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(1)"Para Tentara Jepang&seorg gadis Jepang(Nama2 mrk tdk dketahui.Sekitar bln Oktober atau November thn 1945.Sumber crita brasal dr desas-desus yg didgr dr para anggota kluarga ayah Yohan yg sdh tua umurnya.Bbrp bagian dr bab ini hanya mrupakan rekaan dr kjadian yg sbenarnya)"
(2)Rumah No.44 ini telah disita oleh para tentara Jepang sejak beberapa bulan yang lalu.Pemilik sebelumnya(Tuan Y) bserta kluarganya,telah dipukuli,disiksa,dan diusir secara paksa oleh mereka.Keberadaan Tuan Y dan keluarganya tidak diketahui sampai sekarang.Ada desas-desus bahwa
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So after prompting from a friend, I decided to belatedly join #ScaryStories

I will start by saying that I’m no stranger to paranormal experiences; they happened to me all my life, even as a toddler. Even though I don’t actively seek it out, this kind of stuff just follows me.
Where to begin? I suppose I’ll start with the first odd story of my childhood. I don’t remember this, but both of my parents swear it’s a true story and it still unsettles them to this day.

When I was a toddler, I apparently loved to meet new people. Anytime a new person was -
- introduced to me, I would grin and wave excitedly, and say “hiiii!” One day when my parents were driving home, they passed by a local cemetery. There appeared to have recently been a funeral, as there was a fresh grave & new headstone. As they drove past, not really thinking -
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#ScaryStories when I was a little girl my father wasn't in my life so my mother had a habit of telling the men she dated that I was their daughter. One of these men we will call John Wilkes. John knew that I could not be his biological daughter because my mother did not know 1/
him prior to my birth. Nevertheless, he treated me exactly as if I were his beloved daughter. He took me everywhere and told everyone in his family that I was his daughter and they treated me as such. He spent his time between New York City and our small southern town. He 2/
Was a saxophone player and had appeared on many jazz albums. He had a friend we will call Sebastian. Sebastian was the kind of guy that seemed as if he would be into everything. Something about him gave me the creeps. He and John were very close and sometimes their 3/
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As a field biologist, some scary stuff has happened to me in the past. I radio-tracked rattlesnakes for years in Arizona. You encounter weird stuff at night in the desert. #scarystories
One day I kept smelling a strange scent all evening. It was musky, feral, and funky. I couldn’t place it.
The smell was really strong when I tracked a snake deep up into a rocky area that I had never gone to before. I rounded a bend and was struck in the face with the smell.
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Everyone’s telling scary stories for Halloween so I’ll talk about something that happened to me when I was a kid because hey, trauma never gets old.
When I turned 9 I realized I could sneak downstairs after everyone was asleep and eat anything I wanted in the fridge. No one ever noticed!
I could make a peanut butter, Cheez Whiz, & mayo sandwich, eat leftover pizza, scrape off the icing from birthday cakes - as long as I was careful I could do anything!
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Martin broke up with his girlfriend because he thought she was a witch. #ScaryStories #horror #rt @gothamghosts
He didn’t like to be manipulated—he was independent, if a bit scattered: the piles of newspapers in his apartment organized; the clean cat food tins destined for the recycling bin; the ashtrays overflowing with cigarette butts.
To his friends he was an eccentric—quick to anger, always with a smoke in his hand, but a man that would give you the shirt off his back.
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For as long as I can remember, I’ve seen things on the periphery of my vision—motes floating in the shadows, flashes of film, elongated figures nodding in agreement. #ScaryStories #horror #rt @gothamghosts
On the day I saw my doppleganger turn the corner into an alley, the edge of my vision had been shaky.
This was a day that started with snow and piercing cold, no number of layers enough to keep the Chicago winter away, my flesh numb, the cogs in my head slow to turn.
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My office is based in a Manhattan location of a certain shared workspace company (you know, the alliterative one that’s been in the news a lot lately).

I stayed late last night, and things got… strange. (thread)

#ScaryStories @gothamghosts
You’ve probably heard how this company operates.

They buy out a few floors of an office building, gut them, and revamp them with a compact maze of glass-walled, glass-doored rooms furnished with industrial chic office paraphernalia, …
then rent each one out to small businesses and agencies for a lower price than leasing a full-sized space (which can get especially pricey here in Manhattan).
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Standing in front of the mirror that my Great Aunt Dahlia gave me, the candlelight sparkles in a dingy halo, swimming in the darkness, as I rub my fingertips together. #ScaryStories #horror #rt @gothamghostwriters
I miss her—she was a beacon of light, that woman, in an otherwise gloomy existence, and I can’t let her go without a fight.
I whisper an incantation under my breath, my voice slowly growing louder, as bitter herbs burn in an iron bowl, an arrangement of flowers in purple, red, and yellow.
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🥚 Stanley Needs a Nest 🥚
A horror comic about a childhood virtual pet.
#scarystories #comics #tamagotchi
🥚 Stanley Needs a Nest 🥚
A horror comic about a childhood virtual pet.
#horror #comics #tamagotchi
🥚 Stanley Needs a Nest 🥚
A horror comic about a childhood virtual pet.
#horror #comics #tamagotchi
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