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#thread #horror #TrueStory #wadaldiri
Sembari nunggu saya nulis, sila di Like & di RT #wadaldiri
Cerita ini berdasarkan kesaksian dari pak suwondo (nama samaran) yg mana beliau adalah sahabat/teman dekat sang "Pelaku Pesugihan" (sebut saja Pak Supardi) #wadaldiri
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#AmazingGrady, Day 10

Me: "Hey there. Just came back to check on you."
Him: "Lawd. Did you come back to bug me about that pill some more?"
Me: "You mean the PrEP? Nah. Well. I mean, I do want you to take it. But I legit came to check on you."
Him: "Mmmm hmmmm."

Him: "You a dog on a bone, you know that?"
Me: "Me?"
Him: "Yeah, YOU. But for real. . .I'm pretty low key. I don't need that pill. I ain't out like that, feel me?"


Him: "What?"
Me: *shrugs*
Him: "Why you so pressed for me to take this pill?"
Me: "Because. I care about you."


Me: "So--tell me again why you aren't feeling it?"
Him: "I don't want nobody experimenting on me. Or using me to get paid."
Me: " Tell me what you mean by that."
Him: "Look. I ain't even out like that. So I'm good." *turns up TV*
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circa-1950 quarter midget racer, probably either a Kurtis Kraft or Offyette #DavesCarIDService
Correction, a 3/4 midget, probably a circa 1950 Kurtis Kraft. Midget racing came in 1/4, half, 3/4 and full midget classes
Believe it or not, they used to have midget racing at Soldier Field in Chicago, and even at Chicago Stadium (the indoor basketball arena before United Center)
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Venga, va: un fav, una cosa de gorda que igual no sabíais o no os habíais planteado.
Joder, ocho en un minuto. Me da que me voy a arrepentir de este tuit... Bueno, vamos allá.
1. Las sillas con brazos son el mal: te estrujan las caderas.
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It’s #Monday, I’m boozing it up at a 4 seat bar, the #barkeep is a long pourer, and I’m all fucking set if I get something stuck between my teeth.👇🙃 #RandomThoughts #drinking #OutAndAbout
Shooting the shit with a friend, she’s proud to be doing well with her plants - unusual for her.

The key was a #video explaining the benefits of pruning.

She needs REASONS. She got them.

Apparently, pruning in a particular manner stimulates growth hormones.
Of course, this led to me initiating a discussion about the #movie I just watched on Hulu, called “The German Doctor.”

The main character was Josef Mengele. #ThisHappened

People, this is why I’m known in my circles as “The Black Hole Of Conversation.” SMTH
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En ce début du 5ème siècle, tout le monde sent bien que la présence romaine dans les îles britanniques a du plomb dans l’aile. Les Pictes (de l’actuelle Écosse) et les Scots (d’Irlande) multiplient les raids. #Thread
Et comme un malheur n’arrive jamais seul, les Bretons insulaires doivent aussi se coltiner des tribus germaniques venues du Jutland (c’est-à-dire de la partie continentale de l’actuel Danemark) : les Angles, les Saxons et les Jutes.
La tradition veut que ce soit Vortigern, un roi plus ou moins mythique, qui les aurait appelé pour combattre les Pictes et les Scots. On est en revanche certains que les troupes auxiliaires romaines étaient pleines d’Angles et de Saxons.
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#Balkany : Hello à tous ! On se met en place doucement pour le troisième jour du procès des époux Balkany devant la 32e chambre du TGI de Paris. Après deux journées consacrées à des recours procéduraux, on va entrer dans le vif du sujet dès 13h30. cc @20Minutes
#Balkany : Patrick Balkany doit, en effet, être interrogé à la barre sur les accusations de "fraude fiscale" dont lui et son épouse font l'objet. Pour l'accusation, ils ont dissimulé un patrimoine estimé à 13.006.052 euros, notamment dans des villas à Saint-Martin et au Maroc.
#Balkany : Hier, le président Blanchet a lu l'ordonnance rappelant les faits. Où l'on a découvert, via des témoignages, que l'argent liquide était planqué partout chez les Balkany :
dans la coiffeuse
dans les poches de peignoir
dans le coffre (bien sûr)
dans les cendriers

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1. #TrueStory - A #Leftist, soon to be a #RedPilledPatriot if they keep reading my posts; says NewsWeek stated back in November they received leaked info from Mueller's people that DJT was indeed individual 1 in the #SpecialCounsel investigation, so that suggests POTUS is guilty.
2. Here's the deal...ALL special counsel information is HIGHLY classified. So, ANY leaks from ANY member of that investigation is a federal felony! It would also compromise any court case moving forward because the jury pool would be tainted with knowledge of the investigation.
3. So what this #Leftist is telling me, is NewsWeek is illegally printing, illegally leaked information, from an unlawful investigation that was predicated on an illegally obtained FISA warrant by using the fake Steele Dossier, that was paid for by the FBI, DNC, and HRC. Got it?
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Imagine waiting over 5 years for your husband to return, during that time you get into a horrible accident, have to learn to walk again all while raising 3 young kids. Then he comes home and proposes to a woman 18 yrs younger while you’re still married.…
In fact he even marries the other woman in a different state before your divorce is even final.
He ditched the first wife who walked with crutch for the hot daughter of a very rich mob boss. #truestory
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1) Hey it's time for me to goto bed, but one final thing inre #eggboy/#eggboi. As noted, neo-#Nazi Neil Erikson was one of the 5 or 6 men who, er, restrained the teen; Erikson has criminal convictions for antisemitic (FEB 2014) & anti-Muslim (SEP 2017) actions.
2) Perhaps in order to complete the trifecta, last year (MAY 2018) he was also charged w disrupting a church service -- which involved him & some of his thuggish mates invading Gosford church & scaring some elderly parishoners.
3) He's due back in Melbourne Magistrates' Court on MAY 13 to face charges of riot/assault/affray stemming from the Melbourne date of the DEC 2017 Milo Yiannopoulos tour; joining him in court on same will be his sidekick Ricky Turner & old nazi chum Richard Whelan.
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Robert Francis O'Rourke. President wannabe. 😂🤣😂🤣
God help us help ourselves. This white beto boy can't become President.
Look at all the sheep. Our mission is to rescue lost sheep. They have no idea that they are subjects. They are lab rats. When you encounter a lost sheep, approach slowly, pat it's head and then try to talk some sense into it. Tell it Beto is financed by BIG OIL. LOL. #TrueStory
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Some of you may have noticed that I was interviewed for @meredithwadman’s Science article about @McLNeuro and how she is being treated by Vanderbilt. Well settle in for a story! I’m a little jet-lagged, but I have tamales and receipts. Let’s do this.
First, you all should know that @McLNeuro is in this mess right now because she was standing up for a student and, well, me.
Some backstory - a few years ago (Mar 2014) I was visiting VU and was invited to Aurelio Galli’s house for dinner with @McLNeuro and Gregg Stanwood. This was during the time that Galli was being sued for sexually harassing a student
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My GP Surgery was taken over by “Virgin Care” over 2 years ago.
Since that day, they have continuously failed patients.
The surgery went from having 5 good GP’s to now having none.
All are Locums.
My partner, a couple of years ago started feeling ill and losing weight.
Despite me being a trained nurse and knowing he was ill, the surgery dismissed him as a “hypochondriac”.
He went down to 8 stone (he’s 6ft 1).
He was vomiting and started peeing blood.
I demanded a hospital appointment, which he finally got months later and was diagnosed with....
High Grade Bladder Cancer.
He was told by the hospital that another month and he wouldn’t be here.
Anyway, the fantastic NHS hospital saved his life, and knowing how bad our surgery has got, have told him to bypass the GP surgery.
Back to “Virgin Care”.
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Elections are on Saturday and I want to share a story that will explain why I am wholeheartedly campaigning for #AtikuObi2019

I attended the American University of Nigeria, Yola. Before you write me off as another rich kid I should let you know I was raised by a single mother.
When my mom wanted to put me in a university, she was too worried to send me abroad at 15 and frankly she couldn’t afford it. She hated the “glorified secondary schools” and she didn’t trust the federal school system.

I stayed at home a year until someone mentioned AUN.
Not only was the school fees cheaper than any foreign option, there was option of payment plans. A lot of middle class students attended my school.

It was the most reasonable, affordable choice for many of us.
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En plus de rencontrer les différents acteurs, il nous arrive de travailler avec eux. C’est notamment le cas avec le @MuseumGrenoble pour le Carnaval Des Sciences.
Au programme : réaliser et animer un atelier pour un public familial dans différentes salles du muséum… un challenge comme on les aime !
Chamboule-tout, Escape Room, Chasses aux fossiles… toute notre imagination est stimulée 😎
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People in Uniforms today must understand that you can’t wear it forever. While in it, know that it is not an excuse to oppress others or extort them. It is a rare opportunity to show leadership in service by leaving a legacy. Regimented life often leaves one depressed. #TrueStory
Unfortunately we are yet to have sustainable support for PTSDs for officers in and out of service in Nigeria. My few years in training is yet to leave my system. I still wake up 3am everyday regardless of how late I sleep. The bugle calls still ring in my ears.
Imagine what those who actually fight in the battle lines go through even after making it back alive. Imagine the void deep in their hearts about their missing and dead colleagues. Imagine the heartbreak when their pensions are not paid. Just think am small.
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And dig this, back in 2008-2010... From my perspective, it was WAY worse. I felt as if under siege. Armed robbery and tons of break ins, seemed like every night. I reported a B&E in progress in '09, cops called back a week later. "nevermind, now." #truestory
Here is video of one of the B&Es this is winter 2010. On 8 mile just wast of Schaefer.
A couple week prior, a comical failed attempt to defeat the door. Remember, pull is much more effective than push.
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I really should have listened to my juvenile probation officer... She said I would make a great lawyer. I would argue every point she ever made to me.

I wonder if Beth Calder is still kicking? She was getting up there in the mid-90's, it's mathematically possible.
The Royal Oak juvenile probation office where I reported has been an Elks club for a good 20 years now lol
I was a really good kid... Then sometime in 4th grade I realized I was a nerd and thought the "cool kids" were have more fun and wanted in on the action... This led me down the wrong road for over a decade... Ending with prison. #truestory
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Wollt ihr meine persönliche kleine Weihnachtsgeschichte 2018 hören? #truestory #thread @eBay_KA //
//K2 liebt Pferde und spielt den lieben langen Tag mit ihren Schleichpferden. Zu Weihnachten wünscht sie sich ‚Blossom als Fohlen‘. Der/Die geneigte Leser*in weiß vermutlich nicht, wer ‚Blossom‘ ist, es sei denn, ihr habt ein Kind, das genauso schleichverliebt ist, wie meins.//
//Also ‚Blossom‘ ist ein weißes Pferdchen mit Blumen im Haar und in den Augen von Kindern offenbar die Reinkarnationen der Pferdegöttin selbst. Sozusagen Black Beauty, Fury und Mr Ed in einem, nur halt in weiß. //
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With all the firings at USC today somehow my man Clay Helton remained the head coach.

So, I can continue to say I taught the head coach (and his wife) of USC how to ballroom dance 💃

Here is the story:

Part 1: When we first moved to Nashville 10 years ago I had no job. Started delivering pizza. That sucked. So one day I found this ebook from a guy, Skip Mcgrath. I paid $20 and got a list of things to look for at yard sales that sold well on eBay.
Part 2: Went to my first yard sale. Found item #11 on the list, some old electronics from the 50s. They wanted $5. I bought them and flipped for $300. I was all in on eBay after that.

Started doing eBay during day and pizza delivery at night. eBay took off so I stopped pizza.
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I'm just a simple man of the soil
takes all kinds of critters to make Farmer Dave's fritters
Texas FM 666 is the main road between Banquete and Bluntzer #truestory
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It's Always Abomination In Philadelphia
I have nothing against Philadelphia. My son's beautiful talented girlfriend is the daughter of a busy Philly homicide detective. #truestory
I cannot stop my brain from imagining what kind of monstrous hellspawn was conceived by this vile act, or wonder whether it will be adopted by the Eagles or Sixers
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At the @Calgary2026 public bid presentation, listening to @maryhmoran discuss how a responsible bid is an opportunity to align all levels of government in an investment in Canada and Calgary’s future - not an easy thing to do these days #truestory
Excellent breakdown of the proposed @Calgary2026 budget: $3.0B total investment from all govts: $1.6B for new & renewed venues + villages; $910M for essential services & security; $310M for Paralympics; $180M for legacy sport & cultural programming; $120M for contingency/overrun
Opportunity to attract $3.7B from private and federal government sources if Calgary decides to host the Olympic Games. $3.7B! That money will go to other international or domestic projects if Calgary decides to not bid.
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Unsolicited advice: if you wake up at 4 a.m. don’t grab your phone and check your e-mail; you might get bad news and be unable to go back to sleep. #TrueStory

It’s not catastrophic news, but I may not be able to spend time in residence in Innsbruck with Postsecular Conflicts.
This had been promised all along as part of my role as Senior Researcher on this grant-funded, international, interdisciplinary research project. Apparently university administrators demanded a shift in the budget that put my paid time in residence on the chopping block.
I had no inkling that could happen, and as I was really looking forward to getting away to the Alps this winter and spring, it’s disappointing. On the upside, though, I did just get paid for some of the work I’ve done as part of the project.
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