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1/ Q: I have to travel by #airplane soon, what can I do to make it as safe as possible? Have any procedures changed?

A: While the @CDCgov still urges individuals to avoid non-essential travel (…), here are a few safety precautions you can take:
🚘 If you take a taxi or Uber/Lyft to and from the airport, wear a mask and request that the driver does too (companies are requiring this now:…). Ride sharing is not permitted and there may be limits on number of riders per car.
😷 Continue to #WearAMask and practice #SocialDistancing at the airport--in line for check-in, going through security, waiting at the gate, AND boarding.

Because of spacing requirements, lines may be longer and take more time, so you may want to arrive earlier than normal. Image
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At 7:30 this morning, at the heart of #COVID19 in a virtually empty @EWRAirport, @United Terminal C, no @TSA expedite, I was randomly selected to get pat down. I was scared. #TSA
Two women watching, as one, invasively, reached beneath my shirt, touching my skin around and beneath my waistband, pushing her hands up my legs right beneath my pelvis, onto my breasts, telling me not to fidget, repeatedly, glaring into my eyes, 6 inches from my face.
I didn’t know whether her gloves were infected, clothes, hair, brushing against mine, smearing my clothes. A large group of TSA security and police who stood at least 6 feet away, reacted to my fear by yelling from a pre-COVID-19 rule manual, inhumane automatons, with masks.
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Turkey-backed Free Syrian Army #TFSA Commanders gathering their forces for the upcoming #OperationPeaceSpring in both Northem #Syria and Northem Aleppo after US #SyriaWithdrawal
Ready to launch #OperationPeaceSpring
#TFSA enroute to the frontlines #OperationPeaceSpring
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@WhiteHouse for the first time in #american history a spker of house has revoked an invitation to a duly elected #POTUS to speak before the nation. These traditions are what "Makes America Great" #Pelosi is very extreme and is denying our #SOTU speech. #WWG1WGA #MAGA #sadness
We don't have a 25th amendment to apply to @SpeakerPelosi but we do have to begin to ask is she "mentally competent" She has grabbed power and control of our budget, boarder security and #SOTUS speech. This is "fascistic" In nature and destroying our country.
Here is a list of #fascistic techniques of #putin and #pelosi

-Supporting Hamas
-Supporting Hezbollah
-Supporting Antifa
-Supporting Destroying the Constitution
-Supporting Open Boarders
-Taxing 70% of your wealth

These are tactics of #Fascist - destruction is the end goal
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@GovAbbott & @realDonaldTrump please allow the @USDOL to extend unemployment in #TX for those Federal Employees who are ON THE JOB without pay. In #TX this includes @TSA Officers, #AirTrafficControllers, @USCG members, @NWS Employees, and MANY more who protect life & property.(1)
Since the weather is my expertise I will focus there. am an elected official and life-long @GOP member and I support the border wall and improved border security 100%! There is a way to allow states to help those Federal Workers who are STILL ON THE JOB but not getting paid.(2)
@potus @realDonaldTrump These dedicated Federal Employees including those at the @nws protect the life and property of the people of the state of Texas 24/7. They are caught in this @SpeakerPelosi / @SenSchumer shut-down over border security they have voted for in the past!(3)
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1) While in the midst of the #TrumpShutdown, let's talk about the @TSA and how much of our tax dollars are wasted on something that does not make us any safer. But first, some history:
2) Prior to 9/11, private companies held the responsibility of screening passengers. At Logan airport, Globe Securities was contracted by @AmericanAir and Huntleigh USA by @united. At Dulles and Newark airport, Argenbright Security was contracted by UA.
3) All security operated with the CAPPS system (computer assisted passenger prescreening). The system used a passenger name record (PNR) that provides risk assessments to passengers based upon collected data (name, address, no-fly list, etc).
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• Local cops use #Stingray technology to track cell phones.
#NSA intercepts emails and other data comm to analyze it.
#TSA strip searches you & fingers through anything you bring aboard.

The idea government can be some guardian of privacy is laughably absurd.

So yeah. #Zuckerberg and his merry band of coders are doing some creepy shit with data...but compared to us, the government, they're nothing but a bunch of little bitches.
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