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direct hit, IMO.
Medical simulation centers being used for CIVOD footage.
GOODMAN CENTER is my guess, but could also be NYU.
see next tweet for repost of video.
Compare these 2 simulation centers with footage coming out about "war zones" in hospitals.
I have also heard from a Doc involved in this industry for 22 years. Will report soon.
Do either of these match?
@HowleyReporter @RealCandaceO @JordanSchachtel
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I have walked half of the 5 miles that @drvox is covering daily. And I'm here to report: it's a lot of walking.

Who wants to take the Roberts walking challenge with me?
Three-fifths of the way there! Let's DO THIS!
I'm rounding up! That was hard. On the other hand, check out how much more I walked today than the rest of the days this week! #winning
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1/10 Today we are going to talk about #PAIN Not pain for Patriots, pain for the bad guys. How do we know there is going to ever be pain for them? #TrustThePlan Let’s take a look… #TheStormIsUponUs ThankQ @realdonaldTrump CQmfort4Us=GITMO4Them
2/10 When is POTUS 30 day travel ban over? Starts Friday the 13th of March, ends Good Friday. #Dark2Light 4/10/20 Donald J Trump. D-J-T alphanumeric = 4-10-20
3/10 When is PAIN coming? I believe it has already started for Black Hats but lets look at some interesting #Qposts…9,10,11 #PAINCOMING
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Here was the thing with Dennis Donohue as Mayor of Salinas. He was a terrible Mayor. Even Joe Gunter, the current Mayor of #Salinas, was running around investigating Donohue for some crime or walking on crime scenes without permission.

He played fast and loose with the rules

He sent Kelly McMillin a “police officer” over to the #Salinas #Californian (it was a daily paper at the time) to threaten them with zero #transparency if they didn’t stop writing mean articles about Dennis, but more importantly, his buddy Bruce”Troll” Taylor.

Donohue made space for Bankers Casino, a future card room owned by a guy he was on the planning commish with - in a bizarre property transaction - with some deal made over dirt lots on Division St (probation was all abuzz about this, because ...)

He brought #Salinas
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Alphabet of #GreatAwakening themed hashtags that are currently trending when you type one letter into the Tw1tter search bar.

Gives a gauge on our influence on social media trends even though Tw1tter wont list as "trending".

We are #winning.

Smashing the algo's.
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19 #Q drops on March 25, 2019 #3176-#3194.
A 1yr #Q δDelta thread.
How can the MSM, Mockingbird [FAKE NEWS] MEDIA be objective when only [6 CORPORATIONS OWN 90%]? [1] OPENS THE🚪? Follow the💰/expenses What is REALLY going on? Exposing the #FAKE #FAKE #FAKE NEWS.
2/20 #3176
PEOPLE around the WORLD are 'WAKING UP'!
3/20 #3177
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Debates around how to respond to the plague in early Islamic Syria mirror those of today. The great scholar and historian al-Ṭabarī (d. 928) wrote of the Plague of Emmaus (Arabic: عمواس, ʻAmwās), which struck Syria in 639 during the Islamic conquest, killing 25,000. #coronavirus
The historian Ibn 'Asākir was so moved by descriptions of the suffering of the people of 'Amwās that he added a poem of lamentation and martyrdom to his great history of Damascus.
The Prophet Muhammad was believed by many to have essentially prescribed #SocialDistancing and #ShelterInPlace, prohibiting flight from a plague-stricken community. Yet as always in Islam, different legal arguments arose, justified by references to different Prophetic traditions.
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How can I persevere in times like these? A thread.🤔
Though in these times we may face heartbreaking setbacks and obstacles, our Buddhist practice helps us use these situations to create an indomitable state of life. Winning,
in Buddhism, means refusing to be defeated. #winning
Another name for the Buddha is “One Who Can Endure.”
This indomitable life state is the same power that we bring forth each day when we chant the name of our Buddha nature, Nam-myoho-renge-kyo. 🏆
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I’m not okay with it. I’m fortunate enough to have given my country 30 year & various body parts in exchange for a guaranteed pension. I see it for what’s it is: Politics; badly played by @TheDemocrats, mastered by Trump. A worse case is combined flu deaths reach 66,000.
“Voluntary” automobiles death will remain at ≈40,584 in the US, and 1.3M globally, every year. Pandemic viruses mutate rapidly, as fast as two weeks, to non-lethal strains as the viable hosts die off, just as happened after the Second Wave of the 1918–1920 H1N1 pandemic.
Virology, immunology, & epidemiology are very advanced compared to 1920. If 70,00 Americans die, Trump can say he did what @TheDemocrats in Congress asked & implemented SGUS, CDC, and NIH recommendations asap. If a nothing-burger, @realDonaldTrump saved 70,000 lives. Win/win.
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Olivine color tie?
1. The clear-green variety ( peridot) is used as a gemstone. Composition: magnesium iron silicate.
Formula: (MgFe)2SiO4.
2. Any mineral in the group having the general formula (Mg,Fe,Mn,Ca)2SiO4
#POTUS is telling us to take this minerals for our health.
"Magnesium is essential for maintaining proper health.
It’s crucial for many functions in your body, including energy metabolism and protein synthesis. It also contributes to proper brain function, bone health, and heart and muscle activity"
"Iron is an essential nutrient. Two types of iron are found in the human diet — heme iron comes from animal protein, while nonheme iron comes from plants. Your body can absorb heme iron more readily".
Iron needs overview 👇
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Now ministering is Pastor @JoelAwogu as he teaches on Succeeding with people.

God has given you all you need to succeed. (2Peter 1:3)

#ChurchGRA #GRAservice #MyTurnToShine #winning
@JoelAwogu Four things God has given you:

1. God has given you financial blessings
2. God has given you power, authority, and access to His presence.
3. God has given you natural resources
4. God has given you human resources

#ChurchGRA #GRAservice #MyTurnToShine #Winning
@JoelAwogu After spiritual resources, the second greatest resource available to you is human resources. Your greatest asset is the presence of God while the second greatest is the people associated with you.

#ChurchGRA #GRAservice #MyTurnToShine #Winning
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@realDonaldTrump @POTUS
#winning #winning #winning
This decade will be known as the Great American Comeback
The best is yet to come
Nothing can stop what is coming
#arrest trigger the biggest collapse and transition
Dont follow fed!
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THREAD: Another amazing & blazing fast week! If you are discouraged or just need to catch up this is the news you need.

This is the “IT IS HAPPENING” WEEKLY SUMMARY (March 1st)👇👇
1) First of all I want to share with you what @realDonaldTrump has accomplished in his Presidential term. It is truly mindblowing. Here is the link with links
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With Jesus joy in our heart, we make welcome Pastor @mikeonwangwa as he shares God's word with us this morning.

#ChurchGRA #GRAservice #MyTurnToShine #Winning
Developing a Positive Mindset.

For you to make a difference on earth, soundness of mind is very critical. But how do we cultivate sanity in a world full of distractions?

#ChurchGRA #GRAservice #MyTurnToShine #Winning
Hebrew 12:2

Shows us what Jesus had to do in order to obtain the reward for us. He paid the ultimate price. He had a positive attitude in the midst of all the negatives around him.

#ChurchGRA #GRAservice #MyTurnToShine #Winning
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1) Upon attempting 2 RT these Tweets, I found that the account has been suspended.
#Surprise [ ! ]

This has no active link ==> more on it 2come.
@not_vee #AccountSuspended 4reporting #Covid19
Twitter isn't allowing my account 2upload images yet again!
2) There was an account, @not_vee, which had Tweeted images of a grocery store w/empty shelves, that were reported 2have been hit w/panic buying.
Like the #ACooper flood footage, they had set it up. In this case, they were caught emptying the store shelves!
3) Sorry about this...
It seems very doubtful that #Twitter isn't fully aware of the issues that are preventing image uploads.
This seems just as we had expected w/the #Election2020 cycle approaching.
They've engaged #TwitterCensorship of the coming #RedWave.
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If you think @POTUS Trump is;
You might be a part of the Patriots-good people nonetheless- who don’t know that @POTUS and team have everything in control.

There may be bumps along the way, but nothing can stop what’s coming.
I do mean exactly that, NOTHING...can stop what’s coming. The [DS] is fighting hard against us patriots, but they have absolutely, positively, and without any trace of doubt, not one single chance of stopping the President from winning, and from going forward with his/our agenda.
[Joe] nor anyone else will be able to.

A #WINNING President!
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Pence and Future Proves Past

When ever I hear Future Proves Past, I go ugg. I hate waiting for the future to know what heck is going on. But it gets fun when that future comes.

Sometimes I get behind in listening to Steve Bannon, @RaheemKassam and @JasonMillerinDC on ...
... @WarRoom2020. I listen to every show. Sometimes I have to catch up for a whole weeks worth. For some shows, I have the benefit of several days of "future" to apply to the "past" shows. The perspective is far more interesting, knowing how the outcome will be.
The same has been true with Q. Taking today's clues and applying them in the past, one could get front row seats in viewing the movie for the second time and see the things you didn't see before.

There are 6 posts that feature Vice President Pence.
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We are seeing proof of the huge enthusiasm for @realDonaldTrump in several states:

In NC, POTUS has already blown past the # of votes he got in 2016.

In OK, POTUS is on pace to received 4 TIMES the # of votes of the last two incumbent presidents.

@realDonaldTrump In AR, POTUS is on pace to receive DOUBLE the # of votes of the last two incumbent presidents.

In MN, with just two-thirds of the vote in, POTUS has already received nearly 4 TIMES the # of votes as he did in the 2016 caucus.

@realDonaldTrump MORE:

Essex County, VT went for Obama in '08 and '12, but swung for @realDonaldTrump in '16 (aka “a Pivot County.") POTUS just received more votes there than all the Democrat primary candidates got in 2008.

Update on NC: POTUS has received 150% MORE votes than he did in '16!
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#Q #MAGA #TheStorm #TheGreatAwakening #WWG1WGA #KAG

For those who seek to understand the core tenants of Q,
the following points in this thread will shed some light:

1. Think for yourself.
- Don't blindly follow anyone or anything, including Q.
- Learn the truth.
2. Pray.
- Put you ultimate trust in God, the supreme being of creation. Keep that at the forefront and ask for help to understand the truth you seek. Allow inspiration to help overcome mental blocks and personal bias.
3. Evil is real.
- Evil destroys anything it touches, and will seek out every good thing to twist into something to control or harm others with. Evil stems from selfishness, sociopathy, and pride. As it is said, pride goes before the fall, so evil stems from small deeds.
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Hahaha The Deep State got busted!!!


"The official, Shelby Pierson, told lawmakers on the House Intelligence Committee that Russia is interfering in the 2020 election with the goal of helping President Donald Trump get reelected."…
So whooooooooo is this "Top" person.........

"The US intelligence community's top election security official appears to have overstated the intelligence community's formal assessment of Russian interference in the 2020 election"
So whooooooooo is this "Top" Election Security Intelligence person.........

That selectively...
Purely by mistake probably...
NO chance in hell Obama Admin related...

Just took it upon themselves & decided that

"omitting important nuance" was ok?
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1.) PHIL “I’m NOT suicidal” HANEY DIDN’T KILL HIMSELF, either.
Haney appeared on John Wells show after he had retired and blown the whistle in BHO, and when asked what to title this segment he replied: “Drain the Swamp.”
2.) Which is a campaign promise that was kicked into high gear immediately after he was acquitted in the Democrats latest Peach Mints fail, which was plan #4 of the Democrats plan to overthrow the results of the 2016 Election promising to “Get rid of him.”
3.) which was tweeted by the “whistleblowers” buddy, and documented on texts between Peter Pitchfork Strzok and Lisa Page after DJT had won the 2016 Election:
Lisa: “He’s not going to be POTUS is he? IS HE?”
Pitchfork: “No, no we’ll stop him.”
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1/ I'm THRILLED to see @flotus get the praise she deserves, half a world away.
But! The WHEEL PIC is a #comm. READ on!! India goes wild for Melania as she takes equal billing with Donald via @MailOnline
@FLOTUS @MailOnline 2/ Here's two pics. COUNT the spokes on the wheel loom...
there SHOULD BE 16 (8x2) .

In one pic, there's 17, there's an added photoshopped extra spindle w/o a knob on the end.

Modi WANTS US to see it!
@FLOTUS @MailOnline 3/ here's another pic. Compare. 14 are visible, the 2 ends are obviously hidden by the stand, making 16 total as there should be.

Pro Tip: the addition of this loom way at right of frame is INTENTIONAL. It's actually poor photography to include it. There's a REASON. #comm
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Remember that US Intel services alleging Russian election meddling were the same Intel services that elaborately constructed the BIG LIE about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction.
The botched Iraq War wasn't the product of intelligence failure. It was a BIG LIE.
Then along comes the billionaire outsider from New York. Calling a spade a spade. The only "GOP" candidate with the brass pair to call the Iraq War a lie. Right in Jebby's face. The only voice bold enough to call out the lying liars running US intel.
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