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₊ ༝ ・ ˖Tips de estudio que me sirvieron y que recomiendo ₊ ˚ 。 . ⋆

[#studytwt #studytips #backtoschool] ImageImage
‼️ Este hilo lo hago basado en mi experiencia, si algún tip te sirve o no va a depender demasiado de loa hábitos de estudio que tengas.
Sin más empiezo ^^
1. Método pomodoro

En pocas palabras consiste en establecer periodos de tiempo para estudiar, uno un poco más pequeño de descanso, otro de estudio y así consecutivamente.
Los tiempos los puedes adaptar de acuerdo al tiempo que quieras estudiar, repasar o hacer tareas + ImageImage
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Let's talk about fundamentals of #FusionEnergy: plasma energy balance and Lawson criterion
Plasma energy balance is determined by the energy sources feeding the plasma and the energy losses cooling it down

For the plasma to remain stationary, the energy balance must be in equilibrium, i.e. the sources must compensate the losses
The total power produced by the D-T fusion reaction Pfusion is divided between the products of the reaction, the alpha particles, i.e. the helium nuclei (He), and the neutrons
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School districts around the country are dealing with a teacher shortage. That means there aren’t enough certified teachers to fill open roles. Here’s why it’s happening. #BackToSchool @AsToldByJalyn ImageImageImageImage
This isn’t a direct result of the pandemic. People who study these kinds of trends say they started to notice an increase in open teaching positions more than a decade ago. @AsToldByJalyn #BacktoSchool2022
“Nine out of 10 positions that need to be filled are to replace someone who has left. Most of the teachers who leave are not leaving for retirement, they're actually leaving mid-career,” said Desiree Carver-Thomas, researcher and policy analyst at the @LPI_Learning Image
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🧵 Our guidebook provides information, support and signposting.

📕 Chapters for young people, parents & caregivers & schools.

🔬Evidence based information & case studies

🤗 Nobody has to feel alone.

To learn more ⬇️

#LongCovid #LongCovidKids ImageImageImageImage
Long Covid Kids started as a grassroots organisation in September 2020.

In October 2021 we became a registered charity.

Our patron is beloved children’s author @MichaelRosenYes

#LongCovidKids #LongCovid #MichaelRosen #Charity #Support #Children ImageImageImageImage
With the support of experts, scientists, paediatricians, doctors, nurses, researchers, advocates, occupational therapists, physiotherapists teachers & educational psychologists our team of volunteers created a guidebook to raise awareness & educate.

#LongCovidKids #LongCovid ImageImageImageImage
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Processions, bullock cart rides, a traditional aarti to welcome, first steps made etched in memories - the enthusiasm and colour visible during our #पहिले_पाऊल melavas and the first day of school today was unparalleled. Here are some of the moments that stood out
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Is it possible to live #carfree in Edmonton's suburbs with 4 kids?

I think it is, and after selling our vehicle yesterday, today is day 1 of our new life.

I'm going to 🧵 our journey here.

All 4 fit in our cargo trike, but I'm going to add a trailer for more space/cargo.

1/ Image
Timing for this is ideal bc we got an offer we couldn't refuse for our van, which gives us the $ to create the optimum set up for #carfree life.

Plus, we will save $ not having a car (I'm cheap). CAA's calculator estimates $12k a year.

2/ Image
I've been thinking about this for a couple years, but having our 4th & realizing we don't need the van for him, plus insurance rising $900 this year despite having a clean record & being -15 on the grid, plus rising fuel costs told me this was the time.

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2/8 To assist with @GOVUK rollout of CO2 monitors to schools @CoSchoolsTools have created 4 videos, and other materials, that aim to explain how #CO2monitors can help #teachers manage their classroom #ventilation for comfortable healthier learning.
@MichaelRosenYes please could you help us get these videos to schools?

#CommunityAction #LongCovidKids #BackToSchool
#Education #MaskUp #Kids #SpotCovid

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We asked families of disabled children and youth about #BackToSchool in #bced, in light of the #Omicron variant. They want overwhelmingly for their children to not be left out and excluded from their education. 1/?
Families need information, choice, flexibility, and protection for their children. Many families of the most medically vulnerable students want a delayed start date, booster vaccinations for staff and these parents, 2nd shots for medically vulnerable 5-11 year olds, 2/?
Parents of disabled kids want expedited work on ventilation in #bced and transparency about this status in schools, as well as about exposures - a return to swift notifications. 3/?
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We are happy to welcome students from Std 1 onwards #BackToSchool on Dec 1. Safe resumption of schools is being considered to ensure all students have equal access to education amidst the pandemic. @CMOMaharashtra @AjitPawarSpeaks @scertmaha @MahaDGIPR @msbshse @Balbharati_MSBT
Usage of masks will be mandatory for children at all times. Teachers and school staff to ensure strict compliance to masking up. #BackToSchool #maskmandate @bb_thorat @INCIndia @IYCMaha
For the safety of the staff & students, vaccination has been made mandatory for teachers/staff. Only fully vaccinated staff will be allowed in premises. School transport operators also must be fully vaccinated. #SafeSchools #VaccineMandate
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#Inzidenz 399,8 ↔️mehr als doppelt so hoch wie XMas20
45.326 #Neuinfektionen
309 #Verstorbene, erstmals Ü300 in #VierteWelle, 6-7 vollbesetzte 🚌, in 3Tagen dann #HunderttausendTote
Anz. Aktive Fälle explodiert weiter: sechseinhalb Millionen überschritten
🧵➡️ ImageImage
Die Gesamtzahl der Infektionen steigt so steil wie nie - hat irgendwer "parallel zur Achse" falsch verstanden?
Immer mehr Bundesländer laufen flächendeckend ins Verderben.
#Sachsen mit 969,9 den zweiten Tag Inzidenz über 800.
#NotbremseJetzt #NotbremseSofort ImageImage
Die #KinderInzidenz5_14 liegt bundesweit bei 924,2.
🔥🔥 Mehr als doppelt so hoch wie Gesamtbevölkerung.
So kurz vor #Impfzulassung der #EMA in dieser(!) Woche, 5 Wochen vor Auslieferung #KinderImpfstoff in 🇩🇪
#ProtectTheKids #schuetztdiekinder #TeamKinderschutz Image
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Manche haben Leichen im Keller - andere einen Datenabfluss.

Der Auftakt-Blogpost der Schul-App-Wochen (#BackToSchool) bei zerforschung:
scoolio hat inzwischen auch eine Pressemitteilung veröffentlicht:…

Dazu ein paar Anmerkungen: 🧵
> Nach Hinweis des Hacker:innen-Kollektivs von Gorillas, Luca und CDU-App erweitert die Schüler-Community Scoolio ihre Sicherheitsfunktionen

Klarstellung: Wir gehören weder zu Gorillas, noch zu Luca und auf gar keinen Fall zur CDU.
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#Watch: Schools reopen in #Mumbai and Maharastra from today.

Day 1: Visuals from Don Bosco High School Borivali.

📸BL Soni

#BackToSchool #SchoolReopen #School #SchoolReopen2021 #FPJNews #FPJCity
#Watch: As school and colleges reopen in #Mumbai and #Maharashtra. The first day saw 40 % attendance of students and teachers.

Day 1: Visuals from Don Bosco High School Borivali.

📸BL Soni

#BackToSchool #SchoolReopen #School #SchoolReopen2021 #FPJNews #FPJCity
#Watch: After a year and a half, friends meet offline in school and college.

Here's are some visuals from Don Bosco High School Borivali.

📸BL Soni

#BacktoSchool2021 #Mumbai #Maharashtra #BackToSchool #SchoolReopen
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Is daily testing needed @statesdj ? In CA we test close contacts every three days, a negative test on day 6 and no further testing required.

In Georgia: Student close contacts continue attending school w/no symptoms & test negative every day for 7 days.…
More states doing what CA doing...
" a number of school districts are turning to testing to keep more children in the classroom & avoid disrupting the work lives of their parents. The resource-intensive approach — sometimes known as “test to stay” or modified quarantine
@CDCgov says that it “does not have enough evidence” to support the test to stay/modified quarantine approach. Instead, it recommends that close contacts who have not been fully vaccinated quarantine for as long as 14 days.
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Palestinian school girls run crying after Israeli occupation forces fired teargas canisters towards at least 8 kindergartens and @UNRWA schools in the southern area of occupied Hebron, in the West Bank earlier today.
Israeli occupation forces fire teargas canisters as teachers attempt to evacuate schoolchildren in southern Hebron.

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Has your child just started, or just gone back to, school and you're desperate to hear about their day, but your questions are met with mumbles, grunts or silence?

#BacktoSchool2021 #BackToSchool
Knowing when - and how - to ask new school starters about their day is a bit of an art form. Here are some of my best tips:

#startingschool #backtoschool #firstdayofschool #preschool #parenting #parentingtips #education #edutwitter
Knowing when - and how - to ask new school starters about their day is a bit of an art form. Here are some of my best tips:

#startingschool #backtoschool #firstdayofschool #preschool #parenting #parentingtips #education #edutwitter
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There has been a lot of talk of preparing new school starters over the last few weeks and lots of discussions about how to help them with big feelings as they settle in, but one huge missing part of the conversation is talking about how the *parents* feel. Image
Your child starting school is a huge deal for you too, but there’s far less advice to help you with your feelings. Image
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Without ANY mitigation measures in school, can we at LEAST ask for a decent list of symptoms to help families identify #COVID infection, please?

We are worried.

@NHSEngland @NHSuk @DorsetCCG @JimBethell @MattHancock @sajidjavid
2) The @CDCgov has a more comprehensive list to help families in the #USA identify infection, and they offer the #vaccine and #masks

#backtoschool #longcovid #longcovidkids
3) Here is our list - these are the symptoms families report their children and young people had.
And before the trolls their evening #LCK bashing YES we do believe ANY symptom could be #COVID
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1) 🌏🌍🌎🌍🌏

The experience of #longcovidkids members is that the activity levels of their children are significant.
Meet Joe
Time difference 10 mins
✅He can go to the park.
❌ He gets palpitations which he's had for 10mths he feels cold on the inside when they happen.
2) We will continue to tell the truth about #covid infection to educated families so that they can make informed decisions.
You can expect to see more stories showing children struggling with their health. This is a fraction of what the children and

3) young people are living with.
So far, everything we have posted, discussed, or raised concern about has been followed up (mths later) with research ...and it is still coming through. We have no reason to lie or exaggerate, our intention remains the
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🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Schools back for 3 weeks 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

#DeltaVariant is ripping through schools.

From 16th Aug - 2nd Sept inclusive: 💥26,836 cases age 0-19💥

💔~1% will be hospitalised (268)
💔~14% will be #LongCovidKids (3757)
💔~0.01% - 0.03% will die (2 - 8) 😢

#LongCovid #COVID #BackToSchool
Some schools in 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 have already been forced to close due to staff absence from #COVID19

Some classes are are half empty as children continue to pass #DeltaVariant between one another.

🛑On 16th Aug 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 recorded 477 new child cases
🛑On 2nd Sept 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 recorded 2596 new child cases
Local Authorities and @scotgov continue to reassure us that children are not transmitting #Covid19 in schools.

Apparently school pick up/drop off is the culprit.

Do we think that is true? Does #DeltaVariant have such high intelligence that it refuses to enter school buildings?
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Today is the final day of Health Affairs’ #BackToSchool Essentials series, in which we share content about health policy topics essential for future policymakers and health care leaders. Don’t miss these must-reads for all health policy students. (Thread)
📚 In the December 2020 theme issue, Climate & Health, Renee Salas and coauthors outlined how policy makers can integrate a climate lens as they develop interventions to protect vulnerabilities in the health system from the effects of climate change.
📰 Consumer Shopping: In a July 2017 blog, Rachel Dolan broke down what Health Affairs research tells us about consumer shopping for health care services.
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Today of our three-day #BackToSchool Essentials series, we are featuring a variety of Health Affairs content covering topics important for future health policy experts.

Be sure to subscribe to our Health Affairs Today newsletter to stay in-the-know:
📚 In a February 2021 article, published as part of the @theNAMedicine’s Vital Directions for Health & Health Care project, William Shrank + coauthors discuss health costs & financing priorities to advance health care access, affordability, & equity.
📰@RheaBoydMD + coauthors published a blog in July 2020, titled “On Racism: A New Standard For Publishing On Racial Health Inequities” outlining how scholars & journals routinely fail to interrogate racism as a critical driver of racial health inequities.
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Our recommended #BackToSchool essentials come from Katie Keith, an adjunct professor at the @oneillinstitute and contributing editor at Health Affairs focused on the Affordable Care Act (#ACA) and health reform. (Thread)
“If you’re a regular reader of Health Affairs Blog, you know I read. A lot—on all things ACA. On the occasion that my professional reading isn’t crowding out my personal reading, here are a few of my recent favorite reads or podcast episodes:
1⃣ The Ten Year War: Obamacare and the Unfinished Crusade for Universal Coverage by Jonathan Cohn.
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1) The voices of chronically sick children & young people have been ignored throughout the pandemic.
It is crucial to the development of effective research, innovations, and services that lived experience is
#LISTENtotheKIDS… ImageImage
2) represented. The findings of this study evidence that prevention MUST be our focus as kids go #BackToSchool

Download our #LCKschoolpack to learn more about #longcovid and how to reduce risk.
⬇️⬇️⬇️ @grahamja51 Image
3) LCK represents families around the world who are living with #kids who are chronically and significantly affected from #COVID19 wave 1/2/3. Many of whom are not recovering, this needs your attention.
We can only conclude that anyone who continues to minimise #longcovid in ImageImageImageImage
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