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🚨Vous rêvez de travailler aux Nations Unies ? 🇺🇳

Je vous explique tout sur le processus de recrutement et vous donne mes conseils pour y parvenir!
Thread 1/30. 🧵⬇️
2/30 Le processus de recrutement à l’@ONU_fr se divise en plusieurs étapes.

Je vais vous expliquer :

✔️Certaines caractéristiques des emplois à l’ONU (3-11)
✔️Où trouver les offres ? (12-13)
✔️Comment postuler ? (14-20)
✔️Les tests écrits (21-23)
✔️Les entretiens (24-29)
3/30 Contrairement à d’autres fonctions publiques, il n’existe presque plus d’emploi garantie vie à l’ONU. Il faudra postuler très régulièrement dans votre carrière. Par ailleurs, les missions de terrain sont parfois difficiles tant pour la vie personnelle que familiale.
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#Bygmalion : Here we go again ! Deux mois après le renvoi, on est de retour devant la 11e chambre du Tribunal judiciaire de Paris pour couvrir le procès de Nicolas #Sarkozy et des 13 autres prévenus concernés par le dossier #Bygmalion.…
#Bygmalion : Sachez qu'il y a un peu plus de feuilles sur les arbres qu'en mars mais autant de nuages dans le ciel... #PointMétéo
#Bygmalion : A l'intérieur, il y a déjà un peu de public. Et surtout des journalistes qui attendent le début de l'audience prévue à 13h30. Evidemment, on va live-tweeter l'audience pour @20Minutes
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Quick fact-check thread, friends.

1. My daughter wasn’t at yesterday’s rally, she had her own plans.

This is my daughter (in pink) at the one #keepNYCschoolsopen rally she attended, in Nov. Some may recall it.

We like our signs kid-authored, with stickers. 💕💕 #KidWriting
I believe in student expression and self-discovery, so I’ve actually tried really hard not to talk with my daughter about this year’s politics. (I mean, who wants to?)

I frankly loved that this was her authentic expression of why we rallied.

She adores her teachers, as do I.
It helps that her teachers haven’t given off a hint of hesitation about reopening in-person.

That doesn’t mean they didn’t feel nervous about returning in-person, but we didn’t see it. I’ll always be grateful for that. 🙏🏼

It’s one reason I know MORE-UFT doesn’t speak for all.
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🌺A real life story that made me speechless.🌺

85 year old  @RSSorg  swayamsevak for life, 🌺Narayan Dabhadkar from Nagpur🌺 caught covid. His daughter tried for days to get him a hospital bed, finally got one at Indira Gandhi hospital. By this time, his O2 levels had dropped Image
When he reached the hospital with his grandson-in-law in an ambulance, Dabhadkar kaka was out of breath. While he was waiting for the admission formalities to be completed, he saw a woman crying and begging for a bed for her husband who was in his 40s. His kids were crying
Dabhadkar kaka made a spot decision and told the medical team attending to him calmly, ‘I am 85 now, have lived my life, you should offer the bed to this man instead, his children need him’. He then made his grandson-in-law call his daughter and informed her of his decision.
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The following just happened 30 mins ago. #truestory

My taxi driver was complaining about how difficult business has been without tourists in Malta, so he decided to take his luck with the crypto speculation.

For the whole 20 min ride, he talked to me about Etherum & Bitcoin...
...saying it has been really slow there for a while now, and since he has bills to pay, he is now focusing on DogeCoin.

A friend of his sold the taxi business & put it all into this coin — basically giving me the executive summary from A to Z why it's going to the moon.
I've learned so much about investing in my 20 min cab ride.

Now, I too will be acting on other people's tips.

The new word on the streets is Snoop Dogg & Miley Cyrus will be pumping the DogeCoin up soon.

My new taxi driver friend will be buying some tonight after his shift.
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#thread Heard a real life story that made me speechless. 85 year old @RSSorg swayamsevak for life, Narayan Dabhadkar from Nagpur caught covid. His daughter tried for days to get him a hospital bed, finally got one at Indira Gandhi hospital. By this time, his O2 levels had dropped
When he reached the hospital with his grandson-in-law in an ambulance, Dabhadkar kaka was out of breath. While he was waiting for the admission formalities to be completed, he saw a woman crying and begging for a bed for her husband who was in his 40s. His kids were crying
Dabhadkar kaka made a spot decision and told the medical team attending to him calmly, ‘I am 85 now, have lived my life, you should offer the bed to this man instead, his children need him’. He then made his grandson-in-law call his daughter and informed her of his decision.
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Casi 300 seguidores he perdido (de momento) en unos pocos minutos. 😂
#TrueStory: En un principio pensé hacer esto con la cuenta del Dalai LAMA, pero finalmente decidí hacerlo con la cuenta de Lorenzo LAMAs.
Justo antes de este éxodo masivo me ha empezado a seguir el gran Fernando Ramallo, así que él será mi punto de referencia para los nuevos followers: Si alguien llega 2021 seguidores después de Fernando Ramallo, será el 2021 d.R. (después de Ramallo).

Se acerca la Era Ramallo.💜
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- Para penunggu Jimat -

Ada yang kangen sama bunda Dewi? Ini kelanjutan ceritanya, tentang jimat-jimat yang dimiliki oleh suaminya.

Like & retweet

@IDN_Horor @ceritaht #truestory #hororstory #horror #horor #threadhorror Image
Balik lagi dengan cerita dari bunda Dewi.
Namun kali ini ditulis tak seperti sebelumnya yang memakai season dan mengambil sudut pandang dari orang pertama.
Tak akan memakai episode juga, dan akan ditulis dari sudut pandang orang ketiga.
Yang belum baca cerita sebelumnya, bisa lihat di pin yang ada di profil.
Sudah ada 3 season tuk cerita DEWI NOMADEN.

Sebelum masuk ke ceritanya, jangan lupa like dan retweetnya ruweders.
Cerita akan mulai ditulis malam ini atau besok.

Jadi, ayo ramaikan terlebih dahulu ...!
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"Populist Radical Right Parties in Europe" (2007) is by far my most awarded and influential book, and I don't think that will ever change. Here is back story to the book.…
1. I decided to write a more general book on radical right parties in Europe shortly after my PhD thesis was published by @ManchesterUP

That book is now Open Access 👇…
2. I got sidetracked by working on other issues (civil society, democratization, Euroscepticism) with my friend Petr Kopecky. ImageImageImage
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Reflecting on some career panels I participated in, networking was the buzzword that came up repeatedly. But what IS networking? How/why to do it?

A thread on what/how with some personal examples; I'll get to the why later (1/)

@AcademicChatter #careers #phdlife #altac
Networking, to me, most simply is making new *friends* who will _eventually_ help you *professionally*. It is those you you share something in common professionally (same industry, same kind of work etc) in contrast to personally (went to same college, like same music etc) (2/)
It takes a while to become good friends with someone. It's the same w/ networking - it takes time to build that bond, and need to be patient. One asks favours only from friends they know well - same for your networking connections. Start early, don't wait till you need a job (3/)
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#Bouhafs : Bonjour à tous. Très belle lumière sur le "splendide" tribunal de #Créteil où nous sommes arrivés, à l'heure où blanchit la ligne 8, pour assister au procès de Taha Bouhafs renvoyé pour "outrage" et "rébellion" sur personne dépositaire de l'autorité publique.
#Bouhafs : Une première audience avait eu lieu le 8 janvier. Mais elle a été renvoyée après le dépôt d'une Question prioritaire de constitutionnalité d'Arié Alimi, l'avocat de Taha Bouhafs.
#Bouhafs : Le tribunal va donc dire si la question est transmise à la Cour de cassation pour ensuite être transmise au Conseil constitutionnel. Si non, le procès devrait se tenir ce mercredi.
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----- A Thread -----

Perlu kusampaikan di awal, bahwa ponaanku bukanlah anak kecil, melainkan udah dewasa. Aku ingat betul ketika kami mulai menjalin hubungan, dia berumur 23th dan aku 47th.
#TrueStory Image
Aku seorang suami dan bapak 3 org anak. Aku bekerja di slh satu perusahaan BUMN. Dan jabatanku lumayan bagus, dan pastinya gajiku lumayan besar. Tepat ketika umur 45th aku pindah tugas dari kota M ke kota P. Tapi anak istriku tdk ikut. Namun seminggu sekali aku plg jumpai mereka.
Atas saran keluarga, aku tggl dirumah abg kandungku di kota P. Biar bs lbh tenang, sbnrnya aku ingin ngekost di kostan yg fasilitasnya lngkp. Tp keluargaku lbh percaya jika aku dirumah abgku. Abgku jg lumayan mapan hdpnya sbg seorang PNS dgn jabatan kadis. Istrinya jg PNS.
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I was under the assumption that one of the few things govts were getting right was rooftop solar power and net metering.

Boy was I wrong.
Parents want to install an AC for the summer and I suggested exploring rooftop solar to go with it so that they don't have to worry about electricity bills and the upfront expense will be recouped in electricity bill savings in a few years.
Only to discover it's a rigged system designed to exploit customers rather than meet renewable energy goals/climate change commitments.
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Aku bakal cerita pengalamanku selama tinggal di Pulau Bali sejak 26 tahun yang lalu.

Penunggu Yang Besar
Anak² Kecil di Kuburan
Kepala Terbang
Ledakan Besar
Bola Api
Suara Langkah Kaki
Cetik / Santet / Teluh
Gemuruh Angin

Taps likenya ❤
Kisah ini ketika kakak laki-lakiku berusia 1 tahun (1992) & tinggal dikampung halaman papa ku di kota Denpasar, rumah kami saat itu menjadi satu dgn keluarga besar papaku. Saudara papa ku ada 5 orang & semuanya sudah berkeluarga. (Disini aku belum lahir ya ^^)
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Ayer hablé con alguien (45, clase media alta, GAM este, Ingeniería, Maestría, sector privado) que ve "excelente" a don @CarlosAlvQ y dice que "sólo la pandemia ha opacado su gestión".

En serio que hasta me acomodé el pelo por aquello de estar en "cámara escondida".
Y es una persona capaz, honesta y trabajadora, con una carrera sólida en manufactura (sector privado) a quien nadie le ha regalado nada.

Pero impresionante su defensa hasta del tema UPAD con "Quien nada debe, nada teme; yo puedo entregar mis datos con tranquilidad cuando sea".
Claro, lo entendí todo al preguntar "¿Y qué le parece ese vínculo opaco que tiene don Carlos desde 2014 con don André Garnier?", y contestó "¿Quién es André Garnier y por qué se habla tanto de él? Es curioso porque yo solo leo La Nación y Delfino, pero ahí casi no lo mencionan."
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read this as breakfast heated --

the scuzzy history of enabling the tRUmp era…
and by 2021
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And HOW CAN IT BE LEGAL to ban investigations into Ukrainian criminal activity “during an election campaign” and that ILLEGAL UNEMPLOYABLE immigrants that YOU’LL have to pay for (learn from HILLBROW SAME HISTORY👇🏼) be allowed to “vote” in YOUR COUNTRY❓
#ANATHEMA creep🖕🏼🔥🔥🔥🔥
Like WHY is every sad case in the world just allowed to cross YOUR BORDERS, & live off the taxes YOU PAY, just coz THEIR country is KAK❓But educated contributing folks can’t get visas the legal way to come join YOUR country❓FIX YOUR OWN HOMELAND. & share the formula thereafter!
Like a “vote” for no border control/walls is you directly saying: YES, I would like foreigners to start getting the tax dollars I contribute to my country, & have standards for my family go DOWN. Coz the money has to come from somewhere. Add the economics of reality to new curric
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On Christmas in 1862, Union and Rebel armies glared at each other across Tennessee’s Stones River Valley. In a week, they’d be locked in combat; but in the meantime, the story goes, they staged a more desperate struggle.

That’s right, folks, it was an 1860s Battle of the Bands.
History doesn’t record who started it; I like to think one of the Union musicians saw a Rebel horseman waaaay out of range, and, like Marcellus Jones firing the first shot at Gettysburg, got a little nervous, accidentally tooted on his trumpet, and the notes just started FLYING.
The Federal bands struck up “Yankee Doodle Dandy” and the Rebel bands answered with “Dixie.” “Bonny Blue Flag” was met with “Hail Columbia.”

Okay, MAYBE not as famous a musical feud as, say, “Neil Young vs. Skynyrd” or “Biggie vs. Tupac,” or “Yoko vs. the Beatles,” but still …
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Venga, voy a hacer un hilito con algunos juegos que he jugado y disfrutado mucho este año, sin un orden en particular. Así me obligo a hacer memoria y si de paso le descubro algo a alguien, de lujo

Some games I've played and enjoyed a lot this year 👇
Empiezo con lo primero que jugué en 2020: Natsuki Chronicles de @Qute_game. Un shmup horizontal de los creadores de Eschatos. Le dió calorcito a mi corazoncito shmup porque básicamente es la jugabilidad de los 90 pero con un flow y un pulido técnico de 10

Monolith de @team_d13. Un shmup procedural de mazmorras (!) que si ya era una pasada jugable de salida, recibió una expansión con más contenido y más patrones de ataque loquísimos

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#Sarkozy #Bismuth : Bonjour à tous ! Le temps est maussade. Raison de plus pour passer l'après-midi dans la 32e chambre où l'on attend les plaidoiries des parties civiles et les réquisitions du parquet après l'audition animée de Nicolas Sarkozy, lundi.…
#Sarkozy #Bismuth : On devrait donc commencer par les plaidoiries des parties civiles. Celle de Frédérik-Karel Canoy et d'autres possibles parties civiles. Un homme en T-shirt bleu que l'on n'a jamais vu vient en effet de prendre place. Sans que l'on sache pourquoi.
#Sarkozy #Bismuth : Frédérik-Karel Canoy vient d'ailleurs d'entrer dans le prétoire. Il a farfouillé dans sa sacoche pour en sortir un jeu de conclusion qu'il a tendu à un éminent membre de la Presse judiciaire. « Je préfère écouter », lui a-t-il répondu.
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L'algo @FacebookFR se met à censurer le groupe (privé) des rédacteurs de HB. C'est très clair - en dehors des médias #IFCN financés par FB - personne ne peut bouger le petit doigt !

Le plus risible / triste c'est que le sujet a été traité sur le site 👇… ImageImageImageImage
Toute l'histoire (1/n)
L'immense majorité de ce qui circule comme désinformation passe à un moment ou un autre par Facebook. C'est donc là que hoaxbuster est le plus présent et là que nous intervenons bénévolement en privilégiant le développement citoyen de l'esprit critique
(2/n) #Facebook avait déjà pris la mauvaise habitude de censurer arbitrairement les publications postées sur notre groupe (public, 20k membres) de fact checking collaboratif. Impossible de réagir : il nous est impossible d'accéder à quelqu'un en charge du sujet @Facebook Image
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Ya que no me preguntan nada sobre lo de Rusia, les voy a dar mi humilde opinión.

1. Los procesistas se mienten entre ellos
2. La corrupción es un delito
3. Putin es un sátrapa, pero los lazis se aliarían con el mismísimo Atila.

Vamos allá...
1. No se crean nada de lo que digan dos procesistas hablando entre sí.

En el delirio colectivo que es el prusés, se ha creado un grupúsculo de asesores a los que les encanta jugar al Risk. Allí hay ex Terra Lliures, boy scouts con armas en casa (#TrueStory) y jasps tronados.
Un día les hablo de alguno de ellos. El que está menos loco augura una guerra civil en Cataluña porque se han disparado las ventas de armas en Tractoria, aunque la mitad de las compras las ha hecho él. De ahí, para abajo. Ahora imaginen una reunión de esta gente en una masía.
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#Thread #Covid19 #TrueStory நெருங்கிய நண்பரின் தந்தை கொரோனவால் இறந்துவிட்டார். ஒரு வாரமாக காய்ச்சல், சளி என்று இருந்தும் வீட்டிலேயே மருத்துவம் பார்த்துள்ளார். மூச்சு விடவே ரொம்ப சிரமம் ஆனா பின்தான் மருத்துவமனை சென்று பார்த்தார். (1/10)
வெள்ளிக்கிழமை பார்த்துவிட்டு கொரோனா பரிசோதனைக்கு கொடுத்துத்துவிட்டு திங்கள் வருமாறு கூறியுள்ளனர் (மருத்துவமனையில்). ஞாயிறு அன்றே ரொம்ப முடியாமல் போனதால் உடனே அனுமதிக்கப்பட்டார் (அரசு மருத்துவமனையில்). (2/10)
திங்கள் காலை கொரோனா தொற்று உறுதி செய்தபின் பார்த்தால் நுரையீரலில் 85% கொரோனா தொற்று பரவி விட்டதாம். காப்பாற்ற கொஞ்சம் கஷ்டம் என்று சொல்லி வெண்டிலேட்டர் மூலம் காப்பாற்ற முயலும் முன்பே வலியில் இறந்துள்ளார். (3/10)
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I haven't changed the firewall in like the last nine months or so. There is no way a network-wide firewall will cause Zoom call drops or disconnecting apps randomly. The network-wide firewall needs a lot of planning, and we don't touch em for fun as it can cause serious problems
My favorite one was when a popular WAF/CDN service started asking security ReCaptcha for everyone behind our internet, which hosts half of the sites. This guy did shady things like running bots & scrapping content from work desktop, so our outgoing IP tagged as 100% dirty. lol
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