balance.

For example, the amount of time required to get one of our children into the bath is approximately the same amount of time required to get said child out of the bath.

In the case of 7, it's an hour.
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In this week’s online class, Dr Evil was SHOCKED to learn that he and his furry friends are responsible for more than 2B bird deaths per year. That’s 10,000x more than the bird deaths from wind turbines so often cited by those who oppose clean energy 🙀 #Caturday
And when you look at the impact of fossil fuels on bird deaths, those are also orders of magnitude greater than wind turbines ... which is why even @audubonsociety supports wind energy **with the essential caveat that wind farms not be sited on migratory flyways**
(And just to be clear, Dr Evil is not personally responsible for any of these deaths – the few times he does manage to bolt out the door, he is quickly retrieved)
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Need something to occupy you or your kids? Why not learn (or practice) the #Ottoman Turkish alphabet!

Over the next week I’ll be tweeting the letters of the alphabet from one of my Ottoman school books. If you want to play along, tweet me your writing or drawing masterpieces Image
A little intro first in case you’re interested. The book is called ‘Renkli ve Resimli Elifba-yı Tefeyyüz’ / ‘’The Coloured and Illustrated Tefeyyüz Alphabet’ named for its Istanbul publisher, Tefeyyüz Kitabhanesi. It was written by Hüseyin Hüsnü in 1910 Image
It was intended for use in Ottoman ibtidai (primary) schools, and, as you might guess from the cover image, was designed to teach both literacy and patriotism. That all said, let’s get on with today’s letters- ا، ب، پ، ت، ث Image
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Philippe Halsman's #jump! photos are always fun, but today is an especially good time to leap into a whole bunch. The November 9, 1959 issue of Life Magazine had a jump shot feature, with Marilyn on the cover. #LeapDay
More Philippe Halsman #jump! shots for #LeapDay
Weegee. 1961
Steve Allen, 1959
More Philippe Halsman #jump! shots for #LeapDay
Phil Silvers, 1955
Kitty Carlisle & Moss Hart, 1958
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I promised the other day to do a #Caturday thread on the cats who let us live in their house and here it is...I'm posting it early because I have time to do it now. Sorry about that. @thespybrief
I'm going to start with Handsome because he's had the longest tenure at our house, arriving sometime in early 2015 with his dad, Max, and Pedro, the cat of the neighbor behind me, Sam. Sam lives part of the year in Germany, but she was paying somebody to feed Pedro in her absence
Here's Handsome around the time we met him (right), pictured with his now passed-on dad, Max. More on Max later.
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Happy #Caturday Eve.
Book of Hours of Rome, 1460

This is one cool cat.
And this is one of my favorite things. Cat prints on a 15th century manuscript.
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2020 is a census year & it’s important that everyone gets counted, so I’m joining @nancyleong with a #caturday census count.
Dingus has been napping on this chair for days because we’ve had nothing but rain. He occasionally arises to demand food.
His brother, Wingus, is perched on today’s mail. Sort of appropriate since this box contains a ridiculous cat-climbing-sleeping thing that I got for them. They’re unhappy they’ve lost a stack of Christmas boxes they were perching on. They’ll have to make do with this.
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Sad #Caturday for me & The Wife. We lost our cat Baby the day before Thanksgiving after a brief illness. Then Thursday our cat Bean died suddenly at home. It's a lot. Here is the handsome Baby in hospital the week before his death.He was a gigantic cat. Beloved by his wife Pilar.
We ran a cat rescue for over a decade until my paralysis. I rescued Baby from a tree in the snow as a six-month old kitten. He loved other cats, The Wife and me. He remained pretty feral with people. But he was a big beautiful guy, here with Pilar.
Bean was a big red and white tabby I rescued with his litter mate Zorina as 7 week old kittens.They were deeply bonded. We are hoping we can get Zorina and Pilar to bond and help ease their loss. I've never seen a cat more devoted to another as Pilar was to Baby.
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@ZellaQuixote She's obviously preparing for daylight savings time. #Caturday
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Sometimes one wakes up on a #Caturday morning and finds that #TrumpFearsYang is trending.

cc: @ZellaQuixote
@ZellaQuixote We downloaded all tweets containing #TrumpFearsYang. Although the hashtag was first introduced on August 12th, it didn't start gaining traction until last night. Very little of the traffic looks automated, although some familiar "realtor" bots put in a guest appearance.
@ZellaQuixote (earlier thread on the realtor/taxicab bots which have been spammishly retweeting various 2020 Democratic candidate hashtags as well as #MoscowMitch)
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So It's #Caturday 🐱 & I have a story. 📌
As many of you know, I ran a small no-kill cat shelter for about 20yrs. It was just me, The Wife, two close friends & a bunch of volunteers. This was parallel to all of us having full-time employment, so it was always a labor of love.
We rescued, rehabbed, spayed/neutered & placed well over 1k cats/kittens over that time. It was a mitzvah for the cats & the community in North Philly where we live. There were many stories over the years. It was great work we did. We closed after I was paralyzed 3yrs ago.
So one thing we did was place cats with older and/or #disabled people who needed pets. One person we placed cats with was M, a woman on the #autism spectrum who is also hard of hearing. She came to us through our vet. M needed a service cat to help her navigate her anxiety.
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I saw this photo of a cat standing awkwardly, so I did a few edits.


Happy #Caturday
“Empuuuurrrr Strikes Back”
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For #BlackCatAppreciationDay

1. The luck of darkness

Black cats know that the best of all things come from in dark. Only in shadow & quiet, in stillness & depth, in the smooth gentle hum of the dark can the most precious secrets grow & blossom into truth. Black cats bring you that dark to plant your heart
2. The luck of ashes

Black cats know that fire can captivate but it can also burn. Beauty that bright is always hungry, & cares not what it consumes. Black cats bring the whisper of the after, the sated embers, the promise that the warmth of the world isn't always ravening
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Happy #Caturday
Happy #Caturday
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It’s #Monday, I’m boozing it up at a 4 seat bar, the #barkeep is a long pourer, and I’m all fucking set if I get something stuck between my teeth.👇🙃 #RandomThoughts #drinking #OutAndAbout
Shooting the shit with a friend, she’s proud to be doing well with her plants - unusual for her.

The key was a #video explaining the benefits of pruning.

She needs REASONS. She got them.

Apparently, pruning in a particular manner stimulates growth hormones.
Of course, this led to me initiating a discussion about the #movie I just watched on Hulu, called “The German Doctor.”

The main character was Josef Mengele. #ThisHappened

People, this is why I’m known in my circles as “The Black Hole Of Conversation.” SMTH
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So yesterday- #Caturday - I let Penelope out for an outside session. Figured I’d let her have a few hours. When I went to bring her in, at dusk, she was happily chasing lightning bugs. So I let it go until full dark.

Then I couldn’t find her. She didn’t come when I called.
This morning, dawn-ish, she still didn’t come. I went outside around 9 and found her nestled in the soft side grass, looking like she had no clue where she was. Picked her up - she didn’t glee, but she struggled.
But then, once I got her in, she ran straight to chow at the food dish, collapsed in loud purrs and writhing purr-stretches, then jumped in my lap (only 3rd lap ever, 2nd if you don’t count the tamale-thwarted one.)
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This will be the continuation of the Books Of Q Part XIII.

Some familiar books💥again & definitely some new titles that

may be worth checking out. #HappyReading 📖





@beldandolo @mbees39 @PhillyQ_ @AutistMember @freenaynow
🌻 August 3, 2018 🌻

QDrop #1804

📚 GWV52sl.png 📚
1 Atomic Iran: How the Terrorist Regime Bought the Bomb and American .... 💥…
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Didn’t cut as much as I wanted, plus there are probably at least two more drafts to do… but I don’t want to think about this now. The book is getting better and better, and for some time at least I can focus on visuals, instead of writing. :·)
Buy my book (eventually) to understand this cryptic conversation!
How is your evening going?
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Thread: Had to explain to someone why neutering a cat before they breed is ethical and outweighs the other possible end result of letting them repeatedly breed, then watching authorities horrifically poison all with strychnine. 🙈 and people wonder why I prefer animals.
I’m lucky. Where I live, thanks to a few hard workers, the cat population is pretty much controlled. But that’s thanks to hard work and effort of people that care. It doesn’t just happen. Others take that for granted.
Red Sea resorts like Hurghada, Sharm and Dahab are over run with cats and there’s consistent poisoning. There’s no change. It’s horrific to watch. It’s dangerous to humans and it’s so unnecessary. El Gouna is a humane, ethical city and long may that continue.
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➡️The Pope asks who in the bible is called the "Great Accuser"? The Devil

➡️"As the Vatican begins their summit on child abuse"

Shout out @pomeinnz
@POTUS @GenFlynn #QAnon #Caturday
➡️Retired Boise priest gets 25 years in 'evil' child porn
➡️"There is only one of them I really like, the one of the boy being beaten to death," Faucher wrote. "I want you to send me more of young boys and even infants." #PureEvil

TY @sovereignsouls 💖
@POTUS @GenFlynn #QAnon
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This is a very sad #Caturday for our family. Our furbaby, Buddy is crossing the Rainbow Bridge. Buddy was a very chill cat. She got along with everyone.
We adopted her when she was 6 months old from a shelter. We had moved into a new (for us) house from an apartment and wanted...
...two kittens. So they took us to the "kitten room" while explaining that adoption was an involved process and might take several days.
It was January and the youngest available was about 3 momths old. The room was kitty paradise, bright with windows with cat sills and young...
...cats and older kittens were playing with toys and climbing cat trees. We almost felt guilty. We only had a scratching post at home, leftover from the Tonk I had rescued who had passed the year before.
My daughter was only just 3, & my son 8, so the volunteer was eyeing them...
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