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How many coincidences before mathematically impossible?

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dear #QAnon community,

honest question...

at what point do all of the "mathematically impossible" #QProofs transcend how mathematically impossible it is that there still hasn't actually been one major political arrest?

or the IG report? or anything beyond this circus "show?"
i mean no disrespect.

and i'm willing to admit i was once just as captivated. so captivated i tried to mathematically prove Q was directly linked to POTUS.... which i did.

how long will you wait? if you've been lied to before, why not again?

honest question...
classic response from a tiny brain...

you guys seeing how dangerous it is to no longer...

"question everything?" - Q

there's no shame in wondering what's actually going on behind the curtain... after almost 3 years... ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ
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Well. I told you all that Q was not done on #NinjaNews last night. Here we go. A report from FauxNews pointing out what AG Barr said in testimony this morning about 'SPYING' on the Trump campaign.
Panic in DC
You have to listen to what is being said by THE PRESIDENT. He is speaking very direct and this is what we all have known for the past year +. #QProofs are happening daily.โ€ฆ
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Was the election of Donald Trump a miracle? An act of God? Is Trump blessed?
I have previously made the assertion that Hillary is certainly no fan of God's. Quite the opposite, she aligns with Satan.
You might not be religious. (((They))) are.
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Who is lying?
Who is honest?
How can you tell?
Personally I have never trusted a president as much as I trust Donald Trump.
I have never distrusted the mainstream media as much as I do today. Television news today blurs the distinction of opinion and fact-based reporting. They weave narratives rather than giving you the information and allowing you to interpret it.
Our government was designed to have checks and balanced. Our government has 3 branches, each one being able to check another. The media was always called the "4th branch". But what happens when that 4th branch is strictly working for 1 party over the other.
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1) Just returned from the @davidicke event in Wroclaw / Poland. It was a very detailed and well-delivered talk about the #deepstate #cabal that enslaves humanity, how they are doing it, who is behind it and what we can do about it.
2) David did an excellent job mapping out the #cabal and their "web of control" - with hidden entities in the center and several layers around it, ie hidden organisations (e.g. Freemasons), organisations (eg council of foreign relations) and more public figures (politicians etc).
3) Their control of humanity relies on the psychological manipulation of perception, that is both very narrow (ie "postage stamp consensus") and turned upside down (ie inversion of reality). Thus, we live in a perceptual prison, like the matrix, which most don't even realize.
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