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Who is lying?
Who is honest?
How can you tell?
Personally I have never trusted a president as much as I trust Donald Trump.
I have never distrusted the mainstream media as much as I do today. Television news today blurs the distinction of opinion and fact-based reporting. They weave narratives rather than giving you the information and allowing you to interpret it.
Our government was designed to have checks and balanced. Our government has 3 branches, each one being able to check another. The media was always called the "4th branch". But what happens when that 4th branch is strictly working for 1 party over the other.
Donald Trump stepped in to take on the media for the people. This stance got him elected once, and will get him re-elected again. #FakeNews is the #EnemyOfThePeople
Donald Trump said he and his administration has "Gone around the media" what did he mean by this. Is he talking about Twitter? or Something else?
Donald Trump along with a small team close to him is using a image board called to "go around the media". Military signals intelligence using coded communications to communicate directly with the public outside of television or mainstream news channels.
Since I first discovered Q ( I have swayed back and forth between absolute certainty in Q's authenticity and doubtful skepticism. However as time goes on, and more #QProofs have emerged, there is now little room for doubt. #QisReal.
I realize that Q is weaving a narrative. I realize that not every prediction will come true or that each date noted may not have the implied significance that I thought it did. That is not the point. The point is someone directly tied to Trump is communicating with the public.
So what does a close confidante of the most powerful man in the world with one of the highest level (Q) security clearances have to tell the public that may not go over well in the mainstream secular media? How about a reminder of the importance of spiritual life?
Even the beloved General Flynn, (a military intelligence officer BTW) reminds us of the importance of spiritual fortitude.
The last book of the Bible "Revelation" translates to Apocalypse.
Is the greatest revealing of truth a sign? Are we in the book of Revelation?
Whether you are a Christian or not. I hope you will find some interest in some of the information I am about to provide. I am no preacher, no minister. I am a deplorable sinner humbled and renewed in my faith. Thankful for the gift of salvation. I don't want to be left behind.
Here is an amazing presentation that shows the amazing complexity of the world. Dr. son Lisle's opening statement: "I am going to give you a view into the mind of God." Watch this video folks. God is real.
Even atheist, sexual, humanist, naturalist God deniers are faced with a choice. Either admit the is a divine creator of the cosmos (God) Or create an absurd worldview that there are an infinite number of universes. How hard is it to admit? GOD IS REAL!
Atheism is the fastest growing religion in America. Yes it IS a religion. It requires faith to believe that everything happens by chance and there is no absolute truth or moral authority. This is sad fact. We need more witnesses renewed in faith in Jesus.
God has a plan. There will be witnesses. More will return to the one true faith, the one path to eternal salvation. Christianity. I don't mean the Christianity of the Pope, but Christianity meaning living a life in the imitation of the Son of God, Jesus.
The supernatural is real. It has become my greatest joy seeking to understand more about God's message through the Bible. I am sure if you take time everyday to find the real truth in the word of God rather than mainstream media you will enjoy it too.…
"As it was in the days of Noah" find out what this means. There is evidence of a worldwide catastrophic flood this is evident. But what does that Bible say about the times of Noah and how they compare with the times at the end of the age? #NowWatching
If you are a Christian you may have never read the book of Enoch. Enoch was Noah's great grandfather. Enoch was 'Raptured' as in he was 'taken' in some supernatural way in the account in Genesis. The book of Enoch is quoted in Jude. Why not read it?
I just want Americans to take a look inside themselves. I'm begging for God to bring a #GreatAwakening to this country. We are torn in half by lying media. Young people are lost and becoming Atheists at an alarming rate. Our country will rot from within if these trends continue.
Jordan Peterson helped me. He can give you some great advice on how to make the world a better place. How to find order in all the chaos.
The struggle every person has is finding the perfect balance between Order and Chaos.
Think of it in this simple way.
Christ is the ideal man, an archetype. (Perfect, divine, God)
A Christ-like life is the target
Sin means to miss the mark.
At least when we sin, but we aim to be like Christ, we are aiming in the right direction.
Happy Thanksgiving America. I'm going to eat again.
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