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*A Hacker's Mind* is security expert Bruce Schneier's latest book, out today. For long-time Schneier readers, the subject matter will be familiar, but this iteration of Schneier's core security literacy curriculum has an important new gloss: *power*.… 1/ The WW Norton cover for Bruce Schneier's 'A Hacker's Mind.'
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:… 2/
Schneier started out as a cryptographer, author of 1994's *Applied Cryptography*, one of the standard texts on the subject. He created and co-created several important ciphers, and started two successful security startups that were sold onto larger firms. 3/
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200. Tweet 'Jubiläum' eines Tread voller Defizite und JumbaWhumba Marketing

Wann wachen verantwortliche in Bundesländern und Kommunen auf?

Weist sie bitte auf diese Defizite hin. ☝️

Huhu @coronawarnapp, ich mag dich! 😘
Der @MalteEngeler stellt die Frage der Rechtsgrundlage in diesem ausführlichen Thread. 🧐

Sinnvoll, dass Juristen da mal drüber schauen. 👍 /201
Der Hamburger Datenschutzbeauftragte Johannes Caspar hat die mangelnde Transparenz der #LucaApp krit auch schon kritisiert. /202
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After the 9/11 attacks, airlines and public buildings adopted a flurry of "security" measures, like taking away pen-knives from fliers or requiring visitors to office buildings to be photographed or present a driver's license.

Bruce Schneier's seminal 2003 "Beyond Fear" called these measures: #securitytheater.

Schneier pointed out that these measures would be easy to circumvent, and were thus providing only the comforting appearance of security - not security itself.…

Security theater is worse than nothing. Security theater gives people the false impression that their risks have been mitigated, when actually things are just as dangerous.

After al, if you know that danger exists, you can take some steps to mitigate or avoid it.

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YO LOS ANGELES. Instacart is overwhelmed. So they are asking people to comply with assanine “security” protocals and freezing accounts of new/low dollar customers #Instacart #instacartFAIL
I ordered through through instacart for the first time last week. $100+ order from 3 stores, signed up for a trial of their $99 MEMBERSHIP SERVICE
3/ Delivery went fine. I got 2 items I didn’t ask for. Contacted them to make sure it was cool. Does that seem like a thief, a liar?
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Your ISP is likely to lift its data-caps in the next day or two. @ATT and @comcast already did.…

And @TSA has decided that 12 ounces of any liquid labelled "hand sanitizer" is safe for aviation, irrespective of what's in the bottle.…

What do these two facts have in common? Obviously, it's that the official narrative for things that impose enormous financial costs on Americans, and dramatically lower their quality of lives, were based on lies.

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1) While in the midst of the #TrumpShutdown, let's talk about the @TSA and how much of our tax dollars are wasted on something that does not make us any safer. But first, some history:
2) Prior to 9/11, private companies held the responsibility of screening passengers. At Logan airport, Globe Securities was contracted by @AmericanAir and Huntleigh USA by @united. At Dulles and Newark airport, Argenbright Security was contracted by UA.
3) All security operated with the CAPPS system (computer assisted passenger prescreening). The system used a passenger name record (PNR) that provides risk assessments to passengers based upon collected data (name, address, no-fly list, etc).
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