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In the deepest recesses of my memory are images of illustrated classics that have stayed with me and still give me a thrill. One such image is of a raft-wrecked and exhausted Odysseus who is desperately trying to make his way to land but is confounded by the vengeful Poseidon
who brews vicious storms and mighty waves. The artist in that comic book captured it so well. I just saw that image again after decades & it evoked so many memories. Years later as I revisit the The Odyssey through a late 19th century translation and read the following:
I am reminded of the feeling of awe that it first inspired:

"So for two nights and two days he was wandering in the swell of the sea, and much his heart boded of death ... but when he was within earshot of the shore, and heard now the thunder of the sea against the reefs ..
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Alinéa placée en redressement judiciaire après presque deux mois de confinement. La crise des #GiletsJaunes, la réforme des retraites et le #coronavirus y sont pour beaucoup selon l’enseigne. Plus de 2000 emplois sont en jeu. #Emploi #Commerce…
Sur le front de l’économie et du #commerce, l’enseigne Naf Naf aussi est en redressement judiciaire après que son investisseur chinois La Chapelle se désengage.…
Tie Rack, l’enseigne d’accessoire britannique implantée en France et à bas prix rejoint également la liste des redressements judiciaires du moment.…
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#MuseumsUnlocked is full of fascinating yet frozen in time & place #Egypt

This #Egypt is exclusive & imagined. One you only see behind #Museums' glass display cases or digital screens

Not the vibrant full of contrasts #Egypt living in & within ancient & modern Egyptians 👇
Egypt is a multi-layer of living histories buzzing with changing power, people, and places. Too complex to be captured in a still brushed image of "iconic monument"...
It has the pharaohs but most importantly the ordinary people whose sweat & blood built it...
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🔔🔔🔔Ooooooooh! Si que era difícil!?🤪
Hem de reconèixer que 'CÓMO NO HACER NADA' (@Astiberri) és una obra del #GuyDelisle 'singular'. Un recull d'historietes publicades a les revistes 'Spoutnik' (Canadà) i 'Lapin' (França) i d'un període no tan conegut de l'autor quebequès.
'CÓMO NO HACER NADA' és una bona manera de conèixer millor els seus inicis, hi trobem obres del 1995 al 2002. Hi ha històries molt íntimes, vivències personals, humor, surrealisme... tot explicat amb una varietat d'estils narratius i gràfics molt curiosa de veure! 👌
Veuràs com l'autor, guanyador del Premi a la Millor obra del @bdangouleme l’any 2012 per 'Crónicas de Jerusalén (@Astiberri )', creix, prova i evoluciona! 😗Potser has llegit les seves fascinants cròniques 'Shenzhen', 'Pyongyang', 'Crónicas birmanas' o 'Crónicas de Jerusalén'
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"Uma Aventura do Fantabulástico Homem-Grilo" por Alex Rodrigues.

Quadrinhos publicado originalmente em 2014 e que agora republico para vocês aqui no twitter em formato de thread.

#homemgrilo #quadrinhos #comics #webcomic #webtoon #superheroi #superhero #bandadesenhada #osasco
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Western Publishing has a long history with comic books. Like Nintendo, they did playing cards, but branched out to Big Little Books in the 1930s.

While not considered comic books for both physical and content reasons, these are heavily illustrated stories.
Comic book fans often focus on writers and artists, but it takes a lot to make a comic book, including printing presses. Western established a press north of NYC, which opened doors for relations with Dell Publishing.
Dell and Western would establish a long partnership for a quarter of a century. Dell financed and distributed the comics, while Western printed them.
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Creative Professionals in India requires a simple creative Contract Management platform as per Indian Regulatory. Most of the freelancing websites follow foreign contract templates. The platform should serve specifically creative sector needs and shouldn't be a generic one.
Such a platform will help to define the range for different type of creative service's cost. It will bring calculative transparency and help Clients with streamline budget planning. Thus restoring client's assurance in the creative service sector will eventually boost the demand.
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A few Ray Bradbury stories now from EC #Comics...
Surprise Package, by Ray Bradbury. Weird #Science no 20, EC #Comics (1953). Art by Jack Kamen.
The Million Year Picnic, by Ray Bradbury. Weird Fantasy no 21, EC #Comics (1953). Art by John Severin & Will Elder.
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Visto el interés del hilo sobre #cómics y #sindicalismo, me animo con otro sobre #anarquismo en #viñetas. Este más extenso, pues la conexión entre ambos ha sido prolífica... y destacable por su calidad en no pocas ocasiones.
Selección muy personal, seguro hay quien prefiere otros
Lectura obligada (y favorito indiscutible) es 'El arte de volar', de Altarriba y Kim @Normaeditorial, Premio Nacional de Cómic 2010, un emotivo homenaje del primero a su padre. Ojo, la obra paralela, 'El ala rota', (historia de su madre), es sensacional también.
@NormaEditorial Siguiendo con historias biográficas de militancia cenetista y guerra civil, nos encontramos con 'Jamás tendré 20 años' @NormaEditorial de Jaime Martín y 'Espacios en blanco' @Astiberri de @Miguel_artie
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For comics artists, especially webcomic creators, speedy drawing leads to freq. updates which lead to more story and excited readers! Here's how to draw fast, which I say is > drawing well (Let me explain)

#comics #webcomics #arttips
As long as your art isn't distractingly bad, it doesn't need to be distractingly good, either. Comics are storytelling+shorthand. If your writing is good & your depictions are recognizable, you're in good shape. You're telling a story through stylized art...what readers expect!
Well-drawn art is awesome & you CAN TOTALLY take advantage of your hard-earned skills and draw stunning panels! That wows the reader! But you don't have to make every panel this way. I find it VERY helpful to ask myself what the purpose of each of my panels is... (example next)
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Cambodia has a rich modern history of pulp art, #comics and graphic novels. Today in pulp I look at the Cambodian scene and at some of the artists who made - and continue to make - it happen! #SaturdayMotivation
Cambodian pulp art was initially influenced by the French comic strip style, and later by Indian movie posters and hindi comics. But it also maintains a strong folk-art tradition, melded with contemporary themes.
In the 1960s Cambodian artists were able to make a reasonable living illustrating both comics and book covers for the domestic market. Flower Of Love, Flame Of Suffering by Hak Chay Hok (Khmer Books) is a good example of the genre. The cover is by Hul Sophon.
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1. Thread on Illuminati Symbols - for those not familiar with it, perhaps look on it as a pictorial language that when you learn it, reveals hidden messages. First post is the Illuminati Ball 2018 in New York… #Illuminati #IlluminatiSymbols #Rothschild
2. Lets jump to the 2014 American Music Awards Littered With Illuminati Symbolism. Take a look and a read… #Illuminati #IlluminatiSymbolism #HollywoodSymbols #TaylorSwift, #IggyAzalea #JenniferLopez #Fergie #JLo
3. Now it gets more sinister as we delve into an example of mind control symbolism - Ariana Grande’s “No Tears Left to Cry”: Blatant Monarch Mind Control Symbolism… #MindControl #ArianaGrande #Illuminati #IlluminatiSymbolism #HollywoodSymbols #Ariana
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I gotta tell ya. All this stuff with EVS, Edwin, Mike, Doug, the die hard fans of each. WC this, Cherries that, soy ops this, schemes and scams that. Wtf. These are grown men, right? I'm about done with all of them. I can barely go on their profiles or channels anymore...
....because all they ever do is talk about their 90210 drama about who dumped who, and who betrayed the other. I'm a fan of all of them, but I'm starting to think they would rather the rest of us suffer thru this nonsense then to be adults AND TAKE IT IN PRIVATE!! We don't...
...know the full story, and we never will, and none of them are gonna tell us, so why do we have to put up with only selected info of some bs that none of us should really even care about. I used to look forward to tweets and vids from all these guys. Now I'm rolling my eyes...
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Contrary to popular perception, Amar Chitra Katha was not created by Anant Pai aka Uncle Pai & neither was it in English to begin with! The story of Amar Chitra Katha begins in Bangalore & with ಕನ್ನಡ….
#comics #indiancomics 1/7
…The story of Amar Chitra Katha begins in namma Bengaluru as the brainchild of an India Book House (IBH) salesman, G.K. Ananthram who convinced his boss, IBH owner G.L. Mirchandani to let him publish books in Kannada as he felt there was lack of Indian stories at the time...
…The books ultimately became comics, & in the interestsof a quick start, Ananthram began the series – which he named Amar Chitra Katha – with translations of Disney Classics comics of fairy tales. Anant Pai at this time was with The Times of India handling Indrajal Comics…
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Indie RPG time! Back to work on @HeroisModernos where you role-play an editorial team, making a comic about superheroes, in a world were they are real and common. Very meta of us 😜

WIP of the flying stone snake god (temp name Serpentrea) This one gave a fight but getting there.
@HeroisModernos Research sketches exploring Serpentrea and its master Pitonisa
Criaturas controladas pelos vilões, no cenário que acompanha o #rpg @heroismodernos "Odeon City Comics"

Seres mitológicos com influências ibéricas/fenícias/celtas (talvez egípcias?) eram presença regular em filmes do gênero "Sword and Sandal Murders" nos 60s em Odeon City.
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Al Hartley may have been famous for his work on Archie #Comics, but in the 1970s he was drawn to a very different scene: God.

For today's #MondayMotivation I look back at Hartley's work for Spire Christian Comics - a publisher determined to spread the groovy gospel...
Spire Christian Comics was an offshoot of Spire Books, a mass-market religious paperback line launched in 1963 by the Fleming H Revell company. The point of Spire was to get religious books into secular stores, so a move into comic books in 1972 seemed a logical choice.
The idea was to create comic book versions of popular Spire Books like The Cross and the Switchblade; David Wilkinson's autobiographical tale of being a pastor in 1960s New York. It had already been turned into a film, but who could make it into a comic?
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The Long Bow, from “Once Upon a Time Machine: VOL 2”. A 12 page short story, written by @MichaelSwanwick, art/lettering/colors by me. Published by @DarkHorseComics. Colored version. #lettering #handlettering #comics #greekmythology. A thread: Pages 1-4
Pages 5-8
Pages 9-12
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Ei! Tá rolando campanha no @catarse da coletânea Histórias para Não Dormir, e eu participo dela com uma história escrita pelo @EricPeleias! Já deu uma olhada lá? Vou falar um pouquinho nos próximos tuites.
O link pra página da campanha tá aqui, ó👇
A ideia da coletânea é bem legal, dar oportunidade pra um pessoal que tá começando a embalar na produção. Meio que uma porta de entrada pra novos artistas, e juntar com um pessoal que já tem produzido pra dar aquela moral.
Como você pode imaginar, sim é mais uma hq com Lovecraft no tema. MAAAAAS ao invés de adaptar passagens do autor ou estender alguns dos contos, os criadores do projeto optaram por pegar o climão do horror cósmico e contar histórias novas da sua própria maneira.
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I want to see strong, female characters in #comics and movies yet a lot of the time I feel like the creators miss the mark badly; giving us a "tell, not show" approach that creates paper-thin, forgettable characters. A perfect illustration of this is the new Aladdin movie. /1
Quickly I want to point out that some of my favorite characters over the years have been "tough" female characters. Ripley from Aliens. Connor from Terminator. Storm from X-Men. Donna Troy. Hell, even Dakota North. It can be done. And 100% yes... it hasn't been done enough. /2
So take the new live-action Aladdin Disney remake. And by and large, it's the same story from the 90s. The changes are extremely minor... with one BIG exception. Significant changes were made to the "problematic" character of Jasmine to make her stronger and independent. /3
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This whole sequence in Aquaman #50 will go down as one of my favorite whiplash #comics moments ever. Here's our first panel (which just begs to meme'd) where Wonder Woman is shaming some reporters for asking where some refugees come from. Note the judging third panel. 1/4
TWO PAGES later, here's Wonder Woman chatting it up with Aquaman and offering help. Oh wait, no... she's asking where they came from and making the suggestion that "Gods and Mortals don't mix". (ignoring the goofiness of saying that TO AQUAMAN). 2/4
She then proceeds to suggest that, "can't Mexico just taken them"? I mean, "can't Mera just take them?" Remember... TWO PAGES ago her comment was "it is not our custom to begin with demands of who they are or where they came from". TWO PAGES AGO! 3/4
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Bedroom Learning.
Because I suck at Twitter, here's a thread :D.
This project is to explore and experiment sex positions and panel distribution. Enjoy! #reylo #comic #digitalartist
I really love the kiss panel
@Rad_Braybury helped me out with this panel distribution, I'm really learning from her!
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It’s #Monday, I’m boozing it up at a 4 seat bar, the #barkeep is a long pourer, and I’m all fucking set if I get something stuck between my teeth.👇🙃 #RandomThoughts #drinking #OutAndAbout
Shooting the shit with a friend, she’s proud to be doing well with her plants - unusual for her.

The key was a #video explaining the benefits of pruning.

She needs REASONS. She got them.

Apparently, pruning in a particular manner stimulates growth hormones.
Of course, this led to me initiating a discussion about the #movie I just watched on Hulu, called “The German Doctor.”

The main character was Josef Mengele. #ThisHappened

People, this is why I’m known in my circles as “The Black Hole Of Conversation.” SMTH
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This is so much bulldust. I will not have reading snobbery. My husband read “nothing but comics” like so many kids I’ve worked with. How did he do? Masters in Optical Electronics and currently working at high level in sub-sea equipment design. Some more examples below... #thread
Some examples of the outcome of unconventional readers (i.e #NotNovels) I taught a boy to read using atlases, and he only ever read those at school. Today he’s an international pilot.
I taught an illiterate child (who also had anger and low self-esteem issues) how to read using only the @BeanoOfficial - last year he passed his GCSEs.
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