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Philip Dwyer
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Ross Lahive
National Party members

All fash, all included in footage in first 5mins of #rtept
Irish Educational Alliance is basically the same as Lawyers for Justice, and

No real membership, all from groups.
Ross Lahive. Former employee of Epoch Times in New York, a Falun Gong propaganda media based in New York with a long history of conspiracy.

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The "Expert Group" is flat wrong on air filters. And has been all pandemic. It's laughable at this stage - if it weren't so bloody serious.
I can almost guarantee that AMRIC are still focussed on droplets/fomite transmission, and have yet to accept the science - which became clear *last year* - that the virus spreads in the air. Worth going back to this good summary from May.…
And here's an early look at "droplets" v aerosols from *March 2020*. Our health authorities apparently have not been following the science. It's bananas.…
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THREAD: I spent months reviewing expense records from every local authority in the country, cross-checking them with records from other public bodies that pay councillors expenses. Here's what I found: #rteinvestigates…
Firstly, hundreds of councillors across the country contravened a provision in the Local Government Act by not declaring the expenses they received from external bodies they were members of
But we also found more serious breaches: many councillors have been receiving double payments, by wrongly claiming expenses from their own local authority and from an external organisation for the same official absence
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Leaders' Questions: Alan Kelly points out challenge of meeting 82%-by-June vaccine target when much of the J&J inventory will not arrive until late June, and can now only be used for older population. Also points out that rollout must now hit 450k doses per week by end-June
Taoiseach tells Dáil that Ireland's highest delivery of Pfizer doses has arrived earlier today, containing 191,800 doses. @VirginMediaNews
Kelly suggests "the projections don't work out that way" - citing @Mark_Coughlan's sums on #rtept last night - and says the only way to meet 82% target would be to skip those between 50-60 for now, and come back to them when future larger J&J shipments come in
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Alan Kelly tells Dáil that Stephen Donnelly has given wrong info to the Dáil this morning - Donnelly said there had been around 40,000 Pfizer doses last week (which in practice is 48k) but @craighughes points HSE figures which say it's quite a bit less
Kelly says he doesn't like the phrase 'Zero-Covid' himself but that "the public are ahead of us" in wanting aggressive suppression of virus. Says #rtept on Tuesday, with talk of Irish in Lanzarote, is "the straw that broke the camel's back" for many
Leo Varadkar says nobody should enter any debate while ruling out any strategies or suggestions. Says the Govt's policy is to get numbers as low as possible by March 5 so as to allow contact tracing and testing do its job again
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🚨Re the contention that a referendum on adopted people's right to their information 🚨

Firstly legal scholars e.g., @ConorUCCLaw have repeatedly argued that a referendum isn't necessary in order to legislate for access to birth certificates: #rtept 1/
Secondly, birth certificates have been public records since 1864. There is no legitimate reason to hold a referendum to allow access to a publicly available document. I mean, come on?

You do know that our birth certs don't even have our mothers' addresses right? 2/
A referendum to ask permission from the entire country for adopted people to access their birth certificates (public documents) is deeply discriminatory. 3/
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Minister of Education @NormaFoleyTD1 must clarify her extraordinary assertion on @RTE_PrimeTime that secondary school children who don't wear masks in school will be "sent home" @downesr #rtept #Covid19Ireland
Her own @Education_Ire guidelines online are unequivocal: "It is not practical for students to wear masks properly for the duration of a school day"
Has the Minister read her own guidelines? @merrionstreet @fiannafailparty #BackToSchool
Sending a child home is a de facto suspension. NEWB handbook for schools (supplied to every school in Ireland) draws on Education Act 1998 & Education (Welfare) Act 2000. Suspension is only to be imposed in "exceptional circumstances" but due process & natural justice must apply.
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Well! That was quite the 24-ish hours. We don’t quite know the full ramifications it all yet but it feels important to remember and document everything.

So… a thread:
7pm on 20 August: The Irish Examiner published the story and @aoifegracemoore tweets it out. In my version, she hit send while taking a big gulp of red wine like Olivia in Scandal (before she went bad).

By 8.40pm, political reporters and correspondents are being texted then-Minister Dara Calleary’s apology.
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RTE #PrimeTime debate night. #ge2020
.@MaryLouMcDonald arrives.

Real conundrum for the other two as to how to treat her. They need to damage her prospects but if they attack her too much in unison, just plays to inevitable line that they’re the establishment looking to undermine the change...#GE2020
Excitement mounting backstage, 40 mins or so to air...
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1) This is an important report from @EPAIreland

The EPA is one of #IrishWater's regulators. Its job is to ensure IW does its job and provides us with clean, safe water

But after the Leixlip debacle it says it wants stronger enforcement powers

This report warns that...

2) …Ireland’s river water is deteriorating badly.

Only 53% (and declining) is now deemed “satisfactory”.

Groundwater is FAR better – 92% (and improving) is “good”.

Yet, despite plentiful groundwater nearby, Dublin gets 99% of its water from RIVERS.

And #IrishWater’s plan?
3) #IrishWater cd develop some of the groundwater (wells) on Dublin’s doorstep and give Dublin some vital DIVERSIFICATION

Instead it wants to pump yet more RIVER water from the Shannon, making Dublin even MORE exposed to rivers than it already is

Does this make sense?
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Ok folks, among *the men* so far, the worst performer is? #aras18 (Twitter only allows 4 options!)
Casey is just about in the lead..
Oops, Gallagher has passed him out! #rtept #aras18
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"The best-case scenario about the Maurice McCabe shambles seems to the State is capable of accidentally creating the worst false allegations possible and destroying completely the life of a whistleblower. That's the best case.
"That in Ireland someone can be branded by the State a child-rapist by mistake.

If such a thing is possible, that's terrifying. And the alternative – that the State deliberately set out to completely destroy Sergeant McCabe – is even worse."

#DisclosuresTribunal #rtept
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