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President @realDonaldTrump makes a trip to the wall been put up. Yes that’s the exact same one that the democrats tried so hard to stop. Yes that’s the same one all of the #NeverTrumpers said wasn’t going up. #Winning
The General goes into detail on the wall and how much is going up there now much is been approved.
It is absurd that people actually says this is @realDonaldTrump Vanity project.
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A twitter thread with details and insights about key players in the European Union.

Germany - Episode II

#QANON #J #TheGreatAwakeningWorldwide
Bavaria alone has the 7th largest economy in the EU zone with large GDP gains over the past decade, is home to car and industry giants like BMW, Audi, MAN, Siemens.…
Ex head of state Seehofer met regularly with Putin. 3 weeks after George Soros’ 2019 speech in Davos, in which the billionaire made populist party AfD responsible for EU decline, Seehofer ordered auto surveillance for any government employed AfD member.…
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Corey Lewandowski & emails :)

Doug Collins....killing it
#Lewandowski #Patriots
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President @realDonaldTrump says he don’t know if there ever be another 2016 but we have got to win the 2020 election.
Now United States is now the number one producer of oil and natural gas. Thank you @realDonaldTrump
Under the new green deal it would all go away. The Democrats want to destroy our economy.
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Thread: News Summary from the Week that Was (8 – 14 September)

1. Here is a pass through the news from last week that the legacy media buried or obfuscated because the stories don’t fit their “Republican bad, Democrats good” narrative.
2. For starters, let’s look at what the Pope is saying these days. Are lay Catholics happy with this nonsense?

2A. In anticipation of the U.N. Climate Action Summit which will be held in New York later this month, Pope Francis has released a written message stating that this is “a season to reflect on our lifestyles,”….
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Are you ready for 3 hours of being told how immoral, cruel, heartless, bigoted and privileged you are? Then you’re just in time! #DemDebate3 begins now. @ABCPolitics
Is it too soon to be gagging? #dembeciles
.@SenKamalaHarris is especially full of shit this fine evening #dembeciles #DemDebate3
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Tonight’s @seanhannity Thread.

I hope Everyone realizes how big this win in the Supreme Court was today. #Winning
Breaking from @JudicialWatch.

Record show DOJ effort to craft reports on @RodRosenstein saying he would wear a wire, and talks about invoking the 25th amendment. @TomFitton explains.
.@GenFlynn’s Legal team @SidneyPowell1 requested a letter reportedly sent from the Uk Embassy questioning Christopher Steele’s credibility.
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1. #News ~ Fireworks at Dan Bishop Victory Speech: ‘Voters Said No to Radical Liberal Policies’ & Thanks @realDonaldTrump "— the greatest fighter to occupy the White House, President Donald J. Trump,” Bishop said to applause.…
2. #News ~ Memo to Congress: President Trump wrote, foreign efforts to interfere w/ or undermine public confidence in U.S. elections continue "to pose an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security..."… #Trump @realDonaldTrump
3. #News ~ Rocket explodes inside US Embassy compound in Afghanistan shortly after midnight on 9/11 anniversary…
#Trump @realDonaldTrump #NeverForget
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🇺🇸 Air Force One landed at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point at 4:40 PM after a flight that took longer than expected as the plane tried to avoid a hail storm. The flight was mostly uneventful except for some turbulence toward as we approached Havelock…
❤️🇺🇸 Incredible image Mr President
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1. #News ~ Jobs Stay Solid: 130,000 Created in August, Wages Up 3.2%

Black Unemployment Record-Low 5.5%

Labor Participation Rate Still Climbing

9.6.19 Noon: Stock Market Near BREAKING ANOTHER RECORD… #Trump @realDonaldTrump #Trump2020 #WINNING #KAG2020
@realDonaldTrump 2. #News ~ Actor Robert Davi: I’ve Been Offered "Everything" By Hollywood to Denounce President Trump

3. #News ~ Airline mechanic, Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ahmed Alani, charged with sabotaging plane

Tube in front of the NOSE GEAR under the cockpit was DELIBERATELY OBSTRUCTED.

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Very true Mr President, you've been working for a single objective..the American people. #ForgottenNoMore ❤️🇺🇸🌹
Donald J Trump said in 2016 if elected he'd do certain things, and recommitted to doing it on inauguration day. ❤️🇺🇸 #PromisesMadePromisesKept

"Economic experts" drove our Nation's economy into a ditch. Their solutions made the rich wealthier and the middle class poor. It was intentional Mr President. #MAGA2020 ❤️🇺🇸

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🔴 Trump’s big victories at the G7 part 2.
•Serial Brain 2 research on Reddit is worth a follow
•Follow Serial Brain 2 on YouTube-amazing
•Putting LJ’s info with some of mine.
2. @POTUS had to meet with Macron at the G7 and his history?
•Worked for Rothchilds and Cie Bank from ‘08-‘12
•Youngest Finance Minister in ‘14
•Was elected President at a percentage of 66.06% of the vote (666-Cabal likes to do this)
•He is a Rothchild’s puppet
3. Macron was supposed to have a private meeting with Trump but instead invited the press. Trump sent two tweets misspelling ‘Macrone.’
•EVERY Trump misspelling has a direct meaning to research! He is a genius!
•Here is the meeting
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#Civility: Consciously motivated individual & organizational behavior, that is ethical, in willing submission to a higher power (or an imagined perfect observer, for those who do not believe or are agnostic).
Civility requires discipline, of which there r 4 tools
1) Delay of ...
2) Acceptance of responsibility.
3) Dedication to truth
4) Balancing
This might include the appropriate expression of anger (not faux outrage) where it may be said that a perfect gentleman is someone who never hurts another person's feelings, unintentionally.
The will to use the four tools of discipline, including the awareness of balancing & the work involved in communication, is Love, where love may be defined, among other mysterious & biological aspects as - the will, to give of one's self, for the sake of another's..
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Everybody knows that the lying media ran stories that the economy was going toward recession. All their other fake story’s ran out of energy since they were all shown to be nothing but more than empty talk riddled with lies.

What did they do next?...
They ran with a phony poll that showed “more voters say economy fading than improving under Trump”.

The Quinnipiac University poll released Wed. Showed 37% said the economy was deteriorating, 31% said it is improving, and 30% said it was holding steady.
If you believe this story👆🏻I guess you aren’t really paying attention and you probably believe anything “Fake News” is telling you and you probably believe the trade wars with China are causing the US to falter. So, I guess you believe Snow(flake) is giving you genuine numbers.
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Of Course President Trump Is Open to Meeting Iran's Rouhani - He's been saying "pick up the phone" for some time now..... via @YouTube
President on "Climate Change": "I'm an environmentalist, in favor of clean air, & water, & taking care of people, & what we've built w vast wealth now unleashed from under our feat, now world's #1 energy producer, & not gonna give it up for 'windmills'."
@Yamiche asks the President of the United States, in reference to Zero having been outsmarted by Putin, "Why 'keep repeating' ('what some people would see as') a 'clear lie'"?
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THREAD: Hidden Captives

1. I’ve been pondering something for a while.

I hear many theories about the current US justice system:

- white-hat or black-hat?
- trust Sessions?
- trust Wray?
- who is a part of the Deep State (DS)?
2. Add in the crazy media and some planted disinformation, and confusions reigns.

Crazy times call for calm heads.

Fear, confusion and concern indicates *excessive thinking*, which lures us to form judgements without any strategic context, military training or Intel briefings.
3. Perhaps consider these questions:

- Does Trump look bothered?
- Have any Generals taken to social media to vent?
- Has Sessions been chirping to the media since removal?
- Have Congressional testimonies told us of the many investigations that are ongoing?
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President Trump has focused the World's attention on Greenland like never before. So let's take a look at how Denmark manages Greenland.

Greenland has highest suicide rates in the World.

Greenland's rate is the equivalent of 200,000 people killing themselves in the US.
Greenland, ruled by Denmark, has one of the highest incidences of child abuse in the World.

Between a third, to a staggering HALF, of ALL Greenlanders under the age of 60 were abused when they were children.

Child abuse is so bad they need public campaigns telling people ""no one should touch a child's genitals".…
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Never forget the Fake News democrats are rooting for YOU and YOUR family to be harmed. The President is just in their way.
The Fake News LameStream Media democrats are obsessed with power.
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.@BLS_gov revised the number of jobs added in 2018 by shaving a half million jobs that never existed
The corrected number are:
2.1 million new jobs in 2018
2.2 million in 2017
2.3 million in 2016.....
that is a curve heading down....
With a $1.5 trillion tax cut 👆👆
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"I thought the Prime Minister of Denmark's comments were nasty & innapropriate. You can't treat America the way you used to under Obama."

POTUS calls out fake news clown for being a democrat & then schools him on Crimea.
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Good Morning #PatriotsUnited & @realDonaldTrump ❗ Sir, lend an ear. Since even the DS plans in advance, I believe that all these little elections where muslims are in office & now many running UNopposed, was to ensure that as many were in office as possible, for when 👇 cont'd
@HillaryClinton won. #WeThePeople #WeAreTheNewsNow know, they 🚫 thought she would lose. Since we know she's paid for a fake dossier, has colluded w/ China & involved in the voter fraud ; how can ppl 🚫👀 that, the all of a sudden overwhelming numbers of muslims, who we know 👇
(with proof), are 🚫 for the U.S. or US, are in office and/or running UNopposed❓ We also know, that @HillaryClinton is in support of Sharia law. I believe she has her hands in many of these other elections, to ensure they would be in place, for when she took office. Sir, my 👇
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I am pleased to announce the launch of!

This site is a collaboration of some of the greatest meme minds on Planet Earth!!…
The site will feature @Solmemes1 @mad_liberals @realPowerTie @TrollasaurusRx @TheGeekzTeam @som3thingwicked and many many more!

Preserved for all eternity and safe from big tech(for now)

In the near future, CONTESTS AND PRIZES!
@Solmemes1 @mad_liberals @realPowerTie @TrollasaurusRx @TheGeekzTeam @som3thingwicked To follow along with new posts and upcoming events

Follow @MemeWorldDOTcom
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1. #News ~ America Is Drowning In The Left’s Lies About President Trump - Witch Hunt!!… #Trump2020 #KAG2020 #KAG
2. #News ~ "These People Are Morons" — Tom Homan Has Some Hard Facts For Google Employees Who Signed Anti-ICE Petition…
3. #News ~ Democrat New Mexico Congresswoman, Deb Haaland, Defends Antifa as “peaceful protesters” Same Day Antifa Violent Attacks on Innocent People in Portland Saturday…
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