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🟣 Hilo de Mini Reseñas Sitges 🟣

En este hilo iré colgando las reseñas de las películas que visionaré del festival de Sitges.


Es posible que estas reseñas contengan spoilers.
@sitgesfestival #Sitges #Sitges2022 Image
🟣Festival Sitges🟣Mini Reseña🟣


El poder reside en la mente. Hay momentos que deseas parar de verla. Al ser una película, tengo la opción. Para reflexionar.

RECOMENDADO: A quienes gusten las incomodidades, se queden hasta el final.
#resurrection #Sitges2022 Image
🟣 Festival Sitges 🟣 Mini Reseña 🟣

🎞️ After Yang 🎞️

Nos introduce en una distopía futurista de estilo minimalista, donde los androides conforman una nueva dinámica familiar.

RECOMENDADO: A quien le gusten las historias de ritmo lento, con alma e introspectivas.
#AfterYang Image
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➡️ Jueves 6 de Octubre 2022⬅️

Sitges 55è Festival internacional de cinema fantàstic de Catalunya

⬇️ ¡Tráileres y Sinopsis! ⬇️ Image
Realizamos RESEÑAS sobre series y películas que vamos viendo a medida que se estrenan tanto en salas de cine, como en plataformas.

Todo ello, siempre desde la mirada del espectador.…
➡️ Sala Auditori Meliá 🎥 09:45
➡️ 1h 25 min

Sessions especials

Un roble de 210 años que se había convertido en un pilar. Desde sus raíces hasta su copa, es el alimento, refugio y protección de un elenco fuera de lo común.

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The end.
My tether to life broke free with one last zing of pain.
Like lightning against the backdrop of blackness.
Relief replaced all the beating and breathing organic material required. Released from my human container, freedom remained.

#IAmArmageddon #satsplat
1/4 Wylie’s #Resurrection
The word echoed in the darkness.
I pushed away from the simplicity of freedom and reached for my physical shackles. Piecing together the details that imprisoned my boundless mind, I focused on the place I belonged: my body.
I saw my blood first,
my life force, the vessels that connected the rest of my body to my heart. I drew all four chambers with my mind, tempting them into action.
First the upper right. Then the lower. Lub. The left side took a turn. Dub.
Lub dub! The sound deafened me.
Lub dub! Lub dub! Lub dub!
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A legal-historian of early modern Irish crime and punishment, I will 'live-tweet' the last days and hours of John Atherton, a bishop of Waterford & Lismore and ally of the Wentworth executive, who was executed on 5 Dec 1640 in Dublin. Image
One of the primary sources for this is Nicholas Bernard, 'The penitent death of a woefull sinner', published in London in 1651. Bernard attended to Atherton's spiritual needs in the condemned cell at Dublin Castle, whilst being transported north of the river, and at the scaffold
Bernard is largely sympathetic, but there were a number of other more hostile sources in later years, either horrified by Atherton's behaviour or using it to embarrass and damage the episcopal state church.
Some of the best modern material is that by Clarke and by Marshall, etc ImageImageImageImage
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En ce jour de Pâques où les Chrétiens célèbrent le mystère de la Résurrection du Christ, je vous présente une synthèse de l'iconographie médiévale de la Résurrection en Occident.

⬇ (fil à dérouler) #Paques #resurrection #Easter #Ostern #Auferstehung #Resurrezione #resureccion ImageImage
1. Durant le haut Moyen Âge, c'est la Visite des Saintes Femmes au Sépulcre qui illustre presque tjrs la R. ds l'Occ. latin, tandis que ds le monde byzantin, c'est la Descente aux Limbes/enfers (Anastasis) qui s'impose et prédomine. Ces deux types icon. ne seront pas traités ici.
2. Nous ne ns occuperons ici que d'un type particulier au monde latin, qui y naît & s'y développe à partir du 12e s. : le R. sortant de son sépulcre (selon des modalités diverses) - et ce jusqu'au début du 16e s. (avec cependant qques timides ouvertures sur l'art post-tridentin).
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Does the #Bible teach that there will be no #romantic #love or #future #children in the #Resurrection?

Um, #NO, and here is why.
To say that Jesus had many enemies during his earthly ministry is a huge understatement. Though some pharisees were friendly to him (John 3:1-21), most despised him, challenging him and even plotted to kill him (Matt 12:14). One of their main issues with Christ was his refusal to
follow their oral tradition (Matt 15:1-9, Mark 7:1-13). Indeed, Jesus criticized the Pharisees’ over this very tradition. He pointed out their real problem; making the oral law on par with scripture. They had basically added to the Word of God.
The Sadducees had the opposite
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#LASAINTEBIBLE|#Hébreux6:1-3,4-20«1C'est pourquoi,laissant les éléments de LA #Parole de #CHRIST,tendons à ce qui est #Parfait,sans poser de nouveau LE #Fondement du #Renoncement aux œuvres mortes,[]»#AMEN,#Maranatha,#MerciJÉSUS


#LASAINTEBIBLE|#Hébreux6:1-3,4-20«1 C'est pourquoi, laissant les éléments de LA #Parole de #CHRIST, *tendons* à ce qui est #Parfait, sans poser de #Nouveau LE #Fondement du #Renoncement aux #œuvres #mortes,
2 de LA #Foi en DIEU, de LA #Doctrine des #Baptêmes, de L'#Imposition des mains, de LA #Résurrection des #morts, et du #Jugement éternel.

3 C'est ce que *nous ferons*, *si DIEU le permet*.
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Was the story of #Jesus' #Resurrection inspired or based on the resurrection of the pagan god #Zalmoxis?
Um, #NO, and here is why:
The story of Zalmoxis is used by Jesus Mythcists to show that either A. The Gospel writers were inspired by it to come up with the story Christ’s resurrection, or B. that there was a common “dying and rising” god motif in the ancient world, not solely a Jewish idea.
However…there are problems with this (stupid) theory.
Thrace was an ancient land that today would make up parts of Greece, Bulgaria and Turkey. Zalmoxis, aka Salmoxis, aka Gebeleizis was a god of the Getae, a Thracian tribe. Indeed, he was the only god they worshipped, even
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