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People in Uniforms today must understand that you can’t wear it forever. While in it, know that it is not an excuse to oppress others or extort them. It is a rare opportunity to show leadership in service by leaving a legacy. Regimented life often leaves one depressed. #TrueStory
Unfortunately we are yet to have sustainable support for PTSDs for officers in and out of service in Nigeria. My few years in training is yet to leave my system. I still wake up 3am everyday regardless of how late I sleep. The bugle calls still ring in my ears.
Imagine what those who actually fight in the battle lines go through even after making it back alive. Imagine the void deep in their hearts about their missing and dead colleagues. Imagine the heartbreak when their pensions are not paid. Just think am small.
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How Australia's far-right were divided and conquered - by themselves… via @smh
1/ Some supplementary notes (a thread):

In OCT 2015, Shermon Burgess did indeed pub a vid on @facebook announcing that he was quitting the 'United Patriots Front' after being mocked by his 'fellow Aussie patriots'. See :….
2/ In which context, two things. First, he was back a coupla days later, a few thousand dollars richer -- gifted to him by his gormless followers. Secondly, inre UPF, its first action was an anti-leftist rally in Richmond, Melbourne, in May 2015. See :
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Re that @abcnews article on Erikson & Co baiting yoof playing soccer in St Kilda ...

Many ppl have objected to the desc of them being 'far-right activists' on the basis that it's a euphemism for 'nazi' or 'fascist'.

It's certainly the case that Erikson has a long history of neo-Nazi activity, extending across more than a decade, & espousing views typical of the milieu. EG, here's a tweet from an abandoned Twitter acct of Erikson's.

Here Erikson is photographed w prominent Canadian Holocaust denialist Paul Fromm during Fromm's speaking tour in DEC 2010 & attending a neo-Nazi gig in Melbourne (2011). The nazi he's grappling (Joey Edwards) became a star in APR 2015 as one of the faces of Reclaim Australia.
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And dig this, back in 2008-2010... From my perspective, it was WAY worse. I felt as if under siege. Armed robbery and tons of break ins, seemed like every night. I reported a B&E in progress in '09, cops called back a week later. "nevermind, now." #truestory
Here is video of one of the B&Es this is winter 2010. On 8 mile just wast of Schaefer.
A couple week prior, a comical failed attempt to defeat the door. Remember, pull is much more effective than push.
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I really should have listened to my juvenile probation officer... She said I would make a great lawyer. I would argue every point she ever made to me.

I wonder if Beth Calder is still kicking? She was getting up there in the mid-90's, it's mathematically possible.
The Royal Oak juvenile probation office where I reported has been an Elks club for a good 20 years now lol
I was a really good kid... Then sometime in 4th grade I realized I was a nerd and thought the "cool kids" were have more fun and wanted in on the action... This led me down the wrong road for over a decade... Ending with prison. #truestory
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Wollt ihr meine persönliche kleine Weihnachtsgeschichte 2018 hören? #truestory #thread @eBay_KA //
//K2 liebt Pferde und spielt den lieben langen Tag mit ihren Schleichpferden. Zu Weihnachten wünscht sie sich ‚Blossom als Fohlen‘. Der/Die geneigte Leser*in weiß vermutlich nicht, wer ‚Blossom‘ ist, es sei denn, ihr habt ein Kind, das genauso schleichverliebt ist, wie meins.//
//Also ‚Blossom‘ ist ein weißes Pferdchen mit Blumen im Haar und in den Augen von Kindern offenbar die Reinkarnationen der Pferdegöttin selbst. Sozusagen Black Beauty, Fury und Mr Ed in einem, nur halt in weiß. //
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With all the firings at USC today somehow my man Clay Helton remained the head coach.

So, I can continue to say I taught the head coach (and his wife) of USC how to ballroom dance 💃

Here is the story:

Part 1: When we first moved to Nashville 10 years ago I had no job. Started delivering pizza. That sucked. So one day I found this ebook from a guy, Skip Mcgrath. I paid $20 and got a list of things to look for at yard sales that sold well on eBay.
Part 2: Went to my first yard sale. Found item #11 on the list, some old electronics from the 50s. They wanted $5. I bought them and flipped for $300. I was all in on eBay after that.

Started doing eBay during day and pizza delivery at night. eBay took off so I stopped pizza.
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I'm just a simple man of the soil
takes all kinds of critters to make Farmer Dave's fritters
Texas FM 666 is the main road between Banquete and Bluntzer #truestory
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A ver, acérquense a la fogata que les voy a contar una historia, una historia familiar.
A ver, primero tengo que señalar que mi familia si es de un tipo de disfuncionalidad que no es tan común en México, en donde se vive y se muere y se convive y enmuegana con la familia. No, en mi familia somos muy... Desapegados.
Por ejemplo, recuerdo que cuando falleció mi abuela (la mamá de mi papá) los de la familia extendida o política estaban en un mar de lágrimas y en el drama absoluto, mientras que sus hijos, nietos y marido estábamos, pues... Tranquilos.
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It's Always Abomination In Philadelphia
I have nothing against Philadelphia. My son's beautiful talented girlfriend is the daughter of a busy Philly homicide detective. #truestory
I cannot stop my brain from imagining what kind of monstrous hellspawn was conceived by this vile act, or wonder whether it will be adopted by the Eagles or Sixers
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At the @Calgary2026 public bid presentation, listening to @maryhmoran discuss how a responsible bid is an opportunity to align all levels of government in an investment in Canada and Calgary’s future - not an easy thing to do these days #truestory
Excellent breakdown of the proposed @Calgary2026 budget: $3.0B total investment from all govts: $1.6B for new & renewed venues + villages; $910M for essential services & security; $310M for Paralympics; $180M for legacy sport & cultural programming; $120M for contingency/overrun
Opportunity to attract $3.7B from private and federal government sources if Calgary decides to host the Olympic Games. $3.7B! That money will go to other international or domestic projects if Calgary decides to not bid.
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Una vez los trolles se pusieron a burlarse que parezco una Amaranta Ruiz on Meth (que según yo es la verdad), pero el premio al momento más awkward fue cuando en una feria del libro me pidieron una selfie con un vato random y el vato me preguntó si yo era Amaranta. 🙄
#TrueStory. Le tocó verlo a @perlysha.
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how come we are spied on in every possible way (#5eyes, #InQTel & hundreds others) and everything is valid to you (& me), the average guy to court, to get conviction, to... fucking it, everything is legal.
But 'we have everything', except that everybody is
2- #MakingADeal because we need to collect evidence in 'whatever legal way'?
Are you fucking kidding me?
None of you have a problem with that?
3-More venting later...
4-That compound that 'we blew up', did Trump speak out against that? If yes, please link me to it. If not, why not? Aren't the 'white hats' in control now? Why are we hiding evidence?
5-And if there is no condemnation and no talk, doesn't that mean that:
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My Amaka disappointed me today and I am still sad😭😭
Now I know what 2baba and Peruzzi meant in their song
So this girl that has been curving me for a while called last night and said she wants to come around today, knowing that I'd definitely be at home I said no wahala.
We agreed 9am and ended the call.
Grin grin grin my alarm woke me at exactly 6am today.
I cleaned my house more than I've ever done, I arranged some drinks in my fridge, checked for new movie update and downloaded some so that my Amaka would be comfortable.
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Unsolicited advice: if you wake up at 4 a.m. don’t grab your phone and check your e-mail; you might get bad news and be unable to go back to sleep. #TrueStory

It’s not catastrophic news, but I may not be able to spend time in residence in Innsbruck with Postsecular Conflicts.
This had been promised all along as part of my role as Senior Researcher on this grant-funded, international, interdisciplinary research project. Apparently university administrators demanded a shift in the budget that put my paid time in residence on the chopping block.
I had no inkling that could happen, and as I was really looking forward to getting away to the Alps this winter and spring, it’s disappointing. On the upside, though, I did just get paid for some of the work I’ve done as part of the project.
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Went to hold Mini Me's hand as we walked into the school and then said, "Oh, you probably don't want me holding your hand going in."

Mini me: It's ok, Mommy. I want you to hold my hand. That's what mommies are for.

Check out my son's teacher wishlist. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
The kids reported a wonderful day at school. 🙌🏾🙌🏾 The entire day was spent community building or doing team challenges. They also got to pick their seats. When I asked my son what he liked most about his teacher he said he was funny.
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A blizzard night in 2011 as I recall. The store was not open the next day due to the previous nights storm.
It took 2 or 3 days to figure out this occured. #truestory at first, "why are the pallets up front?" assumed the plow guy moved them.
There was a piece of the door window trim on the other side of the building... "that's weird"...
I'm wondering about all this... everything is fine, Nothing missing, no alarm... "strange".
Standing just inside the parking lot door, looking down I notice cross support for the security bars slightly bowed in... "let's check the cameras..."
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Going thru old pics looking for specific items... I came across this. Likely about '91, 10k run, I started them in '89 (4th grade) this was my 3rd or 4th 'Oak Apple Run'... Probably near the finish my balled fist suggests I'm about to sprint...
After running a good distance, digging down deep, for that final 100 yard or so end sprint is the ultimate high! I'm serious, for me at least, it was euphoric. I would glide not feeling my legs, it's all muscle memory, like riding wind!
Just afterwards, my teeth and saliva would feel very strange, then after a several minutes would return to normal. Every time it did this. #truestory
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Let's take a moment and remember a great.
My aunt had a brief personal experience with Rodney Dangerfield my father once shared with me...
I LOVED Rodney Dangerfield!
Much respect 😍 #RIP
My aunt on her 16th birthday when to whatever club Rodney had a gig at in NJ or NY. This would be '69 or '70 (ish)
My aunt somehow sneaked into his dressing room, or perhaps green room, and she SAW Rodney! He was in a bath robe smoking a cigarette with a few other people...
Rodney turns to my aunt, obviously noticing her presence in the room and blurts out in typical Rodney fashion,

"Hey.. who let the kid in?"

My aunt ran out of there like lightning crying and extremely embarrassed. 😂
#truestory I can imagine... Hilarious!
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Now, conceder this…
Those that oppose water boarding do so arguing it is torture. Further arguing that information extracted by torture is unreliable. When torture is applied the subject with say anything to stop it is the basic logic presented.…
Before moving to the next point… water boarding is *SIMULATED* drowning (emphasis added)
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So I lost a job offer because my current salary is too low. They interviewed me, liked me, offered me the job, but wouldn't pay me the stated salary for the job because they cannot justify the percentage jump I would get.

Please wrap your mind around this. #TrueStory
They would pay another person that money, but will not pay me, the preferred candidate that money because they cannot justify to internal auditors the percentage hike I would make.
In negotiations, the language of the hiring manager was to diminish me, he actually used the sentence "we can't pay you for your wrong choices in life". I am not sure where did I ask the organization to pay me money for my previous work. HR said "Look at this as a door".
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Hitler became a regular user of methamphetamine after brownshirts stole the formula from #DrFeelgood in '36.
It wasn't till 1960 that John F. Kennedy got his first injection.
Below is a detailed thread on Dr. Max Jacobson.
⤴️Dr. Max Jacobson aka #DrFeelgood thread
— perhaps it's not surprising that few have heard Dr. "Miracle Max" Jacobson's story, if one considers deeply it's significance. Hitler, Hollywood, Kennedy, Berlin Wall, Marilyn Monroe & Moses. All due to Dr. Feelgood
⤴️#DrFeelgood thread
— for nearly four decades Dr. Jacobson treated a significant number of the most influential people in arts, sciences, and politics. A significant number of ppl, aware of the risk they were trading productivity for longevity, chose the former.
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Nous sommes en 1966, en face du 1125 de la 16th Street à Washington. Soudain, la porte d’un van garé là depuis un moment s’ouvre et on a juste le temps d’apercevoir un type déposer quelque chose sur le trottoir.

C’est un chat blanc et gris. #Thread
Tout commence en 1961, à l’époque où la CIA multiplie les initiatives destinées à espionner l’Union Soviétique et notamment leur l’ambassade à Washington — laquelle était située à l’époque au 1125 de la 16th Street. #CommeParHasard
Or, les gars du Science and Technology Directorate de la CIA — a.k.a. les Sorciers de Langley — ont eu une idée fumante : créer un chat-espion pour écouter discrètement ce que se racontent les russes.

C’est le projet Acoustic Kitty.
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Ce 30 janvier 1835, Andrew Jackson, 7e Président des États-Unis, sort de la House Chamber du Capitole en traversant la rotonde après avoir assisté aux funérailles de Warren Davis, un membre de la Chambre des Représentants décédé la veille. #Thread
À bientôt 68 ans, rongé par toutes sortes de maladies, l’ancien général a toutes les peines du monde à déplacer sa longue et fine silhouette. Ce n’est qu’en s’appuyant sur Martin Van Buren, son Vice-Président, qu’il est parvenu à se frayer un chemin jusque-là.
Alors qu’il sort du bâtiment par le portique est, un homme émerge de la foule et se campe à un peu plus de 3 mètres devant lui.

Déjà, rien qu’à ses yeux, on devine qu’il n’est pas tout à fait net le type.
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