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when there's a new superman #1 at the comic store this week 🙌🏾🥳🤘🏾 Image
new boss Image
mood when i go to the comic shop and there's no new superman that week, not even a jla Image
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Here’s what I’ll be talking about on Friday at @PassmoreEdwards as part of the Pen & Ink #comics & book art festival (tickets here… - it’s “pay what you can” for most sessions):🧵 Talk by Myfanwy Tristram- h...
First, the @DrawLineComics story. How 100+ artists from around the world came together because of a single frustrated Facebook post I made. Hardback copies of Draw the...
How we managed that project and got the books out, not only without spending money, but in fact making a profit that went to charity!
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Ketika makhluk astral menjadi penyelamatmu!

Maksudnya apa ya?
Yuk, langsung aja baca komik yang berjudul "Untuk Kamu".

#ngobrolinastral #comicstrip #comics #komikindonesia ImageImageImageImage
Selamat membaca, guys..

(2/2) ImageImageImage
Film Klab Astral: Image
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I wrote a letter to @yyCBEdu Trustees about Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in #yyc’s #CBE schools. Why aren’t we using all the available #IAQ tools: specifically, portable HEPA filters?
It's here:
But, sharing it here too for #AbEd folks! (Also, #comics!) 1/27 Handwritten text in blue and green says, “A Letter to the
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Full color Grass Green, just for fun. #colors #comics #humor #vintage #women #sex ImageImage
Full color Grass Green, just for fun. #colors #comics #humor #vintage #women #sex ImageImage
Full color Grass Green, just for fun. #colors #comics #humor #vintage #women #sex ImageImage
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Pro US Border Patrol Comic Censored ⁉️

Conservative Comics creators shadow banned on Indiegogo en masse??

Reason why will shock U🤯… #comics #comicfiesta2022 @BoundingComics @kabutoridermav @BleedingFool @EthanVanSciver @Wes_from_TC @realchrisrufo @Kneon
@BoundingComics @kabutoridermav @BleedingFool @EthanVanSciver @Wes_from_TC @realchrisrufo @Kneon Indiegogo is falling apart due to bad investments in China & desperate to attract a new buyer

Its why theyre Shadow Banning comics

Try to make Indiegogo look more appetizing to a megacompany like Black Rock or Amazon… #comics @Perpetualmaniac @neontaster
Indiegogo Censorship mostly aimed at Conservative Comics Creators but not just

Anyone outside a progressive worldview or mainstream comics

From @EthanVanSciver to @Frog_G_ to @BloodyRedBaron to @shanedavisart🥴

@richjohnston @EricDJuly @FayeBlackWrites…
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#Batman’s Opinion of His Greatest Weakness Is a Sobering Message About Mental Health…

Now - To be clear: I think that (modern) #comics are silly, self-serious, & written largely by pompous idiots!

BUT - Isn't this above JUST the crux of the matter! 😄
And yet: WHY devote an entire article to this? When it can be so much better summarised, in a few hashtags?? 👇

#toxicmasculinity #herocomplex

(#fascistcrap I might well say.. 😏)
#Takingyourselfmuchtooseriously (Which is something that a good Trickster (an #archetype which is often the opposite of the hero archetype) Would NEVER do.. As the Joker never would, IF he were written *true to archetype*, which he usually isn't.. These days. 😏
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In our 1rst episode of CultureScape,
we interview @EricDJuly🎤

Popular YouTuber, musician & creator of the RippaVerse🦸

#comics @YellowFlashGuy @Drunk3po @DDayCobra @Nerdrotics @ThatUmbrella @BoundingComics @GundamIsHere @EthanVanSciver @Wes_from_TC
@EricDJuly @YellowFlashGuy @Drunk3po @DDayCobra @Nerdrotics @ThatUmbrella @BoundingComics @GundamIsHere @EthanVanSciver @Wes_from_TC .@EricDJuly leading voice in independent comics after he raised over $3.7 million for Isom #1 on Indiegogo

Learn how the Rippaverse came together, what it takes to build a comics empire & how he hopes to save the American artform… #rippaverse #comics #mcu
w/ an insanely busy work schedule @EricDJuly ended up doing the interview from his warehouse after a long shift moving orders📦

his dedication to the RippaVerse is 🔥🔥🔥… #comics @EthanVanSciver @benshapiro @PolitiBunny @bdomenech @Drunk3po @Th3Claude
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Hello everyone! Thank you all SO MUCH for your support, and for pushing FIENDISH #2 to 100K! Now that we have hit 100K, it's time to announce the details of the FIENDISH fanart contest!
More details in 🧵and on IGG 👇…
I'm looking for one finished illustration of any of the characters, creatures, or environments of FIENDISH.

👉The winner will win $400 USD and be printed in FIENDISH #2, and two runner ups will win $50.

👉The due date is Halloween, 10/31.

👉Submit by tagging #FIENDISH2FANART!
🚨Please make sure your artwork is 6.88x10.44" and ≥300dpi!🚨
If the final artwork is smaller than specified, it cannot be printed and will be disqualified.

Submissions are also limited to one piece per person, please!
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Bruce, a retelling of Jaws from shark’s perspective (1/4) #comics
Bruce (2/4)
Bruce (3/4)
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#animation #cartoons #storyboarding #storyboard #comics #art #directing #Filmmaking #entertainment #tutorial #MASTERCLASS #student #writing #screenwriting


By John Fountain

CHAPTER 8 - Post Mortem

Let’s talk about pitching a cartoon show, shall we? Image
Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve tried to give you all of the practical information I have based on my experience on how to pitch a cartoon.

Not as easy as you thought, huh?

Everything I know came from trial-and-error on my part.

You will try.

You will error. Image
Don’t let it eat you up.

One of the major, emotional milestones I wish I had gotten over sooner is that - as corny as this sounds - life IS, in fact, all about the journey - not the destination. Image
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#animation #cartoons #storyboarding #comics #directing #Filmmaking #tutorial #MASTERCLASS #writing #screenwriting
By John Fountain

CHAPTER 6 - Follow up

Let’s talk about pitching a cartoon show, shall we?

So... you’ve pitched your cartoon!
Congrats! Image
In many cases, you’ll have a pretty good idea what your chances look like within the first 120 seconds of your pitch.

By the time you speak the title of the show and first paragraph of your pitch, you’ll probably be able to see it on their faces. Image
Anything other than a “I love this idea!” and you’re looking at a “maybe” at best. “Interesting” is often code for “no.”

But, as I stated previously, you’re not just pitching a cartoon, you’re pitching yourself… so you need to maintain your composure no matter what. Image
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#animation #cartoons #storyboarding #storyboard #comics #art #directing #Filmmaking #entertainment #tutorial #MASTERCLASS #writing #screenwriting
By John Fountain

Let’s talk about pitching a cartoon show, shall we?

CHAPTER 4: Anatomy of a Pitch Document Image
First, allow me to say what should go without saying:
Everything here is copyrighted and trademarked by John Fountain 2022 - all rights are reserved. None of this may be copied, distributed or reproduced SAVE FOR PURPOSE OF REVIEW without permission from the author!
I have an absolutely BEASTLIKE attorney in Los Angeles who would love the chance to go after someone - I’m putting this stuff up for educational benefit - DO NOT F*CK WITH IT!

And if you see someone f*ck with it, please let me know.

On with the lesson… Image
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#animation #cartoons #storyboarding #comics #art #directing #Filmmaking #entertainment #tutorial #MASTERCLASS #student #writing #screenwriting

By John Fountain

Let’s talk about pitching a cartoon show, shall we?

CHAPTER 3: NOW what?! Image
Good lord - after ALL THAT you’re still here?!

You’re a glutton for punishment, huh? Well… good… because if you’re going to pitch your cartoon ideas, you’ve gotta love getting punched in the gut.

And get punched in the gut you most certainly WILL! Image
Unless you’re one of those assholes who just comes up with something exceedingly brilliant and gets a fantastic development deal your first time around. In which case, the rest of us will sit here smiling and trying to make our “congratulations” seem sincere.

But I digress. Image
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#animation #cartoons #storyboarding #comics #art #directing #Filmmaking #entertainment #tutorial #MASTERCLASS #student #writing #screenwriting

By John Fountain

Let’s talk about pitching a cartoon show, shall we?

One of the things about animation that a lot of people find frustrating is that it often becomes a “nexus” where CREATIVITY, COLLABORATION and COMMERCE are uncomfortably merged. Image
This phenomenon can create a lot of challenges and struggles. Obviously, as with all things, sometimes the stars align just perfectly and it all happens with flawless precision, but those instances are VERY few and VERY far between. Image
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#animation #cartoons #storyboarding #storyboard #comics #art #directing #Filmmaking #entertainment #tutorial #MASTERCLASS #student #writing #screenwriting


By John Fountain


Let’s talk about pitching a cartoon show, shall we? Image
Before we get started, let me sort of lay down how this is all going to happen.
I’m gonna do my best to give you some perspective on how to go about pitching and/or selling your original ideas to a network or media platform based on MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. Image
Why do I put those words in BOLD CAPS, you ask? Because my experiences are unique, personal and potentially outdated. I haven’t REALLY “pitched” anything in over a decade - and that should tell you something right there. Image
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[Thread Comics] 📚☕️

Secret Wars 1984 : quand Héros et Vilains se retrouvent piégés sur une mystérieuse planète, c'est forcément la guerre !

Récit d'une aventure hors-norme pour l'époque
#Marvel #AvengersSecretWars #comics ImageImageImageImage
Tout commence par une incroyable surprise : les plus grands héros de la Terre se retrouvent téléportés dans un étrange vaisseau spatial. Mieux encore : leurs plus grands adversaires ont subi le même sort ! ImageImage
Les questions fusent et l'incompréhension règne. Détail intriguant : pourquoi Magneto se retrouve parmi les héros ? Côté méchants, c'est très vite l'anarchie avec Ultron qui panique car il comprend rien, mais il se fait rapidement humilié par nul autre que le terrible Galactus ImageImage
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Problem with modern stories: the constant need for self validation
#comics #marvelcomics #dccomics
This is a real problem with story telling that really speaks to the insecurities of our current culture. We live in a society that constantly wants to not only do whatever they want, but be cheered on as they do it. It’s a culture full of people that has grown too narcissistic-
Too self involved, and let’s be honest, too prideful to look beyond themselves. And it’s unfortunate that these are the people who are in charge of writing our heroes. Because in all honesty they aren’t writing our heroes, but rather themselves masquerading as our heroes-
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[Thread Comics] 📚☕️

#Avengers le rassemblement des plus grands super-héros de la Terre.

Quelles sont les principales équipes et évolutions de cette franchise culte ? #Marvel #Comics 🔽 Image
Préambule : impossible avec Twitter de lister de manière lisible toutes équipes, versions et subtilités de chaque époque. Je fais confiance à la commu pour préciser si besoin en commentaire, mon but est de donner les bases à ceux qui découvrent les comics
On commence avec les INVADERS, ces super-héros de la WW2, et déjà #CaptainAmerica en leader d'un regroupement de super-héros aux origines diverses Image
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Watching Thor: Love and Thunder is like guzzling down a raw hamburger and strawberry smoothie that hasn’t been thoroughly puréed yet, but much less satisfying. 🧋🐮

How could the newest and most anticipated entry in phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe go so sideways?🤔
This undercooked action comedy pork cutlet stars Thor as he rescues some kidnapped children from the evil Gore the God-Butcher,

With help from his ex-girlfriend Natalie Portman who now is also a Thor. #ThorLoveAndThunder #Thor
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‘Baymax!’ Is Just A Bunch Of Patronizing Public Service Announcements😴

Woke as it is brain-dead
‘Baymax!’ has all the subtlety of a low B-episode of Captain Planet & storytelling as deep as an evaporated puddle 🫧… @FDRLST #baymax #disney #mcu #marvel #rt
Disney doesn't seem to know its audience & lets progressive platitudes blind itself to releasing expensive shows that are only so-so

W/ some the wokeness turns them off immediately, but there isnt a lot here for progressives either… #tv #film #filmtwitter
For example, the infamous shopping scene in Baymax! it doesn't make much sense

An all-knowing robot needs help from a bunch of Grown men. In the feminine hygiene aisle

Discussing their favorite brand of tampons, as we all know men are wont to do…🙄
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The medium also controls our paneling. This entire spread simply does not flow the same on the predominant vertical-scrolling we comic platform. #artph #comics #komiks
So much is lost din in the vertical scrolling process. Another case in point, these two pages meant to "face off" against each other. #komiks #comics #artph.
The webtoon format (also born out of specific labor conditions) also limits our paneling, and imho, it should be assessed rather than being treated as simply the norm. Ang lusog lusog ng possibility of breaking down a story bec. Of paneling. Hindi ito diss, just an observation.
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i get why some people feel differently

there's a scene early in the 2nd act of the film where Chavez claims that most universes give free food,

some people use this as evidence of wokery,
what they're missing is Raimi excoriiates her social justice claim,

immediately after its shown she's wrong & making assertions based on her short lived experience

a rebuttal on wokeness, not a confirmation
effectively showing her naivety… #DoctorStrange2
That's how Dr Strange 2 operates,

whether its the cameo characters, or Dr Strange or Wanda,

characters make claims & Raimi shows how these characters are wrong in their ideas & philosophy

Not a confirmation of them,
this isn't woke, this is Anti-Woke
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Intro to Comics, student visual analyses interlude. Three on pages from From Hell by Alan Moore & Eddie Campbell (@ecampbelldammit). #comics #teaching
@ecampbelldammit Three on pages from Sabrina by Nick Drnaso. #comics #teaching
@ecampbelldammit Three on Alien: the Illustrated Story by Archie Goodwin and Walter Simonson (@WalterSimonson). #comics #teaching
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