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For your viewing pleasure, here is every single frame of Akuma/Gouki's special intro from the Capcom vs SNK games, presented frame by frame at 8x size.

First, the animation in full!

(A thread...)
#PixelArt #SpriteArt #Akuma #豪鬼 #CVS2
Right off the bat, Frame 1/18 is quite unusual! Akuma/Gouki is dropping from the sky so he's drawn much smaller in this first frame, to convey distance. I can't recall any other instances of an in-game Capcom Fighting Game sprite playing with size/distance like this!
In Frame 2/18 he's at regular in-game size. Such an amazing anticipation pose! Arm rearing back ready to unleash hell. Front arm adding to the torque covering half the face. One glowing eye exposed. And those perfectly flat side view legs! Those feet! Love it!
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Maki Genryusai (源柳斉 真紀) debuted in Final Fight 2 for the Super Famicom in 1993. She is a 38th generation practioner of Bushin-Ryū ninjitsu (also mastered by her good friend Guy). Her father is the current leader of the Bushin ninja clan and her older sister is Guy's fiance.
Maki used to lead a motorcycle gang when she was a student, but stays out of trouble these days. Her rough, charming personality shines through beautifully in her sprite animations in Capcom vs SNK 2. I think her CVS2 sprite is one of the apexes of the medium!
#SpriteArt #CVS2
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Latest Art-Eater article is up! This time we take a deep dive into the very striking and unusual color theory going on in one of my fav fighting game stages of all time, "Red Thirst" from Vampire Savior aka Darkstalkers 3!…
#ArtEaterArticle #Darkstalkers
This was originally a thread on Twitter that you can read here.
It's been archived on for posterity, thanks to the support of several generous folks on Patreon!
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Hey, you finally woke up! You hit your head pretty hard there!

What's that? Dune trailer? Xbox series S? Global pandemic? What are you talking about? Hurry up and look at these new screens for Pocky and Rocky!
My goodness, these little characters are so CHARMING!! Look at how cute and SERIOUS they look! Image
Even from behind, on a small pixel grid, this is an absolutely beautiful rendition of a Komainu (狛犬) statue! That's right, this game is RICH with beautiful real life cultural and historical references!
#PockyAndRocky #奇々怪界 ImageImage
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It just occurred to me, I don't think I've ever seen sprite rips of the turn animations in Street Fighter 3! They're not on Fighters Generation or that awesome Zweifuss site! Look at these nice in between poses that you rarely see!
#SF3 #SpriteArt
Alright you two, look at the camera! Gott dang I love this game. 20 years and it's still as beautiful as the first time I laid eyes on it!
#SF3 #ThirdStrike #pixelart
I love the way Makoto crosses her arms when she turns.
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Quick experiment to see what Ryu's SF3 sprite (left) would look like if it had been optimized for square pixels from the beginning (right).
#SpriteArt #PixelArt Image
Now he could be in Capcom vs SNK!
#CVS2 Image
Once more with #SCANLINES woohoo! I feel the Third Strike Sprite actually benefits from scanlines more than the CVS sprite! Something about the way the colors are laid out. It's more painterly, less sharp than the CVS sprite! Image
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Messing around with Photoshop's video editing options. Just ripped this gif of Jamm's win pose from Golden Axe: The Duel! This game had REALLY GOOD ART!

Source video here:

#GoldenAxe #Sega #SpriteArt
Cham Cham--I mean Jamm was born into a war torn land. She was abandoned by her parents during an enemy invasion, but was taken in by a wild spirit named Degas that raised her among the animals.

Here's a rad Moebius influenced illustration of Jamm!
#GoldenAxeTheDuel #Sega
After Degas passed away, Jamm continued to wear his pelt and claws. During her super, she casts off his skin and his spirit returns and fires a beam of destructive energy at her opponent.
#GoldenAxe #Sega #RetroGames
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Apropos of nothing, man Magical Drop 3 had really nice animation!
Hmmm last image is a bit too big for Twitter. Let's try again ... Man this game had such cool characters! Gotta love the screen filling sprite art too!
#MagicalDrop #SNK #NeoGeo #SpriteArt
Hmmm scanlines in last image are still weird. I guess it was too tall. Also there's a noticeable pause at the end since Twitter always holds the last frame of the animation. Gotta edit the timing on the gif to account for that here goes!
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