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What I saw at the mall yesterday 🧵
20%/25%/30% was the new 40% when it came for “percent off the whole store deals.” Promos down as expected due to the tighter inventory environment. GM positive, especially for those with longer lead times that prob bough w/more promos in the plan.
A few retailers whose reputation is synonymous with much deeper discounts stayed higher. I don’t think it is necessarily a bad sign, they bought w/this in mind and are fulfilling promise to the core customer. $PLCE and Fabletics at 50%, old $ARO at 60-70%
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Messi is well-positioned to achieve his 7th #BallonDor award! In this post, I will discuss why the GOAT deserves to win the Ballon d'Or 2021. #Messi @PSGcore

• 46 games
• 37 goals(33 non-penalty)
• 14 assists
• 5 free-kicks
• 8 outside the box goals
• 223 shots & 96 shots on target
• 209 successful dribbles
• 114 key passes
• 25 big chances created
• 26 MOTM
• 8.35 avg rating👇
➡️No one else dominates Football the way Lionel Messi does.

➡️Inspired a 2-goal comeback vs Granada in one of the best playmaking performances, another 2-goal comeback vs Sevilla as MOTM, and a MOTM + brace in the final. Insane campaign.
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So amazing to hear from #GOAT @Simone_Biles #AAP2021 as amazing role model for setting boundaries and simply being human 💕…
Paraphrased: As humans we don’t want to be a burden, we want to figure things out on our own, but at the end of the day people want to help you! #AAP2021 #MentalHealthMatters #SuicidePrevention
If you see something, speak up because you might be helping others too. It might be daunting, but we just need someone to believe what we say, someone to protect us 😢 #AAP2021
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1. Nature continues to surprise me in many ways. Let me give you some amazing examples.

➡️ Watch this one until the end.

Isn’t our planet amazing?

➡️ It deserves many retweets!

More videos in the thread🧵

#nature #wildlife #animals #cute

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3. This is another one I love. This bird is just having fun.

I love it to see animals being surprisingly clever, social, or just happily playing.

In many ways, they are like us. 😊

The thread continues 🧵

#birds #fun #animals #lovenature
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I'm as big a hater as the next hater, but even I want @DjokerNole to win @usopen #tennis championship & complete the calendar grand slam.
#1, no man has accomplished this for more than 5 decades. Rooting against Novak at this point is like rooting against the next interplanetary rover just because you don't like the nation which launched it. This is an amazing, inspirational feat. Let's hope Djokovic can do it.
#2, yes, Novak isn't as polished & smooth as Federer & Nadal. But 99% of humanity aren't as smooth as those two. I love @RafaelNadal's honesty, openness & humility. I love @rogerfederer's grace on the court & ease navigating the press & corporate sponsorships & everyday life.
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Simone Biles decidió retirarse de dos competencias durante los #JuegosOlímpicos y lo hizo para priorizar su salud mental.
En Rio, quienes no la conocían supieron su nombre y jamás la olvidaron porque se volvió la gimnasta más condecorada de la historia; se tomó un año de descanso, y volvió para continuar reinventando el deporte, y siendo la #1 en todas las competencias a las que asistía, hasta ahora
Hace un mes en su última aparición en USA antes de viajar a #Tokyo2020 tuvo una competencia no tan favorable como usualmente lo hace; independientemente de ello, logró el objetivo de toda una nación: asistir a las #olimpiadas y representar a su país.
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A brief thread on America's Sweetheart Simone Biles: the first thing to understand is that she is not in Tokyo for her own personal glory. She is already the #GOAT. She is there as a service, not just for the US, but also for every future gymnast in the country 1/x
The US grew from a nonentity in the world gymnastics game to the greatest in large part because of USA Gymnastics's embrace of the Soviet-caliber training of Bela & Marta Karolyi. At Karolyi ranch, gymnasts were bullied & starved into greatness outside of external supervision 2/x
It was this environment that allowed Larry Nassar's predation to flourish. He would gain the trust of his victims by offering food and comfort in an otherwise cruel & borderline abusive environment. 3/x
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Why Lionel Messi is the Greatest of All Time 🐐!!
With Career TimeLine!!

[ A Thread ]

A Tribute to the 🐐on account of his Birthday🎂 !!!!
#Messi #Messi34 #Messi2023 #Messibirthday Image
Leo Messi!! The greatest player to ever kick the ball was born on this very day 34 Years ago!!
It has been a long Journey from then lets go through each and every aspect of it..

But first lets begin with an Intro Video on the 🐐.

Career Timeline:

Chapter 1⃣: Meteoric Rise to Fame(2000-05) and Becoming a starter at FC Barcelona (2005-08) Image
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So glad to be part of this video showcasing my incredible @MGH_SUDs addiction medicine fellowship program led by the #GOAT @DrSarahWakeman, in addition to many other fantastic faculty @drjessgray @drlaurakehoe @Dinahlew @DrBenBearnot @markeisenberg16 @ampeckham
And although I’m only there part time, I’m also proud to help highlight the important work being done by @BHCHP and AHOPE on the CCiR van, day in and day out, by dedicated providers like @JoeWrightMD @Dinahlew @e8b8r @JessieGaeta @Boston_Mackin and others.
It’s been an immense privilege to care for patients as part of these teams, and to learn from the clinical and lived experience of some of the most powerful leaders in this field.
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What do you do when your patient no shows?

Show up at @DrRayMD's grand rounds?

Oh, me too!

Come for the bowtie, Stay for ALL THE knowledge.

"It is hard to pull yourself up by your bootstraps when you weren't allowed in the boot store"

@WUSTLPeds @SheilaRazdan ImageImage
Here are some GEMS @DrRayMD talked about:

We NEED to understand the CONTEXT of race.

"When we measure the impact of race, we are likely measuring the impact of RACISM" Image
"To claim medical mistrust is solely the result of Tuskegee is offensively reductive...There are way more contemporary examples, with photos that are not in Black and White..."

@serenawilliams #GOAT Image
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What are the key success factors for goat farming? The thread below are my own reflections on the key success factors in goat farming. I have farmed with Boers, KRs and Mashona goats. #ZimAgricRising #GOAT
Have a passion for goats. For me this is the biggest and most important aspect. I read every publication I can find on goat farming. I research issues. I talk to other goat farmers. I visit goat farms. I am on lots of goat farming groups. Talk, sleep, dream, think, read goats!!!
Choice of breed of goats. When you come to think of it, you want to own goats that are fertile, hardy, and very resistant to potential parasites that they might get in their environment. For me the best breed is the one that can do well in your environment.
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Brady is the best football player in the modern Era if you control for racism, coaching and division competition. Doesn't mean he's not the greatest but context matters
The #GOAT conversation depends on how you think of individual vs team sports. Football is HARD - a long career of success is almost impossible. But Basketball requires you play offense AND defense (unless you're Harden) so I'd put LeBron, Russell, Jordan ahead of #Brady
Easily 3 of #Brady #SuperBowl wins were
defense #seahawks
Special Teams #Rams 2000
Defense #Rams 2018

LeBron, Jordan, Russell had to be on the court the whole time. Again doesn't take anything AWAY from #Brady but a "Team sport" hits different when you have to defend too
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I caught the last set & a half of Marat Safin's victory over Roger Federer in 2005 Australian Open semifinal on @TennisChannel. Unbelievable #tennis & drama. Full match here
My impression is that nobody has lost more Grand Slam matches having had match points than Federer. Is that true?
In fact, Federer has a long list of tough losses in Grand Slam matches: this one to Safin, the Australian Open final to Nadal, Nadal's victory in the dark at the Wimbledon final, Novak twice at US Open down match points, 2 5-set Wimbledon finals losses to Novak, US Open loss
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Malgré la demande populaire Robin c'est refusé à choisir un Greatest of all Time (période 2019-20). J'annone donc le mien !

🏆La #confprehension n°43 : CRISPR : du pot de yaourt à X-Files avec @olivier_belli

Idem ca ne veux pas dire que les autres étaient nul loin de là

le lien vers le #replay Twitch

Bientôt sur Youtube de #ToutSeComprend
Sitôt dit sitôt fait ... C'était écrit

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THE comparison
💎 vs Kill Bill

💎 🐐?
3 Euroleague 3 (1☘️)
9 Greek A1 7 (4☘️)
10 Greek Cup 4 (3☘️)
22 TOTAL 14 (8☘️)

2 Triple Crown 1 (1☘️)

Final 4
💎 🐐?
5 Appearances 5
3 Finals 5
3 Wins 3
100% W% 60%

Diamantidis never lost in the final.
Individual achievements in
💎 🐐?
1 MVP 1
2 Final4 MVP 3
6 DPOY 0
1 Assist Leader 0
2 All Decade team 1

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Sure sex is great, but have you ever successfully stolen the entire Genji Gear set from Elmdor in Final Fantasy Tactics?
#FFTactics #ファイナルファンタジータクティクス #GOAT ImageImageImageImage
Throughout the history of Final Fantasy, "Genji" equipment has always been the best in any game that it appears in. It is always top tier. Image
The only way to get the full set of Genji Gear in Final Fantasy tactics is to steal it off of Elmdor, who is already one of the more difficult bosses in a fairly challenging game (especially when compared to other Final Fantasy games). Image
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It just occurred to me, I don't think I've ever seen sprite rips of the turn animations in Street Fighter 3! They're not on Fighters Generation or that awesome Zweifuss site! Look at these nice in between poses that you rarely see!
#SF3 #SpriteArt
Alright you two, look at the camera! Gott dang I love this game. 20 years and it's still as beautiful as the first time I laid eyes on it!
#SF3 #ThirdStrike #pixelart
I love the way Makoto crosses her arms when she turns.
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If we are to look for the origins of the #Yoginis, it appears that we must turn to the simple village cult & to the #GramaDevatas/ #GramaDevatis, the local village #gods & #goddesses. In villages of #India they are the favoured #deities
- Vidya Dehejia

#Bhubaneswar #Odisha 64 (Chausathi) Jogini Temple, Hirapur, Odisha
List of 64 #Yoginis at #Chausathi #Jogini #Temple (#Hirapur), near #Bhubaneswar #Odisha
1) Maya - standing on a corpse lying straight
2) Tara - mounted on a corpse in bent knee pose
3) Narmada - standing on an elephant
4) Yamuna - standing on a tortoise
#Tantra #Tantric #Yogini 1. Maya/ Bahurupa/ Chandika2. Tara3. Narmada4. Yamuna
5) Shanti - standing on a full blown lotus
6) Varuni - standing on waves
7) Ajita - standing on an alligator
8) Indrani - mounted on an elephant
#Chausathi #Yogini #Jogini #Hirapur #Bhubaneswar #Odisha #Tantra #Tantric
@punarutthana @LostTemple7 @ReclaimTemples @SaveTemplesBH 5. Shanti/ Kanti/ Laxmi/ Manada6. Vriddhi/ Kriya/ Varuni7. Ajita/ Gauri/ Ksemankari8. Aindri/ Indrani
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So about COVID & Health Disparities?
What is @emoryhealthcare @GradyHealth doing about this on a Structural Level?
Very Good Question!
It is institutions that we focus on, not just ppl
Let's Begin!
@TheRealDoctorT #ShareTheMicNowMed @arghavan_salles @FutureDocs @EmoryNews
Sometimes there is sooo much going on at once it's hard to keep up.
But let this be the Guide to #DEI at @EmoryUniversity!
Follow me and I'll show you around.
Don't stop at the attractions too long you may get lost,
But Do follow everyone who is linked! 😉
#DEI introducing @EmoryDOMRyse #DOING THE #WORK!
Vision Statement: "To be a destination and model for inclusive caring, training, development, and celebration of a diverse patient population and workforce"
@TypicallySilent #ShareTheMicNowMed
@arghavan_salles @DrHowardLiu
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Segundo hilo 🧵 de la serie #TheLastDance #BullsNation
Para la segunda parte de la historia los @chicagobulls sufren dos bajas sensibles la primera de Horace Grant que parte a @OrlandoMagic y la segunda de Jordan. Que este último al fallecer su padre y obtener los campeonatos tan deseados para la ciudad perdió la motivación.
Probó suerte en el baseball ⚾️ ya que de chico siempre le había agradado. Cambio su forma de entrenar para cambiar su físico y poder adaptarse al juego.
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(1/) #LastDance musings. Before I even get to my favorite parts of the first 2 episodes, level of insight into not just Bulls 97-98 season but Jordan’s trajectory from Mike to Michael (MJ) is intriguing stuff. This docuseries will win a boatload of awards.
(2) Ep 1: For Dean Smith, one of the best college coaches ever, to give a freshman the nod for who takes the GW shot is pretty incredible. Mind you, this was a time in college athletics when freshmen weren’t expected to make an impact. “Mike’s” number was called, rest is history.
(3) Ep 1: A master class in leadership when a rookie Michael Jordan says he couldn’t come in and talk, he had to prove. His “I figured out who the best player was and went at him” is the definition of alpha. Also loved coaches realizing he was best player on team after 2 WEEKS!
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#OperationParindey 3/10
#Mentalhood 5/10
#StateOfSiege2611 7.5/10
#FreakyAli 0/10 (wish minus was possible) and why did I see it? Coz I searched #Golf
#TheCourier 6/10
#ThePoisonRose 6/10
#EarthquakeBird 6.5/10
And now replugging a #golf cult classic..
#HappyGilmore 9/10
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My Idol sportsman across all sports, The most stylish technical Batsman, Teamman, Gentleman, and an even better Human being! #TheWall ❤️

The silent Hero of Indian cricket #RahulDravid How can u not love this man! ❤️
It is true that in this day and age, the rude, the vain, the aggressive and the boisterous get famous. But fame is not a substitute for credibility. Think Rahul Dravid.

- Madhavan Narayanan

#RahulDravid #TheWall ❤️ #Legend #GOAT #Respect
Rahul Dravid on why he is not active on social media :

"There’s no particular reason behind why I am not on social media but that I don’t see any reason why I need to be active"
- ESPNCricinfo’s Raunak Kapoor insta chat
#Cricket #thewall Image
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#cricket #GOAT @imVkohli #runmachine @SeerviBharath @rgcricket @ESPNStatsInfo @ESPNcricinfo @mohanstatsman @apurvlawyer @FI_InvestIndia

Couple of mind-boggling stats of the one and only im_Vkohli. Date of Stats quoted below – 14th Oct 2019. 1/
In line to be the highest run scorer consolidated across all formats in 2019 and possibly the first one to score 2500+ International runs and highest run scorer for 4 years on a trot. Amazing level of consistency. 2/
2016 – 2,595 runs, 2017 – 2,818 Runs, 2018 - 2,735 Runs. 2019 – Period to date 2,035 runs with remaining fixtures of 1 Test & 3 ODI’s with SA, 3 T20’s and 2 Tests with Bang, 3 T20’s with Windies. 3/
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